Have an A1 Day …… Game Thread …… Beachy/Lannan ….. 8/14 …. 7.10

“Everyone sounds like Meryl Streep with a gun to their head.”

if your curve hangs and your slider maintains its trajectory you would have to say both were breaking bad…

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  1. Congrats, c. shorter!

    And I wanted Bonifacio. It may just be that fantasy baseball has ruined my ability to evaluate players, but I’m a sucker for someone with speed and the ability to play seven (7) positions credibly, if not well.

  2. In the short-lived recap folks were talking about the strength of schedule for the Braves, Pirates and Dogface Pukes. I just wanted to pipe in and suggest that the Braves SOS is actually a little tougher than it looks because the Mets are not the same team they were in April. You gotta go through Harvey, Wheeler, Mejia and Gee against those guys now. They still got no offense, but don’t sleep on that staff man. They got skills.

  3. Here’s JonathanF’s table from the last thread:

    TeamMethod 1Method 2Method3 HomeMethod3 Road
    Boston100.0 (1)100.0 (1)89.4 (3)67.2 (2)
    Atlanta92.4 (2)93.5 (2)100.0 (1)56.6 (9)
    Detroit92.2 (3)93.3 (3)89.3 (4)57.7 (7)
    Pittsburgh91.0 (4)91.2 (4)92.7 (2)53.5 (11)
    Tampa Bay87.5 (5)87.6 (5)80.4 (5)57.2 (8)
    Dodgers86.4 (6)86.6 (6)59.2 (13)70.5 (1)
    St. Louis85.1 (8)86.1 (8)72.8 (8)62.7 (4)
    Texas85.8 (7)86.4 (7)62.9 (12)65.5 (3)
    Baltimore84.4 (9)84.6 (9)71.0 (9)61.2 (6)
    Oakland82.8 (10)83.5 (10)79.8 (6)53.0 (12)
    Yankees76.5 (13)76.5 (13)65.8 (11)55.6 (10)
    Cincinnati80.6 (11)81.8 (11)79.6 (7)48.5 (18)
    Kansas City74.7 (14)74.6 (14)53.7 (16)61.5 (5)
    Cleveland77.8 (12)77.3 (12)69.3 (10)49.7 (16)
    Arizona69.1 (15)68.8 (15)52.7 (17)52.7 (13)
    Washington62.7 (16)62.0 (16)58.0 (14)40.1 (21)
    Toronto61.2 (17)60.8 (17)44.4 (23)50.4 (15)
    Seattle56.5 (18)55.7 (18)44.7 (22)42.8 (19)
    Colorado54.3 (19)53.9 (20)55.8 (15)29.3 (28)
    Minnesota53.6 (20)54.1 (19)41.9 (25)42.6 (20)
    Angels53.6 (21)53.0 (22)45.7 (21)36.9 (22)
    San Diego52.8 (22)53.0 (23)51.3 (18)31.5 (26)
    Mets52.7 (23)53.3 (21)34.2 (28)49.2 (17)
    Philadelphia52.0 (24)52.6 (24)48.3 (19)34.3 (24)
    San Francisco51.6 (25)51.1 (25)46.0 (20)33.4 (25)
    Cubs49.9 (26)50.2 (26)28.8 (29)52.2 (14)
    Milwaukee49.3 (27)49.6 (27)39.7 (26)36.3 (23)
    White Sox41.7 (28)41.7 (28)44.4 (24)21.8 (30)
    Miami40.0 (29)40.2 (29)37.4 (27)27.2 (29)
    Houston33.5 (30)32.9 (30)21.3 (30)29.7 (27)
  4. #3, Right you are, but it looks like their one offensive weapon, David Wright, will miss the rest of the season.

  5. Been reading in Mac’s old blogsport Bravesjournal… First recap I just read:

    Braves 11, Marlins 6
    ESPN.com – MLB – Box Score – Braves at Marlins

    So, here’s what we know: Mark Redman is done; Ryan Langerhans is awful; and Fredi Gonzalez is really, really stupid.

    Edit: Herzlichen Glueckwunsch, c.shorter

  6. Thanks for posting that Alex! It was fun to go back and read some of the posts from people that used to post regularly.

  7. @10 – Yes, I worry there are still some people who haven’t found this site. Took me a couple of days.

  8. Seconded on the change in web address — I only figured it out after I received my weekly Bravesjournal post in my email and noticed the .com vs .us. Whew! Thought I had lost my braves family forever (talkingchop, although great with minor league updates, just doesn’t have that familiar feeling).

  9. Sam mentioned it to me over at BBTF or I never would have found it.

    /so now you guys know exactly who to blame.

  10. Looking like we’ll get some baseball in a few minutes. Why is Uggla sitting for several days before his surgery? This whole thing is so weird to me.

    BTW, I found the site by googling for bravesjournal – I knew the domain had expired but hadn’t a clue as to where the new home might be – took a few days for the posts on the new site to show up in the search results. Maybe we could get someone to post something on TalkingChop and other Braves sites.

  11. I wrote to AAR to find out about this address. I wanted Bonifacio too. He would be perfect, but it’s hard to acquire players in August when we have the best record in baseball.

  12. No Simba tonite?

    Heyward 9, JUpton 7, Freeman 3. Gattis 2, CJohnson 5 ,Pastornicky 4, BUpton 8, Janish 6, Beachy 1

  13. I went to Twitter and typed in “Braves Journal” and found Alex R’s twitter feed, which directed me here. Twitter is kinda omnipotent re: the internet.

