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Proof that the Braves think even less of spring training stats than I do, as even I take notice when a guy puts up a 14 ERA (15 RA) and walks six versus four strikeouts in nine innings of exhibition work. Admittedly, there weren’t a lot of attractive options left for the last righthanded spot in the pen, but the Braves’ line was that they liked Chavez a lot when they traded for him and that he was being judged on his prior performance and their scouting and not what he did in the peculiar circumstances of spring training. In theory, I understand and approve of this. In reality, I have to wonder what they see in Chavez, as there’s nothing in his major league stats or in what I’ve actually seen him do on the mound, and little in his minor league stats, to make me think he’s any good. Ultimately, it looks like the Braves are letting the radar gun make their call here. Chavez does indeed throw hard, but has been unable to translate that to strikeouts against major leaguers, presumably due to a lack of movement or a quality breaking pitch. I compared him to Kevin Gryboski in an earlier post. He isn’t like Gryboski in that he doesn’t appear to be a ground-ball pitcher — his home-run rates are pretty high, and he’s only gotten two GIDP in his major league career — but he is like Gryboski in that he’s a guy who throws hard but hasn’t turned that into results.

Chavez was a 42nd round pick of the Rangers out of (I believe) junior college in 2002, and moved steadily up their system despite never really pitching well. His biggest problem was poor control, though after moving to the bullpen full-time he showed a knack for getting strikeouts. He was traded to the Pirates for Kip Wells late in the 2006 season — he made only one appearance for them in AAA — and apparently the Pirates corrected something. At any rate, his walks went down dramatically after joining the Pittsburgh organization, though his ERAs were still only mediocre, in the high threes. He was called up to the big club late in 2008 and pitched very poorly, a 6.08 ERA on 20 hits and nine walks in fifteen innings. In 2009, he was a bullpen workhorse, pitching 71 times mostly in short middle relief (15 of 19 on holds, but no saves) with an only mediocre ERA of 4.01. The Braves got him for Rafael Soriano; again, I’d rather have gotten the draft pick.

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  1. I think the Braves would have preferred the draft pick as well, but Salcedo’s signing numbed the sting of that loss a good bit.

  2. So, according to Carroll Rogers, Jo-Jo beat out Venters for the final spot in the pen,

    This means that Chavez was ahead of Jo-Jo, Venters, and Acosta.

    Did anyone actually watch this guy pitch?

  3. I view Chavez as this year’s Chris Resop. He’ll probably be DFA’d quicker than Resop’s May 28th back in 2008 too. Plus a 5.89 ERA sounds about right.

  4. On Reyes’s splits. At this sample size, you’ve got to regress his splits to the mean quite a bit to get a decent picture of what his least-error split projection is. The spreadsheet I used to do this was designed for hitters, and because of this the regression equations don’t work (the significance levels aren’t calibrated correctly), but this is an example of what his regressed splits look like. Again, this isn’t right, but useful for illustrative purposes.

  5. Glad to read that Conrad made the team. Wonder what the plans are for that extra 40-man spot.

  6. An extra spot on the 40-man is useful at this time of year, because there will be players who get cut at the last minute, and whom you might want to pick up.

  7. Do we have just one open slot, ear marked for Proctor? Or have we got another one past that?

    I understood that Abreu, Redmond, and Acosta were all taken off the 40, and that Thurston was added, Proctor will be added, and there’s one additional open slot.

    Is this the case, or am I wrong somewhere in there?

  8. I think we have one extra spot even when adding Proctor and Heyward.

    I see very little comparison b/t Resop and Chavez. Chavez showed potential last year with the Pirates and has more than just a fastball. He had a horrible spring, but so what? Resop had no track record to speak of, but was kept around for a while because his fastball hit high numbers on the radar gun.

  9. Duh I totally forgot Heyward.

    Was Thurston added to the 40 in order to be sent to Gwinnett? Because if he was, that’s all 3 spots.

  10. Thurston got added to the 40-man? Why?

    Chavez, Reyes, and Conrad were already on it IIRC, which means there are two open spots after adding Heyward, seeing as Manny Acosta is now a Met and Todd Redmond and Juan Abreu were successfully removed from the 40-man roster and placed in the minor leagues.

    They can even add a third and fourth spot at the expense of some service time by procedurally calling up Diory Hernandez and/or Jordan Schafer and placing them on the 60-day DL.

  11. I hope this team is good. There is no way I am watching a bad team and listening to Chip Caray.

    Frickin’ nepotism.

