Braves 4, Phillies 3 (10 innings)

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – April 20, 2010 – ESPN.

Baseball is a weird game. After being completely shut down by a starter who entered the game with a four-digit ERA, the Braves rallied to tie in the ninth off the Phillies’ closer, who entered the game 3 of 3 in save situations this season and is not Brad Lidge. They then won the game in extras on a homer by a guy who was to that point 4-29 with no extra-base hits for the season. I just had to double-check the box score to make sure I didn’t imagine the whole thing.

What’s more embarrassing, being no-hit by Ubaldo Jimenez, or being shut out by Kyle Kendrick? I say Kendrick, who entered tonight’s game with a 17.47 ERA, being knocked out of one start after four and the other after one and two-thirds. He left with a 7.24 ERA after eight shutout innings. He gave up only four more hits than Jimenez, and two of them were by Prado, who is hardly even human at this point and doesn’t really count. The Braves actually had one good chance to get not only some runs but a big inning. Prado singled with one out in the fourth, and Chipper followed with a double. (Prado had no reasonable chance of scoring, though if he’d known that the ball was hit as hard as it was he probably would have run further.) But Kendrick walked McCann, and Glaus hit into the automatic double play that everyone in the park knew was coming.

Meanwhile, Tommy Hanson was throwing about twice as many pitches as Kendrick. It looked like he was getting squeezed a bit, but most of it was just the Phillies being the Phillies — they’re the NL’s answer to the Yankees and Red Sox, and they work pitchers hard. He gave up a run in the fourth after the worst double in the history of the world by Utley — he barely hit the ball at all — and a “single” by Howard that was obviously an error by Glaus. He left the game, having thrown over 100 pitches, with two out in the fifth after a double by Victorino; O’Flaherty gave up a hit to — who else? — Utley to make it 2-0. Utley got another RBI on a groundout in the seventh, the run scored off of Medlen. (For once, he gave up a run in his first inning and was perfect in his second.)

Rather than try to get Kendrick (108 pitches) the complete-game shutout, Manuel went to closer-for-now Ryan Madson, his best reliever. Madson got Prado, then walked Chipper, then got McCann. With two out and Chipper on first in the ninth, Glaus, the goat of the early innings, came through with a homer to make it 3-2. Heyward — who else? — followed with a solo shot to tie it up and send the game to extras. Wagner got the Dark Lord Utley to fly out to the track (whew) and struck out Howard. McLouth led off the tenth, and he wanted to go home on time. As Joe Simpson was saying that it would be nice if McLouth could get on base to start something, Nate hit a rocket over the right field wall to end the game.

Bobby gets a lot of abuse for his in-game management skills, and I’ve said a few things about them myself, but I think he did a masterful job running the game tonight. He got Hanson out of the game rather than trying to get him out of the fifth. He used O’Flaherty to pitch to Utley and Howard then rather than saving him (okay, it didn’t work out, but that was the idea) and then brought in Moylan to pitch the sixth when he knew Moylan wouldn’t have to go against the lefties. And then he used Wagner immediately upon going to extras — again, knowing that he’d get the killer lefties in that inning. Manuel probably made the right call going to Madson in a division game against the team he has to beat; normally, basically anyone can save a three run game. Really, it was the opposite of the managing in that Cardinals-Mets game.

The Braves are now tied for first place.

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  1. Balderdash! Don’t you know this Jason Heyward fellow should be playing in front of 500 people every night and riding the bus around the southeast in the minors?


  2. Honestly, Prado and Heyward are awaiting their callups to a higher league. Glaus and McLouth, though… how’d they stop sucking so suddenly?

  3. great recap. I was on when lookin, a teaser for just started up. i got to see heyward’s homer. looks good I’ll have to pick a kid not to feed and see about

    If Glaus and Nate break out of the slump together, were gonna be tough to beat.

