Dog days game thread: Aug. 7, Giants at Braves

Sorry, I don’t have anything clever here, it’s too damned hot.

I’m headed up to Birmingham for the M-Braves/Barons game, so recap will be late and kind of second-hand. Behave.

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  1. Internets….serious business.

    Two Virgins > Metal Machine Music.

    Pulling on a previous thread, I gotta say, ububba, rediscovering dance/techno/electronic music has been such an amazing thing for me. The Essential Mix has really opened my ears to how killer a good DJ set can be. The closest (legal) club to me is about 30 miles away but I’ll throw the doors open on the truck and crank up some Diplo while I’m working out in the field, that’s what I’m talking about.

    What is everybody else listening to?

  2. On the subject of DJ sets..

    I was filming a concert in Nashville a couple of months ago and Pretty Lights was the headliner.. The dude was kind of an asshole. We had been there filming for hours and all the other artists (Ana Sia, Daedelous, Gift of Gab, a bunch of others) were all nice and let us on stage to film and all that.

    But then when Pretty Lights finally got there and we talked to him for a bit, he freaked out when we asked if we could get on stage. Said we were trying to film his laptop and steal his music.

    It was weird. =/

    /anecdotal story

  3. @ 2: “What is everybody else listening to?”

    Kind of embarrassed to say this, but I just discovered New Order–and I’m 42! Somehow missed them back in the 80s. Don’t like all their stuff, but there’s some damn fine pop songwriting and arranging going on there. While I’m not a big fan of dance/techno/electronic, some of their pioneering work in that genre are very listenable. They sort of combined the 80s alternative aesthetic with dance music and made it work. I don’t think there could have been a Saint Etienne without them, for example. I also listened to the new Arcade Fire record. Not a big fan (at least yet), but there are some nice moments on it.

  4. @2, I just found a very cool mash up of Gym Class Heroes and old Hall & Oates songs on a website called 5G Productions. Lots of fun.

  5. @5 I have a New Order “Substance” poster hanging in my kitchen. And that’s about when I stopped paying attention, sadly.

    @7 Well, the ladies do love him.

  6. Oh, and Rob, I’m with you on Eastbound and Down. I didn’t want to like it. But it’s pretty kick ass in a drinking Keystone Light, stadium, hollerin’, etc. kind of way.

  7. My two most recent purchases have been the new Fall CD (pretty good…Mark E. Smith now mostly bitches about his doctors) and an album of Julie London torch songs. She’s…well…here, have a listen:

  8. I’m just expressing preferences here, Roberta.

    Ooooh, I see what you did here. Clever.

    Some interesting fallout to the Esco trade is that, apparently, Yunel has decided no one really appreciated him working the counts and taking walks so he’s stopped doing it. He’s got one walk in 82 PAs with Toronto, a rate that would make Frenchy blush. Then again, the Jays are 27th in walks so maybe he’s just getting some new advice. Who says he’s not coachable? Three hits today though.

    Infante – 4
    Heyward – 9
    Chip – 5
    McCann – 2
    Hinske – 7
    New Guy – 6
    Corpse – 3
    Ankiel – 8
    Hudson – 1

    Glaus against a RHP – baffling. Melky, one of the few hot hitters right now, sitting – baffling. I give up.

  9. 2,
    I like grungy southern rock when it comes to recently produced music. Lots of Jazz and pre-1980 classic rock standards (the bands, not necessarily the tracks), always. Some Texas Blues, some bluegrass, I’m really all over the map.

  10. 20- I guess I can live with that, even though I think Glaus has had too many chances already. Viva Captain Marvel Jr.!

  11. 17,
    It’s the Blue Jays thing, swing hard and often, pray you make contact. The best players they’ve developed recently fit this mold pretty well, Adam Lind, Travis Snider, J.P. Arencibia, Aaron Hill, et cetera. I don’t love the philosophy, but I’d love for the Braves to successfully develop one guy who can be productive w/ that approach. Or get their hands on Lind or Snider.

  12. Cox must really hate Melky for Glaus to be in there. Ankiel 7th, Melky 8th would look a lot better.

  13. 7 runs with no homeruns would go a long way to assuage some of my fears about this team. Have they scored without the benefit of a HR in this series?

