Marlins 4, Braves 3 (10 innings)

Atlanta Braves vs. Miami Marlins — Box Score — September 18, 2012 — ESPN


Paul Maholm pitched very encouragingly, striking out five and surrendering only five baserunners in six and two-thirds innings of work, but the Marlins did score, so the lefty got stuck with a loss.

The game barely lasted two hours. The pivotal play came when John Buck led off the third inning with a deep fly to center — it would have been a yicketty in most other parks, I think — that Bourn misjudged into a “triple.” Maholm almost worked out of it by getting the next two men, but it wasn’t to be, as Gorkys Hernandez singled him home with two out. The other Marlins runs came in the seventh, when Moylan, who looks awful and should not be anywhere near the postseason roster, served up an opposite-field homer to Buck. (Buck was hitting .190-something coming into this game. Yeah.)

The Braves, meanwhile, only even half-threatened to score on one occasion, and Bourn was the goat there, too, grounding out with McCann in scoring position to end the top of the third. Nate Eovaldi looked good; he’s always had good stuff, and tonight, he was commanding it much better than he did in his last start against Atlanta.

On the bright side, Chipper got another hit and sits only one behind the Iron Horse on the all time list — that’s some good freaking company, right there. Also on the bright side, Kris Medlen takes the hill tomorrow, so you have to feel good about taking the series, even with noted Braves Killer (TM) Josh Johnson slated to pitch for the Fish.

So, that’s what I had all laid out and ready to post before the ninth inning. For a minute, I was thinking, “Shame on me!,” but that thought was quickly nullified by an even crappier outcome. The Braves got up off the deck to tie it in the ninth — Heyward double; Chipper walk; Uggla single; McCann game-tying double — but couldn’t take the lead. The next inning and a half saw Paul Janish dislocate his non-throwing shoulder, Jonny Venters and Cory Gearrin combine to escape a Jose Reyes-on-third-with-no-one-out situation, a now-600-pound Heath Bell dominate the Braves’ best hitters, and, ultimately, a walk-off win for the Marlins in the tenth.

Please, Kris, make this memory a faint one.

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114 thoughts on “Marlins 4, Braves 3 (10 innings)”

  1. To Spike from last thread: Normally I’d agree with playing regular depth with two outs, but in that case I would have made Reyes beat me deep to avoid exactly what happened.

  2. I don’t know that I disagree – but you asked “why” and I would think regular depth would be the “by the book” thing to do. Reyes is slugging a very respectable .436 with 11HR.

  3. I just reading “Underworld” by Don DeLillo and the first part of the book involves the Bobby Thomson home run game in 1951. There’s a great quote about baseball fandom:

    “The game doesn’t change the way you sleep or wash your face or chew your food. It changes nothing but your life.”

  4. I disagree Smitty. Moylan, for 3 years, was an above average reliever that was a ground ball righty specialist. Gearrin is exactly that, and incredibly cheap. There’s a place for him in a bullpen of 7.

  5. Furthermore, in postseason, every reliever should be available every game making it easy for Fredi to put his relievers in a situation for success.

  6. Gearrin’s a ROOGY. He shouldn’t face lefties. He absolutely should face righties. He was terrific in a do-or-die situation in the 9th, cleaning up Jonny Venters’ mess, inducing a two-out ground ball to strand men at the corners and preserve the tie. He absolutely has a role on the team. He just shouldn’t face lefties.

  7. Assuming the Braves win the play-in game, do the regular playoffs begin the next night or is there a day in between? I assume the former given the tight schedule and the desire to make things difficult for wild cards.

  8. There’s a day off. I posted the schedule in the previous thread:

    Friday, October 5 (wild card)
    Saturday, October 6 (off)
    Sunday, October 7 (NLDS Game 1)
    Monday, October 8 (NLDS Game 2)
    Tuesday, October 9 (off)
    Wednesday, October 10 (NLDS Game 3)
    Thursday, October 11 (NLDS Game 4 if necessary)
    Friday, October 12 (NLDS Game 5 if necessary)

  9. Braves should have the play in game at home and then games 1 & 2 would be at home also correct? At least traveling shouldnt be an issue.

  10. While I believe Gearrin may be too specialized to be of great use during most of the season (there’s no such thing as a pitcher who never faces LHBs, so he’ll have to learn to pitch better to them), once the roster expands he definitely shouldn’t be facing an LHB in a clutch situation.

