Braves 6, ITWTM(arlins) IWOTF 4

…and then in the bottom of the second we were all like droopy sad face because defense, or more precisely the lack thereof, and then in the top of three we were all like smiley happy face because hitting, and then in the bottom of three we were sad again. But then in the fifth we were all like “yay?” because at this point the see-saw is getting a little nauseous, but then the fifth happened again in the sixth, and then again in the seventh, and the don’t let them score runs thing happened all the way through the ninth and we won! Yay! Winning!!

Meanwhile, Philadelphia’s pen managed to hold on and all was right and proper with the universe again, and for all the sturm und drang over the last few forever and a days, there’s even odds that this team goes into the All-Star break with a 6-game or higher lead in the division.

Julio Teheran was meh, except he wasn’t really and would have gotten through seven with only 2 runs scoring if the Braves had played defense in the second.

Justin Upton put April swings on the ball for the first time in forever.

BJ Upton and his brother had a good game at the same time for, quite literally, the first time all season.

In other news, the Marlins still have a giant day-glo Dalek sculpture in their left field stands, and Freddie is still leading the Dodgers’ Jeff Francoeur by a pig’s nose. (See what I did there?!)

Go vote for hugs, y’all.

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  1. JJ @ 238 last thread:

    He’s been mostly gracious I would say, and thats coming from someone who, three years or so back, had probably the most obnoxious and personal arguments with him of anyone here.

    I completely agree. I am awesome, as is my natural way in the world, and JJ was really mean to me back then and it hurt my fee fees. It was very sad. I’ve done some therapy though and I’m close to being ready to forgive.

    D.N. Nation is also right in that the Great Mets-Braves Usenet Wars of 1999-2001 were, in fact, my crowning achievement as an artist.

  2. I want to chime in and say thanks to all those involved in keeping Braves Journal going. There will never be another Mac Thomason but his place is still THE place discuss the Atlanta Braves. And college football, basketball, Atlanta traffic, rock and roll, poetry, furniture, design and other great stuff. I’m a way more informed person because of y’all.

  3. With both Uptons having really good nights at the plate, I weirdly feel a lot better than I did on Sunday. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned the difference between April/May Jupton and current Jupton swing-wise. Well, last night it looked exactly like it did in early June. Quick, easy, and the result was some very well-hit balls. And I’m not just talking about the bomb. His line drives were beautiful, too.

  4. This quote from DOB’s recent recap tells you all you need to know about him, as a writer:

    “After losing their first game against the Marlins in 2012, the Braves have won 20 of the past 26 against them.”

    All those wasted words, and just because 20-6 looks better than 20-7?

  5. I voted for Freddie over and over while listening to an A Certain Ratio album in its entirety for the first time. It was painful, though the drumming was good. Boo, national media. Yay, Freddie.

    @5, If that bothers you, I strongly suggest never reading anything Peanut writes. Ever.

  6. Imagine the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was a ballpark. Like every ballpark, it has a mascot race between innings. The contestants are all things that run in a RRHOF member’s song. Who are the contestants?

    My four: Band, Tramp, Devil, and Turd. I’m willing to substitute Band for something better, but I haven’t been able to think of anything good yet. Anyone have any better ideas?

  7. Fun facts – Braves were four games over .500 during first forty (May 15) and 10 games over during next fifty. They had a better record in June (4 games over) than May (3 games over). The only month of .500 baseball to date has been July (4-4). They are 10-4 over the last 14.

  8. Following up on @8: the Braves recent downturn of DOOOOOM! – by which I mean losing back to back series to the Marlins and Phils – coincides with having their primary bench players on the DL at the same time.

  9. @6 – Having had an opportunity to have been a Braves fan for many years, I’ve, on occasion found reason to cause myself to take time to allow myself to peruse the circuitous meanderings of one Mark Bowman, and, having done so, have often asked myself one perplexing, and further, vexing, question : when will this sentence end?

  10. @12 – I think he’s taking swings in the cages again, and cleared for “baseball related activity.” That’s a good sign. Oblique injuries are really tough to rehab and I’d rather he take his time getting healthy (considering that the lead is still 6.)

    And while I never thought I’d write this sentence, the Braves really need a healthy, productive Jordan Schafer back.

    Gattis/Schafer/RJohnson/Janish trumps RJ/Janish/Terdo/Pastornicky

  11. Guessing just after all star game. 3 interleague road games. It is a funky injury.
    SUCCESS! can come back after all star break. That would allow another out fielder to DH.

