Diory Hernandez

The latest, but hardly the greatest, of the long line of shortstops from San Pedro de Macoris. Signed by the Braves at allegedly 19 years old in 2003, he looked like nothing more than organizational fodder until 2007, when he hit .308/.366/.429 combined at Myrtle Beach and Mississippi, mostly the latter. (Note that the previous season’s M-Braves shortstop, Yunel Escobar, had hit .264/.361/.346. It’s a tough place to hit.) He didn’t maintain all his gains in 2008, but hit well enough to stay on the prospect radar, and tore up the International League in the first half of 2009, earning a callup in May when Omar Infante went down with an injury.

It didn’t go too well. Hernandez, who had gotten a bad-glove rep in the minors, looked awkward in the field, though his stats there were pretty positive. (I have a lot of doubts about infielder evaluation in the minors anyway.) The real problem was that he didn’t hit at all — .141/.198/.212 with 22 strikeouts in 85 AB. Needless to say, that took a lot of the shine off his minor league numbers, which took a hit anyway when he was sent back down and didn’t hit nearly as well as he had before — after hitting .355 before his callup, he finished the year hitting .319. He then, I believe, got hurt playing winter ball, and missed most of the first half of this season, falling behind Brandon Hicks in the Braves’ hierarchy of marginal infield prospects, until Hicks came up and looked totally overmatched. Hernandez is hitting .319, again, in AAA, but with a big plunge in his walk rate, cutting his OBP from .399 last year to .344, and a little less power than last year.

A remarkably poor basestealer in the minors, with some ugly seasonal numbers like 24 of 46 in 2007 and 8 of 17 in 2008. Hicks could do that better, and probably has a better glove, but Hernandez is marginally more likely to hit. It remains unclear, however, if in a big pinch-hit situation you’d rather have him up than Medlen or Hudson.

Diory Hernandez Minor League Statistics & History – Baseball-Reference.com.

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  1. With the Phillies’ litany of injuries, perhaps the Braves can collectively take a deep breath and realize that the division is still theirs to lose. They really, really need production from the corner infield slots, though.

  2. Sigh, the Braves need someone to come up and just go crazy like Hurricane Bob Hazel with the 1957 Braves. Or like that Jeff Francouer fellow in 2005.

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  4. Well, do we make a run at LaRoche again? Not sure we can get Dunn.

    I think the question we have to ask. “At this point is Fredie Freeman an upgrade over Eric Hinski at first base?”

    I’m not certain on way or the other.

  5. No and No we cannot get Dunn.

    Just a couple of days ago I would have said there was no way the Braves bring Freeman up. But now that the FO mouthpiece Peanut is talking about it, I’m not so sure they won’t.

  6. I think the Braves would be rash to release Glaus. He could very well hit another Kelly Johnson-like hot streak.

  7. I think there’s a difference between the struggling Glaus of April, and the struggling Glaus of July/August. In April, he hit a lot of balls hard and in some bad luck. He also had a pretty good spring.

    Now he looks like he can hardly move, is missing a lot of pitches, and hitting very little if anything with authority. If he’s not done, then he’s too beat up to run out there.

    If LaRoche could be claimed from waivers i’d grab him in a minute.

  8. In April Glaus was healthy, in august his knees are just shot. I dont see this team reaching the playoffs without him getting hot again. They should DL him or cut him and call up Freeman. I think Freeman will be able to handle RH pitching and I think Hinske is a better PH than everyday player. Braves may consider moving Prado to 1st and letting Infante play 2nd, who knows at this point

  9. #11 – Adam LaRoche:
    2010 30 Arizona Diamondbacks $4,500,000

    2011 31 Arizona Diamondbacks *$7,500,000 $7.5M Mutual Option, $1.5M Buyout option increases to $9.5m if traded

    Not likely.

  10. Kenshin is getting the Glavine treatment. supplanted by a better, younger, cheaper pitcher. Kinda sucks. He is in purgatory in a big way.

  11. It’s weird how there has apparently been almost no communication between the Braves and KK. I really can’t understand why the guy has basically been given no chance to work out of the pen.

  12. @16

    Ouch. I didn’t realize his option buyout was that high if traded. Perhaps there can be an exchange of money and the D-Backs can rebuild behind the stopper that is Kenshin Kawakami.