  14. @21—Apparently you can’t wear contacts for three days before you have LASIK so that your eyes are doing whatever they do when you are operated on, and Dan can’t play without his contacts. So they put him on the DL immediately. Once his eyes are ready, he’ll have the surgery.

    Also, so much for no more west coast games. These late start times due to rain don’t really mesh with my work schedule.

  15. @26, that makes sense – I guess it’s also good to go ahead and start the DL countdown now so that if everything goes perfectly he’ll be able to rejoin the team faster.

  16. I understand we’re scoring runs, too bad all MLB.TV will show me is this damn circle rotating on a black background.

  17. Geez Louise. I can’t recall ever seeing someone watching pitches that meaty for strike 2 and strike 3. BJ has got some serious head problems right now.

  18. BJ is going through lots of changes. One of them is changing league. Even Pujols has problem in changing league. Maybe we should just write off the first season for BJ. Thank goodness we have such a big lead this year to give him chance to adopt. Given the size of his contract, he can not continue to play like this next year.

  19. Hitting Gattis with a pitch would be a perfect beginning to one of those ‘messing with sasquatch’ commercials.

  20. That’s only an error because the hometown scorer wants to protect Beachy from an earned run.

    Now that he stranded him, they can go ahead and rule it a double.

  21. turns out a good night to rest Simmons…he has been exhausted – that’s where most of the pop ups come from…if there was a stat for total number of minutes played by each player to date as a percentage of total team minutes by the team Andrelton would be way on top…that must be recognized by Fredi…plus the lead we have, no reason not to rest him…is it simplistic to say if you’re tired you do not hold the bat so high at address so instead of hitting down or flat you have to swing up to meet the ball?

  22. Poor Tyler. He should get the wax cleaned out of his damned ears so he can hear the right fielder. Some help. I’m glad Heyward is OK.

  23. I think it’s quite possible that the bat has imbued Janish with magical powers. I think that’s why Uggla tried to touch it when brought back to the dugout.

  24. Poor Tyler. I was looking forward to seeing what he can do with some playing time at second. Hoping he’s okay.

  25. Pop up right on the foul line in short right field, Tyler was just about camped under it, and Jason came in and plowed over him. The front of Heyward’s knee got Tyler in the back of his knee, bent mostly forward, a little sideways, and knocked his ankle a little funky too.

    He was able to walk with a limp, and finished the defensive half-inning, but they pulled him between innings to get it looked at.

  26. If I had to guess, Tyler will be diagnosed with some kind of hyperextension or “strain.” He walked, he hopped, he moved laterally. This isn’t an ACL or MCL thing.

  27. I want to get the story on this bat business. If the Rev goes on the dl we’re in a bit of a bind.

  28. @69

    Being called a sprain. But that can also be a pre-MRI diagnosis; usually torn ACLs are listed as “sprains” before the full examination. Wait and see, I reckon.

  29. When I tore my ACL, I thought I was fine, just a little wobbly legged. I even got myself up off the ground. But the first step I took, I swear to God, the first step I took, my chin must have hit the dirt with my foot still standing flat on the ground, that’s how far backward my knee bent. That obviously doesn’t make me qualified to diagnose, but I’d be pretty surprised if there was any serious ACL issue here. For me, there was no question of hopping, jogging and moving laterally like Pastornicky did.

  30. @70 – I’m assuming you mean you weren’t watching on TV.

    In the top half of the second, I think, play was interrupted when a bat landed on the field near the pitcher’s mound. Janish picked it up with his glove and scooped it to a bat boy (ha) who covered it in a towel and brought it in to the dugout, and then had no idea what to do with it next.

    As it turns out, from still images, you can see there were two bats, and they were probably mating or something. One flew away when Janish made the hand-off to the bat boy.

  31. to fill in for Pastor…

    why are we sounding so yella
    go trading for some wasted fella?
    the solution’s at home
    we’ve no reason to roam
    let’s welcome Tommy La Stella.

  32. Sam’s line from the last recap was a day too early: “Same bat time, same bat channel.”

    Edit: A thread too early…earlier today, I see.

  33. @74

    Same thing happened to me. About 5 times before I decided it wasn’t going to get better in its own. Each time hurt as much as the initial injury.

    I’m sure Pastornicky is more of a composed athlete man than I am, but when I tore mine I was a wreck on the ground. He didn’t seem to be in that much agony from what I saw.

  34. “I thought Freddie killed that ball!”

    That’s because you’re an idiot with the depth perception of a opossum, Chip.

  35. It was a screaming line drive, clocked pretty good, but it never had the height to get out, and it wasn’t even to a gap or anything. It was a hard-hit out, but it was an out all the way.

  36. Its funny to me how you hear about guys “losing their arm slot” and about guys mechanics getting messed up, not keeping their weight balanced and all this… and then you’ve got guys like Luis Ayala who throw from different arm slots and even change the duration of their deliveries from one pitch to another.

    It’s like “Oh, mechanics are just so important for a pitcher. Well, tot this guy, no. But everybody else? Oh yeah.”

  37. I guess we could see what Terdo looks like at 3b for a game or two and let Johnson play some 2nd?

  38. Oh well. Get the win. He’s got a night off tomorrow, anyway. Good move.

    We can go back to reducing our magic number in pairs this weekend.

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