  12. ‘And while I never thought I’d write this sentence, the Braves really need a healthy, productive Jordan Schafer back.’

    And I never thought I’d read it.

  13. I want Gattis at 100%. Don’t forget he played winter ball as well. Maybe this DL thing will give him some rest and avoid a September slump

  14. Yes, the Braves’ beat writers are bad. Really bad.

    But not as bad as their TV play-by-play guy.


  15. @ 7: Jungle (CCR) and Rudolph (Chuck Berry). Actually, I really like Rudolph, a nod to how rock ‘n’ roll now dominates Christmas music.

  16. I’ll probably regret this, but in response to the “Sam is mean and driving people away from Braves Journal” meme that ended last night’s thread (@212, @214, etc):

    Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY?! The fact that there is someone here who doesn’t mindlessly agree with your position every single time is going to make you pick up your toys and storm out? Come the bleeding hell ON! You can’t be serious.

    I disagree with certain folks when it comes to Fredi Gonzalez and his ranking on the list of History’s Greatest Monsters.

    I make my points in those disagreements forcefully and with a good deal of dripping sarcasm and snark.

    That is to say, I make my points to my debate partners in the same tone and manner they make their points about Fredi, with the notable exception that they are here to defend themselves if they so choose.

    I have not taken that tone into any of the recaps I have written for Alex this year. (I have SPECIFICALLY NOT TAKEN MY SNARK INFESTED VOICE INTO THE RECAPS I’VE WRITTEN THIS YEAR.) Because I don’t think recaps are the proper place to drop the snark like that, or to have a slap fight about in game tactics. (I may have let a little barb slip in here or there, because, fish:water, but for the most part…))

    I’m simply astounded that people would choose to exit this site simply because I have the temerity to disagree with you in the same terms you disagree with Fredi. That’s just silly beyond silly.

  17. For me, Sam is one of the voices on here I always look forward to… even if I disagree with whatever point he is trying to make. His snarkiness and sarcasm almost always brings a smile to my face. Plus he is one of the folks who tend to remind me this is *just a blog* about something which is *just a game* and not something worth getting myself all tied in knots over.

  18. “The Giants’ signing of Jeff Francoeur is a “lightning-in-a-bottle play,” Andrew Baggarly of writes. Baggarly compares the acquisition to the Giants’ May 2010 signing of Pat Burrell, who had been cast off by the Rays.”

    Someone still believes in Jeffy (not me)

  19. Jeff has a place on a major-league roster as a platooned RF, IMO. He’s just not a starter and shouldn’t be making more than a million or so per year.

  20. @22

    It’s even odds that the FrenchFry puts up quality numbers for 100 at bats. It’s sort of his MO.


    He’s apparently playing LF for SFO.

  21. Well, I don’t think its the disagreement or the sarcasm that people mind so much, Sam.

    Everyone here disagrees with me on Simmons, for example, but I think I’m generally tolerated.

    Now, if I responded to their disagreement by telling them to shut the hell up, their turn to speak is over, and they should learn to think like big boys instead of little babies drinking from little baby bottles… well, I think I’d be less well tolerated.

    And, yes, I agree you generally refrain from taking it to the posts. Not to get all blog-meta here, but I detest it when blog commenters are taken to task or outright ridiculed in main-page blog postings. That reeks to me of “I have the loudest voice, so I ALWAYS have the last word, and don’t you forget it.” Thats a Peter Hjort at CAC, move, and I haven’t seen that here by anyone.

    But I will disagree with you on your “respond in kind,” strategy. Number 1, Fredi is a public figure. Number 2, and I think this is the big one, THIS IS A SPORTS BLOG. We are going to bitch about sports figures. When someone says “Fredi is incapable of learning,” and you say “Stop bitching, you big baby,” it us YOU that is getting personal, because Fredi is a public figure, and he doesn’t read this stuff. And if you disagree, fine. But I think its your view thats out of step on that one. And as much as you feel its your job to bring the world into step with YOU… well, now we’re back to that first problem. And maybe someone will call you a despicable bastard the next time you level hyperbolic criticism at Bryce Harper. Or, criticism is only okay if you check the laundry first?

    AND LAST, I’m not sure anyone said it was YOU driving people away. It was just your quote that he pasted. He just as easily, and probably should have, included my response saying you were being “straight fucking stupid.” I don’t think he was decrying just how you’re conducting yourself, but more the level that it drags the general discourse down to. I’m as much to blame for that as you are.

