66 thoughts on “Let’s play better game thread: May 16, D-Backs at Braves”

  1. from last thread:

    McLouth did hit some balls hard last night, but taking that called strike three with the bases loaded and one out with Hanson on deck…the crowd was not pleased. Nor with the ball he evidently lost in the sky that hit 60 feet behind him.

  2. So, other than getting lots of ground balls, how exactly does Tim Hudson have a 2.64 ERA when he has more walks than strikeouts?

  3. Incidentally, I’ve been to three Braves/DBacks games since 2007, and we’ve lost by a combined score of 35-7. They come here once a year, and smoke us at least once every time, and I’m usually there to see it. They annoy me greatly.

  4. I figured it was just a makeup game for the one the day before that we stole. The Braves don’t seem to get away with many of those without giving one back later in the series.

  5. I wouldn’t say they “gave” this one back so much as the DBacks smashed their faces in. :-) Sure, it was a lot closer than the score indicates, and some slightly better luck on ground balls and/or Nate catching the routine flyball would’ve made it even closer. But you hardly “give” it away when you only score one run.

  6. last thread…

    “derek lowe has something to build onthis outing. bobby’s going to have to be a little quicker on the hook on dlowe. his stamina seems to be an issue so far this season. his era is 7.20 in innings 4-6 and 4.50 in innings 1-3. ”

    So Lowe really needs to be in the pen. I thought his bad innings were always typically the 1st. You cant blame Bobby for not pulling a starter who pretty muched breezed through his first 5IP and still around 70-75 pitches. Hopefully Lowe can build from this outing and can find a way to get deeper in games

  7. Prado

    Chipper told DOB that he’s willing to move from the 3 hole so Heyward can go there. Bobby said there is no difference in hitting 2nd or 3rd and he likes the way the lineup looks. He also said Chipper is a table setter for Bmac, Glaus, and Hinske. Hopefully Hinske is in there to stay

  8. chipper is a table setter?

    is that what we pay him for? to be a lead-off man? or to knock IN runs?

    if that’s the case, move him to lead-off and let Heyward knock him in.

  9. If McCann hits better during the day because of his vision problems, why does he always sit for day games after night games? (Yeah, I know today is two day games in a row. But it’s been bothering me for a while.)

  10. fear the Prado!

    edit–Hudson w/ 3 Ks in an inning–that’s more like a game’s worth for him lately

  11. why is gamecast ahead of satellite? they showed Prado’s HR, and Heyward’s walk before I could see it live. Yes, Im at live TV also

  12. If you wanted to play McCann for the day game, just sit him for the preceding night game.

  13. Right now, the Braves are better with Omar at SS than Yunel. He’s looking awful at the plate. And I was pleased to see that Chipper endorses my “Chipper as leadoff hitter” lineup. =)

  14. Huddy looks really good today. He’s got a lot of movement, and everything is low.

  15. ADD moment by LaRoche. Also, a baserunning error by Heyward. He’s gotta tag up on that and get to 3rd.

  16. The Braves look like a competent offense today. Against Dan Haren. Looked lost against Rodrigo Lopez. (Braves) baseball is a funny game sometimes.

  17. Maybe we’ve finally found a lineup that works. Glad to see Esco running hard on that double.

  18. Sort of the reverse of last night. Braves teeing off on Haren the same way the D-Backs did on Hanson last night.

  19. 27—Chip also claimed that Heyward took Bobby’s “Be more aggressive” comments to mean he should steal more bases, not just swing at more hit-able pitches. He’s stupid, he’s full of crap, and his voice is irritating; otherwise, he’s a great play-by-play guy.

  20. You guys have a strange and abnormal hatred for chip. On a positive note hinske is the answer in left. Keep those bums diaz and melky on the pine

  21. I really like Glavine calling these games. Some really great insight and fun comments about Bobby today.

  22. I agree Rob, I really like when Tommy is in the booth. His calm demeanor kinda off sets Chip and makes him much more tolerable.

  23. @40: I think my favorite booth is Joe and Smoltz. Smoltz’s jokes are cheesy, but they’re funny and they work well together. He sounds a little more polished than Tommy, IMHO.

  24. I like that Prado hasn’t changed his outlook now that he’s playing in the 1 hole. He just needs to keep doing what he’s doing.

  25. Hinske deserves it. If he keeps hitting like this and mcclouth hits like he has in the last couple, we’ll have one of the better outfiels around. Certainly the best the braves have had since chipper manned left.

  26. How likely (and strange) will it be to see Schafer replace McLouth before the season is up?

  27. Would it be a faux pas to PH for Hudson? Maybe if we use Melky they will know we don’t mean anything by it.

  28. I assume we’ve brought in Melky because we feel sorry for Arizona, or Bobby is worried our guys are getting overheated.

  29. I’m pretty sure Bret Clevlen is officially above Melky on the charts now.

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