239 thoughts on “Let’s go game thread: April 5, Braves at Cubs”

  1. just a reminder to everyone..major league baseball extra innings package is free for the first week…go braves!!!!

  2. yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn. is it really necessary to play games this early in the day? i wonder if bobby can give me the day off.

    oh wait, i don’t play for the braves anymore. it’s so tiresome to remember stuff like this oh well.

  3. PWH, last thread, thanks. I know that the NL games are much shorter than AL games, just dont know by how much. The morons (Miller and Morgan) last night were discussing how to shorten the time of the games. They wanted to implement rules stating that players couldnt step out of the box during AB’s and that was about all they could come up with.

    How about getting rid of the DH or bringing back the larger strike zones? Seems like having pitchers hit and having all the sac bunts in tne NL help with the time issue. Plus, baseball players should hit and play the field

  4. Some commenters on the AJC have decided that the Brave losses in the exhibition games over the weekend mean that they suck. I guess if the Braves lose today, these folks will predict a 0-162 record.

  5. The DH is the worst thing to happen to baseball since the end of the color line. That includes steriods and the 16 WS championships by the Yankees since that time.

  6. Guess I’m supposed to be rooting for the Mets vs. Florida today. Not my natural reaction, of course, but Wright did go deep (opposite field) to give the Mets a 2-0 early lead.

    Was on the LIRR today with lots of Mets fans headed to Bailout Field. One guy got on at Woodside wearing an orange Mets visor, an orange bow tie and a pair of orange pants with a million Florida Gator logos.

    Yes, he was snickered at all the way to Flushing.

  7. Ububba, my brother is a Georgia and a Mets fan. Well, at least he got it HALF RIGHT.

    Let’s go Braves! Here’s hoping for a magical 2010.

  8. Hell freezeth over. Frenchy just walked in his 2nd AB of the season. He is now on pace for well of 200 on the year.

  9. well you could only keep Halladay with bad numbers for just a short period of time, fun while it lasted though.

    I love meaningful baseball

    btw, maybe Garret Jones is the real deal for Pit – 2HR on the day

  10. To pay homage to opening day, I have decided to take the day off. Well, that and being unemployed…ha ha ha!

    Give ’em hell Braves!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My barber predicts Heyward goes 4-4 with 4 home runs and then Bob Horner and Frenchy’s first game heroics are long forgotten.

  11. Ready for opening day!

    Though I’m a CPA in the middle of tax season, so I’m DVRing the game. Going to have to shut down this site and twitter and hope to not hear anything before I get to go home. Who knows when that will be.

    Go Braves!

  12. Dusty, Ill call you with all the updates. Even CPA’s have to answer phone calls! :)

  13. So Melky goes from being the Yankees 9-hole hitter to batting lead-off for the Braves.

    What does this tell us? How awesome the ’09 Yankees line-up was or how weak the Braves’ has become?

  14. OK, no more negative comments. I’ll start the season with a LET’S GO BRAVES!!!!

  15. I can’t tell what would make me happier: a Braves World Series championship in 2010 or Chip Caray being fired mid-way through the season.

  16. I’m getting irritated at the Reds’ pitching for sucking so much that we can’t see the Braves. (A GS for Yadier Molina? Come on!)

  17. Oh man I’m pumped now, the game is on ESPN360, now I can be even more worthless at work!

  18. great job gettng you mechanics right, Lowe… two deep fly balls and the third goes out.

  19. great job getting you mechanics right, Lowe… two deep fly balls and the third goes out.

  20. Oh, come on now, guys? Where’s the faith in the comeback that looks like it’ll succeed but falls one run short?

  21. Hey, Francouer got a walk today…I just don’t think Melky leading off should become a routine.

  22. Chipper’s up with two on and nobody out. Let the fun begin!

    (Edit) Yep, we’re playing the Cubs!

  23. #63

    Favorite comment so far. :)

    But that’s OK, looks like Glaus is paving the way for Eric Hinske, first baseman.

  24. “Signs point to No,” as the Magic 8-Ball says.

    (Edit) Love dem seeing-eye singles, and two ducks on the pond for Heyward.

  25. Me thinks Carlos Zambrano’s new, supposedly zen attitude may not make it past day 1. Just sayin.

  26. The listing of 1st AB home runs left out Marty Malloy… for whom it was his only career home run.

  27. Managed to sneak into the break room at work to see the bottom of the first from McCann’s blooper. Heyward’s HR sounded like nothing I’ve heard from a Brave since….I don’t know…Aaron? Maybe Horner. But DAMN, he destroyed that pitch.

