138 thoughts on “End of the first series game thread: April 8, Cubs at Braves”

  1. The game isn’t even on WGN tonight, dammit.

    Oh well I’ll be freezing my ass off at a lacrosse match tonight anyway.

  2. Looks like the rain should be gone within the hour, although it is raining quite hard (2 mi from Turner) as we speak.

  3. The rain moved through super fast here last night so I’d expect it to be gone by game time if its already to Atlanta.

  4. Atlanta just got a much needed pollen bath this afternoon. Now the rain is clearing out for a little Cub sweepage this evening.

  5. From DOB’s blog:

    “But a few weeks ago at spring training, when Wagner said something about how he’d trade any number of strikeouts for 40 saves, I mentioned that 40 saves would get him past Franco. Wagner answered, ’40 saves will get us to the postseason.'”

    I love me some Wagner.

  6. FYI, 3-0 Nats in the top of the first with Kendrick on the mound. That means it’ll be the 3rd or 4th inning before the Phillies score the go-ahead run.

  7. I’m still working on a perfect season. Zero Braves losses, zero Chip Carey. Enjoyed Ernie Johnson last night. Very professional job.

  8. Just reading a little bit on BP, apparently Vizcaino did very well in Spring Training and even exceeded what the Braves thought about him when they made the trade.

  9. 13,
    I heard they thought about sending him to Myrtle Beach, even though he’s never played a full season.

    I also heard he has a huge ego.

  10. I think I hate the Washington Nationals.

    Yeah. Yeah, I do. I hate the Nationals.

  11. I’ll have sex with 9 beautiful virgins in one night before the Nationals are a .500 team.

  12. The only good thing about this week’s Phils/Nats series is that the rest of the season includes 3 fewer Phils/Nats games.

  13. Stu –

    Ogilvy’s entering the NBA draft?

    He’s being advised that he will be a late forst round pick. I am a bit skeptical.

  14. A few thoughts:

    1- to pile on, I’ve enjoyed the booth as well
    2- Colvin smoked that one
    3- Hanson might need to bring the beard back. I mean, he doesn’t *need* to, but wouldn’t it just add to the 98mph on the gun tonight? Or maybe just a mustache for Mustache May.

  15. Jason Heyward looks to be pressing just a touch at the plate, but still he is a monster.

    That slider away looks to give him a touch of issues.

  16. About the announcers… Joe in particular depends upon having the right guy or guys next to him. Chip just reinforces his worst instincts, while EJ is one of the best in the business.

  17. gamecast is showing that Hanson is getting squeezed on the corners, is that correct, or is gameday just screwed up again?

  18. To me, it looks like a pretty good zone. I think Hanson got a couple of close ones in the first.

  19. 3 games in and Im more than ready to flip Nate and Melky in the order. For that matter, switching Diaz and Melky in LF seems like great idea also

  20. I hear what you mean Mac, about Joe. But I do get the impression that sometimes Joe is even a bit embarrassed by Chip.

    I like the way Ernie calls long fly balls. I guess it’s the basketball announcer in him, but he just levels his voice, increases the pace at which he’s speaking, and that leaves him open to get loud about a homerun or tail off if it’s caught.

    His ‘Long fly ball, right field, Heyward is back, and it looks like he’s going to have room,’ could just as easily be a point guard on the dribble, pass to the perimeter, to the center in the post, broken up.

  21. God he’s slow and horrible. It’s like Francouer never left…he just got old and fat.

  22. This is exactly one of the things I WON’T miss when Cox finally retires. Continuing to torture us with the wrong guy in the wrong lineup spot until we all can’t take it anymore.

  23. Count me as somebody who thinks the strike zone is bad: both guys are above 60 pitches after three innings, and both seem to have decent control (except for that Wells at bat).

    What happened to Chipper?

  24. Not a good at bat. You knew he was F***** the second that Wells got the strike one call.

  25. Two points, Alex:

    1. It’s only three games, so moving him would be a kneejerk reaction and more than a bit premature.
    2. At least he didn’t hit Glaus cleanup, as was generally projected this offseason.

    Chipper apparently tweaked something on a swing.

  26. I know its early. But I’m already tired of glaus. He reminds me of garret anderson and brian jordan and raul mondesi and julio franco ect ect ect

  27. Bobby is going to have to move Glaus down to the 7 spot, move Yunel to the 5 and Heyward to the six hole.

    Of course bases loaded situations find Glaus (and they also found Franceour) like the ball finds a guy who has just booted two in a row.

  28. MLB broadcast team just said the word was that it is a “sore right side”… whatever the hell that is. This game turned ugly real quick

  29. Of course Glaus will keep finding bases loaded situations to ruin because he’s hitting behind Chipper & McCann.

  30. Count me in the wait a couple of weeks before getting exercised about Glaus. If (and it ain’t over yet) someone offered me two of three to start the season I’d have taken it all day long.

  31. Mac,

    I didn’t need 3 games to tell me that Glaus is this year’s lineup cancer. I knew he was when Frank Wren wasted $$$ on him in the offseason.

  32. Probably only one more inning of Hanson tonight, which hopefully will get him out of the game before his next scheduled gopher ball.

