Padres 4, Braves 1

San Diego Padres vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 13, 2012 – ESPN.

I hope that the Braves aren’t starting another one of their slumps. This isn’t the time.

The first eleven Braves were retired in order. It was still only 1-0 when Jason Heyward and Chipper Jones reached in the fourth, but they didn’t advance, and soon enough it was 4-0, as the Padres got single runs in each of the next three innings. Mike Minor had the minimal quality start — six innings, three runs — so you can say he pitched well enough to win, but it wasn’t well enough to really push the team to a win, if that makes sense.

One problem was that all the Braves’ baserunners came with two out. It was with two out in the eighth that they scored their one run, Michael Bourn crossing in front of Martin Prado‘s triple. But that was all they got.

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  1. Sleep when you can, Mac.
    Lord knows, this team will keep you up nights.

    And best of luck to Matt Diaz with his surgery
    I hope we’ll see his distinctive at bats again soon.

  2. The Braves are playing about as well as they possibly can since July 4th (24-10). Not to get all cap-tippy, but Washington’s going 162-0 during that time doesn’t change that.

  3. @1, Is he due back this year? I figured we saw the last of Matt Diaz in a Braves uniform.

  4. Diaz is having season ending surgery. Im sure the braves will offer him a minor league deal for next year. So there’s always a chance that he will make it back.

  5. @csg
    That’s what I thought,too.
    The notion that someone–anyone, please!–could hit those slop throwing lefties makes him worth a look.

  6. There’s such a thing as being so specialized you become not very useful. Diaz has a few lefthanded pitchers he can hit, but that’s not enough to carry someone who can’t hit RHPs at all anymore, isn’t a useful pinch-runner, and can’t play any position besides LF (poorly). There must be 100 minor league OFs who are better players than Diaz.

  7. As much as I like Diaz, I have to agree with sansho. He’ll be 35 next year, had 2-3 average to poor years as a bench player in a row, and is coming off a second hand surgery (not sure if that’s a major factor to be honest). I can’t imagine he’ll play in Atlanta again.

  8. Not sure if Bethany will like this.

    •RT @Brandon_Beachy: I have not and will not, until I can throw again…cut my hair #Sampson 37 mins ago

  9. Completely off-topic but: one Twins fan attempts to explain Ron Gant’s Hrbek-inspired “fall” off first base through science (or, as he says later, “a long way to go for a fat joke”):

  10. Diaz is one of my favorite all time Braves but I was almost convinced that he was washed up after his stint with Pittsburgh. He’s shown signs of usefulness this year and he may have another year or two left – I’m not sure. If we could sign him to a minor league deal next year I think it would be a low risk proposition. Maybe he just needs consistent playing time /at bats in the minors for a few months. With Reed Johnson being a few years older than Diaz, I don’t think it’s guaranteed that Johnson will have a better season next year.

  11. I’ve been on a leave of absence from my year-round job since late March, and I haven’t had a haircut since. Sometimes you just have to let it grow.

  12. I kept cutting my hair for job interviews and not gettimg the jobs, so I said screw it. It’s been just about two years now (and I got the last job I applied for).

  13. @15, I still can’t laugh about that. It was WWE-level bs complete with the ref not seeing something right in front of him. Fuck Hrbek. I can’t bring myself to really wish anyone ill, but that sorely tempts me.

  14. I might add, I say this as someone who grew up a bit of a Twins fan after Senators II left town.

  15. Terdo has put up an .875 OPS in 58 games at Mississippi. I’d like to know what adjustment he made after his demotion.

  16. I’ve noticed Fredi usually has a quick hook on Hudson past the 6th inning. Probably trying to avoid an episode plus Hudson has said he doesn’t feel comfortable out of the stretch right now.

  17. Hudson was at 97 pitches, probably about time to get him out, especially considering his last game.

  18. MARTIN!!

    Prado will be a free agent after next season, which is why Bourn shouldn’t get all the money- we need some of it for Martin. (Bourn can have most of it.)

  19. For some reason, the Padres are one of those teams that don’t usually provide a lotta thrills or deep satisfaction when you beat them, but plenty of annoyance when you lose to them.

  20. I’d take it, but I expect the Braves to do better. Their schedule is pretty easy the rest of the way outside of the Natinals.

  21. #44
    Before the season, yeah, I’d sign for it.

    At this point, I think that number keeps us where we are—hosting a WC game.

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