the Hawk and the Wimp…BRAVES 6 SOX 4…

…there’s a tenuous Sox/Braves connection of sorts going back a couple of decades to Tom Paciorek, a well liked Braves utility player of modest accomplishment who, career over, ended up in the White Sox broadcasting booth in ’87 as sidekick to the indomitable Mr. Macho, Hawk Harrelson…

Hawk is still there, Tom not, but the pairing lasted 11 years and achieved a degree of notoriety…Hawk addressed Tom by his baseball nickname, Wimpy, as in ..”Whaddy’a think, Wimpy? He was out, right?’ Tom would rarely cavil at whatever was thrown at him, he was too nice a guy…Hawk of course best known for his famed home run call – give him credit, totally original, hard to forget… love it..



you can put it on the Board

if the Hawk decrees they’ve scored

if it’s caught and they have not

then  it’s better soon forgot

his mistakes he wants ignored.


notes from the game…

good to see Evan off the mark…CJ same old same old..

ANDRELTON!!  how long O Lord, how long?

another deep fly out for Joey T…we’re smacking this guy around..

Sox tie it up- Rios 2 out double….   2/2…next time he’s up AS bobble still lets us double him up…

marvelous AB from BMac culminates in a 3 run homer…long ball tonight from our Bravos…..Huddy follows up with i,2,3 bottom of the 6th…

gorgeous play by Andrelton,  Huddy through 7 with 16 ground ball outs….struggles in eighth, gives up 1 run, leaves runner on sec ond, one out…somewhere in here FANTASTIC play fromFreddy, just introduced at first base by the prescient other Fredi…Dunn ground ball to second, Dan did well to get a wobbly throw to FF who was promptly run over making the out on Dunn…nothing daunted FF, on his ass, throws home to stop the runner at third scoring, lovely stuff…

8th ends with Sox within 1…Kissinger touches up Walden for the fourth run..we get an insurance run in the 9th..

Kimbrel wild tonight, good stuff with poor control, hardly threw his breaking ball, behind every batter…but he’s still CK and he still struck out the side…


great game, good all round from the Bravos…’whaddy’a think, Wimpy?’



















72 thoughts on “the Hawk and the Wimp…BRAVES 6 SOX 4…”

  1. Love it.

    Hudson pitched better than his line.

    However, it was all about the 11-pitch AB by McCann. That was the game.

  2. The White Sox announcers taught me a lot of things tonight, among others that Uggla used to be a pretty good for-average hitter (?!) followed up by stating how his career high batting average for a season was in the .280s.

  3. Kissinger doesn’t play for the Pale Hose. He’s holding out until they retract his Nobel Peace Prize. His range is now questionable, though.

    It’s not the home run call by Harrelson that gets me… it’s the strike out call: “He gone!”

    Harrelson aside, I’m not sure there’s any team that seems more obscure to me than the White Sox. They seem more overshadowed than any of the other junior teams (Mets, As, Angels) for some reason.

  4. “… didn’t have to use our J-Hey”

    Hawk Harrelson’s home run call is the worst in baseball history. If you set eight cats on fire you’d hear a more pleasant sound.

    McCann gets all the money. Seriously, we can’t let him go, can we?

  5. So Andrei Kirilenko (aka, the luckiest man in the world) turns down $10 million from the Timberwolves for $3.5 million from Prokorov.

    Hmmm … (but how would you prove it?)

  6. @4

    upon review, not typographic, nor Malaprop – which leaves only Freudian…anger perhaps at a cheap slapshot that produced an important late run…K being the object of our sixties rage…you could also call it transferred epithet…or a stretch for that matter.

    He Gone…YES! magnificently idiosyncratic, how could i forget…

    …but did you enjoy the play Mrs. Lincoln?

  7. With his 7.1 innings, Hudson moved in the 5th place on the career innings list for Atlanta, replacing Rick Mahler. He needs another 939 innings to tie Maddox for 4th place; a feat I consider unlikely. He also needs another 82 wins to tie “Mad Dog” for 4th as an Atlanta Brave, equally unlikely I suspect.
    However, when including Boston/Milwaukee stats, Hudson just moved into 18th in innings pitched and sits at 14th in victories. An interesting look at how the pitching game has evolved over the past 125 years. The days of 40+ starts and 300+ innings a year for multiple years has become a relic. Think Kid Nichols, Warren Spahn and even Phil Neikro.

