meet me in St. Looey… Molina’d out… CARDS 3 BRAVES1

…Medlen starts, both Uptons go, both Johnsons too, Gattis sits…Kris pitched well, Wainwright better…but Molina was the difference compared to our weak line up…the guy can barely walk and has the class to laugh at himself after a late base running blunder but Jeez he can hit…we look awfully thin at the plate but we knew that I guess…grin and bear it? let’s try and limit the damage tomorrow but it doesn’t look hopeful.


beat me in St. Looey?  phooey                                 
see how much we care                                           
don’t tell me you’re hitting better
any place but there
here you dance the hoochee kooche
at the Ted you’ll be our pootsie
only two more in St. Looey, screw ‘e
normal wear and tear.                                                                    Judy


1- FF apart our hitters look lost against Wainwright and his hook …          Kris equally efficient without the killer pitch.

2- BJ, 1 for 26! hit..Joe calls for he and Uggla to get it together..Molina/Jay bk to bk doubles..ugh..gorgeous catch, AS…     CARDS 1-0

3- meek surrender 1/2/3…we look overmatched..   Medlen gets them same way…any inevitably there might be about the outcome not down to him..

4- 1/2/3.. seems Mac hasn’t hit a ball hard to LF for weeks, everything pulled…         we get Molina!   1/2/3.

5-  1/2/3 Wainwright 11 in a row, BJ did reach warning track..       Cardinals 1/2/3..FF fine play, Medlen not the problem, 12 in a row!

6- Kris l/off single, bunted over..FF 2 out rbi after JuP ejection… Gattis in LF.. l/off wlk, Dbl Play!  Homer, Holliday who started 0/2…     CARDS 2/1

7- Wainwright 101 pitches, Braves go 1/2/3..  Molina! 2nd double, 1st and 3rd, no out, Downs pitching..Wainwright SFly..      CARDS 3/1

8- Braves 1/2/3 painful…  Molina again shows everyone how to hit..if not run.

9- Wainwright goes for complete game. CJ puts tying run on, 1 out..Mac strikes out, Andrelton flies out..             FINAL    CARDS 3/1





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  1. Now we have this to deal with…

    @ajcbraves: #Braves Medlen was upset over being taken out in 7th.”I felt like I earned the right to try to get out of that jam….” (cont.)

    @ajcbraves: #Braves Medlen after being taken out after 78 pitches: “I don’t know what type of mentality we’re trying to create among our starters.”

  2. The J.D. Drew trade continues to haunt the Braves. It sure would be nice to have Wainwright on the staff.

  3. we should be grateful fhat drew had a career year in atl, imagine if he had a reggie sanders or bj upton type year…

  4. For the 2nd year in a row, I am doing a baseball unit to teach fractions, decimals, and percent to my 5th graders. We had our draft last week and 7 of the students are now following Braves players and 7 are following other players. A girl named Riley picked Jason Heyward, only to see on Sportscenter the following morning that he was hit in the face with a fastball. She was pretty devastated that he’ll miss the rest of the season. Tough break for Riley… tougher for Jason.

    With teaching this unit through baseball, there’s a bigger payoff… For the 2nd year in a row, the Braves’ trip with my students and their parents has been approved. We will be leaving the Panhandle Friday morning, September 13th, and arriving at the Ted around 5:00. That night, we will be sitting in the OF pavilion for El Oso Blanco night. Each person gets a shirt and a bear claw. My 5th graders are frickin’ pumped…as am I.

    On Saturday, we got great seats at $40/person in section 119. I’m not sure which tickets they’ll prefer the most!

    The students will be completing a Project Based Learning unit on their particular players that focus on their player, MLB career, charities, interesting facts, etc… They will have to present their info collected over the next 3 weeks in a formal presentation Thursday prior to our trip, talking about his/her player, and their accomplishments, or lack thereof during said time.

    So my question is this… Do any of you have connections with the Braves FO that could land my students a meet and greet with one of the players? If you do and don’t mind helping me and some very worthy students out, please contact me at cothrjr at Hotmail dot com.

    Go Barves!

  5. I didn’t realize JUpton got tossed from the game yesterday after the groundout. In his defense, he did get completely jobbed on that 2nd inning strikeout — should have been a walk. Two of those strikes were clearly balls, the home plate up was either inconsistent or had a massively expanded strikezone.

    Didn’t have an effect on the overall game, I guess, but being from the midwest, I hate it when we lose to the Cards. My uncle is a Cards fan, smuggest baseball fan I know.

  6. Surprised that Medlen went public with that. I’m assuming there’s a lot of frustration, for a lot of reasons, boiling over in the clubhouse, right now.