  22. They have Pence in RF. They want to platoon Andres Torres and Angel Pagan in CF. They can platoon Francoeur and Blanco in LF.

  23. Pagan is injured and Greg White has been playing CF. Not sure if Frenchy can parlay a great 150 PAs into another 5 million this time. I think the league is on to his schtick.

  24. I’m with Hap @21. Sam is one of my favorites to hear from, if for no other reason that he tends to take a contrarian view to the groupthink.

    If people are really leaving the site (of course there’s no evidence of this that I know of) because of Sam then we don’t want those people here in the first place. They’re better off at AJC or TC where they can spout off their ignorant views with no one to challenge them.

  25. I wonder what it would be like on here if we were Marlins bad.

    The Phillies hanging around may not be a bad thing either. That probably mean Utley won’t become a Dodger.

    I read a rumor where the Nats were going to give up three average prospects and a lotto ticket for David Price. It sounded like something even my barber would say was crap.

  26. If people are really leaving the site (of course there’s no evidence of this that I know of) because of Sam then we don’t want those people here in the first place. They’re better off at AJC or TC where they can spout off their ignorant views with no one to challenge them.

    This misses the point, Dusty – the worry was that people would be put off by opposing viewpoints COUCHED IN PERSONAL ATTACKS, and it was the personal nature of those responses that was troubling, not the opposing viewpoint per se. The solution is to keep things civil, without discouraging lively discussion and disagreement.

    In summary – Gentlemen. You can’t fight in here. This is the War Room!

  27. For the record, I mostly agree with Sam when it comes to the anti-Fredi groupthink around here. The fact that whenever a Brave so much as squares around there’s an immediate “Frediot buntz lol” reaction without even considering the context is kind of silly, as well as the fact that everyone insists on comparing Fredi against their platonic ideal of a manager instead of against other people who, like, actually manage in Major League Baseball.

    But I have to agree that Fredi not pinch-hitting for the pitcher when it’s likely the pitcher won’t make it through the next inning is kind of annoying. And yes, a walk of Giancarlo Stanton is always pretty likely. If he’d tried to get Teheran through the eighth, I wouldn’t have had a problem with it (as in, not taken him out immediately after an out had been recorded), but the way it went down was kind of perplexing.

    On another note, if we think we’ve got occasional hitting problems, the Nats couldn’t hit sand if they fell off a camel. And we just took their biggest “rally” in like two months and erased it in the timespan of two days. So keep worrying about them if you want to, but they still don’t look like they’re going much of anywhere to me. The savior Bryce Harper is now deathly afraid of walls, though, so that’ll help them out somehow, I’m sure. Long story short, if we go on another two-week stretch at some point, this race is completely over.

  28. I’m simply astounded that people would choose to exit this site simply because I have the temerity to disagree with you in the same terms you disagree with Fredi. That’s just silly beyond silly.


    Look, I’m happy to disagree with you whenever we disagree, but it’s absolutely imperative that you engage what others have actually said. Otherwise there is no engagement at all, just people shouting past each other – and nobody likes that, least of all the shouters.

    I was at @214 last night, and since you explicitly invoked that, you have essentially accused me of choosing “to exit this site simply because [you] have the temerity to disagree with [me] in the same terms [I] disagree with Fredi.” That wasn’t what anyone said last night, and it once again paints with a broad brush a host of people who don’t actually fit your thesis all that well anyway. This is frustrating. I can’t speak for Sansho, but my point was about the ad hominems. I’m not planning to exit the site anytime soon, either. But if I did, it sure as hell wouldn’t be because you have the “temerity” to disagree with me. It would be because this place has recently degenerated into a cesspool of name calling.

    As far as Fredi goes, I’ll say it for the seemingly 1000th time: I think he has done a very good job this season overall. I’ll also be more specific: I respect the ways he has stuck with the starters through slumps, the ways he has gotten the backups involved – even when folks like myself didn’t think they deserved a shot, because they have usually sucked [Schafer, Pena, Laird] – and, frankly, the way he has juggled the pen through a lot of injuries. He also seems to run a clean clubhouse, and guys seem to like him. I also haven’t seen anyone thrown under the bus, which I kind of felt like happened a couple years ago (and definitely happened in Florida). He is having as good a season as anyone on the Braves, frankly.

