The Pirates don’t seem to be very good game thread: May 22, Pirates at Braves

Shouldn’t they get seized by the league or something? This rebuilding process is rapidly approaching its twentieth anniversary and all they have is one player.

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  1. I didn’t know there were ever games when neither team had a TV affiliate there. They are the Pirates, I guess.

  2. Guess Bobby had to sit Glaus vs. the tough righty Charlie Morton.

    Not really, it’s probably about time for him to get a day of rest. He’s played in all 42 games this season and started all but 4. His last non-start was April 29th–the last day of the 9-game losing streak. Started 20 straight.

    A day off sounds productive to me.

  3. The reason there is no TV is because the big Fox is showing The Yankees-Mets game tonight and they have an exclusive primetime deal where NO other game can be on TV at the same time. They gave all teams that were playing at night the chance to move it up to a day game to get on TV but the Braves (I think it was us) objected, keeping the game at night.

  4. It’s not an exclusive primetime deal, its a Saturday deal. Same thing normally happens on Saturday afternoons when it’s a FOX game and the Braves play and you live in a non-Braves area market when FOX chooses to broadcast another game. Basically FOX has an exclusivity window for whatever time they choose to broadcast the game on Saturday.
    I gripe about this every year, because you can’t even watch them on MLB TV when they are blacked out on FOX, but nothing ever happens, so that’s why I don’t have MLB TV this year.

  5. @9

    I think it is because of primetime, I can’t even remember the last time I haven’t been able to watch a Braves game. In fact, DOB says it is because of primetime too,

    I think the reason you have problems is because you live outside the Braves viewing area, for those of us in it it’s very rare not to be able to watch a game.

  6. Just looking at the Weather Channel’s map, expect this delay to go on for an hour or so.

  7. Nothing like a radio broadcast of a summer baseball game.

    @13: Internet radio is never subject to blackout restrictions.

  8. Well, I’ve tried 680 The Fan and 100.5 FM here in Atlanta over the Internet. Neither is broadcasting game audio or pregame stuff.

  9. While I was watching Clemson sweep FSU in baseball earlier today to claim their division in the ACC: late in the game, FSU was down 5 and one of the Noles leadoff batters beat out a grounder…and slid into first base to do it.

    The color guy on the announcing team immediately talked about how sliding slows you down (agreed) and there is a risk for injury (agreed), but then he went on to say that Kenny Lofton slid into first base in the 2nd or 3rd game of the World Series vs the Braves, which caused him to miss the rest of the Series.

    I didn’t recall that at all, so I doublechecked the box scores from my favorite WS of all time…and sure enough, Lofton was in every game.

    Do announcers just make shit up when they don’t have anything else interesting to add?

    If so, maybe Chip Caray would be a perfect fit to announce some collegiate baseball games?

  10. Marc, I guess the point I was making is that Braves fans not in the ‘Atlanta area’ are used to not watching games on Saturday. It happens more often than not. I used to get pissed about it, especially when I was paying for MLB.TV, and there used to be people on here that would post IP addresses to get around it, but then even that didn’t work. It continues to blow my mind that baseball allows a prime day for viewing by casual/young viewers to be blacked out, unless you want to watch the Yankees/Sox/Mets/Cubs/etc every Saturday. MLB wonders why as many kids aren’t playing baseball anymore, no other league pulls crap like that, especially for paying customers.

    Bottom line I guess, is if you’re paying for MLB.TV or Extra Innings, there should be a way to watch your team play on Saturday.

  11. Stupid Pirates should have just pushed the official start back 5 minutes. According to MLB.TV, only games after 1:10 and before 7:05 are blacked out.

  12. Annnnnd that’s all I can take of the rain-delay show. Your obligatory idiot calling and wanting to know the likelihood of an Adrian Gonzalez trade ruined it for me.

  13. Oh goodness, when Skip did the call-in show, it was nothing short of bizarre. One of the very few things you could tell he did not enjoy about the job.

  14. Is it true that you still can hear spluttering and cursing, as if from the next world, if you ask “How do you compute slugging percentage?” three times?

