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Glaus is one of those guys who has spent his entire career living down a big season early on, one he really hasn’t proven to be capable of matching. In his second full season in the big leagues, 2000 with the Angels, Glaus led the AL with 47 homers and hit .284/.404/.604. The .284 was really more of the mirage than the homers; he hit 41 the next season and has seasons of 38 and 37, but he’s a .255 career hitter. That doesn’t mean he hasn’t been a valuable player. Glaus walks a lot, so his career OBP is .359, and there are those homers, 304 for his career.

Anyway, the Angels, who thought that his big year was for real, wound up considering him a mild disappointment, and then he missed about half of the 2003 and 2004 seasons with injuries. He signed with the Diamondbacks as a free agent, and had a good year in the bandbox before getting traded to Toronto for Miguel Batista and Orlando Hudson. He had another good year there in 2006, but started to have injury issues and missed part of 2007 before getting traded to the Cardinals in a weird challenge trade for Scott Rolen. At this point, he’s having shoulder issues, and might have played first base, but Albert Pujols. He had a strong 2008, but missed most of 2009 with shoulder surgery.

The Braves want him to play first base, something he’s only done six times in the major leagues. Ken Caminiti aside, picking up first base should not be that hard for a player considered a good glove man at third, as Glaus was. I’m not really concerned for his defense, I’m concerned for his health.

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  1. I am okay with Glaus. Let’s hope his health stays okay. It’s a low risk gamble in terms of money committed to him but as Braves14 says… that would be ugly. Given the other opportunities out there, without spending too much money, I think Wren did well. I have faily high hopes, i.e. 25-30 HR, for Glaus.

  2. Troy Glaus
    Similar Batters through 32 (per B/R)

    1. Matt Williams (923)
    2. Dean Palmer (919)
    3. Darryl Strawberry (910)
    4. Pat Burrell (901)
    5. Mike Schmidt (887) *
    6. Roger Maris (881)
    7. Robin Ventura (869)
    8. Jack Clark (869)
    9. Rudy York (866)
    10. Richie Sexson (864)

  3. Glaus is way better than Camanitti.

    I figured that a move on a medium to high risk FA was the way we were going to have to go and I am pleasantly surprised that its Glaus. We shouldn’t expect 40 HR but 20 to 25 would be terrific.

    Hank I would think so. Chipper Glaus McCann.
    left right left Escobar bats 6th?
    I know someone has done this already but:
    Diaz ?????? Just MHO.

    Got to admit that even though it looks like effing Siberia out there now that Spring Hope disease has started. A friend of mine and I have already looked to see when the Braves will be at Cincy.

  4. 9—Diaz ought to be at the top of the lineup, and Prado ought to be batting 8th, but you’re probably right.

    1—That there exists an ESPN Dallas is incredibly depressing, to me.

  5. If Chipper’s power outage continues this season, Bobby should consider batting Chipper second and Escobar third in the lineup.

  6. 16,

    I laughed out loud at that.

    I’m on board with the Glaus break down (un intended pun). If he’s healthy, he should be the best 1B the team has had in awhile (edit: apart from Tex, of course). It’s far from a given, though.

  7. Alex, Mike, Remy, funny stuff.
    Peter, although I am not superstitious please avoid Glaus, break and down in the same sentence.

    sdp buy a Honda.

  8. braves14 @3,

    I HOPE with Bobby’s propensity for platoons that he would use Hinske at first against righthanders and move Prado over (and bring in Infante for 2nd) against lefthanders.

  9. 2009-2010 Final Bowl Standings:

    1. Mountain West 4-1
    3. Big Ten 4-3
    4. Big 12 4-4
    5. Big East 3-3
    6. WAC 2-2
    7. ACC 3-4
    8. Conference USA 2-4
    9. PAC-10 2-5
    10. MAC 1-4

    Also, BCS Game Results by Conference:

    T-1. Big Ten 2-0
    3. WAC 1-0
    T-4. ACC 0-1
    T-4. Big 12 0-1
    T-4. Big East 0-1
    T-4. PAC-10 0-1
    T-4. Mountain West 0-1

    A) Even in a down year, the SEC is one of only three conferences with a winning bowl season ( > .500 record) and again produces the National Champion with the Alabama Crimson Tide.

    B) The Mountain West should be drawing near to Automatic Qualifier status. I’d like to see them add Boise State and Fresno State and another (Nevada?), institute a conference championship game, and then award the conference an automatic BCS berth.

