San Francisco Giant facts

  • The Giants were originally stationed in New York, but were ejected in 1957 for lewd behavior and disgusting personal habits.
  • While Tim Lincecum is a well-known pothead, in fact all of the Giants’ starting pitchers are drug users. Barry Zito eats peyote, Matt Cain uses oxycontin, and Jonathan Sanchez drinks a bottle of Robitussin before every start.
  • Speaking of drugs: Barry Bonds.
  • Celebrity Giants fans include Phil Collins, Mark David Chapman, OJ Simpson, Ted Bundy, Pol Pot, and Shane Victorino.
  • This last is hard to believe, but Giants third baseman Pablo Sandoval is even fatter than Melky. However, San Francisco has many excellent restaurants and Melky will try to catch up by Friday.

190 thoughts on “San Francisco Giant facts”

  1. It’s got to be Hudson or McCann. No one else is really that close. Well, maybe Prado.

    Also, the poll currently reads “Omar Infante (-1%)” right now, which makes sense neither mathematically nor in baseball terms.

  2. Sandoval isn’t as good as he was last year nor as bad as he is this year.
    2009 .350 BABIP 2010 .291 BABIP. He is a big un.

    Dang, I’m excited.

    I just hope our defensive play as of late doesn’t sabotage our chances.

  3. bob brenly and dick stockton will be the announcers for our series against san fran. joe will be doing the phils/reds matchup, smoltz and ernie will be doing the twins/yankees matchup.

  4. My random, no-thought-put-into-it predictions for the series:

    Game 1- Braves win 4-2
    Game 2- Giants win 3-1
    Game 3- Braves win 4-3
    Game 4- Braves win 5-2

  5. Braves MVP?

    That’s not easy at all, to be honest.

    Can’t give it to the whole bullpen, so I’m afraid I gotta lame-out here & go for co-MVPs.

    When I think of MVPs, names like Pujols, Votto, A. Gonzalez & C. Gonzalez come to mind. So generally speaking, you wouldn’t think a guy with 307/356/454, 15 HR, 66 RBI & OPS+ of 119 would be one of them.

    But there were times this season when it seemed like Martin Prado was the only guy on the team who could get a hit. And he got plenty, so props to Prado.

    And Huddy. IMO, no explanation needed, really. Save that September stretch, he was great all year.

  6. Does anyone know our record in games where McLouth got a start? I bet it’s around .333.

    How in the world can Bobby not see that Diaz in left (regardless of who is pitching) is the better choice?

    If we simply must put a lefty in LF against RHPs, let it be Hinske.

    Melky shouldn’t even make the trip.

    At some point, don’t you have to admit that Les Miles’ Madness is a part of his winning method?

    I mean, it’s kinda like Loyola-Marymount basketball back in the day – you got swept up in their craziness and before you knew it, you were doing crazy things, too – it’s just that Loyola was used to it.

  7. So, the way I see it, there’s not room on the roster for 6OFs, which means one of Hinske/McLouth/Melky/Ankiel won’t be on the roster. Looking at the game logs, it seems likely that Melky will be one of the guys that makes it. I say that simply because he’s played more than those others have, even recently. Personally, I’d dump Melky and start Diaz/Hinske with whichever of McLouth/Ankiel doesn’t start coming off the bench late(ish) in games when we were up to play defensively. More likely is Melky starting 4 out of 5 games (depending on how many there are), at least one of them in SF in CF, no doubt leading to a triple by Pablo Sandoval.

  8. Giants probable lineup:

    1) Torres .268/.343/.479 — CF
    2) F. Sanchez .292/.342/.397 — 2B
    3) Huff .290/.385/.506 — 1B
    4) Posey .305/.357/.505 — C
    5) Burrell .266/.364/.509 — LF
    6) Uribe .248/.310/.440 — SS
    7) Guillen .266/.317/.375 — RF
    8). Sandoval .268/.323/.409 — 3B

    Key reserves

    IF Fontenot .282/.329/.310
    OF Ross .288/.354/.466
    SS Renteria .276/.332/.374
    C Whiteside .238/.299/.397

  9. I’d like to add that the entire city is near a crack in the earth that will one day open up and swallow it.

    The city’s most famous serial killer probably died of old age after getting bored getting away with murders there.

    The sight of the Golden Gate Bridge makes people want to leap off of it.