    Speaking of him, I suspect he’s been mothballed because they’re trying to move him. I wonder how close they got to a deal with the Mariners.

  13. The Simpsons – sigh.

    It’s a shame Fox couldn’t figure out how to get Arrested Development through 3 seasons or even air all of the episodes of The Tick which they purchased.

  14. @21 – “It’s a shame Fox couldn’t figure out how to get Arrested Development through 3 seasons”

    Ditto. Their hands were kind of tied though when nobody watched it. Of course there is the question of promotion or lack thereof. Terrific, terrific show though. Amazing how re-watchable it is. I catch something new every time I watch an episode.


    Hopefully Jeffy’s homerun last night has shamed the Braves into putting their big boy pants on for the rest of the season.

  15. At the game tonight. The Braves have won every game I’ve been to the last few years, so hopefully I’m a slump buster.

  16. Oh look. The Braves treating someone who isn’t a “good ol’ boy” like shit.

    While Frenchy got to suck it up for two years.

  17. Well, there’s our 1st inning run.

    Wish I were in the ATL. From the site & the list of presentations, it looks like a buncha fun.

  18. That could have been a huge inning without Heyward’s double play. (Not that I’m complaining about Heyward. Just saying.)

    21 hits and 12 RBI’s to go for Chipper. Also 11 doubles from 500.

  19. The way the Braves handled Escobar and now the way they are handling KK is disturbing to me. It seems that if you are in the “clique” then you are allowed to suck and mess up and then laugh about it. However if you are not in said clique then you better be watching over your shoulder and never, ever go into a slump. You better know how to speak English too or your really screwed.

  20. regarding Bowman’s article about Glaus – he argues that the Braves might cut him before he gets too expensive. I thought their whole argument about not cutting payroll is because they budgetted for him to earn the full amount. Why would they be concerned about that now? This isnt something where if we save money now we can use it next year. Last time I checked, budgets dont work that way

  21. This whole Braves-are-racially insensitive thing is getting out of hand. You think Jeffy wouldn’t have stayed down in ’08 if we had Shin Soo Choo to call up instead of Jason Perry? I mean, really. KK was replaced by Medlen because Medlen is a better starter. Their handling of KK has been ham-fisted, but it’s not unusual. Jeffy was pissed at his handling as well.

    Stupid, stupid. What was Ankiel trying to do there?

  22. I’m sitting behind Jeffy. I told him he did good not letting that ball go to the wall for a change.

  23. wtf was that? during that whole sequence Ankiel was dancing and hopping at 1B. he got picked off twice!

  24. I have no problem with the way the braves handled the Jeff Francouer situation, for that matter the Yunel situation either. But KK is a little different. He’s done nothing wrong and has outpitched guys like Lowe and Chavez who routinely found innings. The Braves are hurting themselves by not letting KK mop up some innings out of the pen

  25. dont like the braves trying to sneak a fastball past Beltran when he looked so bad against that change

  26. Liked the homer call from Smoltzie.

    Chip has been hitting since I compared him to Marley.

  27. When was the last time we went back to back? The Phillies comeback with Heyward and McLouth?

  28. Yunel grounded out between Heyward and McLouth, I think. Didn’t McLouth lead off the inning?

  29. Just the third back-to-back this year for the Braves. I’m going to watch the rest of this from my bed, whence I may tweet but not blog. ‘Night, see you probably tomorrow.

  30. Okay, one last entry before bed… It’s possible for UZR or most defensive ratings systems, which work off the average, to rate a decent defensive player as below-average. I still feel that in most cases the real difference is between the guy who can play and the guy who cannot, but nobody asked me.

  31. If the Braves used the money they save from Chipper’s retirement to hire Smoltz as their everyday broadcaster, I wouldn’t complain. No one else can make me actually laugh out loud while annoucing. I love it.

  32. I guess we can assume that Diaz starting tonight against the righty is punishment for Melky missing the hit and run sign last night?

  33. Nothin’ like the ol’ eye high strike three.

    That’s not even a strike in little league.

