Nats 2, Braves 1

Washington Nationals vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – October 01, 2009 – ESPN


The Braves took a 1-0 lead in the third on a solo homer by McLouth, but an RBI double in the top of the fourth tied it. Tommy Hanson struck out nine in seven innings of work, allowing but the one run, getting a no-decision. Gonzalez pitched the eighth with no difficulties, but Soriano gave up a leadoff double in the ninth, then gave up a single to PTG Orr to bring in the winning run. The Braves got runners first and third with two out in the ninth, but Infante grounded out pinch-hitting… ACHE had his 2500th and 2501st career hits tonight, which I suppose means something to Angels fans.

I know it’s desultory, but I’m just playing out the string. The Braves stranded eight men and grounded into three double plays, which would upset me more if it wasn’t, you know, a meaningless game in the last week of the season with little to play for. It would have been nice if they’d gotten a win for Hanson, but he had a nice rookie year… Soriano did strike out three, getting him close to 100 strikeouts for the season.

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  1. Is there a Braves Miserable Loss Indicator number for starter pitches his ass off; offense phones it in?

    Go Dawgs!

  2. So did Bobby actually punish Diaz for the pickoff by not playing him last night? If so, I’m shocked that somebody other than Yunel got that treatment.

  3. He was probably doing Diaz a favor by not playing him. I seriously doubt he asked for a day off, but he probably needed it.

  4. @12
    no. as hesitant as diaz was, you’ve got to believe that there were a few factors involved:
    1. we know for sure prado was putting up the stop sign.
    2. we know for sure that snitker sucks as a 3b coach and he was WAY down the line on that play, causing me to believe he was shouting directions at diaz (probably, “GO…NO! STOP! Nevermind…GO!).

  5. Too bad that Hanson could not get some run support; watch the Braves score a ton for Lowe….

  6. Is this the end for both Soriano and Gonzalez in Braves uniforms? I’d like to have one of them back next year.

  7. Even thought it’s a “meaningless” game (although I assume that the fans that paid to see it don’t get their money back), I am very discouraged about getting one run off Garrett Mock and losing to the worst team in baseball. I am extremely disappointed that the Braves have played so poorly this week; the Rockies deserve credit for stepping up but I wanted the Braves to at least finish strong. The thing is, the Braves should have been better; their run differential is second in the NL to the Dodgers. They wasted some of the best pitching in years. At least I hope they show some class and show up for the last few games.

  8. The Braves also wasted a year of general good health, which as the 2008 Braves and 2009 Mets will tell you, is no small thing. Hope we are as lucky next year.

  9. I really don’t see how a 14 minimum game improvement while revamping the pitching staff, CF, RF, 1B and 2B constitutes “underachievement”. What would you have realistically expected from this season Coach?

  10. I agree, I don’t think you can really say it’s underachievement, especially considering the offensive problems entering the season. Fourteen games (hopefully more)is a huge improvement. Winning in the high 80s is not mediocrity by any standard other than the Braves of the 90s. In fact, you could argue the Braves are sort of following the path of the Phillies who won in the mid 80s for several years before breaking through (albeit largely due to the Mets).

    At the same time, they pissed away a number of games due to bullpen problems (whether or not caused by Bobby) and other things. Tough losses happen to all teams, but I can think of probably 5 or 6 games at the minimum that they should have won. (of course, there were a few games they should have lost as well.) And they continued to have problems with the Reds and Pirates, which ultimately cost them.

  11. We should have upgraded 1B, 2B, RF and CF earlier and we would be in the postseason now.

    I’m still excited that we got rid of Jeffy AND planted him on the Mets, who – being the Mets – will lock him up long-term.

    Looking ahead, I’d like us to keep either Soriano or Gonzo (if keeping both is not possible), address the 1B situation and get another outfield bat. All of that without giving up too much pitching. Especially Hanson, Jurrjens and Vasquez should be untouchable.

  12. I think the team can be forgiven for letting their preseason picks have a fair trial (with the notable exception of RF) I am pretty sure CF was an injury issue to large degree.

  13. 25,

    Schafer was once touted as the guy who would fill Andruw’s shoes. Now he’s not even in our discussions for next year. I’d love to see him get another shot, even if it’s somewhere else.

  14. @28,

    I don’t think we need “a word to the wise” from you. I don’t see much wisdom in your comments although apparently you consider yourself to be Socrates.

    Just how old are you?

  15. Looking into my grinning crystal ball…….

    2010, Cox retires. 2011, Braves win the World Series.

    2015, Cox is inducted into Cooperstown. 2016, I write my book titled: “Cox, the most overrated manager of all time”, 2017, I retire a multimillionaire due to the proceeds from my Pulitzer prize winning novel :)

  16. 28,

    I don’t think they hit Young on purpose. That’s like hitting Francoeur on purpose. Hit the guy who is liable to get on base, not the out machine. Also, it’s probably a good thing for the Twins for Delmon Young to be out because that allows them to use Span in Left and Gomez in Center (an alignment they should’ve been using since day 1), which is awesome defensively. And it’s not awesome offensively, but Delmon Young is one of the worst offensive players in the game, anyway.

    Additionally, with the Twins scrambling for quality relievers ever since Pat Neshek went down over a year ago, I doubt they get rid of Mijares. Nathan, Rauch, Mijares, and Guerrier are their only useful bullpen members.

  17. 22, glass half full kind of guy are you?

    Word to the wise, the glass is supposed to be full and running over.
    Unsuccessful extended metaphor alert. That’s right up there with “make the pie higher”.

    You do have a gift Coach – but you must only use it for good.

  18. Looking ahead, I’d like us to keep either Soriano or Gonzo (if keeping both is not possible), address the 1B situation and get another outfield bat. All of that without giving up too much pitching. Especially Hanson, Jurrjens and Vasquez should be untouchable.

    I’d also like a pony.

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