    They wear the color orange and look like Halloween decorations.

    Barry Bonds.

    Barry Bonds.

    Barry Bonds.

  10. 14 — I agree, I would definitely prefer a Diaz/Hinske platoon in left. That is our best option to get any offense from that position, and it is unclear to me that McLouth/Melky are even defensive upgrades in left. Diaz has looked better defensively than either of them to me, and I never saw any problems with Hinske.

  11. @12

    Except it’s not any type of controlled madness, it’s just idiocy. Most of the time, his idiocy works out anyway because he has better players (sometimes it’s just sheer luck, like the other day), but idiocy is never a viable strategy IMO.

  12. I’m afraid that Melky will get lost in CF in SF going after a ball and will never be found. Or maybe I’m hoping that’s what happens.

  13. So the highlight of my trip to Dodger stadium was easily the Mike Hampton sighting. In a game that the D-Backs took great pains to avoid playing anyone anybody had ever heard of, Kirk Gibson turned to Hampton when someone named Leo Rosales got himself into a bases loaded, one out jam in the seventh.

    The result: Andre Either ripped a ringing double of the wall in right (looked like a grand slam but didn’t get high enough). This being the Dodgers, somehow only one man scored and the runner from second was thrown out at the plate. Hampton IBB’d Kemp, then got Loney on a grounder. So a good outing for Hampton – assuming we use the standard Hampton grading system of ‘any appearance that doesn’t end with him walking off the field with the trainer’ = ‘good outing’.

    Dodger fans were weirdly respectful of Ausmus’s last game. Big ovation before his first at bat, big standing ovation after the single on his last at bat as he was pinch run for. Nice sentiment from the fans for a nice career I guess, he obviously doesn’t leave much of a Dodger legacy.

    Forgot how awesome Dodger Stadium is. Highly recommended if you ever have the chance.

  14. one of Nate/Melky shouldnt make the team, but both will. Bobby likes Melky being a Switch hitter (who sucks from both sides of the plate) and Nate could be a good pinch runner

  15. via DOB:
    “Derek Lowe was named NL pitcher of the month after going 5-0 with a 1.17 ERA in 5 starts, 29 strikeouts and only three walks in 30 2/3 IP”

    good job lowe. dont think we get in without ya.

  16. Seeing a game at Dodger Stadium is a really underrated experience. Considering that it opened in 1962, it’s a pretty perfect ballpark.

    Getting into & out of that place can really suck, but it’s never stopped me from going. I always look forward to my visits.

  17. Just checked the TV schedule, and it has one ALDS/NLDS game at 10:30pm on Sunday. That better not be the Atlanta game. I’m scared, because we’re playing a West Coast club.

  18. Jason Hayward is the Braves MVP in my view. Except a (yes extented) stretch where he was hurt, he was basically carrying the offense. But Prado, Huddy and McCann are right there, too.

  19. #26, more likely to be the Phillies @ Reds, due to the timezones, although I wouldn’t at all be surprised to see our game at 4 and that game at 7 or 8.

  20. 26- No, Braves are in Atlanta on Sunday. Must be Tampa visiting Texas. Although even that wouldn’t make much sense, starting at 9:30 local.

  21. I know it’s in Atlanta, I have tickets. :-) I’m scared that I’m going to have to show up for a game that isn’t much before my bedtime so that people on the West Coast can see it.

  22. #26
    Barring rain, Sunday is the only possible day that all 4 division series could have games. And if there’s a sweep in either ALDS, you won’t have 4 games.

    I’d guess that if all 4 games happened you’d see the Eastern Time Zones scheduled first, so Pha@Cin, then SF@Atl. Yanks are almost always prime-time, so you’d see TB@Tex last.

  23. Ububba –

    Sunday is the day of the Drive-Invasion down at the drive in not far from Turner Field. I am playing, along with headliners Jason and the Scorchers and the Fleshtones, and a car show, plus movies. It goes from 11am til late, so a trip after the game or before, depending on game time is quite possible. otherwise, I’ll catch you for lunch before or a drink after.

  24. @12 I looked into the McClouth factor. His just being on the roster lowers our winning percentage.

  25. If a hotdog contest breaks out during the game, I vote we put Melky to counter Kung Fu Panda. Melky my be behind, but he is poised for a come back

  26. It’s really hard to dislike the Giants. I mean, I know, they’re the other team. Everyone, including me, hopes they lose. But really, they’re a likable team, excepting that weird died beard thing from the relievers.