  34. If Minor gets the nod over KK I guess that would probably be a wrap on ‘ol Kenshin. Assuming Medlen misses time…

  35. Medlen injury to UCL, going for MRI

    Im guessing a sprain is a DL stint, a tear is TJ surgery

  36. KK probably snuck into Medlen’s room one night and sliced his UCL with his ninja sword.

  37. I bet it’s something minor and the Braves are being hyper-cautious. Upside of a DL stint would be it would save some innings on the arm plus give KK a chance to get a few games in. I really don’t see how you call up Minor to start over KK.

  38. #100 – It looked pretty bad. He didn’t even attempt another pitch and seemed content to come out of the game. I expect some pretty bad news.

  39. The Mets look like we did in a softball tournament this past weekend. All we were missing was the silly noses and floppy, oversized shoes much like the Mets during this inning.

  40. So Medlen is probably OFS, Glaus is now drawing disability checks, Prado’s on the DL, but we’re in first!

  41. up 7-2, you field the ball a few feet from 1B .. yup, twist your body and force a difficult throw to second, Omar. good one.

  42. Inning should be over. Infante with one of the more boneheaded plays you’ll ever see.

  43. Don’t get me wrong, I want FrankenGlaus to start hitting again, but right now it looks like he’s about 10 minutes from full rigor setting in.

  44. behold … a homer from Melky

    edit–wonder if it might be a good idea to get KK in the 9th

  45. anyone see Melky making fun of chipper after his homer? melky gave chippers signature hand gesture towards the crowd. Guys in the dugout thought it was pretty funny

  46. this is why you cant let your backup rot in the bullpen for the last 32 games….like I said in post#45 before the injury, the Braves are only hurting themselves by these decisions

  47. DOB seems to think it’s going to be Mike Minor. At that point, the Kawakami situation is hard to avoid.

  48. Bobby’s reasoning against KK was that he hasn’t started in so long. Well, there were 3 low-pressure innings there for him tonight. Half his starts weren’t that long…

  49. It would be very bizarre for them to tell Kawakami to hang out in the bullpen for a spot start or if a starter goes down, and then call up Minor. After all, KK’s taking up a roster spot, and you’d be starting Minor’s arb clock. They look like liars, and they’re just flat-out wasting a roster spot.

    At the end of the day, before we accuse the Braves of being jerks, they’re paying this guy a ton of money to not work. Raise your hand if you would take Kawakami’s spot. I would.

  50. David O’Brien

    August 4th, 2010
    10:39 pm
    I’ve got a feeling Braves are going to bring up prospect Mike Minor to replace Medlen.

  51. It is… befuzzling that Kenshin has gotten so far into the dog house. We all know Lowe is no better and more than likely worse than Kenshin. Now they are holding a roster spot hostage and letting a potentially valuable athlete go to waste, and for what? Bobby’s satisfaction?

  52. If they move a guy to the pen and refuse to use him in any situation because they apparently want him off the roster, there is no way around it, they’re classified as jerks. If he’s not the long reliever, cant pitch in a mop up game, isnt the back up starter, and they cant trade him, then cut him and pay his salary.

    they dont want to send him to the minors because they promised him that they wouldnt and they are afraid of what other japanese players/media will think about it (per Peanut). I wonder how they think other japanese players feel about seeing one of their best rotting in our bullpen and never playing. Im sure thats enticing

  53. So, I’m going to Monday’s game, which is when either KK or Minor will be needed. I’m torn–I think it really sucks what they’ve done to KK, but how cool would it be to see Minor’s debut?

  54. Did Kawakami throw some kind of tantrum when he was sent to the pen?

    Not that the Braves owe me one, but I would like an explanation for this treatment.

  55. At the end of the day, they pay Kawakami to work for them. If they want Kawakami to sell hot dogs in the stands, they can. I think it’s stupid not to use him, but ultimately, they pay his salary and they dictate what he does. If Kawakami doesn’t like it, he can just… not get paid.

  56. I would thought it would be a perfect time to put KK back to the rotation, but I would love to see what Minor can do because I think he is ready.

    @150 I think KK handled it peacefully and I saw he was having some good laughs sitting in the bullpen the other day. I have no clue what Bobby is thinking.