    But other folks have a different opinion, and that’s cool too. They don’t need to be attacked in personal terms for their beliefs. They also – and I can’t say this enough – don’t need things explained to them every time they state a disagreement with managerial tactics. Almost all of us, I’d bet, understand the reasons for his tactics; almost all of us don’t need anyone to explain it.

    That, anyway, is my position. Feel free to disagree with that, or with anything I write in the future. This place (or any place) wouldn’t be interesting if everyone always agreed. But don’t mistake disagreement for something other than what it is. Nobody believes Fredi Gonzalez is history’s greatest monster (least of all me, a historian). Very few here actually probably even hate him.

  29. 32—Honestly not sure what I’d do if the Nats got Price. I mean…

    The Nats don’t need to get David Price.

  30. Why would the second place and current wild card qualifiers Tampa Bay want to trade a starter?

  31. I read a rumor where the Nats were going to give up three average prospects and a lotto ticket for David Price. It sounded like something even my barber would say was crap.

    The Rays have never sold their guys for anything less than full value. Plus, it doesn’t make that much sense to trade Price during the season, especially since the Rays are hitting their stride and finally have a very good offense. I’d say that team is primed to make a run for the division right now. They’re only 3.5 games back.

  32. Too… much… drama!

    Be dicks to managers/players/announcers that frustrate you (even if you’re wrong), not to other posters!


  33. @38 – I’ll even say that I don’t hate Fredi, if it will help cause Sam to shut his gaping yap for a while. Yeesh.

  34. 40—He’s about to get extremely expensive and has never been willing to sign a Longoria-type deal.

    41—Yeah, they’re obviously not trading him for a crappy package like the one Smitty references. And the thought is that trading him when he’s still under team control for another full season after this one significantly upgrades the return over doing it in the offseason or at next year’s deadline.

  35. Is “ITWTM(arlins)” a typo, or is there a new acronym with which I need to become familiar, immediately?

  36. @44

    I agree. The package I read about was terrible. No way they pull the trigger on that.

  37. Andrelton’s finally out of the leadoff spot for today’s game (only to be replaced there by Tyler Pastornicky). All the other regulars (aside from McCann) are starting, with CJ in the #5 spot for McCann and Laird batting #8.

  38. Well, it could be worse. They could have Pastornicky playing center field. No joke, I was at a Gwinnett game earlier this year where that happened. It was every bit the disaster you’re thinking it would be.

  39. Hey I liked the way that played out. Heyward always takes a strike. He probably feels like he has to, following Simmons.

    If the guy in front of him sees 6 pitches, maybe it frees Heyward up to jump on a few fastballs.

  40. I’m sorry, but what the fuck, Fredi? If Simmons needs a day, suck it up and stick Janish in there. Pastornicky has proven that he is not capable of playing shortstop at a professional level.

  41. I like it. But I don’t really believe Pastornicky has proven anything, yet, good or bad. I think there’s a chance that he just crapped the bed.

    I mean, yeah, things like range, you can tell he’s limited. But I think he’s a better bat, and less error-prone in the field, than we saw during his previous stint.

  42. For the record I don’t give a crap who disagrees with me or how snarky or foul-mouthed the replies. I find it mostly entertaining and it’s probably part of why I like this blog so much.

    Fredi is dumber than a bag of hammers, but we can win despite him batting Andrelton at leadoff or bunting too much or letting pitchers hit and then pulling them after one batter or abusing and injuring all of our good relievers or etc…

  43. Regardless of who is playing shortstop, Maholm is gonna give up a bunch of runs. He has been really crappy the past two months.

  44. Yeah I’ve seen enough of Paul Maholm. I know who I’m replacing when Beachy comes back.

  45. Wanna know how to make everything sound sinister but at the same time make everyone that can hear you laugh? Just try using the animated-series-version of Cobra Commander’s voice. I just did it to describe what my computer was doing as it was “applying network settings”. It’s awesome. You should try it!

  46. @63 Maholm’s season ERA and ERA over his last 10 games is 3.8. He’s a fine end of rotation guy, but runs into trouble sometimes due to the fact that he doesn’t get a ton of groundballs or strikeouts.

  47. Beachy pitched last night. Got dinked around for a leadoff walk and two doubles in the first. Then settled in. Threw 3 IP, 45 pitches, and allowed just those 2 runs.

  48. Struggla doubles him in. Get to work, hitters. It’s a Paul Maholm sort of day.

  49. The good news is Chris Johnson isn’t regressing. The bad news is that BJ Upton isn’t either.

    Also, Uggla was clearly safe.