  4. The funny thing is, if Heyward doesn’t follow him, aren’t most people still pissed at Glaus?

  5. Speaking of kids to feed…

    I’ve been having a hard time choosing who will be my son’s (almost 3 years old) favorite Brave: Chipper, Heyward, or Hanson.

    I’m pretty sure I’ll go with Heyward, since I’ve been telling him since the beginning of the season that it’d be him.

    (Hmmm… Moylan is a dark horse candidate too.)

  6. I would lay good money down on the Great Silent Treatment being the brainchild of Chipper and Moylan.

  7. Before the 9th, the Braves had gone 29 innings without a homer. Then they had 3 in their last 4 ABs.

  8. btw, if Bobby doesnt move Heyward to the 6th spot ahead of Yunel we probably lose this one

  9. I’d love to see Esco get going too.

    Glad to see the Hey Fever is contagious!

    Did we have ANY ninth inning comebacks last year, let alone two in a row??

  10. Did we have ANY ninth inning comebacks last year, let alone two in a row??

    Sure felt that way.

  11. The braves have some warts, but Jason Heyward is a great ‘wart remover’.

    For the first time in a few years, this team looks like it really likes each other, and they are playing hard.

    Unbelievable win. Great night.

  12. great pic Mac

    btw, is that 6 comeback wins already this season? weve definitely already made up for the hanging slider from Wagner that night

  13. Getting Nate and Glaus right would be big. But so would Yesco coming out of it. He had a great swing, taking a pitch the other way but just foul at one point tonight. The rest of the time, he looked pretty bad.

    Still, between this game and Heyward’s ground-ball winner, that’s two walk-off wins I’ve gotten to see in the past week, so color me very happy with my Braves of late. :-)

  14. Does anyone remember what pitch Glaus hit? Regardless, I’m happy, but I’d feel a lot better long term if it were a 94 mph fastball over a hanging 82 mph changeup

  15. Smallish crowd tonight, but it’s nice to hear them get into the game (even if that means booing Glaus for a bad at bat earlier).

    I love that picture. This will be a game to remember.

  16. i’m no longer ashamed to say that i picked jason heyward in the 8th round of my fantasy league…

  17. Just saw the replay of Heyward’s home run. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anyone circle the bases that fast after a homer.

  18. I think I might just call Heyward “Crush” because:

    1. That’s what he does to baseballs, and

    2. I have a huge man-crush on him.

  19. #24

    i paid 14$ for Heyward in a Keeper league and he has, behind Kemp, my most consistent performer.

  20. So, I was at the game tonight. It was awesome, needless to say.

    There was absolutely nothing good about this game for 8 1/2 innings. A couple members of our party had gone down to the Chop House to keep an eye on the Hawks game, and us baseball-loving members of the group actually went and joined them after Hanson was pulled. It was a bad and frustrating game.

    After the Hawks game was over, we went back to our seats to watch the rest of the game, fully expecting it to be over pretty easily.

    I still can’t quite believe what happened in the ninth. The best part was that after McCann was retired and Glaus came up with two outs, half the people remaining in the stadium left. How do you leave when there’s only one out left in the game? What’s the point? Anyway,they all rushed back in after Heyward hit his home run.

    I don’t think there’s anything left to say about Heyward.

  21. Meanwhile, the Hawks won again. They have a 2-0 lead in the series. The last Hawks team that had a 2-0 lead in a best-of-seven series went on to win the series and then lose in the next round to a Lakers team that still had Elgin Baylor on it. Yes, the Hawks were in the West back then. That was a looooooooooong time ago.

  22. I’m ashamed to say that I gave up on this one. I’m in Tucson and decided to go out to eat after the 8th inning. Seeing Mac’s recap of the win was a shock. Not much to say except WOW!

  23. td,

    Hey, good to know there’s another Braves fan in Tucson. Gotta admit, I closed mlb gameday after the eighth inning, and checked back in a couple of minutes after Heyward went yard. So I gave up on them too…..huge win for the braves tonight.