  10. @24

    Yeah, but at least that non-stop Boston/Yank talk will be coming from the talented John Kruk and Karl Ravech. So it’s not all bad..

  11. Adam Laroche is still out there. Why not sign him to a one year deal and platoon him and Glaus at 1B?

  12. The Vols leading #1 Kansas with a minute to go. Outstanding coaching job by Pearl under the circumstances.

  13. Grant will get us there. Eventually.

    All-time Alabama-NBA team:

    PG Mo Williams
    SG Latrell Sprewell
    SF Gerald Wallace
    PF Robert Horry
    C Antonio McDyess

    6M Derrick McKey
    G TR Dunn
    F Reggie King

    You could do worse.

  14. god help me…… its love for all things SEC basketball?? the football was bad enough. seriously, how can a fan of one team join in the chest thumping over another teams win just because they’re in the same league?……………being braves fans, do you all root for other NL teams in inter-league games and the world series? i’ve spent enough years watching the other NL teams kick the hell out of the braves to hate every one of them and i NEVER root for them…….. unless they’re playing the yankees.

  15. Crazy NFL playoff game this evening, Packers-Cardinals. You had to know a defensive play would decide the game.

  16. NickC – Did we get Lowell?

    I saw Ernesto Mejia was named the ROY and MVP of the VWL. I am quite sure that Freddie Freeman will become the better player, but I am disappointed we let Mejia go. I think he will develop some value.

  17. I don’t see anything about Lowell on MLBTR, so I would guess nothing doing there.

    That said, Lowell could be a useful bench player provided the Saux are paying 95% of the salary.

  18. Why not, I’m bored –

    All Time Auburn BB Team

    G John Mengelt
    PF Charles Barkley
    C Mamadou N’diaye
    SF Chuck Person
    G Wesley Person

    I did have to look up Mengelt, but the rest were of the top off my head. Not bad at all – be hard to have enough basketballs for two Persons AND Barkley though.

  19. Congrats, Vols! Great, gutty game. (But if the Headband ever tries to go behind his back again to beat a double-team …)

    Leon Douglass and Reginald King were actually the same person. Bama just renamed him when he ran out of eligibility.

  20. Did we get Lowell? I have been unable to access MLBTR all day and the Braves website is silent….

  21. The most Similar Batter to 35 to Mike Lowell is….you guessed it Ken Caminiti….

    Lowell obviously is a very different person and player than Caminiti. I think that he would be a great addition to the 2010 Braves….

  22. Ha. I knew deleting part of my comment would come back to haunt me.

    I missed out the word “should”.

  23. Well done!! Too bad its not the first of April. That said, I think many of us are expecting to see the Braves acquire another player-when the prices drop on unsigned free agents. I have never been big on Damon, but for the right price, he could be a great pick up….

  24. Great win, Vols fans. Conference road games in February will be a different story if you’re stll without Williams, Tatum, and Goins, but I can’t complain about getting a SoS boost.

    Self’s coaching was brutal.

    I like Grant, Mac, and from what I’ve heard from some folks who ought to know, he’s doing things the right way. Looking forward to our game on Wednesday.

    And, FWIW, I’d put Stallings up against any other coach in the conference.

  25. Give me the NFL over any college game. College ball was fun when I was in college but, for me, if it’s not the NFL, it’s not really football. Also, I can enjoy looking at NFL cheerleaders without feeling like a dirty old man (or at least less so).

  26. spike,

    I don’t really follow Auburn sports that much, but when you listed your picks for the all-time team, it made me think of Chris Porter. I’m not suggesting he should replace anyone on that team, but dude was a crazy athlete. Maybe he could come off the bench. He had a couple of the greatest dunks I can remember.

  27. Well, at least give me that Packers-Cards game over college. The other games this weekend were brutal.

  28. I was at the Tennessee game yesterday and I have to say that was the best effort I ever saw a sports team put forward.

    It was tied at half and all the fans were talking about how proud of the effort they were. Then we played even better in the second half.

    This team, as of now, reminds me of Pearl’s first squad. Stu’s right, we might lose a few conference road games, but we won’t be out hustled.

  29. Smitty, I think you’ll lose a bunch of games in conference play if those 3 guys don’t return. Depth will quickly become an issue against more inspired opponents. And I wouldn’t count on maintaining that hustle advantage, either.

