Braves 3, Giants 0

San Francisco Giants vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – August 07, 2010 – ESPN.

Tim Hudson is just going great right now, and when the Braves needed him to he stepped up and gave them eight innings of shutout baseball, saving the day and (with the Phillies actually losing for once, to the Mets, 1-0, on a home run by… Jeffy!) a scant amount of breathing room.

Hudson took a perfect game into the fifth, most of that time with the usual lack of run support. Infante singled leading off the game, then was thrown out trying to steal on a Heyward strikeout… right before a Chipper double. In the second, Hinske was hit by a pitch, but AAG struck out and Glaus grounded into a double play. I mean, we’ve seen all this before, they need some new material.

In the fourth, Heyward led off with a double, but couldn’t score on Chipper’s shallow single to follow. McCann‘s groundout only moved Chipper to second, and after Hinske was intentionally walked, Gonzalez flew out. Here we go again… except that Glaus singled in two runs. I have no idea where that came from. Ankiel singled doubled in Hinske to make it 3-0, and it was up to Hudson to hold it from there.

He did. Buster Posey broke up the perfect game with a leadoff single in the fifth, but Hudson got a double play to erase him. Sandoval led off the sixth with a hit but was erased the same way. The Giants actually got the tying run to the plate in the seventh with a two out walk and HBP (oh, boy, we’ve been there before) but Hudson stranded them. A leadoff double in the eighth from Pat Burrell didn’t produce anything either. Wagner decided not to mess around with any of these infielders in the ninth, and just struck out the side.

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  1. Damn…should be 3-0 in the series going into tomorrow.

    Well, no, we shouldn’t have beat Linecum, but still.

  2. Okay, watching Teheran, two things stood out — his poise, and that he got stronger as the game progressed. He had one real jam in the game, in the second inning, when he walked the catcher with one out then allowed a double to make it second and third. And he bore down immediately, and struck out the next two batters to get out of it. His fastest pitches — he was hitting at least 98 — were in the sixth inning, and while I didn’t see much in the way of sharp breaking stuff (I was sitting on the first base line; anything down would have been clear, but across would not have been) he got a lot of swings and misses his last couple of innings.

    Let’s see… he’s a fly-ball pitcher, that’s for sure, got only one or two groundouts, and allowed about three long fly balls, one of which might have been a homer in another park (Hoover’s a tough place to hit). Lots of pop flies, usually over my left shoulder. (I’m not that familiar with minor league parks, but my chief memory of every game I go to in Hoover is of pop flies going off of the metal roofs — CLANG! — over the luxury box seats.) The Barons are a very bad team, probably the worst team in AA, so you can’t say too much from dominating them. But there were only three hard-hit balls, the double (a legit one down the third base line), the long flyout, and one line drive to center for an out.

  3. I left after six innings because (a) Teheran was coming out and the only M-Braves hitter I care about, Jesus Sucre, wasn’t playing, and (b) It’s kind of hard to care about an August game between the fourth- and fifth-place teams in the Southern League South.

  4. Today just reinforced my idea that Jeffy Franchise does more for the team as a Met than as a Brave. Go him.

  5. I also left The game after Teheran got pulled. Agree totally with your comments, Mac, except that I’d point out that Teheran absolutely had the slider working. From my view behind the plate it was just as impressive as his fastball. Multiple swings and misses at balls in the dirt as well as called strikes. The change up still needs work ad the few times he threw it, it was high. It seemed that in the later innings the Barons started trying to jump on his fastball early in the count because he was so dominant with the slider when he’s ahead in the count. They didn’t manage anything more than sone flyballs though. Very impressive.

  6. For example, the two k’s Teheran had on the second after getting in a jam – both strike three pitches were sliders. Kid is filthy. He also appeared to be working on a second fastball of some type – a cutter or two seamer or the like. Didn’t throw it much, but it was definitely distinct from his fastball. Sat in the low 90’s…had trouble spotting it though.

  7. I just discovered that a CD store I like is going out of business, so I bought 40 used CDs for about $80. And the Braves won. I am happy.

    Question: is Glaus the new Groundhog? Will his RBI single breathe new life into his Atlanta career?

  8. Yeah, you’d have a better view of his slider than I would have. My brother and I couldn’t tell for sure what was a fastball and what a slider.

  9. The other shortstop, you mean, Pastornicky? I wasn’t too impressed by what I saw of him, but that was just 3 PA (he was hitting second) and nothing in the field (all fly balls).

  10. Am I the only one who still can’t get over the fact that Jose Bautista continues to drop bombs at the pace he is ? He should be the poster boy as the argument against the ‘pitcher x or batter x won’t be able to succeed in the (every single year) ‘toughest division in baseball.’

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