  15. Did I just hear Cabrera and homerun in the same sentence? Since I can’t see it, I’m skeptical.

  16. Melk Dud homers, allegedly. I’m going to need to see proof of this before I believe it.

  17. Any Brave player will the last name of Cabrera has superpowers to do things they normally don’t do while playing against the Pirates. It’s the only explanation for a Melk Dud home run.

  18. @35, that or the coming of the end of the world. I’ll take the Pirates being inept for peace of mind.

  19. Chipper’s groundout probably didn’t help the win probability either. Why swing on 3-0 with the bases loaded?

  20. Goddam McCarver is going off on his “kids today are pampered by pitch counts” tip again. What a pompous d’bag.

  21. I think Gamecast winning percentage does not take into account who the batter is.

  22. Bad news is that Morton has already thrwon over 50 pitches so he will not be around long

  23. No way, Mac. Lowe’s a winner.

    My finger slips and it comes out as “Low.”

  24. Worst team in the league, with its worst starter going tonight, and Lowe can’t keep a three-run lead. And we’ve got to pay this schlub another $40 million. Oh joy.

  25. And Lowe is returning that gift like it’s the day after Christmas.

    Edit: Or trying to. The resistable force met the movable object.

  26. @57 “Safety Squeeze” is a well understood concept in baseball. Unlike a normal (or suicide) squeeze play where the runner takes off on the pitch, a safety squeeze is just a bunt with a runner at third where he makes sure it gets down before committing to the plate.

  27. Remember when the beat writers were talking about how Jo Jo Reyes had allowed a run in all of his first 41 MLB appearances? Well tonight Derek Lowe allowed at least 1 run for the 43rd time in a row.

  28. Well Wags is retiring – we got an experienced closer on the roster for next year.

  29. Morton’s ERA has now dropped by a full run during this game.

    Edit: And Lowe is gone. Thanks, Bobby.

  30. What good is Lowe if he only goes 5 innings? If nothing else, this guy’s calling card is durability.

    Maybe it’s a confidence-boosting thing here? Not like the ‘pen hasn’t gotten work lately.

  31. WTF, my radio station just switched from the Braves to the Celtics game. I have no idea why.

  32. Morton manages a “quality start” against us.

    Come on, offense.

    It’s not even Melky’s fault.

  33. Does anyone else absolutely hate Eduardo Perez on Baseball Tonight? He’s got to be the most annoying one I’ve seen on there.

  34. ugalaw – I could not find it online, but there is a link earlier in this thread that apparently has worked for some.

  35. Why the hell do we keep walking Iwamura? Do our pitchers not realize he’s 0 for his last 32?

  36. @30 – we are not worthy.

    As Larry Bird said as he entered the locker room of the 3-point shooting contest:

    “Who’s playin’ for second?”

  37. This is classic hibernation mode. I also think we’ve basically been on the verge of classic hibernation mode-enabled bullpen meltdown all night.

  38. Speaking of the Celtics – is it matchups or are the Celtics a nuclear buzzsaw?

    And to think I was hoping for a Hawks / Celtics matchup. They’d have beaten us by 100.

    Any chance we can swing an Avery Johnson / Dirk Nowitzki combo? (Get Dirk to visit and see all the 10s that grace our fair city and we might have him.)

  39. 5 innings Lowe? Are you freakin kidding me?

    Melky, what the hell got into you today?

  40. It’s just as well we didn’t see that.

    Edit: Actually, Pittsburgh fans are probably even happier not to see that.

  41. Taking a Boston/Cape Cod adventure in July. Planning on touring Fenway. Any recommendations on things I can’t miss for those familiar with the area?

  42. Bases loaded, McCann struck out on a ball in the dirt. Doumit, instead of tossing to Hanrahan for the force out at home, threw the ball to Garrett Jones where the umpire ruled Jones was pulled off the bag. Russell argued enough, got ejected.

  43. As bad as Escobar is … man it would be nice to have Elvis Andrus ack now !!! I hated that Texas trade … I thought we got we got robbed then and I know we got robbed now !!!

  44. perfect type of game to not be televised. Braves win, but struggle against a guy thats 1-7 with a 9+ ERA coming in. With Lowe on the mound and our offensive problems against bad pitching, great win. Sweep tomorrow

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