Giants 6, Braves 3

Atlanta Braves vs. San Francisco Giants – Box Score – April 11, 2010 – ESPN.

In a series marked by bad Giants defense, it was the Braves’ defense that helped lose two games. In the first game, it was McCann’s error (caused, admittedly, by uncalled interference). Tonight, after an endless rain delay, the Braves led 2-1 with two outs in the sixth but allowed two runs in that inning after Heyward, trying to cut off a runner at the plate (he maybe had a shot, but it was two out) made a bad throw that bounced off the plate. McCann couldn’t handle it and another run scored all the way from first. The Giants added three more in the eighth on a homer off of Medlen (in his second inning of work, again — maybe he’s just not a long reliever) and O’Flaherty. Kawakami got the loss despite pitching well.

The Braves’ runs came on homers. McCann hit a long two-run shot in the first, and Heyward hit his second opposite-field shot in as many days in the ninth. They just didn’t do very much in between — only four other hits. You need a great pitching performance and a good defensive performance to win when you only score three runs. On to San Diego.

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  1. The throw didn’t really bounce of the plate. It was up the line a bit and McCann couldn’t handle the hop. It got by him and hit the runner, who kicked it toward the first-base dugout.

  2. I’m afraid it is going to be like this all year. The parts of this team just don’t fit.

  3. The problem is Chipper Jones. He needs to get healthy and stay healthy. Hard to win games when one of your top hitters is made out of glass.

  4. 2 out of 3 was right there for the taking against a probable contender, they just couldn’t close out game 1. Also, the Giants aren’t the type of team it’s best to face when you’re missing you’re #3 hitter. They have too much quality pitching and their park is not hitting friendly.

    I’m not ready to draw any conclusions about teams or players after 6 games. With that said, this team will go as far as the hitting takes it. The pitching looks good so far and the defense should be ok.

  5. #3 – true, but what have our leadoff hitters done in these games. Nate and Melky have been awful

  6. The team has the same issues it had last year, and for the entire Wren error. The braves are really slow on the bases, and they strike out alot. The power is just not there either. So the braves can’t force the issue or wait on the bomb. The lack of speed also means they have to string together hits to score since they are going one base at a time. Some nights it is going to work well and they are going to look great, but then there are going to be 3-4 times a week they are going to look awful. The pen and the rotation are above average, but this ain’t Glavine, Maddux, and Smoltz who can overcome such bad offense. Not to mention the substandard defense the Braves have played for the last few seasons.

    The braves continue to count on guys like Chipper, who can’t stay healthy, Glaus, who’s career is on fumes, or Melky, who is not a good player.

    One question, who was the last scrap heap hitter the braves signed that actually worked out? They keep trying this formula and it doesn’t work.

    No true leadoff guy hurts this team alot too.

  7. We should have won game 1, but we lost because of the blown save. Otherwise, we would have won the series. Hudson and Kawakami pitched well, so that’s good news. Lowe continues to get his win so some reason, so I guess that’s good news. We lost to Lincucum, which is hardly surprising. I have faith in Billy. Heyward is showing he is a much faster learner than Frenchy.

    I am seeing lots of positives. The offense needs a healthy Chipper. There is no way to get around that.

  8. IM going to guess that we will have a worse 6 game stretch at some point this season. Im not worried at this point, we are 3-3 and it could be worse I guess.

  9. All of the optimism we had after two games is gone?

    Get back to me in 2-3 weeks when we will have an idea about what we really are and what we might need to fix.

  10. You know you are old when you are a baseball player and you hurt yourself doing regular things like swinging the bat. I’m not talking about finally finishing off a long-term wear-down such as the last tear in a rotator cuff or popping an elbow ligament. Just hurting yourself doing what you are supposed to do. Running into a wall, another player, getting hit by a pitch, those are injuries for a young man and a battle with the outside. Chipper is fighting his own body and is destined to lose.

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