    Of course, I expect two of those guys to return, probably soon, and UT will be fine. Probably fine enough to compete with Florida for third in the East. ;)

  30. It sounds like the three other suspended Vols will be expected back at some point this year. Don’t know if we’ll ever know the full story, but I have to think that with Tyler Smith being dismissed it may have been wrong-place, wrong-time for the other three players (just speculation on my part).

    Yes is was a tremendous win for the Vols and as I mentioned yesterday, it should be a good 3-way race for 2nd in the SEC East between Vandy, UT and Florida and that’s the order I expect them to finish behind UK.

    Can’t say enough about Bruce Pearl. It’s kind of funny being a Vols fan right now as Pearl brings all this attention to our program that we never used to get and he does it in such a classy way, and then you have the polar opposite in Kiffin. Don’t get me wrong, for now, Kiffin is our guy and he may wind up getting results, but as a fan I generally shudder when he opens his mouth.

  31. I think that only tow of the three guys will be back. Tatum and Goins might, but I think Williams won’t be. That gives the Vols depth at wing and point. With that, we should be fine. We will have no problem steam rolling Vandy and Florida.

  32. VU was at least as good as UT before Smith, et al. went felonious.

    I think Williams and whichever of Tatum and Goins wasn’t driving the car will be back on the team.

  33. I don’t think Vandy was as good as Tennessee, however, I think Tennessee might be a better TEAM than they were. If that makes sense?

  34. It’s possible that they could be a better team than they were previously if they get some guys back. There’s no chance that’s true while they’re without 4 scholarship players.

    Everyone’s sleeping on VU.

  35. I like Vandy basketball and hope they finish second to UT in the east. I think Vandy, Tennessee, Kentucky and LSU are the four toughest places to play in the SEC.

  36. Adam M — Apparently it was a great game (despite the outcome). I wouldn’t know since FOX decided to go out. Argh. I only get a handful of channels — I need them to work. heh heh.

  37. I’m not sleeping on VU. I’m all about Vandy, the only school to ever produce a baseball prospect whose only weakness was a lack of weaknesses.

  38. At UT, I’m reminded of Gottfried’s one really successful Alabama team, that lost its best player (Chuck Davis) to a knee injury and played the SEC schedule with seven guys — and went to the Elite Eight. Of course, unlike Gottfried, Pearl can actually set a playing rotation.

  39. Mac, just got an email saying Kirby Smart has accepted the DC job at UGA. Must be a nice pay raise, other than that, I dont understand the move

  40. and now it appears that Bama has offered Smart a pay raise to $900K and he’s rethinking the situation. Just disregard all of my post and we’ll wait for an announcement. Still Id be surprised if he went back to UGA. USF HC job may be a little different

    edit – Stu, I know. Just hearing all the reports this offseason that Richt will step down for missionary work or if he has another down year it could be his last. Seems like that would play a big part also and seems like a lateral move unless its a coach in waiting type thing

  41. With all the player losses on defense, and James Willis likely going to TT, Alabama really needs to try to keep Smart. Especially because he’s also the secondary coach, and the secondary is going to be hardest hit.

  42. @64

    I assume you are referring to Pearl’s body painting episode to question his lack of class?

    Other than that (which I love BTW) I can’t think of anything to hold against him class-wise. I’m thrilled that he is our coach and just hope he wants to stay long-term which it appears that he does.

  43. Well, there’s the groping of Erin Andrews and the pictures with UT co-eds. There’s also the arrest/dismissal record of the kids he’s recruited to UT during his tenure.

    Pearl is a lot of things, many of them good, but “classy” just doesn’t fit.

  44. As much as I hate UT football, I really don’t have much against UT basketball. I haven’t heard anything about Pearl or the basketball program in general that I can’t stand. So far he’s handled the discipline issue with the 4 players pretty well, although he probably has very little choice in the matter – both from public perception and the administration’s standpoint.

    As far as Smart to UGA, I hope not. It is pretty obvious that he’s a great coach. Alabama’s secondary may not have been the most talented, but I’ve never seen a group that was more fundamentally sound. A big part of the credit has to go to Smart, although Saban’s experience as a secondary coach definitely came into play. If Smart wants to be a head coach soon, I’m not sure what’s the best route for him. Turning the Ga defense around would be a major plus for him, but I suspect it will take a few years and if it doesn’t happen next year, Richt will probably be gone.

  45. @71

    Worst of all was at the end of last year when those people got louder than normal and picked up a few bandwagon hoppers, as well. The lack of appreciation for an SEC Eastern Division championship and NCAA Tournament team was palpable, and I (and I’m pretty sure most sane followers of the basketball program) became very worried that Pearl would say, “The hell with this noise! I don’t need this!” and leave. I can honestly say that if I were him and had been in the same situation, I would have very seriously considered it. Needless to say, I’m very glad he didn’t.

