Braves 9, Dodgers 3

Atlanta Braves vs. Los Angeles Dodgers – Box Score – June 05, 2010 – ESPN.

The Dodgers led most of the night, but the Braves exploded for seven runs in the seventh and added two more in the eighth. It’s a lot more fun when it’s the other team that loses a lead after its offense can’t add any runs.

Tommy Hanson looked simply terrible his first time through the order, allowing five hits and a walk. Fortunately, he got two double plays so got through the first with no runs in before allowing a two-out double by the pitcher to score a run in the second. He then gave up a leadoff triple in the third, followed by a sac fly to make it 2-0. And then, he didn’t allow much of anything for the rest of the night. The Dodgers got a walk in the fifth and a single in the sixth, but Hanson wound up with a pretty good line, six innings, two runs, two walks, six strikeouts.

And a win, because after being shut down all night the Braves erupted in the seventh. The only out the Dodgers would get for the first nine hitters in the inning was a sac bunt by Prado, and even that was the rare bunt that is really productive — first and second, none out. Infante followed with a single that made it 3-2. McCann had a two-run double (Heyward wisely noting that Manny Ramirez was the outfielder and running through Snitker’s stop sign) and Glaus followed with a two-run homer. McCann added two more runs with a bases-loaded single in the eighth.

Venters allowed a hit but struck out two in the seventh, and Moylan was perfect with two strikeouts in the eighth, an encouraging sign. Kimbrel pitched the ninth with the big lead, allowing a run that wasn’t entirely his fault; after a leadoff double, he struck out ACHE, pinch-hitting, but Anderson reached on a passed ball, and Rafael Furcal followed with an infield single to make it 9-3. But Kimbrel then got the heart of the order with two strikeouts and a flyout.

I’m going to leave this up to be the game thread tomorrow, so here’s a video.

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  1. Dunno if it was pointed out after I left the game thread, but Troy Glaus now leads the National League in RBI. We’re paying him 1.75 million this year. By far the best signing of the offseason by any team at this point. He’s on pace to hit 32 HR with 127 RBI, even after the slow start.

  2. Also, the Braves are now tied with the Cardinals for the best record in the National League, even with the 9 game losing streak. Unbelievable how much work we’ve done in the past month. Haven’t had this much fun watching the boys in a while!

  3. Glaus is a beast right now and should go to the all-star game. I’m looking at Hudson, Prado, Glaus, and maybe Heyward as Braves on the team. I also want to give props to Yunel who has been on fire as of late. I never doubted him because he’s proven he can hit over the last two years and despite his big slump he was still taking walks. In fact I think he has something like 21 walks to 13 strikeouts on the year.

  4. One last one before I retire…

    …I know someone mentioned that the Dodgers are among the league leaders in attendance. I couldn’t help but notice that the paid attendance for tonight’s game was 48,000+. Having watched the game, I would be surprised if 15,000 people were there. I know that the paid attendance is always more than the actual attendance, but holy christ, not by that kind of margin! That place tonight made Turner Field look packed on an average night these days. Los Angeles, LOL. What an awful city.

  5. @5, I dunno, it looked like a good attendance during the middle innings, which is where you have to judge it in LA. They get there late and leave early, which is understandable when you know Lohan is going to be on the streets during the late hours.

  6. Nice win. I LOVE comebacks.

    A little late, and maybe already posted:
    According to the Elias Sports Bureau, the last Braves team to have a nine-game winning streak and a nine-game losing streak in the same season was the 1982 squad that began the season 13-0 and went on to lose 11 straight in August.

  7. A classic from Bobby, referring to BMac:

    “He can’t run. He’s hurt,” Cox said. “He signed a contract, you send him out there.”

  8. Sweet win.
    I dont like all the eye issues Mccann is having though, we better hope Betancourt is for real because our minor league catchers are awful.

    Glaus has been the best blue light special to hit Atlanta in a while.

  9. Could McCann be a long-term solution at 1B?

    His defensive gifts are not what got him here to begin with and they’re unlikely to improve much at this point, but the dude can really hit.

    If we can’t resign Glaus, I like the idea of moving BMAC to 1B and re-upping David Ross for a year or two.

    A stretch? Yeah, probably …

    Oh, and hats off to Wren for the Glaus pickup. (Credit where it is due …)

  10. 3 out of 4 from the Dodgers would be huge – especially since the Padres left their pixie dust back in San Diego.

  11. Okay, I just watched SI’s vid about the Braves’ resurgence, and Tom Verducci thinks there is a (albeit tiny) chance that Bobby Cox will manage again, just not with the Braves. That blows my mind. Thoughts?

