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  1. So this thread was allowed to fester for seemingly forever, but the Doomed thread only lasted for a couple of hours?

  2. Yes. Because when someone asked for a new thread Alex put one up and I decided to try to generate some new content. And then Alex put a new new thread up with the new content. Also, we’re not doomed. Julio Teheran is going to win the Cy Young.

  3. IIRC the projection systems such as ZIPS like Alex Wood better than the rest of our starters. He’s not hurt either. And Mike Minor can still throw 200 innings of 125 ERA+ ball. (If Gavin Floyd gets healthy, the projections like him too, though it’s fair to say you can’t depend on someone coming back from injury.)

  4. EDIT: @4, Right. Minor, Teheran, Floyd, Wood, Beachy/Garcia/Hale could conceivably keep us afloat in the WC until the deadline — if literally nothing else goes wrong — whereupon we’d likely need to deal for better pitching in order to keep up.

  5. @4 We’re already trying to talk ourselves into this?

    What’s Buddy Carlyle doing these days? I bet he could get us 60 innings.

  6. I want Terry Mulholland. That guy was durable.

    Maybe The Lemmer and his knuckler can come down from the booth.

    Seriously, I think we’ll be fine even if we stand pat. Call me crazy.

  7. Did you know that Ervin Santana’s given name is actually Johan? We signed Johan Santana!

    I tip my cap to Santana’s incompetent agent from earlier this offseason, who did so much to make this signing possible.

  8. Santana and his agents misplayed the market about as badly as you possibly can. It’s not clear whether the true fault lies with his agents or with him — for example, who in heaven’s name first had the idea of going after a $100 million contract?

    But this is an impressive display by Wren. Given the injuries to Medlen, Minor, and Beachy, there’s basically no price at which Santana isn’t worth it to us on a 1-year contract.

    I’ll have Santana written up shortly.

  9. I just wish we didn’t have to sacrifice that first round pick. At least we get something for McCann. Actually, that’s probably why Wren ponied up the money for Santana.

  10. If the Braves ever win a World Series, Wren will finally get his due as one of the best GMs in baseball. Compare him to some of these clowns, such as Zdurnkik (sp?)in Seattle or Ruin Tomorrow Junior in Philly. The Braves are lucky to have him. Althought, I still think he should have traded BJ Upton for Felix Hernandez.

  11. I still would’ve rather gotten Lohse and kept the pick, but oh well. Good job, Wren, and thanks, Liberty Media.

    (It’s going to suck when the payroll goes back down next year, knowing the money is there to spend when necessary.)

  12. This, BTW, is going to be the highest Opening-Day payroll in team history. We’re looking at ~$115 million, including various incentives. Even if no incentives are met and insurance covers all of Medlen’s salary, the Braves will be on the hook for ~$105 million.

  13. “Zdurnkik (sp?)”

    Motion to refer to him hereafter simply as “(sp?)” without even attempting the name.

  14. Depending on the breaks, there might be a chance that Santana can be flipped at the deadline, too.

    Obviously not if we still need him to make pitch.

  15. Lohse might not have been available at this point. Good signing by Wren. I won’t complain about a 1yr contract for a starting pitcher.

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