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Makes return from Tommy John surgery look easy. In less than a year, he was ready for the start of the season. Well, almost. After his first two appearances he had given up five runs and hadn’t retired a batter. After that, he was pretty much the same old Moylan; his ERA for the season was 2.84, but if you take out those first two appearances it was 2.22.

Moylan set a Braves record with 87 appearances, and set a major league record for most appearances without allowing a home run. He’s a ground-ball pitcher, but that’s still impressive. His walk rate was up a little, which may be a TJ result, but his other components (homers and strikeouts) improved. If he’s healthy — 87 appearances! — he should be good again.

Like most sidearmers/submariners, Moylan struggles against lefties, allowing a .309/.436/.415 line against them. Despite many short outings, Bobby didn’t tend to get Moylan out of there against lefthanders, as about a third of his batters faced were lefties.

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  1. first spring game tomorrow. first televised spring game tuesday. baseball is here!

    have you guys heard bobby saying that proctor is ahead of schedule and could be ready for the first of the year? so, would that set the pen at wagner, saito, moylan, medlen, o’flaherty, chavez, and proctor?

  2. If the Braves keep Proctor in the minor leagues for 22 days this season they can retain him in 2011 as an arbitration eligible player. Even if he’s fully healthy, I think it’d be a bad decision to break camp with him on the active roster.

  3. I really think the FO should establish a near-blanket policy that if the club can move to keep control of a player longer by keeping said player in the minors for a relatively short time period – well, that’s the policy.

    Only rarely would exceptions be made.

    We’ll all be happy when we don’t have to worry about TH’s walk year.

    Gives the club the opportunity to live a little less hand-to-mouth – which, though I hate to give Wren any excuses, is the situation he was handed. Suspenders kicked himself upstairs at just the right time.

    If, and only if, J-Hey continues to rake in Spring Training, do you not live with the Melkman for two rainy months to preserve that long extra year.

  4. I would hope that the next commissioner can somehow change the policies regarding service time and get rid of the Super 2 and this ‘hold them in the minors’ stuff. To me, it seems that if a minor leaguer shows the team enough in spring training to merit a role on the opening-day roster, that player should receive the opportunity to play. This would also stop all of the second guessing and the arguments of ‘if team A had brought up player B six weeks earlier, they would have reached the playoffs’.

    Not that I have a great understanding of the current rule, but I think implementation of these two rules would be better for the game:

    1. Regarding service time, if a player gets called up anytime during the playing year (with the exception of expansion of rosters in September), that player’s arbitration eligibility clock starts at the beginning of that year.

    2. Every player will be arbitration eligible three years after the year in which they made their first major league appearance (again, disregarding September call-ups).

    I think that the owners would be completely against this rule- taking the example of Jordan Schafer, for instance. Under these guidelines, he would be arb-eligible in 2012, even though he played about 1/3 of the season in 2009. But, this would stop the manipulation of major league rosters to heavily benefit the team, which is more fair than our current system.

    Kinda off topic, but with regards to compensation, I read a study somewhere that showed that MLB players are under-compensated for their services compared to the regular industry. Apparently in America, something like 56% of company revenue goes to the employees in benefits, including wage. That number is 51% or something for MLB players. Does anyone remember this study? I’ve been trying to find it, but to no avail.

  5. Have you priced a ticket lately? Do you mean to imply that salaries don’t play a role in the overall expense of attending a ballgame.

    I absolutely love being at the game, but the gang-raping that occurs at every turn (from parking to tickets to $7 peanuts) keeps me away.

    Only a socialist with a press pass would argue that salaries don’t impact ticket prices.

  6. Mac, I can guarantee that the outfield won’t even come close to stealing 70-80 bases, in fact the last time the Braves outfield topped 60 was back in 2000.

    You and a few other nimrods in this blog have your collective heads up your collective asses when it comes to playing the game of baseball the right way. That said, Understanding the relationship between power and speed is too grasp the basic fundamentals of the game. the same can be said for pitching and defense.