  12. I made it through 5 last night and had my doubts, so I went on to bed. Hanson looked shaky and Billingsly looked solid. I figured a 4-1 Dodgers win. Boy was I shocked when I woke up and checked the score this morning. It certainly made my breakfast taste a little better.

    Should be a good matchup again this afternoon. With the split already in hand, it would be sweet to get the series win and then go beat up on the D-backs.

  13. Does anyone have an ITouch and utilize the MLB.TV app? What does it actually give you?
    Looking at buying myself an iTouch and want to see if it s worth it. That app could seal the deal.

  14. @14
    hell would freeze over before that happens. i know we’re winning, but aside from 2-3 games this year where bobby mismanaged the bullpen, he is doing a pretty spectacular job.

    i still think that wren needs to explore trading kawakami during the season. with the starting pitching available next offseason, there’s no way in hell anyone would try to acquire him in the offseason. if kk is still on the team next year, the braves will be in the same situation that they were this offseason: too many starting pitchers.

    the top 4 are obviuosly set with hudson, hanson, lowe, and jurrjens, and without a trade, our 3 candidates for the 5th spot would be medlen, kawakami, and minor. i’d much rather save 8.3 mil and run minor or medlen out there.

    quick minors notes: resop upping his trade value again:
    6.2 IP 2 ER, 4 H, 1 BB, 5 K, 2.10 ERA

    and teheran, by his standards, had his first mediocre outing:
    5 IP, 2 ER, 6 H, 0 BB, 4 K, 1.04 ERA

    and freddie freeman was back in the gwinnett lineup:
    1-2, RBI, 3 BB, .264 AVG he’s creeping up to an .800 ops (now at .776)

    ya know, scott proctor has disappeared. he’d be a great rhp to add to the mix. i know he was flopping earlier, but he’s nowhere to be found now. anyone have a clue where he may be?

    on glaus: glaus was said to have had a horrible april, but te last week in that horrid month for the braves, troy was breaking out. this is troy’s line from april 24-present:
    .319 BA .418 OBP .969 OPS 9HR 36RBI

  15. It seems like it’s been a LONG time since I could go to bed with the Braves down and check the score in the morning with any hope that they might have actually come back while I slept. Nice.

    Watching the highlights on the official Braves website, I couldn’t believe that Chip actually said this after Glaus hit his homer: “He went to UCLA, but tonight, he’s the man from Troy.” That might be the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard a broadcaster say. It’s somehow simultaneously cheesy and nonsensical.

  16. oldtimer, i dont have an itouch, but i do have an iphone. mlb atbat is amazing. last night for whatever reason, mlbtv on the computer wasnt working, so i plugged in my iphone and watched part of the game on it. there are a few things you need to check before purchasing the Itouch:

    1. know that it works with wireless internet and not 3g. there’s a way to edit the registry and make it 3g (link below), but i cant vouch for this hack. i’ve used something like this on my blackberry one time and it worked well,but it was much more difficult than i would have imagined.

    2. battery life is extremely short when running an app: any app that is constantly running on your itouch or iphone will drain your battery. without charging, you’ll probably get maybe 1/2-3/4 of a game on one charge. here are a few tips to conserve battery life:

    3. do you have mlbtv already? if so, the mlb atbat app will actually let you watch the full game (which is pretty frickin’ cool). if not, atbat is still a cool app that you can use to watch instant highlights and gameday on (while listening to audio).

    hope this helps!

  17. another note for oldtimer,

    if you can wait it out, this is an incredible website to buy electronics. last week, they had a 32gb 3rd gen. Ipod touch for 189.99, which is much cheaper than anywhere i’ve ever seen it. there are 3 killer deals on there right now:

    nintendo wii- 139.99

    65 in mitsubishi widescreen- 929.99 (it’s like a flat screen, but it has a bubble on the back because it’s rear projection so the only downside is you can’t mount it on the wall.

    emachines desktop- 299.00 + 5.00 shipping

  18. Thanks for the info.
    I have MLB.TV, does that mean I could watch all the Braves games on the iTouch or do they pick the game?
    I got mixed answers about this on the forums.

  19. @22

    If you have then you can watch any game you want. If you don’t have an sub then the app only has 1-2 games that you can watch and you can’t choose those games. You can still listen to the audio from any game without the sub though, which is how I use mine.

    It’s a great app without an sub. It’s an amazing app with it.