  33. Sadly as glaus grounded into a double play francouer hit an rbi double. Doubly sickening

  34. Per DOB:

    Chipper left the game in the top of the fourth with a sore right side. He is day-to-day.

  35. The thing I don’t get about Glaus is this. It has been generally stated, even by Joe Simpson, that it was going to take Glaus a couple of weeks to get his timing back.

    Well, if that is the case, why bat him 5th?

    I guess the options were not all that great, but gee whiz.

  36. stupup74,

    The options are aplenty: Escobar, Prado or even McClouth. ALL better options batting 5th.

  37. Someone just asked me how Chipper got hurt, so I said: “Well, he was swinging a bat.”

    The come back: “Isn’t that, like, his job?”

    Well played.

  38. #32

    I have to say, I am REALLY REALLY enjoying the EJ/Smoltz/Simpson team. If somehow Chip Carey can just get dropped down a well somwhere, this trio would be great for all games.

  39. I’ve done a bad job keeping up with this stuff: is Ernie Johnson going to be doing PBP all year on Peachtree, or is he just filling in? I’m guessing he won’t during the NBA playoffs, at least.

  40. Alex,

    I don’t disagree, especially with Yunel, but McLouth was 1 for Spring Training for the longest time, Heyward had not yet become J-Hey and Prado is needed in the two hole.

    I’m going to give it a week or so before I pull my hair out.

  41. Well, at least Hanson’s getting the bat on the ball now. I’m still surprised Cox let him bat, but I can see the argument.

  42. Ernie Johnson Jr. = someone who makes his daddy proud and is not a disgrace to his legacy

    Chip Caray, the opposite.

  43. Sore side= oblique. I guess it is time for Chipper to take his sabbatical. I hope he has fun at the Masters

  44. Maybe he just needs a rest before tomorrow afternoon when the Braves play San Francicso (not a typo).

  45. Okay – O’Flaherty just got squeezed pretty good. Hanson looked like he had strike 2 on Lee, also

  46. Glaus really IS Francouer…he’s going to tease us with an occasional useful hit.

  47. In defense of Glaus, he does have two hits tonight and has looked about as good or better than anyone else against Wells. When he hit into the double play, he merely did what McCann almost did before him, and Escobar did in a later inning.

    Gotta give some props to Wells, and the Cubs look like they’re going to have a pretty good team this year.

  48. @94 “the Cubs look like they’re going to have a pretty good team this year.”

    Let’s not get carried away.

  49. Boy the pitching by everybody except Lowe has been absolutely lights out so far this year. O’Flaherty looked really good tonight.

  50. I think Hanan is right, gotta give it up for Wells tonight, and Dempster last night.

    That said, the braves have the same old score a bunch one night, struggle for 3 night issue.

    Lineups with holes in it do that, and this lineup has holes in it.

  51. At least we really do seem to have the bullpen to stay in these kinds of games. I don’t think last night was a fluke, I imagine us winning a lot of games this year in which we trailed late.

  52. I think the Cubs will suck. They were mediocre last year. Zambrano and Soriano are washed up, Ramirez gets hurt every year, Marshall will come back to earth like he always does, and Derek Lee has nowhere to go but down.

    Wells did this with smoke and mirrors. It pisses me off, but sometimes it happens.

    The Cardinals over/under this year is 88.5 wins and I’ll be shocked if they don’t easily hit it.

  53. Lou’s as bad as on his relievers as Bobby is. Haven’t both Marshall and now Grabow pitched in every game of the series?

  54. Piniella needs to get a win on his way out of town. This is Game 5 of the WS as far as his teams momentum and morale. He’ll empty that pen to get this win. He’ll worry about resting those guys in the next series they play.

  55. @108

    I was thinking the same thing.

    We need to make Marmol throw strikes here

    EDIT: he had the pitch, just fouled it back

  56. Let’s see, “Spring Football”, “handsome in a psychopathic way”, SEC baseball, “she’s a keeper.” I’ve only got four.

  57. Wow. Glaus is huge.

    /EDIT – He sure was Ethan. That was unlucky.

  58. Maybe the Braves can pry Scott Thorman back from the Royals’ organization.

  59. I guess if you want to get technical, “Spring Football” advertises 3 or 4 different games, too.

    There we go, Comcast HD and boring golf show. I was way off.

    I liked that last one, because the chick sounds like a robot.

  60. well hopefully Chavez/Medlen/Oflaherty have gotten Bobbys attention and his confidence. Bobby needs to give the big 3 as much rest as possible this season

  61. On Ptree TV, when they’re about to cut to a commercial and show who’s coming up, they misspell McLouth. It’s MCLOUTH, not MCCLOUTH. It’s been like this the last two nights and it’s driving me crazy.

  62. That’s why Heyward is, and will, hit 6, 7, and 8, and not 3, 4, or 5 until well after the all-star break.

  63. How depressing is it to think that in this spot last year, we would’ve been watching Norton there..

  64. I wonder how long we’ll have to wait before McLouth gets moved back to leadoff and Smelky to 8th. Cabrera is 1 for 13, and of course doesn’t have McLouth’s track record.

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