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  1. I almost feel bad for him, except the fact he is rich and “plays” pro baseball to be rich.

  2. from last thread

    #70 – bingo

    Manuel cant be blamed for these awful contracts

    Perez – $12mil
    KRod – $11.5
    Bay – $6.5 (how bad was this deal??)
    Castillo – $6
    Francoeur – $5

    Bay’s contract was somehow drawn up like this

    (2010)$6.5 (11)$16 (12)$16 (13)$16 (14)$17 or 3 buyout.

  3. here are our new players’ projections:

    Player A) 22 HR 109 rbi .800 ops
    Player B) 39 HR 137 rbi .970 ops
    Player C) 5 HR 74 rbi 1.011 ops
    Player D) 0 HR 35 rbi .514 ops

    i bet noone can guess which one is melky.

    prado’s projections are quite fun because i can actually see him getting there:
    18 HR 79 rbi 101 runs .834 ops

  4. Omar made attempts to get starting pitching in the off-season, but was rebuffed by his main targets.

    To be fair, the Mets have had catastrophic injuries. But still, we’re talking about a team with a $120M payroll. They should be better.

    From previous thread:

    Randolph was never particularly loved by Mets fans. A big part of it was because he’s viewed as “a Yankee.” But, yes, it seemed like the ’07 choke could only be redeemed by going 162-0.

    However, it is true that there’s always a pretty large group of old-school NYC baseball fans who like their managers to kick & scream, win or lose.

    I mean, there are Yankee fans who will always love Billy Martin more than Joe Torre.

  5. I saw somewhere that Francouer might not even start tonight. Saying Chris Carter is going to get the start in right instead.

  6. per DOB, some notes

    Here’s how bad Melky hit in the role: Brent Clevlen entered as a pinch-runner yesterday and stayed in the game in left field, then doubled. That was his only at-bat as a left fielder this season, and it gave him as many extra-base hits as Cabrera has had all season as a left fielder.

    ♣ Speaking of reversals: Mets right fielder Jeff Francoeur has hit .100 (5-for-50) with no extra-base hits, 16 strikeouts and a .245 OPS in May, after hitting .284 with 11 extra-base hits and an .886 OPS in April.

    Going back to April 17, Francoeur is 12-for-96 (.125) with one homer, three walks and 23 strikeouts in 28 games, with a .171 OBP and .188 slugging percentage.

  7. Mac, one disagreement I have with you about Francoeur:
    “He’s actually close to the level where he can’t realistically go much lower.”

    This never stopped Melky! Also, Greg Norton would have killed to get his OPS at Francoeur’s current level last year.

  8. 6,
    Yes that’s right Carter is starting in RF and batting cleanup for the Mets tonight with Benchy on the bench. Though Jerry did the same thing yesterday and pinch hit for Carter with Francoeur in a key situation.

    My question is why did it take the Mets only 5 months to figure out this guy shouldn’t play vs. RHP?

  9. responding to td’s reluctant praise of Bobby’s work so far this year:

    Yeah, gotta agree. And, even more grudgingly, I gotta say that Wren’s additions of Glaus and Hinske look pretty good at the moment.

    But when it comes to Melky and DLowe’s contract, I kinda feel like Elin Woods – that’s a rather large pill to swallow.

  10. Apparently, Jeff Wilpon is in ATL, too. According to radio reports, they’re having an organizational pow-wow, “but it’s not about the manager.”


    1. Prado 2B, 2. Heyward RF, 3. Chipper 3B, 4. McCann C, 5. Glaus 1B, 6. Hinske LF, 7. Escobar SS, 8. McLouth CF, 9. Lowe RHP

    melky just needs to get back to new york to shine again. make it happen wren, but not for jeffy.

  12. Gotta love the Mets fans. ububba, weren’t they the toast of the town just a couple of weeks ago?

    If anything good comes from Diaz’s thumb surgery it will be that we start seeing more of Hinske. Right?

    Just read that Pat Burrell has been dfa. I say no way but any takers here?

  13. I love this lineup, except for the pitcher.

    Just found out, getting an all expenses paid corporate trip to LA the same weekend the Bravos are out there.

    Hells yeah. (It can’t go much worse than the April trip to NYC went, can it???)