    If Cox want’s power, he gets it. If Cox want’s pitching he gets it. If Cox want’s a bunch of infielders, that’s right, he gets them. Ditto for the bullpen. And yet it is somehow not the managers responsibility when his team is the slowest of all thirty big league teams. Cherry picking indeed.

    Of course, I’m arguing with AMATEUR’S and that’s why I know I’m right and against my better judgment I’ll spill it. I’m an ex-scout and yea I worked for a ML baseball team for eight years and no it wasn’t for the Braves (you know where I live).

    As for this never ending circle jerk consisting of a few, keep it up as ignorance is bliss. I’m outta here, permanently………

  7. Vanderbilt whipped Arkansas, UK lost, Brandt Snedeker leads going into the final round today, and Jason Heyward continues to draw comparisons to inner-circle HOFers — but 6 is easily the best news of the weekend!

  8. I guess we are pretty stupid. And to think I’ve been walking around without my helmet for years now.

  9. Wow, what an appropriate last post for one of the most irritating people we’ve ever had on the board. Attacking the site moderator as your parting shot? I guess that’s what you learn in professionalism school- I am an amateur so I have no idea.

  10. The simplest solution (to my eyes) would be to make players under team control until they’re age 24 season and then arb-eligible until 27 or 28. So if a kid can help you sooner, bring him up and get 7 or 8 years out of him. Leaving him in the minors no longer helps a team, so players come up when they’re ready. Plus, when they become FAs, there’s still plenty of “peak” time for them to sell on the open market.

  11. @6 Yaayyyyy! Although on the downside my quota for inane, self importance will go unfulfilled.

    If the dude was a scout must have been for the Royals.

  12. funny how, when people disagree with you, some people on this board throw knives; when most of you learned baseball on the back of the ’86 topps set.

    the coach is a long way from being a “coach”, at the heart of the issue lies an undeniable truth: some of us need to learn to shut the $%$# up and let people vent on an internet board.

    i bet some of you don’t say squat in your day jobs and keep typing while your company steals from your grandmothers via 17% fixed interest rates.

    i find offense at the jab at Mac. coach, the man is much more than you’ll ever be.

  13. I’ve re-read that post several times and I seriously cannot believe that someone wrote that sincerely. There’s a joke here, right? I mean, no person can seriously call someone else a “nimrod” just before he misspells the word “to.” Right? Right?

  14. And don’t forget “wants” with an apostrophe.

    I think most people on the forum are civil enough to “agree to disagree” and admit when they’re wrong.

  15. coach has now gotten pissed off, or pissed someone else off, and has been kicked (or left) 4 braves blogs… that i know of. and he still thinks he’s not problem. i’m rejoicing with the blog today.

  16. Actually what I’ll miss is the snarky, sarcastic responses to the inane arrogance.

    Canada vs U.S in hockey. U.S. down 1 goal.

  17. hankonly said

    Only a socialist with a press pass would argue that salaries don’t impact ticket prices.

    How do you explain the Yankees practically doubling the of some of their tickets yet somehow their payroll didn’t rocket up to 300 million? The Padres have raised ticket prices for the last 4 years, but their payroll has actually gone down in the meantime.

    The fact is clubs will jack ticket prices up as much as they can get away with and they will generally pocket any increase rather than directing the extra money towards payroll. Just because you see baseball players getting paid millions of dollars at the same time you see baseball teams raising ticket prices doesn’t mean the 2 are related.

  18. On Coach,

    He’s still reading, and probably will for the remainder of the season. He will be back to posting soon enough (after he’s done being pissed off); these kind of good things don’t usually stay for long. BTW Coach, no better way to assert your incredible intelligence in baseball to an online community by trying to convince us you worked for a MLB team (in scouting, I guess?) for eight years. That’s totally believable. I sincerely doubt you’ve ever played the game of baseball a day in your life.


    I wasn’t trying to relate MLB compensation to ticket prices, and I don’t mean to imply that salaries don’t play a role in determining the price of attending a baseball game (in fact, I’m sure they play a huge role). I just remembered that study on MLB compensation, and I thought it was an interesting point to bring up.