    Their top two starters, and all of the best relievers are RHP. That means Hinske almost certainly makes the squad, and Ankiel is more valuable than he would otherwise be. There’s no way Diaz doesn’t make the team, so it comes down to McLouth vs Melky. Probably Melky wins that one.

  27. I have a parking pass for the (possible) Monday game if anyone wants it. I purchased it by accident. I asked about a refund, but the reply was nonsensical. Instead of dealing with them, I’d rather give it to a Braves fan who would prefer to park at the game on Monday.

    It’s for the Blue lot. It’s a PDF you print. If anyone wants it, first email posted after this comment gets it.

  28. They wear orange because of the fog that rolls in and causes players to collide in the field. All they need is some reflective piping.

  29. I will agree with ububba on Braves MVP, I think you could give it to Heyward, as far as hitters go, but Prado is where I would go. That’s why it hurt so much when he went down, but it really hurt when he stopped hitting after he got hurt. He was clearly gassed. I hope he gets a full season of health next year, he’s certainly worked his ass off to earn a starting job.

    As Mac points out, Sandoval is fatter than Melky, but at least the Giants have enough sense to not play him in the outfield, let alone center field.

    As we all know anything can happen, maybe a couple of hitters will get hot. Let’s take one on the road and take care of business at home. This year’s Braves certainly wouldn’t be the crappiest team of all time to win a series in the playoffs, but if they had to be seeded 1-8, of course they would be 8th.

    I think two things have to happen for the Braves to win the series: getting the lead early and keeping it one of the two games on the road and keeping Torres (who doesn’t look healthy/comfortable to me at all since he’s been back, .161/.161/.357 with a sweet .518 OPS in Sept in 56ABs) and Fontenot/Sanchez off base at the top of the order.

    I have watched a lot of Giants games in the second half, and I’m not really all that impressed with the bullpen. Romo and Wilson are legit, no doubt, but guys like Ramon Ramirez (0.68 ERA as a Giant), Javier Lopez are due to come back down to earth at some point.

    I think it’s safe to say that without the Septembers of Lowe and Lee, the Braves are sitting at home, so maybe they both have a little ‘veteran October magic’ left. That’s the great thing (or head-slamming crazy) about October baseball, Youneverknow and even if the Braves don’t win this year, I’d sure as hell rather be playin than watchin.

  30. a “friend”(someone whom I enjoy but will never really trust because they root for the phillies) claimed that Halladay was the second pitcher in history, after Cy Young to twice have 200IP+ with fewer walks than starts. I did a little research (Man do I miss MadDog):

    Greg Maddux did it FIVE times,

    1995 – 209IP 28GS 23BB
    1996 – 245IP 35GS 28BB
    1997 – 232IP 33GS 20BB
    2001 – 233IP 34GS 27BB
    2003 – 218IP 36GS 33BB

    In 2004 Maddux had as many walks as starts (33) in 212IP and in 2007 he issued 25BB in over 34 starts over “only” 198IP.

  31. I don’t want Valentine anywhere near the division. If he manages the Mets next year, they might actually have a winning record, and I don’t want to have to deal with that.

  32. @58, I think your friend misquoted from a Verducci story on his awards picks:

    “Halladay (2003, 2010) joined Cy Young himself (1904, 1905) as the other pitchers to twice have more starts than walks while striking out 200 batters.”

    FWIW, Verducci picks Heyward over Posey for ROY

  33. Spike, that’s the coolest. I caught Jason & the Scorchers here in Arlington VA, and they’re as great as ever — Warner Hodges is, like, a golden god. And the Fleshtones are so freaking great; I’m so annoyed I’m going to miss them when they’re in DC with Southern Culture on the Skids. Have a blast, dude.

    Mac, may I suggest ” rel=”nofollow”>The Dice?

  34. i wich for once that the braves would say “screw loyalty” and go with the best 25 men they have. that would mean that melky and farnsworthless would be left at home while martinez and freeman would get the last 2 roster spots. this is obviously not going to happen.