  8. At 122 in the previous thread, that is amazing. He used the same song in college. (I was in law school while he was in undergrad.)

  9. @4 the most obscure team to me is San Diego. I often have a hard time keeping track of more than two or three of their players.

  10. Hawk Harrelson is an absolute joke of an announcer, and is on a very prestigious list: MLB play-by-play announcers who are unquestionably worse and more annoying than Chip Caray. In fact, Hawk Harrelson, John Sterling and Chris Berman form the holy trinity of this particular list. I’m pretty sure that if I had grown up in Chicago, I’d have become a Cubs fan for the sole reason that I could’ve lived with being a d-bag Cubs fan more than I could’ve lived with having to listen to Hawk Harrelson every night.

  11. It’s weird that the White Sox broadcast rotation was all ex-jocks: Harrelson, Paciorek and Darrin Jackson. At least, that was the rotation a few years back, it could have changed since. I don’t think there’s enough professional announcers in the ranks these days. The Braves are lucky to have Jim Powell and Ben Ingram on radio rotation.

    I like Paciorek enough, especially since he was an ex-Brave, but Jackson never did much for me. The all-time King Daddy of puke-inducing announcers is Harrelson, though. Only a White Sox fan could love his home run call, and the “He gone!” after every strike out is mind-numbingly moronic.

  12. Nice recap, Blazon!

    I listened to the Royals’ announcers when we were playing them a couple of weeks ago, and I thought Rex the Wonder Dog was painfully moronic. Worse than Harrelson, IMO.

    @11 I don’t see BMac in the NL unless by some miracle it’s with us. He’s gonna need to DH some for longevity purposes.

  13. @18

    If you say so. I have a difficult time believing there would be anyway in the world that you would pick Hawk over Chip if you had to listen to Hawk as much as you do Chip.

  14. @23: Think of it like cosmic justice. Constanza had no business reaching in the first place.

  15. Terdo can hit a little bit, and he hasn’t got killed either at first or in left so far.

  16. You know the announcers haven’t watched many Braves game when you hear “Chris Johnson plays a nice third base.”

  17. Justin’s becoming the hitter we thought we were getting, rather than the behemoth of April or the wuss of May and early June. And I’m glad to see him batting 3rd.

    I apologize for my aspersions toward the man; I know many of you have objected. But he’s made a believer out of me.

    Freddie’s also real good to have around.

  18. Why he wasn’t moved down in the rotation instead of Medlen, I haven’t a clue.

  19. Paul Maholm has become my most disliked current Brave. Alex Wood should be replacing that soft tossing clown

  20. Bring back Alex Wood. If he struggles badly, it won’t be much worse than Maholm, and at least you’ll be seasoning a young player.

  21. And for all his untimely implosions, Maholm has been both a bargain and a very useful contributor in the grand scheme of things.

  22. Being unable to score after a leadoff double is at least as significant a problem as Maholm’s metldowns.

  23. Well, I wouldn’t say it’s as significant as giving up 5 runs without getting an out, but it’s problematic to be sure.

  24. Funny how the worries of a pitching “surplus” always tend to work themselves out naturally.

  25. When I went away we were leading 4-0. I come back and clearly my MLB At Bat app is broken, because I’m a reasonable man, so I know the Hose can’t possibly have scored nine unanswered runs on us. Pure fiction. Good one! Ha ha, I’m still chuckling…


  26. That’s a nice catch, Dan, but you have all day…stand up and make a decent throw.

  27. Purge your system of this filth today, gentlemen, and be ready to deliver tomorrow and beyond.

  28. I know he’ll probably never make it in the bigs, but Frank’s son is ripping shit up at Rome. He has 14 stolen bases, with 0 cs, and a .963 OPS between 2 Danville and Rome.

  29. Nationals lose, Phillies already lost. We can now officially pretend that today never happened.

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