Your game thread tonight emerges from the gorgeous rain forests of Costa Rica where your correspondent had fantasized he might manage a George Plimpton and stumble upon another Sydd Finch with a fastball breaking a hundred and ten and put him on a plane to Atlanta…no April Fool he, no S.I. in cahoots…failing that Panama is next stop down, maybe a closer would be easier to find…a few miles north is Nicaragua –  Reagan/Contras/Ollie North – dear God, no wonder we love baseball…


So now to the Madoff stricken Mets int. al… see if you can spot the intruder who’s there for those nostalgic for what limericks were originally all about..



The Metropolitans are broke

Where  Casey once could see the joke

Despair has settled in

For us a real win/win

Get Harvey for a pig, a poke.


As Marvelous Marv once said to me

The secret to a ground ball be

The glove must brush the grass

But if you’re on your ass

You’ve quite disturbed the symmetry.




Please take the contrarian view

With BJ at one eighty two

You‘ll see his potential

His problems tangential

His salary under review.




A characteristic of love

So tender, the hand in the glove

Rewarding, redeeming

But really you’re scheming

You want it to end in a shove.




It’s déjà vu! go grab a pen

The  Evan Gattis theme again

Another phenom comes

But this one’s done his sums

He answers to the name of Wren



3 thoughts on “Hola! GAME THREAD METS/BRAVES 7/23”

  1. Costa Rica, amazing place. Most bio-diversity in the world. I saw insects that kinda scared me because I had no idea what they were.

    Try one of those jungle canopy tours—it’ll make you feel rather simian.

  2. simian is the perfect word…

    we did just that, scared, and loved it- at a combined age of 134…

    the insects, yes, was fooled by one…a dozen of us on a boat in a muddy river photographing bats asleep in a vertical column un a dead trunk…look, i said, whats that brilliant green insect running all over them? the laser from another’s camera…

    ububa, sorry i pre-empted your game thread..Alex had suggested if i had something to say on my ‘off day’ i post it a few hours before a game and title it a game thread…of course there is no way to know if someone else is doing the same thing! still, two are better than none, hopefully…yours was superb, mine whimsical, a good mix perhaps…


  3. Rank Player(age) dWAR Games dW/game dW162

    1 Terry Turner (25) 5.4 147 0.036734694 5.951

    2 Art Fletcher (32) 5.1 151 0.033774834 5.472

    3 Mark Belanger (31) 4.9 152 0.032236842 5.222

    4 Ozzie Smith+ (34) 4.7 155 0.030322581 4.912

    5 Brooks Robinson+ (31) 4.5 162 0.027777778 4.500

    Andrelton Simmons (23) 3.7 102 0.03627451 5.876

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