Alfred Lord Wren…an appreciation, trading by the Brook… (by blazon)

they come to taunt and hoot and spurn my winter meetings tally assuming i have cash to burn but have not made a sally. i’ve asked the board for means to change this ambiance of thrift i’m simply told to rearrange and redeploy the shift. that TV contract weighs me down what idiot did sign … Continue reading “Alfred Lord Wren…an appreciation, trading by the Brook… (by blazon)”

A Gentleman’s Explanation of Cricket. (by blazon)

It might be fun these wintry days to look at two similar but yet very different games and compare them with an obvious emphasis on where they differ. Cricket and Baseball — it’s the similarities that make the differences so interesting. You win both games by scoring more runs than your opponent. (Duh.) The total … Continue reading “A Gentleman’s Explanation of Cricket. (by blazon)”

Jose Constanza, Tyler Pastornicky, Christian Bethancourt, Joey Terdoslavich, Jonny Venters (by JonathanF)

So last year I got assigned Jose Constanza, Tyler Pastornicky and J.C. Boscan. My editor, AAR, was so pleased with my ability to wrench some manner of amusement out of barely serviceable parts that this year I have been allocated Constanza, Pastornicky, Joey Terdoslavich, Jonny Venters, and Christian Bethancourt. (I think I may have been … Continue reading “Jose Constanza, Tyler Pastornicky, Christian Bethancourt, Joey Terdoslavich, Jonny Venters (by JonathanF)”

Ryan Doumit

Otherwise known as the guy they gave up on Sean Gilmartin for. Gilmartin was immediately seen as an overdraft in 2011, who hurt his shoulder in 2013, and who was traded for a utilityman/backup catcher frequently rated as the worst catcher in Major League Baseball. Mac often complained that the easiest way for a backup … Continue reading “Ryan Doumit”

Gavin Floyd

Gavin Floyd is one of the newest Braves, and his acquisition was greeted by many Braves fans with a decided lack of enthusiasm. (It wasn’t just Braves fans; Notgraphs’s David Temple headlined a post “Gavin Floyd? More Like GavYAWN FloYAWNd!“) In and of himself, there’s nothing with Floyd. But as a headliner, he lacks a … Continue reading “Gavin Floyd”

Gerald Laird (by Rusty S.)

Gerald Laird is a backup catcher. More specifically, Laird is a 34 year old, 11 year Major League veteran with a career.246/.307/.360 BA/OBP/SLG line. Laird has not seen 200 plate appearances since 2010, and has never hit more than 9 home runs in a season. Defensively, Laird has thrown out 35% of prospective base stealers … Continue reading “Gerald Laird (by Rusty S.)”

We/He never said goodbye. (by blazon)

Never been much for hoopla, the extended farewells, the gift wrapped, choreographed road shows to say goodbye. The Softtail bedecked with ribbon, the base studded and personalized, the macho bow itching to bag its first turkey.  A very few are earned – Mariano yes, Chipper maybe. Brian McCann was not at that level, nor was … Continue reading “We/He never said goodbye. (by blazon)”

David Carpenter (by Rusty S.)

Goldilocks went looking for a relief pitcher. (Don’t panic, this isn’t about Anna Benson.) She looked at the 2011 season, and she said, “This season is too mediocre.” Then she looked at the 2012 season, and she said, “This season is too sucky” (because that’s how I think girls talk.) Then she looked at the … Continue reading “David Carpenter (by Rusty S.)”

Luis Avilan (by Rusty S.)

Luis Avilan is now two seasons removed from a frankly unremarkable minor league career, and seems to have found his stride as a Major League reliever, coming off a second consecutive outstanding season. The 24 year old Avilan has now thrown 101 innings at the Major League level and allowed only 67 hits, on his … Continue reading “Luis Avilan (by Rusty S.)”

Kris Medlen (by Rusty S.)

I had it all figured out, ya see? I was gonna take the winter off, ya see? And I’d have gotten away with it too – if it hadn’t been for this Medlen write-up. If the 2013 Braves had sent “The Mystery Machine” in search of the 2012 Kris Medlen, it would have been perfectly … Continue reading “Kris Medlen (by Rusty S.)”