  12. nate mclouth injured his groin. guys speculating that he might not be ready for opening day.

  13. first error of the year for chip caray: “hammered to center”…the ball went about 200 feet.

  14. Three batters into the game, listening to Chip already annoys me. “HIGH FLY BALL HAMMERED INTO CENTER FIELD……..” on one of the laziest popups you will ever see.

    Man, I just can’t stand the guy.

  15. Man, look at our lineup. Eight .300 hitters and Cabrera at .288. Better not get used to that.

  16. I agree with everyone who is mortified, irritated, and disgusted by Chip. I can’t believe this guy is gainfully employed.

  17. Hiring Chip Caray was lazy on the Braves part. He was just available, familiar and Braves fans obviously know his father.

    The man is the worst baseball announcer I have ever heard, personally.

  18. Well, I fired up the browser to complain about how infuriated with Chip I am already, but it looks like everyone else has covered just about everything I have to say.

    Chip sucks.

  19. And the sad thing is that Davies is the best of Moore’s dumpster dives among Braves rejects. Except maybe for Brayan Pena.

  20. 0 runs, but we’ve made Floyd throw 53 through three innings. I’m starting to drink the kool-aid on the how good the team OBP is going to be this year.

    It’s interesting. Kind of reminds me of assorted Yankee and Red Sox lineups throughout the years (especially in how they’ve approached at-bats), though those teams obviously had a level of power I doubt we’ll have.

    I’m curious to see how it’ll translate.

  21. Of course, as soon as I type that, everyone on the team starts trying out their Frenchy impressions.

  22. Hopefully, we’ll get all the losing out of the way tonight and tomorrow night.

  23. Poz of the Day:

    The Braves refused to take Osuna back. This will happen every now and again in the Rule V (just this year, the Cardinals refused to take pitcher Mike Parisi back from the Cubs) but almost never with high picks. And for an organization that is building its entire reputation on scouting — and should know the Atlanta Braves system better than anyone outside of Atlanta — it’s not a great sign that they spent 50K on a player the Braves have absolutely no interest in having back even for half price.

    You have to love the Royals.

  24. At least Atlanta usually knows who they got, and knows when to cut bait. I think it says something really smart that Atlanta didn’t want him back. A guy as young as he is who has had as much success as he has must have some issue that Atlanta was smart enough to keep quiet about, at least until he was taken by the Royals. Them not taking him back speaks much louder than words.

  25. KC is the Braves island of misfit toys.

    Ned Yost is now a special advisor to Dayton, and I’d bet a bill or two that when the team is awful this year Yost will replace Trey Hillman as well.

  26. NEXT year; after Fredi Gonzalaz or Eddie Perez have been named managers of the Braves. Yost will think he’s got a shot until then.

    Plus, I’ve heard some horrible things about Yost the Manager.

  27. Chip sucks?! Is that even news anymore?

    Both Chavez and JoJo are only getting an extended look before Procter returns in couple weeks. It’s like an extended spring training. I doubt either one will pitch in meaningful situation during these couple weeks.

  28. Well, my 2010 Braves Viewing Experience is off to a bad start. I turned on the game last night in the top of the 5th to see Medlen have absolutely nothing. I hope it improves from here, because if it doesn’t, it’s gonna be a LOOOONG last year for Bobby.

    (Yes, I know intellectually that my viewing habits have absolutely zero to do with how the Braves play. Try telling that to the Cro-magnon sub-brain that still believes in curses and witchcraft and the fact that if I sit Right There, Chipper will hit a three run homer.)

  29. 46 — I turned it on just in time to see Medlen give up hit after hit too. It wasn’t too bad though… a number of those could have been outs.

    I know what you mean about your how you affect games, though. Last year I hadn’t heard a game in over a week and as soon as I tuned in, Soriano gave up a homer to Ross Gload. ugh.

  30. Does anyone know when minor league rosters are generally finalized and announced? I’m interested to know where all those young pitchers will be playing this season.

  31. 47,
    Exactly. Those were singles. Singles are mostly luck. Only one of them was a line drive.

    He had some trouble commanding the 2-seamer last night, other than that he looked perfectly fine to me.

  32. so the worst player out of all the OF’rs now appears to be in the lineup almost everyday, great news

    Spin: Nothing official has been announced, but Cabrera has been in the leadoff spot most of the last two weeks. If McLouth breaks out of his spring slump, he could win back the leadoff role. But Cabrera improved his stock this spring and could play nearly everyday by alternating between center field and left field as he platoons with both Matt Diaz and McLouth.

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