  14. #15
    Despite the marketing campaign, even the Mets fans weren’t really believing during that 9-1 homestand. It’s not like they were drawing. Their attendance is down something like 20-percent from 2009.

    BTW, you can still buy reasonably priced tickets for this weekend’s Subway Series. It’ll sell out, but it shouldn’t get to this.

    And don’t think that’s not impacting their “baseball decisions.” They don’t just feel like they’re competing with the Braves & Phillies. In this town, they’re competing with the Pinstripes. And that’s a losing battle.

  15. If I recall, Melky’s lone extra base hit was a grounder past first base that turned into a double by virtue of the RF playing way towards CF.

    I’ve haven’t seen many outfielders with less “punch” that this guy. And from what I can tell, he doesn’t have any other redeeming skills either. I think he’s near done as a Brave, as Hinske/Diaz will split LF and McClouth will steady himself in CF. I also think management is hoping Schafer catches some spring-2009 mojo and at least hits well enough to give them some relief in CF. I’m pretty sure he won’t “misjudge” a fly ball by 60 feet.

  16. in all seriousness, the rangers might be able to use melky’s services in centerfield and we could use a backup catcher next year. let’s get salty back for melky.

  17. And if Melky is a better defensive player than Hinske then Eric has tragically lost a leg since I saw him last.

  18. Omar made attempts to get starting pitching in the off-season, but was rebuffed by his main targets.

    It seemed like Omar spent an awful lot of time fooling around with Bengie Molina only to somehow watch him go back to the Giants for less money.

    It’s almost like they don’t know what they are doing over there. For Mets fans it was a ‘what’s worse’ situation. What’s worse? Our GM spending significant time and resources trying to sign Molina or that even having spent that time and resources couldn’t close the deal?

  19. I may be the only one but I don’t see Schafer in the bigs this year outside of a Sept cup of coffee.
    I think the club will give him a lot of time in AAA to prove that he can play. In the mean time Nate will bounce back.
    I know that most would just release Melky. But I think he will bounce back and start contributing as long as his role is 4th outfielder. The Braves have about 4 million reasons to be patient and see if the guy can contribute.

    edit: Salty sucks. Why?

  20. I think the Rangers still like Salty as their starter for some reason, but Max Ramirez or Taylor Teagarden would do just fine, too. Don’t know why they’d give one of them for Melky but I’ll take it.

  21. Same story last year for Chipper seeing strikes:

    2009 Strike percentage

    NL Average — 63%
    Next to last (Lance Berkman) — 55%
    Last (Pujols & Chipper) — 54%

  22. Omar Minaya is a joke.

    Every time Brent Clevlen does something right, we should say “Clevelen rocks.”

  23. At this point I’d take obstructed-view tickets for a Rangers game against the Royals back for Melky, as long as they take on his salary.

  24. Could be a long night. Looks like the Alpharetta Little League Braves showed up again…

  25. Poor job by Heyward. Went out after an outside pitch and did exactly what Pelfrey hoped he’d do. Needed a flyball and he was over anxious.

  26. Who let the Lemmer out? I’m tired of this below replacement level announcing.

  27. LETS GO BOYS!!! get your heads outta ur rear ends. this crappy divisional play has to stop

  28. I was just about to say that, 47. Of course, if we don’t support Lowe when he pitches well, that will encourage him to pitch poorly again.

  29. Hinske has been a man amongst clowns today.

    Watching from home, I can’t tell how he does it. His swing looks long and slow, but from day one, he’s mashed here. Shows what I know, huh?

  30. What sucks for Lowe tonight is that it seems like he’s paid for all 3 mistakes he’s made tonight. He’s really pitched well. I guess now he knows how it feels to be Hudson and Jurrjens.

  31. It’s the freaking Mets. Some guy named Chris Carter is hitting cleanup. Lets not pretend like Lowe is shutting down the ’27 Yankees.

  32. And I suppose it’s a sign of my own diminished expectations that 3 runs in 6 innings qualifies as a really, really good start for Lowe. Far cry from his Opening Day shutout 8 innings against Philly last year.

  33. it is not a good start for Lowe, but is acceptable if you view him as your number three or four pitcher.