  35. Don’t think it has anything to do with loyalty, just a lack of trust in “less proven” players.

  36. @54, good for you Mac, please return your club jacket and membership pass to the bald brotherhood at the door though (depending on how short you go)

  37. Yeah, for better or for worse, I don’t think you’re going to see Bobby Cox deviate from his extremely well-established norms. On the other hand, I have some hopes that you’re going to see a little more fire in the bellies of some of the players to win one more for Bobby, and counteract some of the usual “one game at a time” malaise. I want to put the Giants in the hurt locker, stomp all over their hopes and dreams, and make Peter Magowan cry.

  38. @70, While I agree that I’d rather not see Farnsworth on the postseason roster, and I think there are better pitching options, I really don’t know if there are better options than Melky. I doubt the Braves are going to carry 5 OF, especially with Hinske able to play in left. With Heyward a lock, they have to pick three of McLouth, Melky, Ankiel, and Diaz. I don’t know if Ankiel is better than Melky. Neither are great options, but it’s kind of a toss up. I would not fault the Braves for including him in the first round 25-man.

  39. AAR,

    I spent some of this afternoon over at The Good Phight. I’d rather not engage in any stomping of hopes and dreams after that experience.

  40. You’re a better — or at least more prudent — man than I, billy-jay.

    Hey, this is cool: SI conducted a poll of 284 players and asked them which team they’d most like to play for, besides their own.

    The plurality picked the Braves.

    Atlanta Braves 14%
    New York Yankees 11%
    Boston Red Sox 10%
    Los Angeles Angels 8%
    Chicago Cubs 7%

    The text at the bottom of the poll reads: “Winning matters: Each of the top seven vote-getting teams has reached the playoffs at least once in the past three years… Location matters more: Outside of Chicago, the Midwest received little love. Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Minnesota, and St. Louis received a combined 9% of the vote… And money conquers all: The three biggest spenders in ’10 (NYY, BOS and CHC) accounted for a quarter of all votes.

  41. Hudson


    That’s my best guess, depending on Jurrjens’ health. If it were up to me, they’d only have 10 pitchers, and Melky would make it, too, but I know they won’t do that.

    I don’t think Melky makes the roster unless Cox decides to go with only 2 catchers. And I don’t think he’ll do that.

    EDIT: Hmm, I forgot about Freeman. I don’t think he makes it over any of the above — nor should he — but I’d probably take him before taking Melky.

  42. Heyward is a lock, Diaz and Hinske are our two best PH options now, they are a lock. There really is no point in carrying Nate, Melky, and Ankiel. Pick two of these scrubs. Ill take Ankiel just because of his strong arm in CF and he wont kill you batting 8th.

    Freeman really needs to be on the team just in case something happens with Lee. Glaus hasnt played the field in a month, but I want his bat on the bench also

    Id rather have a good backup 1B over a 3rd catcher

  43. @76,

    AAR, I wonder if that will change after Bobby leaves. All the players seemed to want to play for him (not as much as they want to get paid, of course) and I doubt Freddi Gonzalez will have the same pull. I’m surprised about St. Louis because I always hear how players love playing there. And, let’s face it, if you’re making a gazillion dollars, you can always find a nice place to live. Of course, the players are probably concerned about the quality of the schools.

    BTW, I saw that Albert Pulols hit for his lowest B.A. this year at .312. That’s absurd. He’s obviously on the downside of his career so the Cardinals would probably be willing to give him up cheap, right? :) And then sign Jason Werth (in order to increase the Jason quotient on the the team). Ok, Wren, if you are such a good GM, make it happen! (Note, sarcasm).

  44. 78—Well, if we had a manager who would play the second of two catchers, I’d agree with you. But carrying a third catcher means freeing Ross to pinch-hit. I think that’s more valuable than having Freeman as a pinch-hitter. (I trust Ross more, and he’s right-handed.)

    Also, we presumably already have two other back-up first-basemen in Hinske and Glaus. You’re strictly talking about pinch-hitting.

  45. Forgot about Hinske playing 1st, good point. I was just thinking about how awful our defense would be with Glaus/Conrad/AAG/Infante and Melky/Nate in LF.

    Ross/Diaz/Glaus does give us some bench power RH

  46. We can get by with only three starting pitchers in this round. Lowe can pitch game 4 on a three day rest, and Huddy will pitch on the normal four day rest if there is a game 5. I think that’s what Bobby will do.

