White Sox 10, Braves 6

The good news is the Braves scored 6 runs again. The bad news is the other team scored 10 runs. The bad news outweighs the good, sadly.

Things started well, as Atlanta jumped out to a 4-0 lead. Dan Uggla provided the big blow – a 2-run homer in the 2nd. An inning latter, Justin Upton singled in a run while Freddie Freeman scored another on a sac fly. Yay big early leads.

Paul Maholm, however, had absolutely nothing. In a disastrous home half of the 3rd, the soft-tossing lefty surrendered 5 runs and, with them, the lead, largely on the back of an Alex Rios grand slam. Not content to go yet to the pen, Fredi stuck with Maholm to start the 4th. That was a mistake. Maholm surrendered a double and an RBI single, and then left the game anyway with what they’re calling a sprained wrist. David Carpenter then allowed a Grybo to score, and then two of his own runs, and before the 4th inning was over the White Sox had opened up a 9-4 lead. And yeah, that was basically the ballgame.

Maholm’s injury may well render the whole Kris Medlen-to-the-pen thing moot, or perhaps it just allows Brandon Beachy to come back with only Medlen going to the pen – for Alex Wood is down in AAA stretching out as well. I really don’t know what will happen next. What I do know is that Paul Maholm has not been very good since the nice start to his season. He has a 5.33 ERA since his April 14th masterpiece against Washington, and things are only deteriorating: he has now surrendered 15 runs in just over 13 July innings. He’s not striking guys out, he’s walking too many, and he has given up too many home runs lately. Something has to give. Perhaps it already has.

Rubber match tomorrow.

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  1. Kameron Loe, of all people, called up from Gwinnett and corresponding move before game.

  2. @ajcbraves: #Braves called up RH Kameron Loe from Triple-A Gwinnett. Corresponding move to come before game.

  3. Yeah for someone go just had “soreness” he could probably play through it. Schafer was unlucky to have his injury during this time.

  4. @9

    He had soreness a week and a half ago. God knows what he’s suffering from now. The memory of the soreness? Let us pray to God that he doesn’t pick up a slight knock going into the playoffs. He’d be out the entire month of October.

  5. At this point I expect him to go on the DL with a case of “feeling faint.”

  6. Dodgers bat around against Zimmermann. Seven runs across in the top of the second.

  7. I guess it’s alright at this point to be worried about the Dodgers?

    These White Sox unis were ugly then, they’re ugly now.

  8. “This is not going to work, falling behind this Atlanta ball club.”

    — Ken “Hawk” Harrelson, curiously opting to ignore the existence of yesterday’s game, and the Braves’ consistent implosions with bases loaded and no one out

  9. Well played, @21. And what do we have for our winner, Don Pardo?

  10. It sure would be nice to add another game to the lead, seeing as how the Phils and Gnats are both losing.

  11. BMac, please do something to refute my utter lack of faith in this team with the bases loaded.

  12. This year it feels like it takes 5 hits in an inning to score a run. Home runs are so much easier. Hopefully we’ll hit a few today.

  13. Both of their runs have come due to our defensive positioning. A shift on Adam Dunn scored the first. The second a weak pop up with our infield in. Might not be our day.

  14. When Vin Scully talks about Uggla’s name meaning, “owl” in Swedish, it sounds like Pavarotti at his apex. When “Hawk” Harrelson says the same thing, it’s like listening to Dirk Diggler in the recording studio.

  15. Simmons took a called first strike then swung at two pitches that weren’t even close. That’s our leadoff hitter folks.

  16. It is bad when your glove first ss hits 120 infield popups in the 8 hole, something so much worse when he constantly does it from the lead off spot

  17. ugh, this team is so infuriating….I don’t think having heyward and bj will improve things much either.

  18. Andrelton plays almost every game. Mr. Wonderful’s has a boo boo and can’t play, so let’s rag the guy who’s on the field.

  19. They should have put Heyward on the DL in the first place. Everyone knew he’d sit out until August anyway.

  20. @41 – I’m perfectly capable of being sick of Andrelton Simmons and Jason Heyward at the same time. I don’t feel like I have to choose.

    As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sick of all these guys, except Freeman and McCann.

    But I mean, if I work at it.. I could probably be sick of all 25 of them at the same time.

  21. Uggla only hits solo shots .. dont want him up there with men on base for sure .. he gags …

  22. Uggla has 8 HR with people on base and his numbers are identical whether there are men on or not. #fail

  23. So if Laird goes to the DL I suppose Pastornicky comes right back up.

    Edit: The announcers just said it is a contusion so he’s probably day-to-day.

  24. Few more plays like that and I could start dislking Simmons, too, considering that his glove is all that keeps him on the field.

  25. We had 4 days off, came back to face a last-place team, and we’re sucking wind.

  26. Fortunately, we’re being “chased” by perhaps the most uninspiring second- and third-place teams I’ve ever seen.

    And Reed gets robbed.

  27. Next three players to bat have the following OPS: 678, .541 and .637. Fighting the temptation to say, “Ballgame.”

  28. This month, we have lost series to two of the three worst teams in the sport — and three of four over the last 30 days. Glad the Astros aren’t on the schedule.

  29. That was a great outing by Minor. So at least there’s that. Jason just needs to rest a few more weeks – gotta have everything feeling right when grounding out to second.

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