  14. Serious answer to 2: My tastes are all over the place, but I most consistently dig bluegrass. Anything with a banjo, multi-part harmonies, and energy is right in my wheelhouse. Think Avett Brothers or Mumford & Sons.

  15. 24: No. Four HR, one of them with one runner on (walk by Ankiel before AAG HR on Thursday).

  16. Maybe the team will combine the recent homer surge with the year long trend of getting on base tonight. Maybe.

    Will they announce who won the waiver claim on Dunn if a trade doesn’t go through? I know the odds of it being us are nill, but I am fascinated by the waiver process. I remember someone claiming Andruw a few years ago, but I can’t remember if the team name was released.

    Random aside: I’ve been in NYC the past few days and found this book at Strand, very cool if you’re interested in baseball card history.

  17. @10, Julie London (former mrs Jack webb??!!??) is all kinds of great. The album that Cry Me A River is on, Julie Is Her Name, features just her, Barney Kessel, and Ray Leatherwood. One of my longtime favorites. The older of you here may recall her as Nurse Dixie McCall on Emergency!

  18. I have been reading, but not posting alot.

    I want to be patient with Glaus, but I think he is tired, and done, id much rather go with the kid who will at least move.

    I feel bad cause Troy did give us two unreal months, other than that, not too much.

  19. Glaus last homered on June 19 vs Kansas City:

    Since then we have seen this…

    0 HR and only 5 RBI, Not good!

  20. Ok, I called the last HR of Troy. I am saying it’s time for you to start getting hot again Mr Glaus.

  21. I really enjoy watching Huddy deal, its fun, he battles so hard! Alot of credit to him and the way he prepared for this season

  22. 33,
    The same reason most teams didn’t and he could only land a MiLB deal, everyone thought he was done. Self included. Which is the second time I’ve been wrong about Burrell in as many years–wanted the Braves to sign him in the 2009 pre season.

  23. Chip calling baseball is the equivalent of me calling a basketball game with the following:

    “Three pointer on the way…GOOD! But misses short. Rebound going the other way.”

    The radio stations I call games for would fire me.

  24. “New Guy did not!” “New Guy did.” (Ankiel’s a newer New Guy than the listed New Guy, after all.)

  25. I’ve never seen “tbqh” before. I’m surprised that I knew what it stood for right away.

  26. Why is that guy wearing a panda suit? That goofy nickname that belongs to Pablo Sandoval?

  27. I have seen a lot of fake Chip Caray accounts come and go on Twitter, some funny, some completely unfunny. I hope the guy currently running @FakeChipCaray is able to sustain it, because it is by far the funniest one yet.

  28. Chip Caray: “And Tim Hudson has a chance for the shut-out!”

    Nah, this “great” pitching staff will probably go all regular season with zero nine-inning complete games.

  29. @82, My former roommate is a rabid Giants fan and wears a bright orange prison jumpsuit to every game. Combine that with a flask of whiskey, and I’ll take panda girl any day.

  30. Mets tried real hard to blow the lead in the 8th (allowing two singles to start the inning), but they couldn’t quite do it. Phillies trail 1-0 going to the 9th.

  31. Alright, it’s a new night, so some of you need to decide again. Is Wagner still washed up? Or does he buy another night?

  32. I’ve never thought he was washed up, just that he might be hurt, or worn out from so much work. Awesome win and great to see we gained a game in the standings.

    Reposted from earlier:

    Will they announce who won the waiver claim on Dunn if a trade doesn’t go through? I know the odds of it being us are nill, but I am fascinated by the waiver process. I remember someone claiming Andruw a few years ago, but I can’t remember if the team name was released.

  33. @104, He’s streaky, not washed up. He’ll throw the most brilliant pitch to get a strikeout than hang a slider to a guy like Renteria. Keeps it interesting. ;)

  34. that was their guess as well, but dont know how they would know for sure. The waiver process is a secretive thing for some reason

  35. Freddie Freeman with a great night for gwinnett tonight: 4-5 2 doubles 3 rbis. his average now sits at .305 and that was with pretty subpar start.

    teheran also with another stellar start for MS: 6IP 3H 0R 1bb 7k

    he might be a top 3 MLB prospect by season’s end.

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