    And I can’t believe no one pulled out a Dumb and Dumber reference tonight: “Glaus, just when I thought you couldn’t do anything stupider, you go and TOTALLY REDEEM yourself by doing this!”

  24. Tied for first! Only 13 games gone and we have been no-hit and seen the beginning of Heyward’s career–it has the makings of a memorable year….

    #34–Good point

  25. Td and HawkeyeFan,

    Same exact thing with me. I had to take my Physics final today, and I was watching the game on an internet feed. In the middle of the ninth, I decided to bag it and go take the test. Did reasonably well on it, and as I was walking out of the testing center, I got a text from a buddy I haven’t talked to in a few months: ‘Loving the Braves win in extras! 4-3’. I yelled out in joy, and everybody looked at me like I was crazy.

  26. Of all the finishes to miss. Three HRs in 4 ABs.

    Caught the first few innings (down 2-0) & went to meet up with friends for a few drinks and a rock show. (The Thermals at Brooklyn Bowl: Punk rock, beer & bowling—I’ve certainly had worse nights out.)

    But thank goodness for the MLB iPhone app. On my way over to the show, I caught the final score, then saw the unbelievable video recaps. Swwwweeeeeet.

  27. Watching the ninth again, right after McCann was retired Joe chimed in with “the Phillies bullpen has only allowed 3 HR in 37 innings”. And of course after that, fireworks. Beautiful jinx job by Joe, if we had Chip he likely would have still been talking about the no hitter.

    Today, April 20th, is my birthday and I’m going to call this one a winner. The only thing that could have made it better is if last night’s Kings game (which I attended, hands down the most raucous crowd I’ve ever been apart of in LA) would have been tonight.

  28. Wow. Just wow. Just watched the 9th and 10th on… Goosebumps for several minutes. Un-be-lievable!
    Go Braves!

  29. I watched the first few innings and was frustrated, and when I got to take a TV back it was top of the 9th… when it got to the bottom and they got Prado I sent my Mets-fan-friend-Jen a simple message on the one thing baseball we can agree on: “F@#$ing Phillies!”… and then Glaus hit it out, Jesus hit it out, and then even more amazingly McLouth hit it out a few minutes later… I was shocked and amazed. I was also highly amused by the empty dugout when McLouth got back… twas so nice to see the team look like it was having FUN.

  30. ya know, i was happy when heyward made the team out of spring, however i admit that i am a person that doesnt necessarily look toward the distant future in my decision making process. in many attributes of my daily life, this thought process can pay dividends because i dont sweat the small stuff (like my wife does), however it can also be disastrous.

    with this being said, every inch of me is glad that the braves didnt look to 2016 to make a decision on jason heyward this year. his presence in right field and the excitement that he has brought inside the clubhouse and to the fans has been well worth the money. i cant imagine what our record would be right now if melky, mclouth, and diaz were our 3 regular oufielders.

  31. I haven’t gone through the whole of the thread last night, so if I am not the first on this, forgive me.

    On Heyward’s middle name: Adenolith.

    “lith” is “stone” as in Stone Mountain and Lithonia and Lithia Springs. “Adeno” is “relating to a gland.”

    So, what we have is “‘nads of stone”. Is there a better name for this guy?

  32. I was forced to stop watching it at 3-0 in the top of the ninth. Dish Network decided that for me, however, Im not complaining about the outcome jsut wished I couldve seen it.

    Btw, anyone paying attention and seeing how good KJ and Andruw look at the plate this season?

  33. I missed the end too, but not because I gave up on the game. I just couldn’t justify to my girlfriend that we watch the end of the Braves game after I had already watched the Hawks game. It was, sadly, time to eat.

    What is the 1-run record so far?

  34. It’s worth every cent to have Heyward starting the season in Atlanta. Maybe some of you wouldn’t agree, but he is making a world of difference to this team.

