Larry McWilliams vs. Marty Clary. Also, SEC Picks. Also, game thread: Nats at Braves

Seasons with Braves: 1978-1982
Notable Stats: 4.53 ERA, 4.5 K/9
Notable Achievements: In 1983 with Pittsburgh, finished fifth in the Cy Young voting.


Marty Clary Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 1987-1990
Notable Stats: 5-14, 4.48 ERA
Notable Achievements: Is now a physical therapist.

SEC Picks, home teams in blue:

Alabama 31, Kentucky 9
Georgia 38, LSU 33
Ole Miss 23, Vandy 10
South Carolina 44, SC State 0
Ga Tech 26, MSU 19
Arkansas 41, Texas A&M 35 (at Dallas)
Auburn 21, Tennessee 3

39 thoughts on “Larry McWilliams vs. Marty Clary. Also, SEC Picks. Also, game thread: Nats at Braves”

  1. McWilliams always seemed to me to be just on the edge of stardom, and actually after leaving the Braves, got even closer to the edge. Clary was just plain bad on bad Braves teams. Clary gets the easy vote.

  2. McWilliams also helped stop Pete Rose’s 44-game hitting streak. He was the winning pitcher in that game, so I gotta vote for Clary.

  3. Clary sits in on a small-time sports talk show here in the Upstate of SC on occasion. I remember he came to an event when I was playing recreational league baseball as a kid. We were thrilled for not only a major leaguer, but a former ATLANTA BRAVE!

  4. What’s the over/under on turnovers in the UGA-LSU game?

    Also, I’m curious to see the new Auburn offense against Tennessee’s D.

    Of course, if UT had a QB they’d be OK.

  5. Definitely Clary. Even before he was on the “edge of stardom”, McWilliams was one of the Braves better pitchers. This doesn’t say as much about McWilliams as it says about the desperate shape of the Braves pitching staff at that time.

  6. I get Clary confused with other terrible relievers from that time, like Clancy, Petry and St. Claire

  7. I’m still not convinced that “Randy St. Claire” isn’t a porn name.

    Also, I voted for Clary, but considering the teams he played on from 1987 to 1990, it seems almost miraculous that his ERA was under 4.50. He must have been one of the better players on the team.

  8. Yeah, Clary looked like a piece of the puzzle in 1989, maybe the #3 behind Smoltz and Glavine. What I didn’t realize at the time is that righthanded pitcher who strikes out less than four men per nine = loser. He actually walked more than he struck out that year.

  9. From previous comparison

    “And by the way MAC, Chipper is batting .269, Andrus is hitting .266”

    You can’t be serious with that comparison. Even in one of his worst years, Chipper’s stats are far better than Andrus in everything but batting average.

    Chipper-.269/.391/.439/120 OPS+

    Andrus–.266/.227/.369/83 OPS+

    Andrus may improve but it’s unlikely that he will ever, in his dreams, be the hitter Chipper Jones is, even now. I realize his primary value now is defense and speed, but he would have to be Ozzie Smith to be as valuable as Chipper. And, as far as Yunel playing third, even now his numbers are not as good as Chipper’s except for batting average.

  10. The Teixeira trade, to me, was about eating chicken wings, listening to metallica, drinking Keystone Light, and wanting to get into the stadium to scream as loud as you can.

  11. Screaming-As-Loud-As-You-Can Dept.

    My mailroom guy—a singer in a Judas Priest “tribute band”—just told me that Rob Halford is releasing a Christmas album.

    I was afraid to ask if it was covers or original material.

    Consider me confused.

  12. And it’s official.

    Rockies 9, Brewers 2.

    We’re mathematically eliminated.

    Then again, even a month ago, who’d have thought it would take this long?

  13. Better to be eliminated in game 158 than earlier I suppose. I wonder if we’ll see any unusual line ups the rest of the season.

  14. I would imagine not. They really didnt call up too many warm bodies after Sept 1st. There a few players still playing for personal stats (i.e. Chipper 20 HR)

  15. ACHE’s at 2499 career hits and may retire after the season… McCann needs eight RBI for 100… McLouth needs two HR for 20… Soriano needs four strikeouts for 100, Gonzalez needs 10… Soriano also needs three saves for 30.

  16. So is Hanson still starting tonight? And if so why? Do we have any scrub starters even on the roster? Be a good time for Redmond to get a start maybe one for Medlen and KK. Thoughts?

  17. @11
    i was appalled by that statement until i realized who said it. elvis andrus wouldnt be sniffing our starting lineup.

  18. Good god, Smoltz and Duncan look like a couple of whiners. Why would CIN do this at this point in the season? If Duncan saw pine tar being used, why didn’t he have the ump check Arroyos cap? How come the other 4 pitchers didn’t have a problem?


  19. Hey, let Hanson try for the Rookie of the Year Award.

    If Hanson pitches a gem, he could be 12-4 with an ERA perhaps lower than JA Happ’s.

  20. sdp Says:

    “What the hell did ACHE do?”

    For some reason, that made me laugh really loudly ( while I’m sitting in my Microbiology class).

  21. I’d love for us to finish with 90 wins.

    Just read the link provided by sdp. Geez. Smoltzie is doing his best to ruin his reputation as the ultimate gamer and stellar professional.

  22. Hey, at least I’m not the only one who BravesJournal’s in class. And Microbiology blows. I know more about the lac operon in E. coli and other gene regulators in enteric bacteria than I ever cared to know.

  23. I’m a junior at Clemson University. I’m a Mathematical Sciences major but I bounced from Biology to Chemistry before landing in Math.

  24. Sdp,

    Junior at Brigham Young University, Microbiology major. I actually wanted to go into Mathematical sciences at first, but then took an Anatomy Class and absolutely fell in love.

  25. @35: Nice. I had a analytical chemistry professor who went to BYU. I probably should have stayed in biology–the first day of my anatomy course included a diversion about the clitoris.

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