if Stanton were our dearest wish

then here’s a trade to fox the Fish

BJ and cash, plus two

(who likely they’ll review)

so, Wren? Jamie? whadd’a they do?


Until that trade occurs … Finish Reading

GAME THREAD…Craig Kimbrel – who are they/we kidding? A polemic. August 30 Game Thread.

Lysergical acid was dropped
as aging relievers are shopped
confusing the viewer
and certain to skewer
his judgment if ever they’ve flopped.



on the more serious matter of extensions and the like…

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How to Take Down a Death Star: A Guide to Beating 2013 Alabama, and Off-Day Thread

No half-assed partial set of SEC football previews on a Braves blog would be complete without a discussion of Mac’s alma mater and mine, the University of Alabama.

But what’s there to discuss about Alabama? We’re really, really good. Like … Finish Reading