  35. Sweet night. Was at the Highlight Factory for the Hawks victory, hopped on MARTA, and got to my Taco Mac just in time for the 9th.

  36. I just thought everyone should know, Frenchie has gone 0 for 18 in his last four games, and his average is now down to .302 (though his OPS for the season is still .947, and he still has 8 walks to 6 K’s).

  37. Francoeur sucks. I surmise that he’s on pace for his 2007 production line – .293/.338/.444 with 19 homers and 105 RBI – which is pretty much the player he is under ideal circumstances.

  38. A lot can be said about Major League Baseball screwing things up (steroids, competitive imbalance, tied All-Star games), but I have to say they have done a phenomenal job with their multimedia platforms the past few years. The MLB network, (although it can be flaky), and the MLB At Bat Iphone App are all absolutely top-notch products.

    My only complaint: the “TV blackout” areas for teams are too big. You can’t reasonably expect people west of the Georgia state line to make it to a Braves game every night.

  39. I’m happy to have gotten to watch him play, but rationally, I still believe 100% that he should have been kept in Gwinnett for two weeks. Rationally, honestly, I still don’t think there’s a credible argument to the contrary.

    If you’ll find a different nickname for Heyward, I’ll owe you one.

  40. Stu, the guy is leading the team in HR and RBI. We would be the Mets if he is not with the team to start the season. However, it’s only important if we end up being in the playoff by a close margin. I would say we wouldn’t know the answer until the season is over. Wouldn’t you agree?

  41. “I’m happy to have gotten to watch him play, but rationally, I still believe 100% that he should have been kept in Gwinnett for two weeks. Rationally, honestly, I still don’t think there’s a credible argument to the contrary.”

    Uggggghhhhhhhhh……….the Braves made a decision that was so clearly the right move at the right time for the right team that it is pointless to even make that argument anymore. Sometimes its not about the dollars. I’m learning that the older I get.

  42. I would say we wouldn’t know the answer until six years from now. We’ll see how easy it is to say “Somtimes, it’s not about the dollars” then. I don’t find anything wrong with what Stu said.

  43. Sometimes its not about the dollars. I’m learning that the older I get.

    Especially when it’s not your money, amirite?

  44. @65 – I find this whole middle name thing more than a little odd. It was not “some dumb rumor” but was used by every major sports news outlet in the country. Could it be that Heyward is now pranking DOB? I guess I don’t care much one way or the other, but clearly that name got on more than piece of official paper and I’m more than a bit curious as to how that happened if it’s untrue.

  45. I would say we wouldn’t know the answer until six years from now. We’ll see how easy it is to say “Somtimes, it’s not about the dollars” then. I don’t find anything wrong with what Stu said.

    The purpose of sending Heyward down for two weeks would be control another year of Super-Two arbitration. The Braves clearly judged that the difference between what Heyward would earn as a Super-Two vs what they would have to offer him in a potential buy-out contract was worth less than his value to the current team + whatever value not toying with his service time might have in negotiating such a buy-out contract. I can’t say that they misjudged. I was fully in the “send him down for two weeks” category, but I can see where I would have been in error to do that. He’s clearly ready for the majors on pure talent. And considering what Ryan Howard and other top-tier players are making in arbitration these days, I’m not sure the difference between Heyward as a Super-Two and Heyward as a free agent is really all that huge.

  46. @59, the blackout for the online viewing is different than say, the nfl’s blackouts…it’s not that they expect you to go to the game, it’s that the game is already on in your viewing area and they want you to watch the game on TV, not online (whether or not you agree with that is a different argument), but the reason people west of the georgia state line are blacked out of braves games on is because they get sportsouth, or peachtree or fox sports net south, and can watch the game there….and mlb wants to protect those networks rights to broadcast the game and have people watch on their air.

    i surmise that if you ran the same commericals online you ran on TV, then what’s the harm, you’re only increasing the possible viewership, but like i said before, thats another issue.