    For my sanity’s sake, I just kind of assume that these idiots are the same people who are fans of the football team and were mad at Fulmer every year (even the good ones) and are now on Kiffin’s ass after one year under the ridiculous theory that nothing less than a national championship is acceptable in any year…and that these people took notice of the basketball team a couple years ago when we hit No. 1 (and probably weren’t even aware we had a basketball team up until that point) and started projecting the same expectations onto the basketball team without knowing any of the history whatsoever, and thus threw a tantrum last year when we didn’t win a national championship in basketball. At least I hope so, because the thought of anyone who has followed Tennessee men’s basketball for any length of time not being at least OK with a division title and an NCAA Tournament appearance is just so beyond ridiculous that I fear anybody who falls into that category is beyond the level at which mental health professionals might be able to help them.

    Also, amongst a small minority of these people who don’t like Pearl, there’s an ever-so-thinly veiled layer of anti-semitism going on, which is kind of disturbing, to say the least.

  46. I am clearly not as up-to-date about the dirt on Pearl as you are, Stu, but I think I like the guy.

    I certainly hope we hand him 2-3 losses this year, but, under the circumstances, I could certainly get behind any NCAA run the Vols manage to put together.

  47. well doesnt matter, at Rolando McClain’s press conf (he’s going pro – no shocker), Saban announces that Smart will stay

  48. ahhh crap. My dream is shattered. MLBTR has a press release from the Cubs… Maddux is going to be an assistant to the GM. There is no other former player I can think of that I’d rather have in an organization than Maddux… almost no job I can’t imagine him improving on what you’ve already got.

  49. @38, barrycuda, we’re throwing you ACC folks a bone by taking the discussion to your turf: college basketball (well, not FSU’s specifically, but you know).

    @24, csg, we made the Vazquez trade with the Yankees just so we could get a mention on Baseball Tonight. See, Wren/Liberty has a plan.

  50. Pearl is an interesting guy. At the Holocaust Museun in Washington, they have a collection of statements from people in various walks of life and his is one of them. I also know someone who has met Pearl at some Jewish organization functions who thinks a lot of him. Which, of course, does not mean he cannot have also done some less-than-noble things and his ex-wife apparently doesn’t think much of him.

  51. Great Braves-SEC football synergy: David Pollack (via Twitter) stealing a page from Wren’s book and saying that Smart signed an offer sheet with UGA, then backed out.

  52. I’m sure it was calculated… but I think McGwire waiting till after the HOF voting (and results) announcement was a nice touch… makes him at least SEEM like he’s not making a play for HOF votes.

  53. @82

    Yeah. I figure it is the same people that just pulled for UNC when basketball season rolled around and think that is what Tennessee is.

    It takes a long time to build a program to that level (more than four years)

    But I also think a lot of them are “Fulmer-ites” who think Fulmer hung the moon and should be coach and want Hamilton gone. Their backlash is against Hamilton’s boy, Pearl. I am also guessing these people are in their late 40’s and can’t get laid.

  54. @94

    Hey now,

    Most of those folks pull for Duke, not UNC. As in, I pull for Notre Dame in football season.

  55. #86, yeah I think everyone would love Maddux as a pitching coach and Chipper as a hitting coach.

    Maybe we’ll just offer him the manager’s job to tempt him away.

  56. 97 – Is that in response to the revelation that Bruce Pearl’s ex doesn’t think much of him?

  57. KU fans are in an uproar. I think Self let the team go down. They’re been playing shitty for a few weeks now. The team isn’t designed to play outside in. Need to play inside out, and when the NCAA preseason player of the year gets 5 shots, something is wrong.

    I hate KU with a passion, but Self is a top 5 coach and his resume really dispels any argument to the contrary. They’ve more talent than any team in basketball and from what I hear, the egos to match. I guess he though that it was better to burn one in non-con than go into conference play with a team that has it’s collective head up its A$$.

    Still, inspired win by Tennessee. Beating KU while playing walk-ons is impressive any way you cut it.

    Also, one of the more interesting parts of college BBall (for me) is rooting for the teams you played in the non-con during the rest of the season. That being said, I caught the end of Fla/Vandy game on ESPN2 before the Mizzou/KState game on Sat. Good win Stu. Hope they keep it up.