  47. I think Beachy will get a spot in the pen, I dont think there is any chance he starts game 4. Also, I really hope Farnsworth doesnt have the opportunity to blow more games for us.

  48. I’d say Stu is right on. I would carry Boscan so I could use Ross to hit. Though, I fear, the last spot will come down to Ainkel and McClouth. We know Hinske is in, so what is the point of having three left handed outfielders? I think Melky bumps McLouth and Freeman might bump Boscan. But Freeman would probably bump McLouth too.

    So I think McLouth is the odd man out.

  49. I think McLouth is, by far, the most likely of the Suck Trinity to make the roster. He’s is a good baserunner and has been playing pretty much everyday, recently. He’s in.

  50. I think Bobby will be very aggressive in this postseason. He would only carry two catchers and he would use Ross for pinch hitter when the situation calls for itself.

  51. @68, I rocked a mohawk back in ’82 while at the Loveliest Village.

    Now, sadly, I can only manage a reverse one.

  52. “It was a very good year for buying my booze
    With a fake ID
    That said I was twenty three –
    My name was Willie Magee
    When I was seventeen….”

  53. @89, I had a mohawk for one class period back in fall of ’92… and as it was at an SDA boarding academy (High-school) it only lasted through biology class before they called me into the office to tell me to cut it off. After my hair grew back (and I graduated) I had a long mohawk I just never had “up”… was too much work to get it to stick up. It lasted for less than a year though. In ’95 when I was headed over to the UK for my sister’s college graduation I shaved it off and haven’t had hair longer than 1/2” since then (originally it was choice… but quickly, and expectedly, I too went the way of “reverse” as my only option).

  54. I think Bobby will manage this post-season the same way he’s managed baseball games for 30 years.

  55. @94, Egg whites and Knox unflavored gelatin. Mine got pretty long for a while – Dyed it with an American flag design for the Rock against Reagan in DC – when I woke up the next morning, it looked like a DeKooning.

  56. @91 – two, to be precise. We used to catch a lot of grief, and that was when the going was easy.

  57. What do they call that flat mohawk look? I think Mac should rock that just because he can.

    Is it just me? Why in the world would we start anyone but Diaz in left when our options appear to be Melky or McLouth? Hinske, maybe (if he has good stats against the Giants righties).

    Gregor Blanco would look good on this playoff roster. We have no one with his skill set and it might come in handy.

  58. I’m afraid the Braves’ defense will really haunt them in the playoffs. It hasn’t been great all year, but it’s worse now, and in a series where runs are likely to be at a premium, I think defense could be decisive.

  59. 76 & 101—Not surprising, but I wonder how much the results would change if players were re-polled just next year, post-Bobby.

  60. I could probably make the case against (inexperience, star players are not often good managers, etc.), but can anyone make the case that any of the available managerial candidates would be better than Chipper?

  61. @103

    How many pro gmaes has he managed? How many line up card has he filled out?

    I’m not saying he couldn’t do it and I am sure he has seen things Bobby has done, but I would want to send him to the minors to manage for a while first. Let him see the game from that view point, then maybe become a bench coach before a manager.

    While he is a smart hitter, but I have read some of his quotes and I will go out on a limb to say there are a lot of people on this board who would hate some of the moves he would make and some to the batting orders he might trot out there.

    There is a reason there aren’t player managers anymore.

    So, as of today, I’ll take Freddi over Chipper

  62. Game time for Sunday’s Game 3 Braves-Giants at Turner Field will be 4:37 p.m. Game 4 if necessary, Mon at 8:37 p.m. Game 5 Wed in SF 9:37 pm

  63. @89

    I assume from the Rock Against Reagan reference that you were/are into hardcore. Who’d you get to see while you were in Alabama?

  64. #103, Chipper has said he doesn’t want to manage. He wants to take 2 or 3 years out and become a hitting coach.

  65. Oh, and Chipper won Bill James Online’s “Brooks Robinson Tournament”, which isn’t surprising because he was by far the best hitter in there. Chipper’s one of the five best third basemen ever; the only question is his location among the five.

  66. I can’t believe people thought we were going to carry Boscan or whatever his name is. Cox has gone with two catchers before. The idea that Melky won’t make the team after playing all year is similarly bizarre.