  47. @68

    I think it was just the case of one blog putting out a report about it (whether completely made up or heard from somewhere else) and other media outlets picking the story up because they had no reason to disprove it. It is kind of weird that he is only listed as Jason A. Heyward everywhere, though.

  48. @69, I agree with a lot of that. I trust the Braves to determine whether or not Heyward was ready to make the leap, and judging by Howard’s arb case, maybe the difference won’t be as big as many of us fear.

    The way this shakes out is still going to depend on what shape the team’s in six years from now. I think it’s a pretty obvious point. Even a few extra mil could mean something to a team like the Braves, especially if Heyward can’t put butts in seats and shirts on backs.

    Clearly, the situation could not have played out any better thus far. Let’s just get to the playoffs in ’10.

  49. Swear to God, this is true. I can’t go into details, but I have found out today that I participated in a minor but key role in a violation of NCAA regulations leading to probation. (Not at Alabama.) I was a patsy, I tell you!

  50. @67 – True. And you can do two things with money: spend it or save it. The Braves, who are the actual owners of said money (and Liberty by extension), under the advice of scads and scads of baseball talent evaluators, organizational managers, and I’m sure actuaries who can sit down and run the risk numbers, made the decision to start him in Atlanta. In my completely unprofessional opinion, I think they are investing money to make money.

    Of course, they could have their thumbs up their arses as well, I suppose.

  51. Stu, I respectfully disagree. The Braves put the best product they had on the field at the start of the season. If the team had no reasonable chance to win it all this season then yeah delay his service time. But this team is built to win NOW.

    About the money I get it. But Sam has said what I’ve been trying to say far more succinctly. Its gonna be eye wateringly expensive whether Heyward goes to arb or we try to buy extend him or he goes Free Agent.

  52. @70 – re: blackouts. I get the whole online blackout thing. What I don’t understand is why Braves games are blacked out on the IPhone at bat app while I am in the blackout area. If I was somewhere that I could watch the game on SportSouth or Peachtree TV, then I wouldn’t be trying to watch the game on my phone, trust me. Isn’t that the whole point of the IPhone app? I know its all about money somewhere down the line, but that policy still strikes me as strange.

    Oh well, I still think they have done an excellent job with their multimedia offerings.

  53. #74 – When does the book come out? Sounds like a good story.

    In my completely unprofessional opinion, I think they are investing money to make money.

    They have to be raking it in from merchandising and increased ticket sales from the kid. Keeping him up may turn out to be the financially wise move.

  54. But this team is built to win NOW.

    You obviously haven’t read the comments immediately preceding last nights homer fest where it was proven that this is a deeply flawed offensive club being propped up by it’s pitching staff and destined for mediocrity.

  55. @81

    Tuesday night…raining all day. Shouldn’t be a measuring stick for attendance as a whole.

  56. Yeah, there’s just a disconnect here that’s not changing, apparently. It feels like my point keeps being missed (by everyone but spike, anyway, who can probably claim ownership of the point in the first place), but maybe I’m just missing others’ point(s). Either way, I won’t say anything else about it, but I wanted to respond to the folks in recent days who’ve been acting here like Heyward’s performance so far negates the argument some of us were making before the season.

    It doesn’t matter what he did on the field for those 10 games; I am never going to believe they were worth the team control in year six and whatever reduced salary would have come with it.

  57. Where I agree with Stu,

    The Braves, being a middle or slightly above middle market team, cannot concede financial advantages and be consistently competitive. The Yankees can pay Pettite to pitch and if he blows his arm out they get another player. If Posada can’t stay at catcher, they DH him. The Braves can only afford to pay FA dollars when the deal is either (1) relatively certain (Wagner) or (2) cheap (Glaus) or (3) occasioned by desparate need (Lowe). They can’t “go fishing”.