    And back to Coach,

    Don’t take offense at this, but why don’t you start your own blog? I assume the reason that you feel the need to argue with us constantly is because you like talking baseball. If you don’t want to interact with the community here, and you feel that everybody other than you throws out incredibly stupid ideas, then start your own blog and open your ideas to the online community.

  19. For what it is worth, PECOTA SB projections:

    McLouth 21
    Diaz 6
    Heyward 6
    Melky! 10

    So that’s 43. But 70 certainly isn’t out of the realm of possibility; none of these guys is a threat to lead the league, but they can all run. I could easily see McLouth stealing 30 and the other three fifteen apiece.

  20. @ 21 – many of those pricey Yankee ducats went unsold. Hence, the embarrassing shots of empty prime seats. Still, the Yankees are different than everyone else and cannot be used for “industry average” business discussions.

    The Padres are treading water and are testing the limits of the theories of price inelasticity. And failing.

    But I don’t think for a minute that the owners aren’t complicit in fan abuse. Notice how empty Turner Field has been lately?

    To me, the “fan experience” should be about being at the game, eating a hot dog with your kid. It shouldn’t cost a C note to do that.

  21. Canada really clogs up the middle. Their defensemen are just so crisp, they’re like automatons. I get the feeling that we’ll need something a little fluky or ugly to tally here. Puck hits a skate, odd bounce, goalmouth scramble, weird rebound.

    Of course, now they’ll have to pull Miller.

  22. They’re just making it up to him since they made him mad. I do like that they discuss getting Hudson extra rest early, and Jurrjens/Hanson extra rest in the 2nd half.

  23. Coach once again taking shots at people? Man, I dont know if you’re 14 years old or 60. Ive never met someone who is so self absorbed in my life. You arrogant fool, people have the right to disagree with you and the sooner you realize that the better off you’ll be. Im glad I dont personally know you because Im sure you bring out the worst in everyone.

    Listen to what others say, think about it, and then give us your opinion. Be slow to speak my friend. I hope you come back one day and if you do, your first post should be an apology to all here. If not, good luck in life you’ll need it.

  24. “He was our winningest pitcher,” Cox said of the decision to start the 36-year-old right-hander.

    Like that’s fooling anybody at this point. Except maybe Joe Morgan.

  25. More ish from Cox. Why am I surprised?

    I’ve got a better idea: let’s bring in Liebrandt to face Kirby Friggin’ Puckett. Still genius after all these years.

  26. If all hockey was played at that intensity level and frenetic pace I could become a fan. What a game. What a showing by Team USA. Congratulations to Team Canada.

    BTW for some weird reason I like the Canadian national anthem.

  27. I really don’t care who starts the first game. I will say that it’s nice to have 4 starting pitchers that are potential aces. If giving Lowe the first start boosts his confidence and helps him have a better year, I’m all for it. I don’t think Hudson is so petty that he gets offended. If they stay healthy, Hanson’s and Jurrjen’s time will come.

  28. The other day I wondered, “What ever happened to Kirby Puckett?” so I Googled him. Yikes.

  29. @50

    I pretty much agree. It doesn’t matter. If starting Lowe on opening can help bury any perceived hatchets, it’s worth it. Plus, Bobby’s right. Opening Day is different. While I may have concerns regarding Lowe’s performance vs. his contract, him being affected by a “big game” isn’t something I’m worried about. If anything, it’s a positive mark in his favor.

  30. why did i think the braves had a spring game tomorrow? was the schedule changed or was i just flat wrong?

  31. Now, there was a time when I was something of a hockey junkie. I mean, I was a eight year old kid in Birmingham, so the standards weren’t too high. But I used to listen to Birmingham Bulls games on the radio back in their WHA days (1976-79). It was that, Braves games, and Alabama football and basketball.

  32. I don’t think its significant that Lowe is our starter for Opening Day. I just hope that if he pitches the way he did at the end of last season, Bobby won’t keep sending him out every 5 days….

    I am guessing that Lowe will be better than last season–but not nearly enough to either justify his contract or be moveable next offseason….

