you wonder, which?

his nick, you know

a total bitch.

Terdo seems to suck

Joey T for luck?

‘Titch we might propose

‘Slovi?  WTF?



Joey pinch it tonight, we didn’t need him to…we were cruising all game long with an early barrage of runs – 4 in the first with homers from Justin and CJ – one more in the third from Mac…Jason had two hits, the second a screamer to the base of the LCF wall…when he does that I get excited and remember watching him do it 3 times in the same game at GABP in his rookie year…going the other way with brute power, terrific….


But none of these guys could match the Evening Star, Mr. Beachy…will all those bleating for his return to AAA to get ‘sorted out’ please recant…he was masterful, struck out 6,  walked 1, just 3 hits …Fredi took him out after 8 innings – 99 pitches, 67 strikes when he may have been showing first signs of some fatigue…Downs and Ayala finished off the shut out…such an encouraging and important third start for Brandon – who would want to bet against him now taking over the Number One Spot before the PostSeason?


Miscellania…AS, lovely double play early – bettered by sensational grab by their guy, late, to rob Freddy…Dan showing rare anger when they threw close to his head, first at bat, had to be escorted to first by the Ump…Justin’s home run swing most certainly back in the groove, his brother hitless but still looking a new guy…


Really nothing more need be said…a routine, dominant all-round performance by our boys, FOURTEEN, how special is that?


  1. I’ve gotta’ say that Fredi is growing on me. He’s not the greatest in game manager but is at least comparable and probably better than Cox in that area. The players seem to like him and McDowell has turned into an out-of-this-world pitching coach.

  2. I meant to say thanks in the last thread to AtlCrackersFan for the good work! And thanks Blazon, too.

    As far as a nickname, I like Terdo okay, but prefer Joey Terds, kind of a nod to Jose Bautista’s Joey Bats. I also think he looks a little lije Jack Parkman from Major League 2, but I think I’m alone on tgat one.

  3. 14 straight! Have yourselves a season, Braves!

    Just saw on the last thread all the talk about registering. I tried to do it but got a message that my username has an invalid character. I’ve posted on and off under this one for so long I’d kindof hate to change it. Besides the ability to always edit or request deletion, does anyone know if registering gives you anything else? I used to get an email whenever a new post went up, but then I switch email addresses and never could figure out how to get that to happen with my new one.

  4. apologia from your scribe

    whose edits show he must imbibe

    with circumspection great

    but better that than late

    these mighty triumphs to describe.

  5. #1 guy? Oh let’s hope. But I’m still going one start at a time. Lets get a couple quality, consistent starts behind him before anointing. But that’s just cautious, conservative me. You gotta be proud d a guy clawing his way back from an injury and long layoff like that.

  6. @10

    perhaps a little cynical
    i’d say he’s near the pinnacle
    while you imply much less
    but i saw no distress
    with Stanton he was clinical.

  7. A few days late, but there are a few angles of Bryce Harper wherein he really looks like a Hitler Youth troop leader.

  8. Adam…


    if rather too small is the sample
    i’d hope he would set an example
    and continue this trend
    of his curves with such bend
    that opposing hitters he’ll trample.

  9. OK, so – I go away for a week’s vacation and you guys move and don’t tell me. I thought I was more popular than that!

    Anyway – what have I missed? 14 what in a who’sit?

  10. @15

    i only found the new site in the eighth tonight…you were not alone

    Fourteen is now our winning streak…

    who/what is who’sit??

  11. So the Tigers made a game of it, but the Yankees walked off on them. So their winning streak is over.

    The Cardinals lost to the Cubs, so when Pittsburgh finishes losing to Colorado (down 10-1 in the 8th) the Cards will rest 4 games behind them

    Cincinnati won, drawing to 2 behind the Cards (6 behind Pittsburgh.) That will only determine whose park those two play the wildcard game in, unless Arizona can get things going. They are 5 games out of the second wildcard spot (and thus 7 behind the Cards.) They are beating the Mets tonight, however.

    I think we can agree we’d prefer to see the Cardinals left out, with the Reds and Dbacks in the wildcard game and the Pirates winning the central, right? Long shot. But wouldn’t it be beautiful?

    Also, Boston is losing, so if their score and the Pirates score holds up, we’ll stand alone as the only 71 win team.

    From here on out, it’s basically a case of hoping for the Braves to win everyday, and rooting for every underdog to beat every favorite elsewhere in the league, so they all start bunching up around the .500 mark.