  28. Well, I was GOING to say we were dinking Zambrano to death, but then Heyward’s launch was a little more authoritative.

    Nice start young man….2-0 fastballs down the middle are usually pretty tasty.

  29. “Jason Heyward” now tweeting worldwide.

    also that AB of his won me a nice little stack.

  30. I don’t think it was intentional. You don’t plunk the leadoff hitter after a 6 run inning.

    Unless you’re pretty stupid, of course.

    Meanwhile… thank you, Cubs.

  31. Scoring a bunch of runs on opening day is fun. Scoring a bunch of run against the Cubs is so much funner.

  32. Not sure why ESPN is blacking the game out here in Austin, but for some reason, I am getting SportSouth…good and bad…I get Joe (yay) but Chip (boo).

    This must be a first week thing to get me to buy the baseball package. (I went with MLB.com).

  33. Sigh. Well, Jason, Lowe’s making sure that you know your day’s work isn’t done yet.

  34. On the blackout note, MLB.TV has done something cool this year. It used to be that they determined blackouts based on your registration information, which is tied to your credit card. That’s generally okay, but it means when I travel, I’m out of luck.

    This year, however, they use the location information from my phone. I assume this means that if I’m somewhere else in the country, even though I can’t watch it through my laptop because of my credit card, I can at least see it on my phone.

  35. Lowe might be the most expensive middle reliver in history, by June. We shall see.

  36. I believe Lowe now qualifies as the second “negative” of the day. He’s in August form already. Ofcourse the ball is carrying (cough).

  37. Joe Morgan would say that it’s not a coincidence that Lowe is winning now, even though he’s allowed 5 runs. It’s something about being a winner and knowing how to win.

  38. We need a nickname for Lowe. I suggest Albie. Or MF, not for motherf***er of course, but for Mechanics Fixed.

  39. Did we ever get around to calling anyone, say, Robert Mugabe? That tradition from the Sos… er, Kim Jong Il days may need to be revived.

  40. Re-watch that homer, man. There was absolutely nothing cheap about that shot. Christ!

  41. I know. It was the first strike he was thrown in the majors, and he took full advantage of it.

  42. Lowe better stay settled down since it appears we CAN’T hit the suddenly dominant, Sean Marshall.

  43. I’m thanking God that ESPN is covering this game because I would be crying if Chip Caray had the only call on J-Hey’s HR.

  44. I’m assuming Chip’s call was something along the lines of “SWUNG ON AND BELTED, DEEP TO RIGHT! WELCOME TO THE BIGS, KID!”

  45. Oh, that is frightening even to think about, sdp.

    Yunel’s defense, however, is much more fun!

  46. sdp,

    Where are you? I am trying to understand why certain markets have the ESPN broadcast and why certain ones don’t.

  47. Mike N,

    YES – unfortunately, that was EXACTLY Chip’s call. Good lord he’s horrible.

  48. For some reason, here in Austin, no ESPN. Just weird.

    But it’s so frustrating trying to enjoy Joe Simpson when Chip Caray keeps piping up. Maybe Heyward could make sure a foul ball ends up lodged in Chip’s mouth.

  49. Yea I’m at work so fortunately I’m watching ESPN360 (how often can you say that?) But its not really tough to guess what Chip is gonna say in certain situations

  50. Considering how many calls have gone AGAINST the Braves over the years, I will take that gift.

    But it is a perfect example of why they probably should have instant replay.

  51. For those of use following via game tracker can you describe the bad play? Or bad call?

  52. Fly ball to CF, which McLouth dove for and initially caught, but then dropped when he hit the ground. The runner on first had gone to second and was “doubled up.”

  53. Line drive CF, apparent gapper, but McLouth dove for the ball, caught it, then dropped it falling to the ground, but the ball stayed so close to his body that the umps couldn’t see it. He then made a throw to the cutoff man, who had an easy DP at first because Ramirez had advanced to 2B.

  54. Since we were still winning 8-5 when that bad call happened, there’s no way for Piniella to argue that it would have in fact given teh Cubs the game.

  55. Alex, in all honesty they would have gotten runners at 1B and 2B with nobody out. Instead, two out nobody on. I’m not a Cubbie but there IS an argument to be made here.

  56. We all know the answer to that, PW. Fortunately, Cox runs Moylan out there instead.

  57. Yes, Tom, we’re all aware of the situation but you don’t know that Moylan doesn’t come in and get a double play. There’s no crystal ball.