  11. Someone needs an off day

    •#Braves Bourn’s past 27 games: .165 (16-for-97) with 1 double, 7 runs, 6 SBs, 28 K, .293 OBP and .175 slugging (.468 OPS) 1 hour ago

  12. Gearrin’s splits are pretty dramatic, but last night didn’t really make me nuts because it wasn’t a game that was especially vital.

    IMO, the Janish injury was the worst thing that came out of last night’s game, not the loss.

  13. #30 – You see Janish’s response after the game? He said this is about the 9th or 10th time its happened. They popped it back in place in the clubhouse and he said he’s day to day. Just going to be sore.


    Fredi said you’d dislocated your shoulder before?

    “Yeah, this time it actually dislocated and got stuck out. I’ve had that happen before where it subluxes my shoulder when I dive, and usually it just slides back in. It still hurts but it’s kind of something you just kind of shimmy in and deal with it. This is the first time I ever had it stuck and not be able to get it back in. When I got back up here [to the clubhouse] they popped it back in, which was a little painful, too, but at least it was immediate relief.”

    “It’s usually sore for a few days, but it’s not too bad.”

    So this has happened multiple times in the past?

    “I’ve probably done it eight or nine times before, but never stuck, never got actually dislocated. But I’ll be fine.”

    On X-rays

    “Everything looked fine.”

    So day-to-day?

    “Yeah, I think so” (He said this as he was being led away to the training room for further treatment.)

  15. @34,

    Paul Janish is the toughest man alive. Here are five Paul Janish facts:

    When Alexander Bell invented the telephone he had 3 missed calls from Paul Janish

    Ghosts sit around the campfire and tell Paul Janish stories.

    Paul Janish can cut through a hot knife with butter

    Paul Janish can start a bonfire with a magnifying glass… at night

    Paul Janish won the World Series of Poker using Pokemon cards

  16. Sure, Janish can deal with a should dislocation like nothing, which is a necessary skill. But until he its my weight, I’m not ready to anoint him Chuck Norris status.

  17. @36
    Thought I’d Chuck a few more Paul Janish facts in here:

    Paul Janish can slam a revolving door.

    Paul Janish can count to infinity–twice.

    When the Boogeyman goes to bed, he checks to see if Paul Janish is under his bed.

    Paul can sneezes with both eyes open.

    Paul Janish enjoys Chip Carey’s commentary.
    (sorry, even I don’t believe that!)

  18. Paul Janish lost his virginity before his dad did.

    Crop circles are Paul Janish’s way of telling the world that, sometimes, corn just needs to lie the f*** down.

  19. Baseballs avoid Paul Janish’s bat. They are wise to do so as Paul Janish once hit a baseball to the moon.

  20. Sounds like Janish and I share a shoulder condition. Partial dislocations are a lot less painful but much more common when you’ve got loose and weakened muscles around the joint. Mine likes to partially dislocate when I take a racquetball or tennis swing over the top and extend too far – it pops back in almost immediately (until it doesn’t) and the pain is based on how far it rotates around while it’s out of place. It’s almost immediately usable, and the pain is gone within a few weeks, though it seems to be more prone to repeating in similar scenarios as long as the pain is still present. Mine went out one day last summer on the racquetball court, and it wouldn’t go back in until I slammed my shoulder into the wall a few times. That was not fun.

  21. Random question for anyone who has to travel a lot for work:

    The job I’m starting is going to require a lot of travel, and I’ll have discretion to choose which airline and hotels I stay at. This means I’ll be able to choose one of each and stick with them, accumulating rewards points that I can use whenever. Does anyone have any recommendation for any particular airlines and/or hotel chains? My “home” airport will be Reagan National if that makes a difference.

    I’ve got some recommendations from other folks at work, but I figured I’d ask here for an outside perspective. Thanks!

  22. One of the guys that Ive seen in the gym has his pop out all the time. He’s dislocated his probably 20+ times. He just pops it in and then goes running.

    He cant do anything with crop circles though.

  23. Random question for anyone who has to travel a lot for work:

    The job I’m starting is going to require a lot of travel, and I’ll have discretion to choose which airline and hotels I stay at. This means I’ll be able to choose one of each and stick with them, accumulating rewards points that I can use whenever. Does anyone have any recommendation for any particular airlines and/or hotel chains? My “home” airport will be Reagan National if that makes a difference.

    I’ve got some recommendations from other folks at work, but I figured I’d ask here for an outside perspective. Thanks!

    PS: I made this comment earlier without the “r” in my username, and it’s currently “awaiting moderation”, so hopefully it’ll just get deleted. Didn’t mean to confuse anyone. ^_^

  24. #46
    For years, I wasn’t much of a Delta fan, but I’ve become one–mainly because its Skymiles program has really been good to me.