  20. @22 The app is awesome. You have to buy the MLB.TV package to use it and then it’s like an additional $5 or 15 or something to get it on the iTouch. But you can watch any game you could normally watch with MLB.TV (ie, games that aren’t blacked out in your area), and the quality is impressive. Contrary to what ryan c said, I’ve never had problems watching a full game and doing other things before and after on a full charge. Perhaps the batteries were updated with the most recent edition of the machine (I got mine in like January, so I think it’s the most recent version.)

    On the whole, I think it’s an excellent app. But given that you have to around wifi for it to work (which means there’s probably a near-by computer), I’m not sure I’d get it just for watching the Braves.

  21. That 7-run inning is my 3rd favorite inning to watch so far this year. The others are of course the win vs the Reds and the homer-fest to tie vs the Phils…and then Nate’s to win.

  22. Loved “Gran Torino,” but wouldn’t it be more in the spirit of Detroit & the Tigers?

    BTW, iPhone MLB At Bat app is probably the best $15 I’ve ever spent.

  23. @28,

    It only lasts the one season. It was $10 last year and they raised it. Ah well. I love listening to Sutton on the radio when I’m running errands in the neighborhood, so it’s well worth it to me. It’s like hearing from an old friend.

  24. Francoeur has his OPS up to 724. This is a good development, as we don’t want him to suck so badly that the Mets give up on him. May they long warm themselves with his “potential” and his platitudes.

  25. Also, anyone else surprised that Juan Samuel was named O’s manager? He’s not someone I would have pegged as future managerial material during his playing days. He seemed like a supremely talented underachiever — I don’t know if that’s fair, but it’s how I remember him.

  26. On Braves All-Stars:

    If Wagner gets enough save chances I can definitely see him making the team too. I guessed Huddy, Wagner, Yunel, and BMac to make it at the beginning of the season. I’d be happy with Hudson and Wagner.

  27. it’s weird to say that chipper jones is the 4th or 5th best player on our offense, but it’s true. and on hinske’s days, he’s probably lower.
    1. heyward- .933 ops
    2. glaus- .844 ops
    3. prado- .811 ops
    4. bmac- .799 ops
    5. chipper- .758 ops

    hinske- 955 ops
    ross- .764 ops

  28. By my preferred all-in-one, Offensive Winning Percentage:

    Hinske .723
    Heyward .715
    Glaus .621
    McCann .604
    Prado .593
    Chipper .553

    I had thought that Chipper might beat Prado, as his production is so OBP-heavy.

  29. lineup for now:

    1. Prado 2b, 2. Infante 3b, 3. Heyward rf, 4. McCann c, 5. Glaus 1b, 6. Hinske lf, 7. Escobar ss, 8. Cabrera cf, 9. Hudson p

    prado is iffy and could be scratched. he’s testing the hand in batting cage that he hurt yesterday.

  30. Vazquez is looking pretty good today. 8 k’s and no hits through the first 5 innings against the Jays.

  31. 18 –

    I am so glad someone mentioned this ridiculous quote. My wife, who does not understand the anathema of Chip Caray, went on and on about how inane the comment was.

    “Somehow simultaneously cheesy and nonsensical” is a perfect way to describe it.

    Of course, the line immediately followed “you can’t stop the Hey-train.”. Chip was in rare form.

  32. Francoeur has his OPS up to 724. This is a good development, as we don’t want him to suck so badly that the Mets give up on him. May they long warm themselves with his “potential” and his platitudes.

    Exactly. Let Francoeur constantly hover around his patented .740 OPS or so and maybe the Mets will keep him for years and years.

  33. About the Mets locking up Frenchy long time, it would be too good to be true, but I don’t know. He appears to be the odd man out when Beltran returns, and who in his right mind would lock up a 4th outfielder long term?

  34. Assuming Chipper goes on the DL…if Prado’s hand is worse than expected, who is at Gwinnett to be called up for middle infield duty?

  35. When Ryan Church hit a home run against us as a Nat, Chip’s call was “…and Church goes pew!”

  36. Would they possibly bring up Thurston to play 3rd and let Omar play second? Just thinking that this time around the guy would presumably hit more than Hicks did his time up.

    I guess Conrad would be the one actually playing either way.

  37. Yeah. I just remembered them liking his bat during spring training. It was him that Conrad had to beat out wasn’t it?

    Ugh, lets just hope Prado’s okay.

  38. Which second baseman should be an All-Star?

    A. .909 OPS and 12 homeruns
    B. .879 OPS and 10 homeruns
    C. .811 OPS and 4 homeruns

    A is Kelly Johnson, B is Chase Utley and C is Martin Prado.