    EDIT: Oh, and the Dodgers are losing, which doesn’t mean alot, but, I’d like to see them cool off a little bit. So that’s good, too.

  12. Unless something drastic happens in the “garbage time” that is left of our season, Minor and Teheran will be the opening 1-2 punch of our playoff rotation. Most likely, Medlen and Beachy will be the playoff #3 and #4 respectively.

  13. @7

    dear Harry Hotspur you’ve forsworn
    such faculties you’ve hardly worn
    that be reserved for dross
    but i would deem a loss
    no greetings on this early morn.

  14. @20 – I’d obviously love to see all 4 of those guys go on 60+ inning scoreless streaks, but, I’d especially love to see one of Beachy or Medlen take the ball and run with it, so that Teheran can go 3rd in a long series. He’s been fantastic, but if anyone is going to spit the bit because the stage is too big, it’s gonna be the guy with the least big league experience. And plus, by game 3, all the guys might be a little less stunned by the atmosphere.

  15. @20

    the Iceman cometh with his quote
    rotations that will get his vote
    but here there’s some dissent
    but not as though i meant
    dear Beachy was just all she wrote.

  16. @22

    a pearl of wisdom i suspect
    to which i gladly genuflect
    Teheran at number three
    he better shielded be
    emotions on the disconnect.

  17. People realize that this game essentially was Beachy’s return to AAA, right?

    Knew the Marlins’ offense was bad, but didn’t know it was as bad as it is. They’ve scored only 363 runs in 2013, easily the worst in the majors. The next lowest in all of MLB are the White Sox, at 411 runs scored this year.

    Obviously it’s better than getting lit up by them, but it’s probably best to wait until Beachy does this to a real team before getting too giddy.

  18. So, good night unto you all.
    Give me your hands, if we be friends,
    And Blazon shall restore amends.

  19. @28- Excellent point! I’d have been pretty jazzed if he’d managed 8 shutout innings on his rehab assignment, too, but he never really came close.

    It’s fair to be excited by last night’s performance. You can’t say he hasn’t improved each time out!

  20. This hasn’t really been discussed but attendance at the Ted is up 2,800 this year! That’s pretty significant.

  21. The Dodgers are really getting scary. They scored 7 in the last three innings last night to beat the Rays 7-6.

  22. @32

    nice piece, funny, but with one hard truth we don’t often talk about here…

    ‘Wilbon: The Braves don’t look like Bobby Cox’s Braves. They have an edge. And they went out there and they drilled Harper – not head-hunting, by the way – they drilled him. Bobby Cox’s teams didn’t do that. The Braves are playing with an edge. These guys look great.’

  23. So I’m gonna be unable to recap tonight’s game – is anyone able to fill in for me? Sorry for the late notice. Let me know!

  24. @32

    Tater Trot Tracker

    you could use this in an advanced English Class as the epitome of alliteration, the Bard of Avon would likely concur…how perfectly its originator has compressed its utilitarian function and blended in real wit…never seen it before, has it been around for ever?

    so let me tell you what it’s not
    no hacking from a russian bot
    survey us, we don’t care
    we just enjoy the flair
    you calculate the total trot.

  25. Imagine a playoff rotation with Minor-Teheran-Medlen-Beachy with Wood returning to the bullpen and does his thing. We may be heading into the postseason with one of the most complete team we have ever seen. The only area of improvement we may still need is a second left handed bat off the bench who can play middle infield and third base…something that Pena fit perfectly for us.

  26. @37

    interesting you should say/feel that…it’s always been in my gut since the seventies when TBS appeared that whatever our virtues we carried the vice of niceness…isolated incidents of course but the general tenor persisted, for me…

    a couple of months ago i posted here, ‘We are too nice’… Teheran shocked me the other night, then delighted…there is too much pain carried through all those play off losses so dearly earned by our marvelous pitching…’crap shoot’ Bobby would say…not me, we were too easy…

    don’t see this happening in October with this lot…different strokes

  27. Schafer recalled, Constanza sent back to Gwinnett. Laird should be activated within a couple of days

  28. I don’t like Was (Not Was) for what that’s worth. I’m convinced that anyone who says I should like Was (Not Was) is trying too hard to be ironic.

  29. The distillery of time has been just as unkind to the 80’s as every other era. Was (Not Was) and to a lesser extent Wall of Voodoo are going to the same Hall Of Period Greatness as LA Law and Thirtysomething.