    I’m only on “silver status,” but upgrades & free bagchecking are good things. Always nice to show up at the airport & find out you’ve been upgraded to 1st Class.

    With the TVs, Jet Blue is a nice flying experience, but their frequent-flier program may be the worst in the business.

    For domestic travel, American & Continental/United are fine & their FF programs are alright, as well.

    Hotels? If you can, go for the W, but that’s not always an option. My suggestion: Get a Starwood account & rack up the points with participating hotels.

  25. Paul Janish facts:

    Paul Janish has something to say even when he has laryngitis.

    Paul Janish once visited the Virgins Islands on vacation. They had to rename the country after he left.

    Paul Janish wears Kris Medlen pajamas however.

  26. Contrary to popular belief, Paul Janish is Luke’s father.
    Paul Janish once dove and caught a 747.
    Paul Janish’s last name used to be a hard J until he roundhouse kicked the J in the throat.

  27. #46
    Of course, now I find that American has cancelled lotsa flights in the past few days, so maybe steer clear of that airline for the time being.

  28. I would avoid United under all circumstances. The leg room on United flights-unless, I guess you are flying in something other than coach-is about as abundant as intelligent comments by Chip Carey.

  29. •Blue Jays GM Alex Anthopoulos told Greg Brady and Jim Lang on Sportsnet 590 the FAN that Yunel Escobar’s decision to write a homophobic slur on his eye black was “stupid, selfish, shameful, insensitive.” Anthopoulos acknowledged that he thought about suspending Escobar for a year or releasing him (hat tip to John Lott of the National Post).

  30. Paul Janish used to be a bicycle messenger. Scared of losing all its business, America Online started mailing free CDs of its software to every house in the country.

    Paul Janish arm-wrestled three bears at the same time… and won.

    Paul Janish watches baseball games on his iPad on Saturday.

  31. Has it occurred to anyone that the only way Yunel could have done this is with the tacit consent of the rest of the organization? Shameful, stupid, and punishable, but good god, half the team knew what he was doing before he did it, and the rest knew by the time they started the game, including the manager.

  32. I thing Fredi was testing Gearrin and Moylan for playoff roster spots. Gearrin did well against 2, I think left handed Nats. As a ROOGY he should not face batters who would be pinch hit for.

  33. #55
    Yeah, I’ve heard some radio discussion about that.

    But, not unlike playing the lottery, Yunel’s suspension is basically a tax on stupidity.

  34. @55-

    I mean, assuming the rest of the team bothered to read his eye black. Is that something people do? Don’t a fair few of them not even speak Spanish?

  35. Aside from it being stupid and nasty, Yunel’s stunt is just so unprofessional. Even if it had been a more innocuous message, it distracts from what the team is supposed to be doing. (Of course, the Blue Jays are in last so maybe it makes no difference.) And, I know people like to trash the idea of intangibles having any connection to winning but I think a team needs professionalism. Yunel has always lacked that and that’s one of the reasons Bobby got rid of him. I can’t imagine the Braves, even today, doing something this ridiculous-not because they are necessarily less homophobic but because it’s a distraction.

  36. Well, it’s not like the Braves have never had a player who did or said something homophobic. And the Braves didn’t take immediate action to get rid of John Rocker or Roger McDowell, either.

    I agree that Yunel’s a problem and that that has been apparent for a while, but I don’t think that this necessarily is evidence that the Braves are an organization with better values than the Blue Jays.

  37. @59,

    They may not have read it, but if you work with as many Spanish speaking folks as baseball players do, you pick up a fair amount of the language, especially the insults. Speaking as a long time restaurant worker.

  38. As someone who has personally experienced a dislocating shoulder, I can vouch for the fact that the first time or two is a real bugger. After that the ligaments are so stretched out of wack, the shoulder pops out crazy easy. on the upside, it also pops in way easy. Not to spoil it for you, but mel gibson in lethal weapon isn’t how it works.

  39. @59, I am relatively certain that Jays coach Luis Rivera both speaks Spanish and saw Yunel at some point during the game. And yeah, there were a a half dozen native spanish-speaking starters and several more bench guys that probably would notice you had “f#g” written under your eyes. It just doesn’t hold up that it was unnoticed.

