Giants 3, Braves 2 (11 innings)

San Francisco Giants vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 06, 2010 – ESPN.

Well, let’s see. Tommy Hanson doesn’t know how to win. Billy Wagner blew another save, but it wasn’t all his fault, or even mostly his fault. The Braves still can’t get a hit with runners on base, and seem to be trying to blow this. And it’s down to one game.

The Giants manufactured a run in the first, a hit, two stolen bases, and a groundout. Hanson really has trouble holding runenrs, not that he’s allowed a whole lot of them in recent games. Last night, it was three hits and two walks is all, while striking out three. The Giants didn’t get another run off him him in seven innings.

The Braves tied it up in the fifth with a solo homer by Alex Gonzalez; he would make up for it later. Chipper gave the Braves the lead in the sixth with a solo homer of his own; he too would make up for it.

In the eighth, Venters walked a guy, then got a double play and a strikeout. Wagner hit the leadoff man, Aubrey Huff. He then got a groundout, which Gonzalez threw away. A flyout moved Huff to third, then Wagner got another groundout which Chipper botched, allowing the tying run, before an IBB and a GIDP ended the inning.

The Braves never really threatened in extras. In his second inning of work, the eleventh, Moylan walked the first two men, got a groundout, then intentionally walked the bases loaded before giving up a game-winning sac fly. I don’t know what lesson we’re supposed to learn from all this, except that Moylan really should stick to one inning at a time.

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  2. Geez…who knew the Phillies would overtake the Braves w/o Utley or Howard? At least TP still has job. At least the Braves have good clubhouse chemistry. At least we get to watch Wagner and Venter EVERY game. At least Heyward is a consistent power threat. At least Glaus is still playing. The season is turning into a disaster.

  3. didnt get to see the game and i’m glad i didnt, but just by the look of the boxscore, it’s getting late for glaus.

  4. His play is even worse than the box score. He could not catch up with 87 and 88 mph pitches. Definitely time for dl or dfa. Freeman might not have an easy transition but a 750 ops from him would be much better than Glaus.

  5. Losing a 7 game lead on the crippled Phillies will probably go down in the history books.

    I hate everyone on this team except for Prado and McCann. I hate that the entire offense has crumpled in on itself, I hate Bobby and his stupid bullpen management and how he’s handled KK, I hate Chipper and Agony for choking, I hate Moylan’s inability to throw a strike when it matters, I hate Melky and his freaking face.

    I hate this team. I’m rapidly becoming extremely apathetic to whether they win or lose.

  6. Bethany, were you on your magic treadmill last night?

    Glaus is slumping, yes, but to say that he’s too old to be productive is stretching it. He was the most productive players in the NL for 2 months. I suppose the other side of the coin is he’s been one of the least productive players in the NL the other 2 months.

  7. Let’s face it, the Phillies – already a better team all around – added Oswalt, and we lost Prado and Medlen. Simply too much to overcome.

  8. I have been away from home, so no magic treadmill.

    One of the issues with this team is that the 1 year rental first baseman was the powerhouse of the offense for over a month. That certainly wasn’t something they could have counted on. But instead of being a solid team when he’s struggled, they’ve fallen off a cliff.

  9. Let’s not overreact to this shall we. by my count we are 10-11 since the break. Given that teams will slump and streak during the year, this is pretty good for a slump.

    @6, really, you don’t still love Heyward? Hudson, Hanson, Jurjens, or Infante? There are plenty of reasons to love this team. But remember, if you get off the bandwagon now, there may not be room for you in September.

  10. We are doomed. Really we are.

    When you start choking away games like this, it says a lot about the team. And winning without two of your best players also says a lot about the team.

    The Phillies gave us a chance and we spit the bit.

  11. 6—Does that mean you’ll be posting less?

    12—We’re not doomed. We may not win the division, but calm the eff down. Choking that one away says no more about the team than winning a close one against Lincecum the previous night did.

    Our main problem, other than Bob Davidson, is that lefties are going to continue to destroy us. Thank God the Phillies traded Cliff Lee away.

  12. Drove 5 hours to see last nights game in person.

    In Chipper’s defense we had six hits last night as a team and he had three of them.

    I’d say the game was lost when McCann lead off an inning with a double and we didn’t advance him to third in the inning. With our offense we have to do the small things.

  13. as much as I hate these games where everyone collapses, I love being on here when it happens to see the f-bombs fly. The reaction is akin to someone walking in and smacking you across the face with a 13 lb catfish.

    “What the s**t??”

  14. The galling thing about the Chipper error was that it wouldn’t have even needed a good throw to get Huff, he would have been out by miles.

  15. obviously love Heyward and its not fair to burden him with carrying this offense…but the groundouts to 1B have got to stop.

    this team is in desperate need of a shot in the arm. hopefully Minor and Freeman can provide it.

  16. “That certainly wasn’t something they could have counted on.”

    The thing is, though, they were counting on Glaus. He was supposed to anchor this lineup; he was, recall, the right-handed bat we needed. I like Frank Wren, and I certainly have not been as critical as others have been here about him, but it’s galling to watch the Braves squander really good pitching staffs these past two years with such mediocre lineups. You simply can’t be a great team with so little production at two-to-three corner slots.