  33. Obviously, every Canadian loves Crosby today, but what’s kinda ironic is that, among the hardcore NHL fandom, he’s kind of considered a baby, a guy that whines about every call & non-call. (Playing the Penguins can be annoying like that.)

    Ovechkin doesn’t have the team hardware yet, but because he’s much more physical & less of a whiner, he gets more respect in some circles.

  34. Coach gone? I’ll believe it when I don’t see it for a month. He’s gotten our hopes up before.

    Re: retail price v. salaries – A can of coke is only worth fifty cents, regardless of what it cost to produce it. Similarly, no one in their right mind is going to sell a baseball ticket for less than what the market will pay, regardless of cost. Hank, look at it from the converse – if a baseball team salary cut it’s salary by fifty percent, do you think there would be a corresponding drop in retail price? And wrt the point about unsold seats, a sellout is not necessarily the way to maximize revenue. To use an admittedly hyperbolic analogy, selling out a 50,000 seat venue for a dime per ticket doesn’t net me the same revenue as selling 25,000 seats at 20 bucks a head.

  35. Oh, and Coach “revealing” himself as a former scout is priceless. I am going to go with the Toronto Blue Jays, since his girlfriend is from Canada. I’ll “reveal” my secret affair with Jessica Alba, since we seem to be in the mood for soul-baring today.

  36. Yeah, thats the ticket, my girlfriend …… Jessica Alba, whoom I’ve seen naked.

  37. I request a worst Coach moments archive be created so we can visit it every now and then. We need to remind ourselves what a jackass the dude is/was just so we don’t lapse into anything other than abject horror if/when he returns.

    P.S. I assume he’s a dude.

  38. I have a sad story. Three Braves scouts were in Clearwater watching the Big East tournament, and they stopped by my restaurant. It was Saturday night, we weren’t busy, and I didn’t have much to do, so I decided I’d try to strike up a conversation with them. After all, how awesome would it be to talk Braves baseball with three guys in their position? I’m an off-the-charts extrovert but fairly careful with it at work for the sake of professionalism, so I can usually talk to just about anyone.

    These guys were just not in the mood to talk. At different points I tried talking about Jason Heyward, Mike Minor, the upcoming draft, Jeff Francoeur, and these guys wouldn’t throw me a bone. I totally don’t blame them, and so I didn’t press much, but I walked away feeling very sad. That would have been a great 5 minutes of my night.

  39. I’d guess that Coach is going to be like Jason from the “Friday the 13th” franchise: To everyone’s horror, he keeps coming back.

    And I don’t care if he’s a former MLB scout or a current T-ball coach, you don’t convince people by insulting them.

  40. Agreed, ububba. The thing about him is that I agree with him probably 40% of the time, but never want to acknowledge it because he’s such an insulting person. I suppose it actually is possible that he was a former scout and because he’s worked with baseball minds in high places, he thinks that everyone in the internet couldn’t possibly have a clue. I think you could easily get to that viewpoint after reading some things people post on the internet. Of course, he’s wrong.

    Can we set an over-under on how long it’ll take for him to make another post?

  41. @61 I’m sure Stu has the archive already saved.

    Big hockey fan here, I just wish Steve Yzerman was American. He’s my main sports hero from my childhood, so much so that even though I was rooting for USA, I didn’t want him to lose as GM of the Canadian team at home either.

    At least he never played for another team. Smoltz was running a very close second on my pantheon of sports, but then he wore a Red Sox jersey and laid anchor in that #2 spot.

  42. My favorite comment on the hockey game (which I only watched about 3 minutes of… because I don’t CARE about hockey), and closing ceremonies, was on twitter:

    @adamisacson: Congratulations, Canada. Although any hockey win that’s followed by Nickelback is the very definition of a pyrrhic victory.

    Did I miss a discussion of Smoltz for congress thing (which he has shot down already)?

    I’m ready for games to start now…

  43. I’m ready for games to start now…

    I’d say everyone is, considering this thread is mostly a discussion about an internet troll and hockey.

  44. Just listened to “Cowgirl in the Sand” the other day for the first time in years.

    Just wild, unbridled musicianship of the first order.

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