  39. Good grief, Chip. Heyward hits a hard liner to center and it was made to sound like it was ticketed for Oakland.

    McCann took his glasses off last night before getting a big hit and Chip is all over this “Superman” parallel. Shoot him.

  40. @55-

    Prado’s been struggling a bit lately. It’s somewhat hidden by his strong start, but the BA has been steadily dropping, and I don’t recall a ton of doubles of late, either.

  41. I have a new goal in life. Here’s what I want. If Garret Anderson is somehow still on the Dodgers when they come to Atlanta August 13-15, and he gets a chance to hit, I want the Turner Field organist to play “Achy Breaky Heart” when he comes to bat. I think I’d feel like I’d made a difference.

  42. My favorite thing Chip does (and he just did it) is when he makes an if/then statement, and then the “if” part happens and the opposite of the “then” does. Like, “Anderson will have another hit here unless Glaus can field it cleanly.” Followed immediately by, “Glaus doesn’t field it cleanly, but ACHE is retired.” It’s like he doesn’t realize he’s contradicting himself. Chip makes those kind of ridiculous causal statements all the time, but it’s only some of the time that he’ll have to directly contradict them within five seconds. :-)

  43. @62-

    Hmm. I Guess for whatever reason I thought his BA was slipping. He started off the year at an insane pace, IIRC, but now he’s “down” near .300. Guess that means he stunk in late-April?

  44. He had five 0-fors in six games in early May — that’s when his BA dropped. Since the last of those games, he’s hit .339/.367/.475.

  45. @63 – Get in touch with the organist guy now and set that up. Nobody at the park would get it, but the blog would light up. Unless, of course, we’re all there. Could be ACHE’s last chance to get a standing ovation from anyone anywhere.

    Looked like McCann swung at 3 ball 4’s in his at bat. I couldn’t tell if his eyes are really that bad or was he trying to protect Heyward in case it was a borderline strike 3 call. It wasn’t good, anyway.

  46. Vin Scully just pointed out the ages of Cox and Torre. Joe is actually a year older. I never would have thought that.

  47. tony gwynn,jr gunned down polanco trying to go 1st to 3rd on a single. howard singles. runners on first and third. 2 out for werth.

  48. ballgame on a werth strikeout…phillies meat of the order were 3 for 20 with 14 lob.

  49. That’s stupid. They call a guy out at second when the fielder is 5 feet away, but not two centimeters?

  50. Ah, there’s the old ACHE fielding we know and loathe.

    I am guessing that the Turner Field organist will play “Suicide is Painless” when Rick Honeycutt visits the mound in Atlanta.

  51. ely up to 93 pitches through 25 batters. that’s 3.72 pitches per at-bat. i love the patience of this lineup.

  52. Weren’t the Braves planning on moving Furcal to 2B when they allegedly had an agreement with him?

    Thank god that didn’t work out.

  53. Whatever happened to Prado playing 3rd and Infante playing 2nd when Chipper is out?

  54. Boy that sucks! Gave those runs back in a hurry! Wonder if Huddy is going to get another out.

  55. Spike, that really hasn’t been true since mid-May… well, most of the time, anyway.

  56. Anderson was at 151/ 176/ 233 entering this game. After all, Melk Dud and McLousy have to look down on someone.

  57. Hudson has been extremely lucky.

    His BABIP and LOB% are outrageously unsustainable.

  58. DAMMIT. What are the odds of McCann and Prado going deep in the same game AND Hudson coughing up four runs?

  59. “His BABIP and LOB% are outrageously unsustainable.”

    Indeed. Coming into today, his FIP was 4.36 vs. an ERA of 2.30. There will be regression, and if he doesn’t start striking guys out, it’s gonna be uglier than it needs to be.

  60. You do realize we are playing 20 straight games without a break, right? Bullpen needs as much rest as possible.

  61. @104 – The one that damn near let LA back into the game last night, and has had a nasty habit of letting opposing teams hang around for a good long time in games all year.

  62. I hope Hudson gets to go out to at least start the 7th. Be nice to get him through 7….

  63. I’m not so enthusiastic about giving the heart of the Dodgers’ order another crack at Huddy today.

  64. spike…it’s baseball and we’re 33-23. you need a “jump to conclusions” mat.

  65. yes, but the marlins took a shot on him this year as a left fielder and he’s tearing it up. who’da thunk it? that chubby little left hander can hit.

  66. apparently we were using garret all wrong last year. he’s one hell of a bunter.

  67. It looked like he had all of his momentum forward expecting to have to dive, so the result was inevitable.

  68. @118 – I am decidedly happy we are 10 games over .500. But that does not obscure the fact that Hanson got away with one last night, and Hudson has been doing it with mirrors all season long. Our offense has been good enough, but no more. Defense has been just okay. This is not the 27 Yankees by any stretch.