  17. At the end of the day, this is only a game.

    160,000 people died yesterday.

    It’s only a game.

    Also, Heyward isn’t healthy. His power is gone.

  18. On another note, it’s probably best to tailor expectations. The Braves are not as bad as their initial swoon, and they’re not as good as their six-week explosion thereafter. They are, as many here noted before the season, a decent team with some structural problems that cannot be addressed with a band-aid. At this point their record is very good and if they win 90 games, well, we should consider that a success. If they win about 85, that will be what most prognosticators predicted. The problems over which most here are freaking out did not suddenly appear and should not, as such, be a surprise.

  19. Once again, we are EXACTLY where we hoped we would be at the start of the year. We knew beforehand we weren’t 7 games better than the Phillies. We played out of our mind in May and June and now we’re hitting a dry spell. We’re not gonna keep hitting .140 with runners in scoring position! It’s impossible to maintain that horrible stretch and yet we’re still playing .500 baseball since the all-star break. Why? Because our pitching is incredible. Top 2 or 3 rotations in the NL. Our starters give us a chance to win every night and when the hits start falling again we can pick it up right where we left off.

    One last thing. The Phillies aren’t gonna continue playing .800 baseball. They are a good team. So are we. Neither one of us is flawless. Looks like a fun final 2 months. Much funner than the past 5 years. Like someone already said, if you want to jump off the bandwagon, then go ahead. Just remember not to hop back on in late September/October.

  20. Heyward is perfectly healthy. It’s not like he’s hitting weak fly balls. When he gets any loft on the ball, it goes a long way. Heyward’s issue is that he’s rolling over everything, hence the ground balls. If he was popping out or hitting weak fly balls or swinging and missing a ton, maybe I’d agree. But most of his Ks are looking, and most of the balls he hits are grounders.

    I’m all for DLing Glaus to try to get him ready for the playoff run, but more than the Braves blowing this, the Phillies are just playing out of their minds. Also, the Giants are one of the hottest teams in the league right now, so a series split wouldn’t be a disaster. (In fact, it’s what I was hoping for going in.)

  21. @21, I think its hilarious that some (OK, me) have been cautioning people almost all year as to exactly what you are saying and being laughed at, mocked, and generally ridiculed for it.


    In other words, not being afraid to trade a ‘suspect’ or two for someone like Adam Dunn, who by the way, hit 2 3-run HR last night. All these ‘suspects’ are doing the team no good, and sometimes you just have to live for the ‘now’. The Braves always seem TOO focused on the future. With it being Bobby’s last year, of all years this was the one to go for it.

    They got A-Gon, Farnsworth and Ankiel. Not exactly going for it.

  22. A-Gon is Adrian Gonzalez, who should, by all rights, have a better nickname. AAG or AGONY is Alex Gonzalez, who has, we can all agree, two perfectly suitable nicknames. Let there be no confusing the two.

    @23, Heyward has said he won’t be 100% this season. But he’s far from our biggest problem.

    The biggest thing about Glaus’ 0-fer last night was that it came against a lefty. He faces another today–and he’s never hit against him in a small sample. I think Mac’s right, and we’ll see Señor Freeman on Monday.

  23. I don’t know that I’ve gotten any more pissed off at this team than I was last night when we let them tie the game in the ninth without a hit or a walk…and I’ve been pretty pissed off at this team a couple times recently. We just can’t let games like that get away if we plan on even staying competitive in this thing.

    Here’s to something better today.

    On a side note: Very much looking forward to checking out Julio Teheran’s start in Birmingham tonight.

  24. @25 – not just the prospects/suspects but money. The team doesn’t have the money.

    You and Bethany should start the BJ Adam Dunn fan club.

    Mac, is your brother an Auburn fan too? egads

  25. 6—Does that mean you’ll be posting less?

    I enjoy Bethany’s postings. Maybe you could just mind your own damn business. Your unofficial board policeman act has been tired for years.

    I guess the most troubling thing about last night’s game is the two game swing in the wild card race which will be important once the Phillies speed bump us.

  26. Bethany, if you hate 23 out of the 25 players on the team, then why are you even a Braves fan?

  27. @38

    So if everybody on the Braves went to the Yankees next year, would you become a Yankee fan?

  28. I’m saying why root for a team you hate that only has players you hate? There would seem to be a better use of your time.

    Wasn’t it just last week where we couldn’t help but notice how resilient this team was? I guess the Braves have to play .750 ball to please everyone around here.

  29. I interpret Bethany’s use of the word “hate” as an expression of extreme frustration with the team, not because she doesn’t like the team, but because she loves them so much. She’s being true to the long version of the term “fan”–fanatical. I wouldn’t go as far as she does, but I understand where she’s coming from.

    If I think she could lighten up a little, I’d say the same thing for those who seem to be getting way bent out of shape about her little rant.

  30. 37—I like Bethany’s posts fine, too, when she isn’t talking over and over about all the players she HATES. And without Alex R.’S charm.

    And, for the record, you have to have power to police. I’m just expressing preferences here, Roberta.

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