  30. It was definitely an improvement, though his location seemed to waver after the fifth. And of course, it was the Marlins. I’m surprised Jeff Conine hasn’t grabbed a bat for this club.

  31. It’s all on youtube for the listening – can’t imagine you’d want a whole album of that stuff, but YMMV.

  32. Was Not Was is like the soundtrack to a bad 80’s movie. And not like a John Hughes movie. Like “Earth Girls Are Easy” or something.

  33. Logan was the best player of the surviving Boston Braves. With his passing, there are now only 17 left.

  34. I’ve been giving some thought to the “nicknames for Joey Terdoslovich” thing. Obviously, now that we know his last name is pronounced “ter-DAH-sluh-vich” and not “ter-doe-SLAH-vich” we should probably move away from the poop jokes. Because – and you can trust some 40+ years of experience here – eventually poop jokes get stale. Old. Some might say *crusty*…

    Anyway, I propose we accept that his name is ter-DAHS-sluh-vich and name him either “Green Screen” or “The Operating System.”

    Because INTERNET DORKS!!!

  35. @57 – LOL. Ok I’ll try. But I tried AFG for Laird and that didnt stick.
    Maybe x86 OS? Maybe just call him DOS.

  36. @58, 62 – I’m not thinking critically at the moment. Whats AFG and why is Laird it?

  37. I can’t remember who it was,but someone suggested Another Fredi Gonzalez for Laird. I thought it was funny as hell. I think that I was the only one that tried to keep it up.

    x86 it is. Man am I a nerd or what.

  38. I must have missed some critical information about Joey Terds that helps these nicknames makes sense.

    Edit: Nevermind, I read the pronunciation more closely.

  39. Ter-DOS-lavich.

    DOS as in the early operating system.

    The guy has the word “terd” right in his name. He’s going to have a plethora of nicknames. I, personally, see no reason to reach.

  40. too clever by half for my blood…contrived

    isn’t the whole point an immediate association with the individual and what he does?

    Steve ‘Bye Bye’ Balboni…

    now that stirs the heart…still

  41. anyone else having problems with the MLB pic for tonight’s game?

    watched the Yankees there this afternoon but nothing now anywhere…

  42. Look. Any fool can call a guy named Terdoslovich “Terdo.” How hard is that?! The entire point is to be too clever by half, and then half too clever again.

  43. any fool?

    I believe in the first post of this thread even I said terdo sucked…and I had to make it rhyme!

    no reason to jump from one extreme to the other…

  44. Terd Ferguson. Joey Terd-Sandwich, Joey Terds. J-Terd. Joey “Polish Up This” Terd-oslavich. Joey “As The World Terds.”

  45. I prefer Scut Farkus, the bully from A Christmas Story. You could call him Terd Farkus, even.

  46. Jim Joyce may have proven to be a dignified human being who is a credit to his profession. But his fluid strike zone tonight is an abomination.

  47. We don’t have proper”long man” anymore. What’s the plan if this goes for a while I wonder

  48. Joey, how nice you could call
    whatever the fates may befall
    we’ll argue your nick
    won’t call you a dick
    constructive as you will recall.

  49. Marlins radio is, quite appropriately, discussing the record hitless streaks. 0 for 46 apparently. Ruggiano is sitting at 0-38.

    It’s probably karma for not retrieving his own BP balls.

  50. Seems to me like Ruggiano usually hits Braves pitching hard, so he might not reach that.

    Edit: Looking it up, not really. Average .156 and OPS .531 against Atlanta.

  51. I remember watching Ruggiano the second half of last year against us and wishing he was ours…

    he robbed Mac a few times in the outfield and hit us too…

    ephemeral be the skills in this game…

  52. Oh, those were just this season’s splits.

    Career wise average .217, OPS .637 versus Atlanta, not really as impressive as I thought either.

  53. Both the TV crew and the radio crew seem to think Eovaldi had a longer break than Wood…

  54. So Cory Gearrin, who has not thrown a pitch since his demotion, has been placed on GWINNETT’S disabled list with shoulder irritation.

  55. I’m not surprised that he’s DLed, just that the Braves would put him on Gwinnett’s DL, seeing as something was pretty obviously wrong when he pitched in Atlanta, and I can’t find any indication that he even had an opportunity to hurt himself in Gwinnett.