    McCann, Ross, Lee, Glaus, Infante, New Guy, Conrad, Diory, Hinske, Diaz, Melky, McLouth, Ankiel, Heyward

    Lowe, Hudson, Hanson, JJ, Dunn, Moylan, Venters, Kimbrel, Saito, Farnsworth, Wagner

  67. @110
    i think it’s more complicated than that and i dont think melky is in the “ifs” at all.

  68. @111
    robert rarely does this happen, but i regretfully agree with you. i think freeman’s going to be left off, but not because of melky.

    however, i dont see the braves carrying jj in this first series.

    edit: DOB tweeted that it will be beachy, not jj, to fill the #4 spot.

  69. 110—Well, if Melky isn’t an “if,” I’m betting it’s not very complicated, at all. Melky’s pretty clearly the last choice among the outfielders.

  70. jj, kk, lisp or beachy, and freeman wont make the 25 man

    Bobby loves post season experience type guys. Melky and Farnsworth will make the team

  71. BTW, do we expect a sellout for the Sunday game? A 4:30 game on Sunday should be an easier draw than 4:30 during the week, I assume.

  72. 25 Roster – Thoughts?
    No Position Name Status
    1 Pitchers Kyle Farnsworth Definite
    2 Pitchers Tommy Hanson Definite
    3 Pitchers Tim Hudson Definite
    4 Pitchers Derek Lowe Definite
    5 Pitchers Peter Moylan Definite
    6 Pitchers Jonny Venters Definite
    7 Pitchers Billy Wagner Definite
    8 Catchers Brian McCann Definite
    9 Catchers David Ross Definite
    10 Infielders Brooks Conrad Definite
    11 Infielders Alex Gonzalez Definite
    12 Infielders Omar Infante Definite
    13 Infielders Derrek Lee Definite
    14 Outfielders Rick Ankiel Definite
    15 Outfielders Melky Cabrera Definite
    16 Outfielders Matt Diaz Definite
    17 Outfielders Jason Heyward Definite
    18 Outfielders Eric Hinske Definite
    19 Outfielders Nate McLouth Definite
    20 Pitchers Brandon Beachy Probable
    21 Pitchers Michael Dunn Probable
    22 Pitchers Craig Kimbrel Probable
    23 Pitchers Mike Minor Probable
    24 Infielders Freddie Freeman Questionable
    25 Pitchers Cristhian Martinez Questionable
    26 Pitchers Jair Jurrjens Questionable
    27 Pitchers Scott Proctor Questionable
    28 Pitchers Takashi Saito Questionable
    29 Infielders Troy Glaus Questionable
    30 Infielders Diory Hernandez Questionable
    31 Pitchers Kenshin Kawakami Doubtful
    32 Pitchers Eric O’Flaherty Doubtful
    33 Catchers J.C. Boscan Doubtful

  73. @115, I would guess Beachy’s slot comes down to how healthy Jurrjens is. I would just label one roster slot the Jurrjens/Beachy slot for the #4 starter. I would think that they need a number 4 in case Lowe works deep on Thursday and can’t work on short rest.

    In fact, that’s probably why they haven’t announced the roster yet. They want to see if Jurrjens is healthy.

  74. DOB already said Jurrjens won’t make this roster. Beachy’s in. Assuming O’Failurety is still dizzy, I think the only question among pitchers is Martinez vs. Farnsworth.

  75. I thought about that after the post – You are right Spike. You have to keep Diory at expense of one of the OFs. I do not recall watching Diory take a glove this year, could he play 1B in emergency? McClouth and Ankiel are the same. One of those guys has to go. My bet is Nate is off the roster.

  76. Nate can run. He’s been playing everyday and has shown at least a little bit, once or twice. Peanut has also been talking about what a “great fit” McLouth, with his running, would be on the postseason roster for well over a month, even before he was playing everyday.

    Ankiel is obviously Bobby’s favorite defensive player of the Suck Trinity.

    I don’t think there’s any chance that either is left off the roster.

  77. @122, Ankiel and McLouth are both Lefties, and Melky’s a switch hitter. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Melky. Sanchez is a lefty, and Bobby’s probably going to start Melky and Diaz in that game.

  78. Well, I’m not going to be surprised to see Melky, either, but I’d be surprised to see him on the roster instead of the other two.

    Which is not to say that, if I were making the roster, I wouldn’t include him. I’d probably drop Ankiel, of those three.