  58. Teflon is an amazing substance. Bruce Pearl bathes in it.

    He is, to paraphrase Mario Puzo’s description of Sonny Corleone, “one of those guys that women loved to shove between their tits and forgive them everything”.

    He reminds me of Tevya from “Fiddler on the Roof”.

    I’m told his ex-wife opened up a beauty salon named “Alimony”.

    Don’t get me wrong: I like the guy except for twice a year.

  59. I’m very interested to see how your freshmen handle a tough SEC road environment tomorrow night, hank.

    Go, Gators. ::vomits::

  60. I like Bruce Pearl. He seems like a good guy, and he coaches ’em up pretty good.

    Also, FWIW, Vandy is my pick for 2nd place in the SEC East.

  61. What is Maddux doing as an assistant GM? Seems like “The Professor” should be teaching pitching.

  62. Go Gators? Really, Stu? I’m pretty sure if Dante’s running the show down there, you’re condemned to the third ring.

    Can you imagine how good the Hawks would be if all of them played hard on the same night? What a frustrating team. And bent on heartbreak for thier fans.

  63. Kornhiser actually said something useful.

    I’ve said for years that the commish should declare an amnesty for steroid users and command to go and sin no more (or we throw your sorry ass out forever). Tony agreed with me.

    Now I have to check my premises.

  64. hank,

    (a) As I’ve mentioned here before, UK is my least favorite fellow SEC program.

    (b) Even if that weren’t the case, I’d want the team my team just beat to beat the team everyone considers the best team in the East.

  65. For the Hawks, I have been chalking the inconsistency up to youth, but we might be past that excuse this year.

    Is it coaching?

  66. Yep. He opened his mouth and removed all doubt.


    My son (14) and I spent three consecutive Sunday evenings watching the LOTR trilogy (uninterrupted on dvd). We are better men for it.

  67. What the hell do you expect him to say?

    “Frank, do you think you’ve got a better club in place than at the end of last season?”

    “Of course not.”

    Come on.

  68. well, we just might have a better team, top to bottom, than last year AT THIS TIME.

    we’ve got some stored cash for an arm (if needed…i’m talking to you Aaron Harang) when the need arises and B. Jones / B. Reyes / insert mediocre A arm here (i’m talking to you Cole Roborough) to trade for him.

  69. Jinx!

    Edit – I guess you beat me by 15 minutes.

    Although, I don’t see why we need an arm. Isn’t it a bat or two we lack?

  70. @113 – How does that prove that he is an idiot? I think he is right. We are better off than we were at the start or the end of the year. Don’t like the outfield? Well it’s surely better than the combo of injured McClouth, injured Church, Anderson, and Diaz. Don’t like the bench? Definately better than Greg freakin’ Norton. Bullpen either? One of Soriano or Gonzales won’t make it through the year without injury – count it. Don’t like Glaus? Well, I definately wouldn’t like first half LaRoche for 6 or 7 mil. Ahh yes, the starting pitching. Hudson will replace Vasquez’ production b/c Vasquez wouldn’t have been as good this year. And Derek Lowe will be better.

    Give the guy a break. He isn’t in charge of the Yankees. He doesn’t have money to spend. But as it is – we are better off than we were last year. If Glaus goes down, then we are in the same position.

  71. At the end of the year, the team had Hudson, Hanson, and Vazquez, though. It’s hard to argue that the team is better than at the end of the season.

    However, the team is clearly much, much better than it was at the beginning of last season.

    Wren did the best he could do with the money he was given, but dumping a good pitcher signed at a bargain rarely makes the team better.

  72. @111

    Well, everyone’s forgotten this over the intervening year and a half since a frankly awful team somehow made the playoffs at well under .500 and then even more miraculously nearly beat the eventual NBA champions in the first round, but Mike Woodson is still a truly awful coach unless someone sprinkled magic pixie dust on him. I’d say that’s a good place to start.

  73. 111,
    Entropy and randomness and the way of the world would be the simplest explanation. I can believe youth or coaching, too, though, given it’d make an awful lot of sense.

  74. Wren has done a good job IMO. It’s not like he has crippled the organization. The braves aren’t too far away from where they ended up last year either. And really, there was never any chance of keeping gonzo, soriano, roach, vazquez, and adding a corner OF with a mid-market payroll. Wren did pretty damn good in-season last year too (frany for church, kotch for roach, mcclouth).

    Hillariously, CHONE has projected the Melk Dud as a 3.4 war player in ’10. If only…

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