  69. apparently we were using garret all wrong last year.

    Apparently? Cox had Anderson batting fourth in 19 games in 2009.

  70. I think he had an ERA north of 5 in the minors last year. So, nowhere.

    Can he hit? Might need him to pitch for a while today.

  71. He did have a 2.76 ERA at Mississippi last year despite lousy peripherals (40 K, 35 BB in 65.1 IP) before pancaking at Gwinnett (5.62 ERA).

  72. Something in Venters throwing motion makes it look (to me) like he really isn’t jetting it in there all that hard, but it’s still showing 93-94 mph. And the slider is really effective.

  73. shit…it was smelky. screw you smelky. go eat another quarter pounder…preferebaly in new york.

  74. To be fair to Melky, he probably saw McLouth on deck and thought the best way to score a run was to swing at a pitch in the dirt and hope he distracted the catcher enough to miss it too.

  75. So if Wren could only unconditionally release one tonight: Melky Cabrera or Nate McLouth?

  76. Seriously, how long was Chip Caray waiting to say that “Kentucky bluegas” line since Venters was born in Kentucky?

  77. Melky did save a run with a hilarious dive. I think he should get some credit.

    I can’t believe Joe hasn’t hauled off and popped the hell out of Chip yet.


  78. So, Joe and the Moron are talking about how people in LA think that Kemp is an underachiever. Want to trade centerfielders? Heck, we’ll give you two for one.

  79. @194
    hey, i heard we got’em 2 for 1. melky and mclouth for kemp…get it done wren.

  80. solution for nate: step away from the plate about 5 inches. anytime you think 2 balls which are right down the middle are inside, there’s a problem.

  81. “Little flare” has apparently replaced “fisted” in Chip’s limited vocabulary. I guess that’s somewhat better.

  82. we better take the lead this inning or i’m about 112% sure we’ll lose in the bottom. jesse chavez and his infinite era is warming up.

  83. Nice management technique by Bobby there to show Chavez in the pen: this is what happens if you guys don’t come through.

  84. 206 — It’s common procedure to not use your closer on the road unless you’re ahead.

  85. That was an ugly AB for Heyward. He should have at least made contact with that second one.

  86. Seriously, I don’t understand why Wagner doesn’t come into the game right now. He hasn’t pitched since Thursday, and if we were up by five he’d be in there.

  87. I mentioned this the other day, but Chavez’ peripherals really aren’t that bad.

  88. I mentioned this the other day, but Chavez’ peripherals really aren’t that bad.

    Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?

  89. Chavez got away with that slider down the middle to the backup catcher, but not that one.

  90. Ballgame. Does Cristhian Martinez actually exist, or is he a figment of our imagination? And if the latter, wouldn’t he still have been a better idea than f***ing Chavez?

  91. And the speakers blare I Love LA. Really? Really?

    Stupid, stupid pitch. And probably not a good idea to pinch hit for Venters. So it goes. I defend Bobby more than most, but this is the kind of game that causes us to consistently under-perform our Pythag.

  92. Melky makes that play, and maybe Hinske does too. I guess Blanco has better range than Hinske, but his arm is not so great. But none of that matters if Chavez doesn’t walk Russell Martin, who’s looked terrible all series.

  93. Well, other than Wagner, who the book says not to use in that situation, the options were Chavez, Kimbrel, and the Lisp. And we don’t want Venters’ arm to fall off. So Bobby’s hands were kind of tied.

  94. How obvious was that?

    Over the past few years, we have lost games like this one by the dozen. I am really SICK of it, especially since most of the time – like today – it is the Braves’ own fault. Torre brought in his f***ing closer and he won, Bobby brought in f***ing Chavez and lost. Why some people make the same mistake over and over and over again is a mystery to me.

    What makes things worse is that the Mets now gain a game on everyone.

  95. 227 — Probably not. The Lisp had over a 5 ERA in the minors…the real question is why is he on the team.

  96. Bobby Cox had his hand in both losses in the series. Bringing back Kawakami for the seventh and keeping Chavez’ worthless ass on the roster, let alone using him in a tie game.

  97. “who the book says not to use in that situation”

    His hands “were tied” by conventional wisdom. That’s awesome.

  98. 236 — All managers never use closers on the road in extras without a lead. Not necessarily right, but that’s just how it is. Bobby didn’t do that any different than any other manager would have.

    The real problem is that Chavez and Martinez should not be on the team.

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