  79. I’m about to own this roster thing:





    If he goes with 3 catchers (which he won’t) either Minor or Beachy will be off. The only other change to the above might be Martinez over Minor or Beachy. That one’s 50/50 in my mind.

    You may not want to belive this, but Melkey, McLouth and Ankiel are all on the roster. It’s true. Start dealing with that reality now. The same goes for Farnsworth and Glaus. We all know those guys all suck, but Bobby has obivously shown that he thinks they add to the team by his constant playing them.

    I don’t see Freeman making the roster. He had a poor September in a limited role and there are too many 1st base options to justify putting that kind of pressure on him.

    I hope you enjoyed the education and enlighenment.

  80. No way Minor makes the roster. He’s been bad, he’s publicly taked about how tired he is, Cox has acknowledged that he’s looked tired, we don’t have a desperate need for another lefty, etc. They’ll rightly shut him down.

  81. I think Melky makes it over Freeman because of his switch hittingness. Hinske and Diaz can both play first.

  82. Why are people arguing for Freeman on the postseason roster? I like the kid as much as anyone, but he’s not hit much since the call up and that spot would be better used by a more versatile defender, in my opinion.

  83. @127- There’s no way Melky doesn’t make it. He has the 2nd most at bats of all the outfielders. However, he does lead the team in cheeseburgers eaten, outfield mistakes, and dreams shattered.

  84. I love this exchange on Twitter:

    CapitolAvenue: The CEO of Liberty Media, the company that owns the Atlanta Braves–Gregory Maffei–was paid $87.5 million last year. —

    CapitolAvenue: Thatsa lotsa money.

    fauxfrankwren: @CapitolAvenue He paid himself our team’s payroll. Let’s hope he pays himself 100m next year.

  85. Granted, the roster list above is not the roster I want to see in the post season. But, I am an objective, realilistc Braves fan who can’t spell and is too lazy to use spell check.

    If I were manager, I would go back in time and trade Melky to San Fran. I would even throw in a top prospect to sweeten the pot. Then I would hire goons to kidnap Bruce Bochey’s daughter and force Bochey to play Melky in centerfield every game of the series.

    After that, I would hire the same goons to break Roy Holliday’s kneecaps and put a beehive in the Philly’s locker room.

  86. @120
    i understand the mindset, but with infante and brooks being interchangeable and infante’s ability to play short, is there any real reason to have diory on the team? i mean, if brooks gets hurt, move infante to 2nd and hinske/glaus to 3rd. if aag gets hurt, move infante to short and hinske/glaus to 3rd.

  87. ryan c. at 141,

    Do you really want to see the defense if Infante got hurt?

    Also, late inning / extra inning double switches?

    Despite the shortcomings, Diory should probably be on the roster.

    The killer decision was having 11 active pitchers on 8 / 31. All you need is 3 starters and 1 long man and 6 relievers: 10.

  88. 137—He also appears to be a very tender, caring hugger.

    Best part of that video, IMO, is when an already-drunk Melky wanders by at around 2:35.

    EDIT: DOB says that neither Freeman nor Minor will be on the postseason roster. With Saito and Jurrjens also being out, that pretty much settles it, right?

  89. Rotation:




    That line-up is so bad.

  90. Whoops, fixed. Had him in there, originally, not sure what happened.

    Fine top 3 starters, nice bullpen, nice bench … seriously awful line-up. Maybe Bobby will start Hinske in left again? Infante/Heyward/McCann/Lee/Hinske/Conrad/Gonzalez/McLouth is about the best we could hope for.

    The Giants should really throw only Sanchez, Bumgarner, and Zito, and just rest Lincecum and Cain for the NLCS.

  91. #138
    Thanks, really cool idea there.

    And “Let There Be Rock” would make a great flashback episode for a yet-to-be-produced HBO series about the post-Dazed & Confused generation. For good or ill, it’s the story of many lives. (Thanks, url.)

  92. DOB – Jurrjens is pitching tonight in Fla. in instructional league. Could be added to roster but more likely Braves wouldn’t go to him until NLCS

  93. @142: One of my favorite stories on the ’66 Braves wasn’t Cha Cha, but close — Chi Chi Olivo. When he just missed making the team in 1967, manager Bobby Bragan told him: “Don’t worry, you’ll be back.” The infinitely wise Chi Chi (correctly) reported to the media: “THey say I be back, but I no come back.”