    They’ll be fine. But, I’m glad they’ve got a big lead in the standings from which to start.

  7. There are highs and lows in every season, and this is definitely a low. This is when I’m happy that Fredi’s strength is keeping the clubhouse together. There’s been a few big injuries in the last month, the team’s not playing well, and there’s really not much to play for right now anyway. I think those are three tough situations to be in.

    If you look at the circumstances objectively, I think you have to conclude that the best thing Fredi can do is ride out this storm. We’re going to win our division, we’re going to the playoffs, and there’s a decent shot most of our injured players will be back for the playoffs (at least Uggla and maybe Heyward and Beachy). They just need to get through this period and be healthy and rested for the playoffs. Considering all that’s happened with injuries, it’s a great situation to be in.

  8. Obviously we’d rather peak in October than be tearing it up now, but losing your team leader on the home stretch is just snakebit luck. I think this is gonna be a 10 game hangover. After that it’s time to circle the wagons and try to win it with what he have. Agree that Fredi is the guy we want at the helm for the non-baseball part of things.

  9. Where do you get 10 games? Is there a SABR stat that helps determine when teams can psychologically get over injuries?

  10. I made it up. I just think we are gonna coast for a while and then try to turn up the intensity in mid September it so.

  11. I’d bet seven games including last night – the number of games remaining against winning teams.

  12. Whoever said a couple of days ago that all of the Cardinals players look alike, you are totally right. It’s a little but uncanny. Brandon Beachy would fit right in with them, although I hope he never pitches in a Cardinals uniform.

  13. @19
    I hope Beachy gets the chance to pitch again, period….getting some bad Avery-like vibes from his situation.

  14. Blah, disregard. I wasn’t paying attention when B.J. came up to bat, apparently. (It’s not exactly appointment television.)

  15. @22, I’ve been a champion of his but he’s certainly not making the most of his recent starts.

  16. You’re supposed to slide before you reach first, CJ, not after.

    @25, McCann just took a meatball down the middle.

  17. Really bad series so far, but all that matters is that the lineup is clicking on all cylinders next time we see St. Louis.

  18. May mean something, may mean nothing, but: shitty control for Julio tonight, and in this at-bat (Wong’s second), he’s thrown over four or five times, and not one throw has actually been on the bag.

  19. @30 Yet he has struck out Molina twice tonight.

    As long as everyone gets their slumps out of the way now and are rolling in October, I can handle a terrible series in August. Even if it is against St. Louis.

  20. His stuff is good enough to walk the tightrope. He and Wood are the only two pitchers in the rotation that can win without pinpoint control. Everyone else needs to throw darts.

    Unless we can actually string a few hits together it looks like it’ll be another two innings at least before we pinch hit for him. I wonder if Fredi will go to the pen before then.

  21. Exact same scenario Medlen faced last night: 7th inning, 1st and 3rd, no outs. (well, except 40+ more pitches.) Fredi’s pulling Teheran, too.

  22. Really abysmal timing on the defensive switch there, Fredi. Is it possible he actually thinks that Schafer is a better center fielder than B.J.?

  23. Hard not to be discouraged right now even with the best record in the Majors. The team seems depressed right now. Even without Heyward there’s some serious talent on this team. I hope they remember that soon.

  24. After losing Heyward, I came into this Cardinals series thinking that the best-case scenario would be that maybe we could win one game to not get swept and to take the season series. That possibility still exists, but my optimism is fading.

    We really need to learn how to win on the road or else our October is going to be painfully short.

  25. Well, the lead will be down to 12 games after tonight. It’s a good thing they built up a cushion. This looks eerily similar to 2011. The offense is non-existent.

  26. I hate to say it, but the team kind of needs to pull its head out of its ass. The comments I’ve read since Heyward went down have not been encouraging. “Heyward is irreplaceable,” “We’ll just have to hang on until he gets back”, etc. This is entirely the wrong outlook to have, and is kind of bizarre, as it’s entirely different from the outlook they have had up until now. Couple that with Medlen needing a visit from the wambulance yesterday, and this team’s attitude sucks right now.

  27. @44

    Couldn’t agree more. They’re complaining and making excuses instead of trying to solve problems. Losing isn’t bad in and of itself, but the utter capitulation the last three nights has been shameful.

  28. Well, maybe we’ll get the good ol’ hockey-style momentum-swing-in-our-favor-with-a-late-rally-despite-losing.

  29. I still say Gattis is the one they should try to get going. He should play LF or C every day and let BJ and Schafer slap fight it out for who the worst hitting OF in baseball is.

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