Game Recap… RubberMets 6 NutlessBraves 4… Oh Dear!

…although  this is the rubber match of a 3 game series the intro tonight is still somewhat of a stretch, just a little bit outside – in almost my first week working in the U.S. in a typically mixed bag Florida real estate office i was in the crowded bullpen work area writing up some … Continue reading “Game Recap… RubberMets 6 NutlessBraves 4… Oh Dear!”

Braves/Mets…rubber GAME THREAD…the other catch

we had an awful game to watch Tuesday, we’d all rather have been down the pub…on the other hand had we been there last night and subjected to the usual rabble we would have wanted to be home to savor what we saw this time…in a game of memorable images, woo-hoo feats, there was one … Continue reading “Braves/Mets…rubber GAME THREAD…the other catch”