  94. Do they wear their Sunday red jerseys in the playoffs? I’d rather see them in their normal home jerseys.

  95. I know. I hate the tomato jerseys, too. I don’t know why they don’t hire someone to redesign them. They’re absolutely horrible, and if Project Runway has taught us anything, it’s that there are countless talented, starving clothing designers in this country who would do excellent work cheaply.

  96. It is a way to pimp jersey sales.

    They wore them in game one of the last NLDS they were in and then went back to the white ones for game two. If I remember right.

    Edit: That was at home though, I like the red jerseys though, not as much as the blue ones.

    The thing I can’t stand is the all blue hat with the gray jerseys. They don’t match.

    They were awfully good in the red jerseys this year.

  97. I really hope Bobby comes to his senses and goes back to the Hinske/Diaz platoon in LF. It’s really the only way to get offense from that position right now, and I haven’t seen any defensive deficiency from those 2 compared to Melky/Nate.

    Ankiel is really the only guy we can trust to make every routine play in center, so I would choose him over Nate/Melky in CF.

  98. That’s awesome. I wonder what current iconography will have horrible associations in the future.

    “Yes, son, NFL players used to wear pink ribbons on their uniforms. Back then, it was meant to symbolize breast cancer awareness. We had no idea the French Canadian National Party would later use it during their genocide.”

  99. Hate all the alt-jerseys, too.

    The blue ones look like batting-practice unis. The red ones should be relegated to spring training.

  100. “He doesn’t believe in jinxes, good or bad omens, rabbits’ feet, swastika signs, or all that ancient baseball lore.”

  101. I hope none of the Miracle Braves took it to heart and got a tattoo commemorating the good luck cap that spurred their legendary comeback. That would be awkward later in life.

  102. If Bobby starts Ankiel and McLouth at the same time it will prove he is senile.

    And Melky in that funky outfield? He’ll throw one into the bay.

    Diaz (or Hinske) in LF and Ankiel in CF at least gives us a chance. McLouth and Melky have no business on the field. Are we supposed to act like we haven’t witnessed their performances this year?

    Is George Orwell coaching this team?

  103. Today, we celebrate the first glorious anniversary of the Information Purification Directives. We have created for the first time in all history, a garden of pure ideology. Where each worker may bloom secure from the pests of contradictory and confusing truths. Our Unification of Thoughts is more powerful a weapon than any fleet or army on earth. We are one people, with one will, one resolve, one cause. Our enemies shall talk themselves to death and we will bury them with their own confusion. We shall prevail!”

  104. “You will be hollow. We shall squeeze you empty and then we shall fill you with ourselves.” 1984

    “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others” Animal Farm.

  105. “A family with the wrong members in control; that, perhaps, is as near as one can come to describing England the New York Mets in a phrase.”

  106. Diaz (or Hinske) in LF and Ankiel in CF at least gives us a chance. McLouth and Melky have no business on the field. Are we supposed to act like we haven’t witnessed their performances this year?

    You seem a little more impressed by Rick’s .210/.324/.328 than I was. Against RHP I would go with Hinske/McLouth, LHP Diaz/Melky.

    Talking to a friend from work who’s a Giant fan today. He predicts that this series will have a World Cup feel to it. In that a 1-0 margin will feel insurmountable for either side.

  107. That’s funny Mac.

    Chipper just sent me an email and asked me to buy playoff tickets, so I did.

  108. If everything works out, I’ll have 3 division-series games in 3 days—one in The Bronx, 2 in Atlanta.

    That is, of course, unless we sweep. ;)

  109. Defense is critical in this series, Bobby has to start the best defensive outfielders which I personally think should be Diaz and Ankiel right now.

  110. They’ll give it to Ron Washington because he admitted to snorting that blow and then won the division this year.

  111. Ron Washington might win the AL MOY, but I don’t think that he has a chance at NL MOY. I think that you have to go with Bud Black in the NL.

  112. I think you have to start Ankiel in CF vs the RHP. He occasionally gets into one against those guys, and he’s far and away the better defensive option. Melky in CF is just frightening.

  113. If Lowe or Hudson are on the mound and the Giants start a lefty (of which they have plenty), you have to go with Melky in center. We have enough trouble scoring runs without just giving away three outs with one of the lefties in center.

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