  40. Baseless argument here, not made to condone or excuse Yunel’s stupidity:

    1. Young accomplished male athletes are hormonely inclined to be alpha males. Young alpha males who are gifted physically MAY be prone to denigrate less manly associates. Some cultures/nationalities may be more susceptible to homophobic “manly” behavior.

    2. Not all MLB players are Rhodes scholars. Many are immature, and some have even had less than civil behavior excused because of their physical accomplishments.

    3. Unsophisticated alpha male types whose cultures have enculcated and rewarded macho behavior and who are not necessarily the brightest bulbs in the chandelier may on occasion thoughtlessly and with no malice aforethought do or say something they think is hilarious that after the fact turns out to be hateful and perhaps even stupid.

    I think Yunel did not mean to offend a large portion of the world’s population. I suspect he thought what he did was funny. That’s no excuse, of course; but I doubt he expected the reaction his stupidity caused.

  41. That’s like A-B-E baseball, but without the error. (And with a sacrifice bunt that you’ll never convince me was a good idea.)

  42. mravery,

    My wife and I have been staying in a Residence Inn (in two cities) for the last three months. Since we’ve been racking up Marriott points, we’ve also stayed in Courtyards, Fairfields, and full service Marriotts when we “travel” (are you traveling if you’re already traveling?). So we’ve stayed about 120 nights in the last 4 months in a Marriott, and we’re big fans. They are attentive to detail, and we’ve been taken care of in the 8 different cities we’ve stayed in in the last 4 months.

    Since we pretty much “live” in Marriott hotels, we signed up for the Marriott Rewards credit card, and there are some escalators and incentives that have given us quite a few free nights plus points. So far, we have 12 free nights saved up, and we’ve converted Marriott points to Delta Skymiles, and now we have Delta Gold status. Like ububba said, the status amenities are pretty solid. The upgrades, bagchecks, and priority this and that are nice. I don’t know if your company would direct bill or you expense your travel costs, but if it’s the latter, you can really load up.

    Hope that helps.

  43. GEORGE!! He’s not going to be hot for long, but that is a good time if he can hit for a month or a bit more.

  44. One of the most impressive things watching Medlen for me is just how often hitters are guessing absolutely wrong on what pitch is coming.

  45. You learn something new everyday… I would have figured a force was a force, regardless of it being a fly-ball force out.

  46. 87- When the fly ball is caught, the batter-runner isn’t a runner anymore, and the force is removed.

  47. Oh, that explains it. So advancing with no right to advance is different from being forced to advance and failing.

  48. mravery: I second ububba. After trying a number of different programs, I’ve settled on Delta and Starwood.

  49. It’s amazing that we used to use the word “Prado” to refer to a bad defensive play that could have called an error but wasn’t, back when he was a young second baseman. Now, he’s played All-Star-level defense at second, third, and left field, and perfectly adequate defense at shortstop, while hitting around .300 with doubles. Absolutely unbelievable player. We need to keep him around for a good long while.

  50. Why Kris Medlen is a Starter, According to Bravesjournal:

    July 26, 2012:
    Kris Medlen: Hi, coach, I’d like to be a starter again.

    Fredi Gonzalez: Why should I do that? Randall Delgado, Jair Jurrjens, Tommy Hanson, Julio Teheran, and Ben Sheets have all pitched real good this year.

    Kris Medlen: Okay, coach. But if you change your mind, I’ll strike everybody out and I won’t walk anybody.

    Fredi Gonzalez: That sounds like a terrible idea.

    Brian Snitker: I agree. Strikeouts are fascist.

    Fredi: Sorry, kid. Maybe next year.

    Chipper Jones (whispering): Don’t worry, Kris. I’ll just give Ben Sheets an “injury.”

  51. Marlin announcer said McCann was “leaking oil” on the basepaths. I thought that was a wonderful description.

    And csg, right you are.

  52. Maybe Chip should wait until the game is over to start promoting Kimbrel’s highlights on the postgame show.

  53. No strikeouts? We wuz robbed!

    Seriously, fine work by Medlen and the rest. And PURE EVIL will be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs if the Cards win tonight.

  54. Shooooooo…um I never doubted it, but really guys, why do you make yourselves have to work so hard. The Medlen magic continues!

  55. That was Kimbrel’s first appearance without a strikeout since July 18, second since May 18, and fifth this season. It also contained his first HBP all year.

  56. @105

    He’s thrown (including bullpen sessions that didn’t result in entering the game) in five of our last six games. He’ll get a guaranteed day off tomorrow, so I’m sure that will help. It would probably not hurt anything if he got Friday off, too, either by mandate from the manager or by the luck of how the game goes.

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