  50. Uggla was safe ! BJ still blows he needs to be hitting 8 or 9 can’t even advance a runner my goodness

  51. @90 What happened? Yahoo says “B.J. Upton struck out swinging, D. Uggla out at third, B.J. Upton picked off at second, pitcher to first”, which makes little sense.

  52. Upton was out swinging on strike three, which the catcher dropped.

    Uggla took third on the dropped strike (was safe, but called out.)

    Upton took 1B on the dropped third strike, but was immediately picked off by the pitcher.

  53. @93: Strike 3 to B.J. was a wild pitch; Uggla attempted to advance to third and was “thrown out”; B.J. did reach. Then, on an immediately following separate play, B.J. was picked off.

  54. @93 Strike three to BJ got away from the catcher, and Uggla was “thrown out” (umpire blew that call) trying to advance to third. BJ safe at first. The pitcher then picked him off.

  55. Really, I think we still have a good chance to win. That’s my favorite thing about this team.

  56. 97: I don’t see why not, so long as Maholm actually settles in. 4 runs against a mediocre pitching staff with a depleted bullpen isn’t impossible.

  57. He can’t find the strike zone with a flashlight and a map.

    EDIT: Whew. That’s got to be it, especially after taking the shot to the knee.

  58. Seriously? I mean, SERIOUSLY?! The fact that there is someone here who doesn’t mindlessly agree with your position every single time is going to make you pick up your toys and storm out? Come the bleeding hell ON! You can’t be serious.

    It is not that you don’t agree with people, but hat you can’t stop insulting them. I personally had my fill when you – the one person here who constantly behaves like 6-year old – told someone to stop behaving like a 6-year old.

  59. 99- So he used to be able to throw strikes, but then he took a line drive in the knee. (Not that he actually pitched better today when he could.)

  60. Add me to the “seen enough of Paul” camp. Very grateful for his performance but if Beachy proves he’s right, then Paul can go do something else.

  61. Great job pitching around the pitcher’s 1-out triple, Paul! On the other hand, you gave up a triple to the opposing pitcher. So… no soup for you.

  62. So, not to dig this up again, but what are the odds Maholm makes it through the next inning?

  63. Voted for Freddie through a chunk of a conference call. Feels great to be productive!

  64. I’m so conflicted about the Marlins.

    On the one hand, I’m disgusted by the fraud they’ve perpetuated on the taxpayers of Miami.

    On the other, I’ve seen the taxpayers of Miami at Heat games, and then I feel like they deserve everything they get.

    On the one hand, I’m appalled that they’re fielding an AAAA team whose highest-paid player is now the portion of Heath Bell’s contract they had to eat to send him to Arizona.

    On the other, we get 19 games a year against them.

    The only thing I know unequivocally is that losing to them sucks. Let’s not do that today, plz.

  65. If it makes you feel better, Miami is almost certainly going to be drowned out in the coming floods.

  66. We’re 6-2 against them this year & beat them like a drum in that new stadium. To quote a famous Long Islander, I like the Marlins just the way they are.

  67. And you know what, to be fair, I don’t think this one was a big a deal as most of them. You’re already losing, it’s really really early, you did just have a long extra inning game two days ago.

    That said. It’s the frequency. It’s like.. EVERY DAY.

  68. Maholm’s line: 4.1 innings, 4 runs, 7 hits, 5 walks, 3 strikeouts. Not acceptable against this lineup.

  69. Yeah, it can be argued that it’s not really worth wasting one of your two LH pinch-hitters or one of your collection of competent RH pinch-hitters for a bases-empty, one-out situation in the top of the fifth, down by three runs. It isn’t really a must-win game, and Maholm wasn’t really likely to be lifted there, per se. He was lifted because he allowed some baserunners in the inning. I feel your pain, though, JJ.

  70. Bases empty early I have no problem in this case. But I agree with the complaint the other day when we had a chance to tack on runs late.

  71. It’s okay, man. Let them take their swings if it makes ’em feel better. No way they crack the top 10 of bad things written about Sam on the internet…

  72. I’m sorry, why is Sam being defended here when he’s a grown-ass man who constantly plays the bully in an otherwise civil group?

    This isn’t about being right and wrong, it’s about not acting childish, and despite his advanced age, Sam is a toddler when it comes to having a discussion. And it sucks to have it constantly being brushed off as “sarcasm” and “wit”. It’s crap. He’s always picking fights and it’s ridiculous to suggest otherwise.