  34. The ol’ defensive substitution. A bit early in the game for that sort of thing, I would think.

  35. Boy, JH missing on two straight opportunities – unlike him.

  36. Glad they didn’t walk Chipper. McCann gave them a would-be double-play grounder to second.. again.

  37. I really don’t think it matters if you ‘view’ Derek Lowe as a 1, or a 3. If he gets through this next inning without giving that run back, he pitched a good game. If he gives that run back, he had a bad night.

    I think it matters more what you already think of him. If Lowe finishes this inning and we lose by this score, he sucked. If Tommy Hanson had the same game, you’d probably call it a tough luck loss.

  38. 78—I’ve had him for two weeks. ‘Course, it’s an incredibly deep NL-only league.

  39. Wow, just got home and turned on the game. Am I really seeing this, Lowe 7 innings and 3 runs? Was he that good tonight or lucky?

  40. Everyone is going to run on McCann until he gets his throwing under control. Especially with slow to the plate guys like Moylan.

  41. 88 — He was probably a little lucky with a 3/3 BB to K ratio, but he did keep the ball in the yard and got some ground balls and double plays.

  42. I heard an old guy, a guy who’d been watching the baseball for many, MANY years, tell me that catchers sometimes throw out those guys who run from one base to another.

    Of course, he was an old fool, and I rarely suffer fools..

  43. I remember when we treated Mike Piazza’s arm like everyone is treating McCann right now.

  44. Why is Melky becoming a popular choice for Bobby to pinch-hit? I’d rather see Conrad.

  45. Having Nate hit eighth completely wastes his speed. Never gets a chance to steal a bag with pitchers/Melky after him always bunting.

  46. Did McLouth just get out in a pickle? I was too busy watching Jack Bauer in body armor

  47. Why can’t we just get a god damned fly ball with a man on third? What is the problem here?

  48. McLouth has been hitting 8th because he’s been under .200 all year. He looks to be heating up a little but I like the current top of the order group. Nate may be hitting 8th for awhile though now.

  49. I’m surprsed Nate broke home on that. I can’t tell if that was bad baserunning or a tough break.

  50. I know it’s lefty-lefty now, but I can’t believe they’d put the go-ahead run in scoring position rather than face Chipper.

  51. How is it we’re gonna have 4 baserunners in this inning and not score? Jeez….

  52. McCann’s one of my favorites. Which makes it more sad that I didn’t want the clean up hitter up in that situation.

  53. Because this is the worst team in baseball with a man at third and less than 2 outs

  54. Who would have thought Mac and Esco are the weak links in the lineup right now.

  55. I was just going to type that Hanan.

    Mc might need a few days off, he looks all sorts of awful.

  56. I agree with Jon K….time to get the vision worked out because Mac is a hole in the lineup right now and too many of those k’s or dp’s with runners on base

  57. To paraphrase oldtimer earlier,

    It has not a good game for the Braves, but is acceptable if you view them as a third, or fourth division team.

  58. Wow….Saito rung ’em up there, didn’t he? Even looked impressive on GameCast.

  59. We deserved to lose that game by a wider margin than we did.

    You can’t fail twice to get a run in from third with one out.

    We played bad baseball, which even when we’re winning, we do a lot of.

  60. I know you meant well Ryan, so don’t take this the wrong way…

    but screw you for the jinx.

  61. 153, what made you think we’d win? A home game against a division rival? Pfft.

  62. I think we all know what we can take from this game:

    BMac either needs to sit and figure this vision thing out, or move down in the lineup. Christ have Hinkes bat cleanup, why not put the hottest bat in the middle of your lineup? BMac gives us NOTHING right now and to have him batting cleanup is outrageous

    2) Chipper is just not a viable open in the 3 hole anymore. I know it PAINS me to say that, I think its just about time we come to realize that he isn’t a 3 hole hitter anymore. Viable as a good and veteran bat? Absolutely, but not so much in the middle of a lineup. His power is gone, and he’s not hitting for the average he once was. I think he needs to move down in the lineup. We can’t afford to have our 3 hitter go up there and take walk after walk. We need hits from that position.

    4) What in god’s name is wrong with Yunel Escobar?

    That is all

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