Nats 6, Braves 4 (11 innings)

Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – October 03, 2009 – ESPN

What a sad state of affairs. I guess I have to recap it. Jair Jurrjens had another fine outing despite the lack of stakes, going eight innings and allowing two runs on five hits and three walks; he struck out nine. He left with the game tied, because the offense didn’t come to play against yet another pitcher with an ERA over 5. The Braves’ only runs in regulation came on a two-run single by McCann in the sixth.

Soriano pitched the ninth, and got his 100th and 101st strikeouts of the year, which should help him make more money this offseason. Call the Cubs, Rafael. Moylan came in to pitch the tenth, and didn’t have it, allowing a hit and a walk, and then a two-out, two-run double that seemingly ended the game. But LaRoche a soft single to lead off the bottom of the inning, and KJ followed with a pinch-hit double to score him. (I don’t know why he risked it, to be honest, but don’t really care.) It looked like KJ would be stranded, but Norton, of all people, had a pinch-hit single to tie the game with two out.

Bobby had seen enough and wanted to go home, so he brought in Acosta, who gave up a two-run homer to basically lose the game. Not that it matters.

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  1. Ya know Mac , this is personal since you seem to have made such a personal effort to track my IP and then post it online.

    People like yourself are what’s wrong with America. You have ZERO respect for those opinions which are in direct disagreement with your own.

    And no, I don’t live in Fargo ( I can’t stand big cities). I’m actually about 155 miles away and on the opposite side of the Red River. but who cares, right?

    p.s. I live a stones throw from the Canadian/American international border.

    Ain’t Bobby Cox the greatest living legend in ML baseball? The man deserves to be enshrined in Cooperstown right now before he has the chance to screw up one more season before retiring.

    About 2010. I’ll call it one whole year in advance. Playoffs (probably wild card) and a quick exit out of the post season, followed by the relief of Bobby retiring.

  2. People like yourself are what’s wrong with America. You have ZERO respect for those opinions which are in direct disagreement with your own

    Strong words from someone who just yesterday said that he was “righter” than everyone else, who was wrong.

    By the way, Mac never actually posted who your IP was, he just posted what region you were from.

  3. sdp – I just read the link. I don’t know why I did that. I think that Coach is really Furman Bisher. Inane blather. I just can’t believe that they pay that guy to write that shit.

  4. 7, the moment I hear of the trade of Wainwright, Marquis and Ray King, I felt the distinct urge to vomit. As for the Teixeira trade, only a WS championship could have justified it. Both trades came up far short of that same goal.

    And 8, logic dictates the way I interpret the game of baseball. So understand this, the two most fundamentally sound baseball teams in the big leagues are the Angels and Twins. I’m biased but Mike Scioscia is my favorite manager. Gardy (Ron Gardenhire) is a close second followed by Tony LaRussa, Joe Torre, Terry Francona, Charlie Manuel, Joe Maddon and Jim Leyland in no particular order.

    Cox wouldn’t even make my top ten, for obvious reasons.

  5. Born and raised in Georgia, been a Braves fan all my life. Not even Bobby Cox can chase me away.

  6. Joe Simpson-Brian Jordan

    Joe Simpson-Ron Gant

    Joe Simpson-Jeff Torborg

    Joe Simpson-Bob Rathbun

    Joe Simpson-Chip Caray

  7. coach…go away. stop hijacking threads with your drivel. noone cares about your carousel opinion.

  8. Why no Diaz for the past 3 games? Is he in the dog house for the baserunning error against the Marlins? I doubt it–that’s not Cox’s style, but it seems odd that he hasn’t played for the past 3 games.

    My apologies for asking about something that may have been in the threads for the last 3 games but I’ve missed most of the games and threads.

  9. @23
    diaz plays with his heart on his sleeve so i’m guessing he’s pretty devastated that he cost the game. i’m guessing it’s a personal decision from diaz, not cox.

  10. Diaz is hurt and out for the season. Apparently, he’s been playing with a hand infection caused by a splinter from a broken bat. He just discovered it the other day. He’s been playing in pain for a month but thought it was a jammed thumb.

  11. So Boog leaves us for the evil network. I saw it coming.

    We probably won’t see the dedicated crew we saw with Skip and Pete and the bunch for a while.

    I hate ESPN…not really for stealin Boog…but I hate them.

    i wonder what Bobby says he needs to Frank Wren in his last year.

  12. #7, I especially like the bit where he says calling up Hanson on the same day we released Glavine was luck. It was kind of planned when we did that that Hanson would be a lot better, him being the best pitcher in the minors and AFL last year.

    Also, the Teixeira trade didn’t come close to costing us this year. Harrison, Andrus and Saltalamacchia wouldn’t start here and Feliz (the only real loss from the deal) would have provided minimal benefit.

  13. Man – Furman Bisher = Harrumph. That was as crappy an assertion based, fact free screed as a Coach post.

  14. Posnanski is the anti Furman Bisher!

    I remember reading a Bill James Baseball Abstract once where James wondered how many runs a team with 8 .400 OBP players in the starting line up would score.

    @37 – NO.

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