    So, it comes back to a calculation of how many dollars you have to pay for each Win Above Replacement. Pre FA talent makes it workable.

    As to the specifics, I felt that Heyward would OPS around 800 or so and that a combination of Diaz, Melky, Hinske, and Infante would do 750. IF FO really believed that Heyward would OPS 900 for the year, then it probably made sense to bring him up. But, it is hard to see where they could have gotten that as only 1 rookie 20 year old ever has done that (Strawberry).

    So, if Heyward can 800 to 900 the rest of the way out, it was a good decision. We will see.

  58. @84 – My captcha for commenting on the Morgan article:

    “Unzips on”

    How appropriate for describing what Joe will be doing to the Reds.

  59. Just looked through the slash lines as they stand this morning. I’d have to classify as such.

    The Good
    Martin Prado – .431 avg/.500 on base/ .588 slugging/ 1.088 OPS
    Jason Heyward – .298 avg/ .411 obp / .617 slg / 1.028 OPS
    Brian McCann – .286 avg/ .479 obp / .543 slg / 1.022 OPS
    Chipper Jones – .242 avg / .405 obp / .485 slg / .890 OPS
    Eric Hinske – .286 avg / .280 obp / .500 slg / .875 OPS

    The Bad
    Nate McLouth – .167 avg / .350 obp / .267 slg / .617 OPS
    Troy Glaus – .200 avg / .280 obp / .333 slg / .613 OPS

    The Ugly
    Yunel Escobar – .212 avg / .268 obp / .250 slg / .518 OPS
    Matt Diaz – .194 avg / .194 obp / .290 slg / .484 OPS (yes not a single walk so far)
    Melky Cabrera – .119 avg / .245 obp / .143 slg / .388 OPS

    At this point I’m honestly wondering what Melky can do for us that Gregor Blanco can’t.

  60. Martin and Jesus are the only two I really expect to come down… Maybe Hinske too. McCann I expect to be about the same… everybody else I expect to improve.

  61. It doesn’t matter what he did on the field for those 10 games; I am never going to believe they were worth the team control in year six and whatever reduced salary would have come with it.

    I agreed with the idea of sending him down for a while but I have to concede that keeping him up has been a surprisingly good decision.

    The decision to send him down would obviously have been all about the dollars but the Braves are in a position to make that money back and more off the buzz created by this team largely due to their new star. If this team limps out of the gate with the triple-sinkhole outfield of Melk-McLouth-Matty the outlook for the whole season would be different.

    Sure you could lose him to FA sooner but frankly if they lose him to free agency at all the whole front office should be locked in a room and forced to listen to “The Best of Chip Carey” for the rest of their natural lives.

  62. “I’m not sure that he can do anything Gregor Samsa can’t.”

    Mac, I have been visiting this forum since 1998, and this has to be the funniest, most clever thing you (or maybe anyone) has ever said.

    Now, hopefully you can avoid NCAA sanctions.

  63. I like the Heyward conversation—FWIW, I was in favor of keeping him down—but the deal is done. He made the team. He’s raking. And we’re winning.

    I just wonder how much longer he’ll be hitting in the 6th or 7th spot.

  64. i predicted he’d be hitting 4th by may…probably not going to happen. but i could see him moving up to the 5th spot.

  65. I don’t know why but with McLouth having a .350 on base despite hitting less than .200 it gives me the feeling that he’s at least seeing the strike zone well and is going to get out of his funk. I think he’ll be alright and at least beneficial to the offense.

    Yunel and Troy I’m also optimistic will get better.

    Melky not so much.

    I like the way this team is playing but I get the feeling that we’re a left fielder away from being a real contender. Or at least a good platoon partner with Diaz away. Maybe Hinske could be that guy. Like to see them give him a shot in left in the next couple weeks to see if it would work.

  66. So Adam Rosales got around the bases faster in his homerun trot than Aubrey Huff did for an inside the park homerun. Interesting. Does Rosales sprint?

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