Braves 0, Marlins 1

So, if you were wondering if the Magic Power of Waffles had a kryptonite, it’s Paul Janish at bats. (Note, not “Paul Janish hitting,” because he doesn’t really do that. Just taking the at bat.)

That said, not sure what could have been done about Eric Gregg’s Jim Joyce’s strike zone last night. Oh well. Start another double digit run…

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  1. I knew we were dooooomed when Chip and Joe were talking about how great Joyce was going to be behind the plate before the game started.

  2. Well, Joyce was great, for Alex Wood’s statline. Maybe he was hoping he could help one of the two starters to a perfect game.

  3. I’m of the opinion that, in our minds, officiating is typically a problem only when we’re on the wrong side of the scoreboard. Joyce’s strike zone looks like it was a little off, but if the score was reversed, I’m not sure it would have made it in the recap. This loss is actually encouraging because, while our offense can have a bad day any day, Wood had a great night, and the Marlins are filling our pitchers with confidence as we go towards the postseason.

  4. Thanks so much for putting up the game thread, Sam.

    Always sucks to lose, but if we were going to lose, at least we were stellar on one side of the ball. Our pitching and defense is going to take us as far as we’re going to go, and every so often one of our hitters will run into a fastball. The offense has been inconsistent since day 1.

  5. @6 – I was on the board of the local youth league for a few years, and when I would get the inevitable calls about umpiring, my first response was always, “Let me guess – you lost.”

  6. Article headline on Braves news section of MLB At Bat:

    “Schafer Set to Return to Pre-Injury Success”

    Coincidence? Or in-joke written by Braves Journal lurker? You decide…

  7. #8
    Now that’s a blast from the grunge-era past.

    Saw them once. Pretty good. Their singer was the size of a sumo wrestler, on par with the Connor Brothers from Screaming Trees (another Pacific NW band of the time).

    Fave tune: “Jack Pepsi”

  8. Not sure why Heyward pulled up on the play. I guess he lost it too?

    Maybe this will wake up the Braves bats again.

  9. Flashbacks to the Mike Minor of old when he couldn’t limit damage.

    @14 – Losing to a team that bats 54-year old Placido Polanco cleanup should count for two losses.

  10. If we don’t end this run of 15 consecutive scoreless innings, it’s not like all that will matter, anyway.

    EDIT: Reverse jinx works again.

  11. #14
    Well, we’re 7-4 vs. Miami this year, but (as a Georgia fan) it’s kinda like being 11-1 vs. Tech in the Richt Era—you tend to remember the loss because you feel like you should never lose to them.

  12. I notice Fredi is once again ignoring McCann’s day-night splits. Why is Gattis catching for the second game in a row? Is something wrong with BMac?

  13. I find Joe Simpson just annoying. Even more so than Chip. There. I said it.

    Nice hustle, Evan!

  14. @21

    Dan Uggla hasn’t done anything positive since, well, ever. At least it feels that way right now.

    Simmons has a .585 OPS this year with runners on base.

  15. No reverse jinx is powerful enough to overcome the continued inability to score with bases loaded and less than two outs.

  16. Okay, I’m off to take my daughter to Safeco to watch King Felix pitch against the Brew Crew. I leave this contest in your capable hands. I’m counting on you. ;-)

  17. Justin has been swinging the bat too good for Fredi to call for a bunt there. Infield was back, he was bunting for a hit.

  18. No reason to be sorry, we will just disagree. We will know soon enough. Hopefully Justin was just cramping.

    Powell – “I just looked over and Chip Carays hair never even moved on that homer.”

    Sutton – “It doesn’t move when it’s on his dresser at night either.”

  19. @53 yeah I hope you’re right about the cramping, seeing as he went into the dugout for a minute to try to get hydrated.

    LOL Don.

  20. I think Joey can play some ball. He hasn’t hit for power yet, but he’s taking his walks. .279/.352/.372 ain’t an all-star, but it plays on a major league bench, especially as a switch hitter.

  21. Watching Stanton butcher that route was one of the more humorous things I’ve ever seen live at the ballpark

  22. I like Simmons hitting 7th when Schafer’s in the lineup. The way I figure, Simmons is going to end a LOT of innings, so Schafer kind of becomes an adjunct leadoff hitter.

  23. Anyone else thinks El Oso is rounding out into game shape after DL stint? He was hitting subpar before going on list, any chance he was wearing down then?

  24. At this point I think maybe Fredi is getting Janish at bats to send a message to Wren about finding another backup infielder.

  25. #74

    The Marlins TV announcers are making a case for Placido Polanco as a Braves late-inning replacement.

  26. @76:

    257/312/297 overall doesn’t impress. But he can still hit lefties.
    341/368/409 against LHP (95 PA)

    Not a game changer by any means. Better stick than Janish, but fails the “can he back up SS” test.

  27. Polanco is comparable to Derosa, and I was fine with a Derosa acquisition. He’s a guy who’s been there before, so there’s that.

  28. The Braves really lucked out when they acquired Peña. Is he signed through next year?

    I think Sam’s right: the true test is whether the backup can play short. Janish can do that, but we’ll just have to suffer his bat.

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