  56. Yeah, normally they will put them on the major league DL so they can get a major league paycheck.

  57. Back on topic, I don’t believe I want Paul Maholm rejoining this rotation. I think we’re doing just fine with Alex Wood, frankly.

  58. I don’t know how much Wood’s delivery is a part of his current success, but whether it is or not, there’s zero reason to put Maholm in the rotation unless they want to go to 6 starters or give Teheran a break.

  59. “They got a diamond in the rough in Eovaldi, who is pitching at the major league level, instead of pitching for the Dodgers.” – Chip Caray, everyone.

  60. At least now we can say we’re closer to the end of Uggla’s contract than the beginning.

  61. Yeah, I’ll take 6 scoreless in a rain-delayed game.

    EDIT: Now let’s score a few and make a winner out of him.

  62. Chip and Joe just falsely said that Wood hasn’t changed anything in his delivery since being drafted. Is it really asking much to have announcers that at least have as much knowledge as a random Internet blogger?

  63. have to go…

    neighborhood meeting on local hilltop to view the meteorites…

    cheer ’em on for me..

  64. #47
    IMO, Born to Laugh at Tornadoes was easily the best thing Was (Not Was) ever did.

    It’s one of those rare all-over-the-genre-map records (vocalists included everyone from Ozzy Osbourne to Mel Torme) that actually works.

    Haven’t listened to it in ages, but I loved it 30 years ago.

  65. I guess if we’re finally going to lose one, it would be to the Marlins, 1-0, in 13 innings..

  66. “Jason Heyward grounds out softly, second baseman” might be the most used words in the English language.

  67. Not surprised it was Walden that gave up the run, but what can u do when your O gets one hit

    @155 no way

  68. Well if it’s broken, he’s got 6 weeks til the playoffs.

    It hurts our chances at homefield advantage, though.

  69. Late-night dinner reservations? Otherwise, I don’t get why the guys are in such a rush.

  70. As with Brooks Conrad in 2010, the ball — or the crucial at-bat — always finds the least of the lineup.

    Related: I miss Ramiro Pena.

  71. F— off, Jim Joyce. That was ball three. And if he hadn’t had his ever-changing strike zone, then Chris Johnson wouldn’t have been ignited, and he wouldn’t have been tossed, and … damn. Would have rather the streak ended in an 8-0 flogging than like this.

  72. I hate Jim Joyce. I hate Chip. Not a real fan of Janish. We knew they would eventually lose, just hoped it wouldn’t be like this.

    Oh well, start a new one tomorrow

  73. Terrible pitch selection by Walden and/or Gattis. Fast runner on third, why the fuck would you intentionally bury a bunch of pitches in the dirt?

  74. Yeah, it sucked to have Janish up there in the end, but it’s not like anyone else hit anything. 3 hits over 9 innings, you can hardly lay that on Janish.

  75. No, I’d lay it more on Chris Johnson. First inning, your team has won 14 games in a row, has a 15 game lead in the division, and you’re on your way to a freaking batting title in your first chance as a full-timer. What the hell are you so frustrated about that you get run in your first AB?

    In a game that was scoreless until the 9th inning, I’d say losing the guy hitting .350 was the biggest play of the game.

  76. @175, Yeah, and having Janish at bat in the end punctuated that pretty well. Bad outburst by CJ.

  77. Also, it’s really hard not to hate BJ Upton when you’re watching him tip toe after a triple, in the 9th inning of a tie game, when he’s about a 30-game hitting streak away from being merely useless.

    Lazy doesn’t fly when you suck.

  78. H Johnson, Jazz Classics on FM90.1 and a case of Negro Modelo are taking care of the sting. I’m going tomorrow, more importantly with my daughter so I guarantee a win.

  79. @175/176 Yes, Li’l CJ’s temper tantrum was selfish and stupid. No call is worth depriving your team of the league’s batting leader.

    EDIT: “GOOD WOOD”! That’s it! That’s Alex’s nickname! (And it’s not even phallic, mostly!) Nice, Alex!

  80. X-rays negative on Walden, doesn’t expect it to be a DL thing.

    So we’ve got that going for us. Which is good.

  81. Just a post to see if it works. The site tells me my old username was taken.
    By the way I see where Yunel / Longoria pulled off a hidden ball play on the Dodgers.

  82. Anticipating a recap that ignores this game, proceeds as though we have a chance at 15 in a row.

  83. @188- Yeah, I guess tge thought is tgat some one has to play 3rd if we tie. But if we postponed losing, I’d be fine with the Terd at third.

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