  73. Maholm is a FA at the end of the season. If Beachy can return shortly after the break then the Braves absolutely have to shop him. There will be plenty of teams interested. Get a reliever + a bat/MI/prospect for him. He’s not going to be that useful out if the pen for us.

  74. @111, They’ll die of thirst as salt water infiltrates their aquifer first.

    Re: Sam…his persona may obligate him to disagree vehemently, but it’s just schtick. You’re not supposed to take it seriously.

  75. It’s not wise to deplete starting pitcher depth when you’re planning to rely on a guy coming back from Tommy John surgery, a 39-year old, a 22-year old, and Kris Medlen, a guy who has never pitched more than the 138 innings he tossed last season. They shouldn’t trade anyone.

  76. Not sure why grown ups feel the need to insult, attack, and it argue on the Internet. Also, not sure why so many GD’s and Fbombs have to be dropped in a civil place either. Honestly it’s sad.

    Get along, be polite, or page down.

  77. He was born to an American serving there, though, right? He was and remains an American citizen. They’re probably referring to a German national.

  78. It’s hard for me not to wonder how many of these ground balls past the shortstop would have been fielded by Simmons, or even Janish.

  79. Yes, they are referring to German citizenship in the article.
    Ha, @134, our old friend Ohman was born in Germany.

  80. @135: Sure, but I bet ol’ Pretzels’ parents weren’t stationed in Germany in 1864.

  81. @127 and 134 . Where did you get that Timo? Dietrich is born in Cleveland. There’s also the Lutz guy in Cincinnati who has German Citizenship (Father is US). And what 134 said. And of course, I will always claim Lou Gehrig as one of ours (both parents german). And while I’m at it, also Ruth who apparently spoke german with Lou, (well, so long as they were talking to each other), which is enough for me, I take what I can get ;)

  82. Dietrich isn’t even German! According to BP, he was born in Cleveland (and went to Georgia Tech.)

  83. Pretzels Getzien?!! Pretzels Getzien. Whenever my faith in humanity ebbs, I will remember this name. Germans are weird.

  84. Oh ja. I was very wrong. Mixed him up with DOnald Lutz from the Reds, who was actually born in N.Y.
    Can’t believe everything I was reading… and writing apparently.

  85. @149. Never heard that name in Germany before. Not even Bretzel, which would be the translation… But yes, we are weird.

  86. I was born in Germany, too. But like Hubbard, I was a Cold-War-era military brat.

    And, despite some baby pictures of me wearing lederhosen, nobody ever called me Pretzels.

  87. @114, Teheran gave up 10 runs over 9 ip against this lineup through the 4th inning yesterday. Minor gave up 4 through 6. Unacceptable as well?

  88. (Ducks out from behind the couch to make sure it’s ok to come out): I’d have a beer with everyone in here. Hell, I’d probably buy it as long as you drink with me (think Clooney’s character in “From Dusk Till Dawn”). I’m sure I say stupid crap on here, and every now and then I need a Sam to tell me I’m drunk. I learned to grow thick skin around here when I was taking up for a pitcher’s win count and disregarding ERA (the year Millwood did a great job but had a terrible W-L record). Sam (if he’s been around that long) was probably one of those telling me to stop being stupid. After getting over my case of butthurt, I realized that (gasp) I was wrong. Now I may not know everything about the SABR stuff, but I like to think I know a little about the game. But every day on this blog teaches me a little bit more. I think that’s Mac’s legacy more than anything–a spirit of learning. If Sam’s calling people “babies” makes him a bastard, well, he’s our bastard. And I don’t want to see anyone leave.

    You guys have helped me through my hand-wringing and pearl clutching, because I have an ominous feeling about this season. It’s irrational, but I need you guys to slap some sense into me, and so far you’ve done it. That’s why I come here. This is my version of AA. And I don’t want any of you mf’ers to change a bit.

  89. I didn’t realize Randall Delgado had 28 Ks against 4 BBs. He might still end up a quality pitcher.

  90. @163

    Of course it is! Their triple slash, as a team, is .231/.289/.338. That makes for a 71 RC+. If the Nationals can’t “hit sand if they fell off a camel,” then the Marlins can’t even get on top of the camel. (does this make sense? probably not. just go with it)

    Seriously, the Marlins are horrible. No Braves pitcher should be getting lit up by them.

  91. The Dodgers’ official Twitter page tweeted:

    “Yasiel Puig is offering home-field advantage. Freddie Freeman is offering hugs.”

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