  57. David O’Brien

    August 4th, 2010
    11:22 pm
    Here’s a possibility I was thinking of: They can monitor Minor’s innings and perhaps have Kawakami go to Triple-A, if they tell him he’d be going with express purpose of getting stretched out so that he (Kawakami) can replace Minor down the stretch when the prospect’s innings are pushing the limit in the Braves’ view.

    anyone think KK is stupid enough to believe he’d get called back up? only way that would happen is if we traded him

  58. I’m inclined to agree with kc here. While he certainly knows more than we do about this situation, all of his tweets on this are “I think…” or “I have a feeling…” It’s very possible, perhaps even probable, that he’s just talking out of his ass here and that they’ll plug Kawakami back into the rotation. Though I will say that Minor’s usefulness to the organization as something other than a trade chip has just gone up considerably if Medlen needs Tommy John surgery.

  59. @151

    The fact that they’re paying them doesn’t absolve them of being complete assholes for what they’re doing. There’s really no way to try and pin KK as the bad guy here.

  60. Well, DOB has had his moments this year – I have been assured that he is depending on folks who ought now, but I am more than a bit disappointed by the speculative nature of his reporting. WRT to KK, I can’t conceive of how anyone would think this is the right way to handle any player. It’s personal, for whatever reason, and obviously so. I am a bit pleased in a schadenfreude kind of way, that they may now have to make nice with the guy.

  61. This is the final sentence in Bowman’s article on braves.com:

    “Some of the other parts had to pitch, and Mike Dunn did a credible job out there,” Dodgers manager Bobby Cox said.

    Bowman is an awful, awful sports writer, but I’m convinced he was drunk writing this.

  62. @157 – why would that be unprofessional and embarrassing. Wren has shown that he is willing to do whatever it takes to put the best team on the field (ie the smoltz and glavine situations). If it happens, it could just be that they think it would be a good idea to have a lefty in the rotation for the stretch run.

  63. @161 I agree, that’s why I am fine either way. I think KK deserves to be in there again, and at the same time I am excited to find out what Minor can do if the Braves indeed take that route.

  64. If Wren is trying to field the best team, why does Lowe keep going out there?

    @braves14: Thanks, man. I would’ve been depressed if we lost a series to the Mets.

  65. Lowe is historically better in the 2nd half. And I would assume they want a couple of guys in there that have been to the playoffs before.

  66. Over at the AJC, most of the blog commenters are idiots, and think Kawakami sucks just because he’s 1-9.

  67. I rarely do, but just wanted to see what casual/uninformed Braves fans thought about the whole ordeal.

  68. #153 that scenario would make sense had the Braves used Kawakami in short relief appearances.

    As it is, we can’t send him out there without having pitched in a game recently.

  69. @170 Even if the Poser is still with us, I still would prefer to use someone else. Enough is enough.

  70. KC, I agree, i just dont want Minor rushed up when we have other options.
    Let the kid have continued success and then call him up when the rosters expand unless it is an emergency.

    I think they will call up Marek and put KK back in the rotation. Makes the most sense to me.

  71. I just don’t understand why you wouldn’t want to take advantage of a useful player. Are the Braves so damn good that they can win with a 24-man roster?

    As for the Braves paying him and, therefore, having the right to use him as they will, if your boss came into your office and said “I’m paying you and I want you to sweep out the offices”, you aren’t going to be upset about that? Yes, he is making a lot of money, but that doesn’t mean you can’t feel some sympathy for the guy.

  72. This team has gone back to relying on the three run homer for any kind of offensive outburst, hasn’t it?

    Very curious to see what happens with the rotation spot.

  73. What I don’t get is we don’t use KK, but we must have a 12 man pitching staff. This is evidence that we need a bigger bench

  74. I think this injury may force Wren to make another trade, one he probably does not want to make either.

    Would anyone claim Derek Lee of off Waivers here? Maybe a little bit of lightening in a bottle anyway.

  75. I’d love it if the Braves were able to go back to using three run homers.

    One of the idiot Met fans on Mets Blog is talking about the Braves being the Buffalo Bills of baseball. That’s obviously not accurate since the Braves did win a World Series. But, even if it was, I’d rather be the Buffalo Bills than the idiot Mets (or the Jets for that matter)who are sitting home most of the time during the playoffs. Apparently, it’s better to not make the playoffs at all rather than to lose.

    I hope the Mets finish last.

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