Nothing to Worry About Game Thread, April 3, 2013

Well, that’s a relief:

Braves relief pitcher Jonny Venters will not throw at all for a period of four weeks after getting a platelet-rich plasma injection in his sore left elbow Tuesday.
Diagnosed with a sprain after leaving a spring-training game one week ago, Venters was given the injection by Dr. James Andrews a day after Andrews examined him in Pensacola, Fla.

“We’re just optimistic that the four weeks will get it calmed down and get him back throwing,” Wren said.
While the MRI didn’t rule out ligament damage, Wren said Andrews did other tests that made the doctor optimistic and led to the recommendation of the PRP injection and rest.

I’m certain that Venters will experience no setbacks in his rehab, and that he definitely won’t have to undergo Tommy John surgery and miss all of this year and part of next year.

Now let’s go beat the Phillies!

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  1. And denial is just a river in Egypt….right?

    Fortunately, we have Luis Avilan, Luis Avilan to fill in while Everyday Jonny recovers.

  2. Tonight’s lineup. El Oso Blanco sighting!

    Simmons 6
    Heyward 9
    Justin 7
    Freeman 3
    BJ 8
    Uggla 4
    Francisco 5
    Gattis 2
    Maholm 1

  3. Hall and Oates guarantees victory, but even so, given that today marks the big league debut of Oso Blanco, I might have been tempted to go with something like this:

  4. So, here’s a question. Pena was used as a pinch hitter on Monday but didn’t stay in the game afterwards to play 3B, even though it was late and the Braves were up. Doesn’t it make tons more sense to leave him in at 3B instead of Johnson (or Francisco as the case may be)? Is this something we should worry about? Personally, I kind of imagined him playing defensive caddy at 3B at least half of the games, particularly late and with a lead.

  5. mavery, when he came up to bat I assumed the same thing. He should have been in there, but maybe Fredi was enamored with Johnson’s diving near-misses…

  6. Bad photo of the Wakefield set I picked up yesterday – lamp table is hidden behind mirror. All pieces stamped March, 1950, except bookcase desk is 1953.

  7. This is completely off-point but I read a news story the other day about the United States and Japan running joint military exercises. I could only wonder, what would Furman Bisher say?

  8. I just watched the Mad Men episode where Roger Sterling almost ruins the Honda deal. Couldn’t help but think of Furman Bisher.

  9. @13 I know what my WWII vet grandfather (who was once stationed at Pearl Harbor, though prior and not during the attack) would have said, and it wouldn’t be re-printable.

  10. Did anyone else read that piece from Bowman on the Uptons’ debut? How in the world did this make it into the story?

    “I think it’s super rad that we have two brothers who are sick,” said Paul Mathewson, an Atlanta resident who attended Monday’s game. “They are awesome.”

    Well, OK.

  11. @16
    I laughed aloud while reading that during my morning BM while I was barely even awake. I read it again because I didn’t believe it.

  12. 16- Apparently, the Braves convinced someone to time-travel from 1995 to see the game. This team must really be something special!

  13. Yea, I guffawed at that one as well, and also assumed time travel as the likely explanation. I even saw someone in the comments claiming to be the source, iirc.

  14. Yes I saw that also. I didn’t know what to do so I just closed the article. That’s basically what people will be paying for at AJC

  15. Maholm looking like a strike throwing machine out there (the good kind).

    Hopefully the rain will dissipate soon.

    edit: and as I write that, Howard is walked on a bad check swing call >:(

  16. And that’s why I didn’t start Halladay in FB today.

    Also why I have the top 4 of the Braves lineup on my team…

  17. Did they move the camera at turner field? I thought last year we had a true dead center view. Now it appears to be a bit on the left field side.

  18. Too bad about that Gattis AB, got a couple low-ish calls against him.
    Let’s make this an official game, 5th inning can’t get here fast enough

  19. Did the concessions stands at Turner have the plastic glasses with the complete schedule on them again this season?

  20. Home plate ump wants to get out of the rain I guess, Halladay getting calls on both inside and outside and even low pitches. Hopefully Maholm gets some calls too.

  21. I take full responsibility for being the first advocate this offseason of bringing Justin Upton on board. Y’all can forgive me later.

  22. “Gattis is one of seven Braves to homer in their first major league game. Others include Francoeur and Schafer.” -Caray

  23. Over/under on the number of times Chip uses the word “apropos” this season: 75.5.

    Taking the over. Pretty sure he’s already used it twice this season.

  24. 83- Those two, Jermaine Dye, Chuck Tanner (Milwaukee), Joe Harrington and Johnny Bates (Boston).

  25. Halladay struck out nine guys? Is it possible to break the all-time strikeout record and the NL home run record in the same year?

  26. “To crush your enemies — See them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women!

  27. That was a pretty good at-bat, though. Strike three was in a spot the ump has been calling a ball for Maholm all night.

  28. We’ve struck out 10 times in less than 4 innings. But what happens in-between the K’s is pretty f’ing fun to watch.

  29. What the hell was Utley whining about? The fact that he looked silly watching a 58 mile an hour lollipop cross belt high over the middle of the plate?

  30. I thought it might have been inside, but nothing more than what has been called earlier tonight.

  31. @107, I have been on Stockyard Stout for years, and enjoy many of their other beers. They sell very good contract beer for the money.

  32. ESPN featuring the two probable bottom-feeders of the AL East (Yankees and Red Sox) again? Two of the first three days of the MLB season, ESPN has had them on. They’re in mid-season form.

  33. Say, speaking of Fredi looking like Laird and Walden looking like Hanson, how about BJ looking like Bernie Worrell?

  34. @107– Maibock is not my favorite style, but if you like the JosephsBrau I would recommend tracking down the Smuttynose maibock (not sure what it is called). It is excellent.

  35. If you ever get the chance, try a bitburger. That is one tasty beverage.

  36. Christian had all three guys that got hits down 0-2 and couldn’t get any of them out. Maybe Fredi should have gone with the lefty.

  37. Why did the Lisp throw strike with an 0-2 count to the the Evil Dark Lord? Stupid, stupid…but we still hate Chutley

  38. I’m pretty sure that if somebody put a ball on a tee for Ryan Howard with their left hand, he’d swing and miss.

  39. I have to say that I think that call sucked. He was a step from the bag and was right on the line. Clearly, he’s required to miss the base to get out of the way. Makes no sense. However, I’ll certainly take it.

  40. I’ve never seen that called against anybody who wasn’t Yunel Escobar.

    I’ll take that to mean the umpires must hate Michael Young.

  41. I think I’ve seen MLB advertising the Mike Trout catch about 100 times and I’m stunned every time. That was a true moment.

  42. Interesting thought from Don Sutton on the radio – Mike Adams has been really good but had a journeyman’s career.

  43. Young started out inside the line, but he was pretty much on it at the bag. Avilan had plenty of room to hit Freeman, as he was set up inside. I’ll take it, but as a matter of preference, I prefer that call to be left for something more blatant.

  44. I think with a run scoring, that call has to be made. With Bases empty, you might give it to him.

  45. Yeah, it’s where he is when the ball hits him, not where he is at any other point, though in effect, that was called because he started inside. If he got hit where he did and hadn’t started inside and worked his way back out, it never would’ve been called.

  46. Nick/Rusty – No way, the MLB feed shows Young clearly inside the line when hit by the thrown ball.

  47. Sixteen K’s on the night. That might be a problem at some point. But not if we keep cranking three homers a game.

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