    But we’re up 8-5, we got a gift, we’ve been screwed a ton over the years, and I will take it.

    Tom, need I remind you that bad umpiring essentially help cost us the 1991 World Series—Kent Hrbek?

  58. @181

    I have a feeling that I’m going to be doing a fair share of scampering over to the opponents broadcast on MLB.tv this year.

  59. Yes, Tom, we’re all aware of the situation but you don’t know that Moylan doesn’t come in and get a double play. There’s no crystal ball.

    Of course I don’t, but you don’t know the opposite either. If you read my post again, you will see that I did NOT say they would have won the game, but that an argument could be made.

    Tom, need I remind you that bad umpiring essentially help cost us the 1991 World Series—Kent Hrbek?

    No you don’t, for many reasons, the #1 reason being that that’s just nonsense.

  60. Could we score any amount of runs here that would prevent Bobby from using Wagner in this game?

    EDIT: I guess we’ll find out

  61. Oh, I imagine Yunel’s about done it. Of course, are you that anxious for your Jo-Jo fix?

    Edit: Heyward realizes another truism- let the Cubs do your work for you.

  62. Me thinks there’s a fairly good chance Hinske will be our everyday first baseman, though yeah, it’s early.

  63. I can’t make much sense of the Samardzija contract(s), but far too much:

    Jeff Samardzija rhp
    5 years/$10M (2007-11), plus 2012 & 2013 club options

    * 5 years/$10M (2007-11), plus 2012 & 2013 club options
    o signed Major League contract with Cubs 1/07, giving up football
    o $2M signing bonus
    o 10:$3M
    o no-trade clause
    o total value may reach $16.5M with exercise of options
    o must return bonus & much of remaining $10M if he returns to football
    * drafted 2006 (5-149) (Notre Dame)
    * signed 6/06, $1M signing bonus (may increase to $7.25M if Samardzija chooses to play baseball over football)
    * agent: Mark Rodgers
    * ML service: 0.152

  64. Me thinks there’s a fairly good chance Hinske will be our everyday first baseman, though yeah, it’s early.

    I love you, Alex, but what?

  65. I know tomorrow’s a day off, but did Saito really need to get his work in today? Isn’t this Chavez and Jo-jo territory?

    I mean, isn’t that why they’re on the team?

    Trying to not get upset about it — just enjoying the win.

  66. Stu, like a lot of others on here, we’re not convinced Troy Glaus is still an everyday player anymore. And as Billy-Jay said, Hinske wins wherever he goes…and he’s always a contributor.

    Again, one game is NOT a sample size, but my GUESS is that Hinske will have better numbers in comparison to Glaus by late May. Yes, I am wrong plenty, but this is my hunch.

  67. Saito being used in a 14-5 game is exactly why I DON’T LOVE Bobby Cox, the manager.

  68. I would hope we’ll see Chavez in the 9th.

    Alex, who are all these others that believe Glaus is going to lose his job to Hinske? I read this site daily, and I think yours is the first suggestion I’ve seen to that effect.

  69. If Hinske ends up playing everyday at 1b we’re in trouble. It would mean that Glaus is either hurt or a bust. Nothing against Hinske, but he’s a utility guy, and he isn’t going to suddenly become an everyday first baseman in his thirties.

  70. You gotta like that Heyward’s developed a professional attitude. No showboating when the game’s in garbage time; just take what they give you and hit it hard.

  71. So they’ve already got Heyward’s homerun in a commercial for Sportsouth or whatever network I’m watching today.

  72. Not to be an apologist, because I don’t really want to see Wagner in a 10 run game, either…

    But Joe had a good point. No game yesterday, no game tomorrow, and Wagner didn’t work in the game on Saturday, either. You spend a month getting a rhythm, you don’t want to sit from Friday to Tuesday without pitching.

    Also, I think it’s a positive that Bobby is able to get almost all of our guys season-debuts out of the way. Everyone but Diaz so far?

  73. The best part of the footage is watching his dad hugging random people in the crowd.

  74. 16 of the 25 players on our roster have been in this game. Every position player who had an at-bat got a hit except for Infante; of those who didn’t, Brooks Conrad came around to score as a pinch runner. Every one of our relievers pitched a perfect inning.

    The only player who had a bad day today was Derek Lowe.

  75. I want 172 more of those.

    Note: Lowe got the win and pitched good innings from the 4th to 6th, so it wasn’t that bad even for him.

  76. 229

    If the Braves scored an infinite amount of runs, the game would last forever and Wags wouldn’t have come in.

    So there’s that I guess.

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