117 thoughts on “Game thread: Sept. 27, Braves at Nats”

  1. 2009 Braves Pythagorean W-L: 87-67

    Actual Record: 84-70

    2009 Rockies Pythagorean W-L: 85-70

    Actual Record: 87-68

    Who has done the better job, Bobby Cox or Jim Tracy?

  2. Think Urban Meyer is going to keep running up the score and leave his all world QB in the game with a huge lead anymore? Go to hell Gators!

  3. Just want to echo all the other comments in the previous thread and say I’m proud of this team.

    Looks like Coach stayed true to his word. Has he posted since his epic fight against WordPress?

  4. i really wated to leave a little KeystoneLite barb for my buddy Jon K but since i watched our local heros die from multiple gunshot wounds to the foot, i guess i’ll save it.

  5. I think we’ve got a great chance to pull this out of the hat.

    I’m extremely proud of this group of players this year.

  6. [Checking the Loss Column]

    Ummm…just, mayyyyybbbbeee…..???

    See the Marlins in for three starting tomorrow, and one more left in the Pit of Despair in DC.

    No hope. Sorry, but that’s the way I see it.


  7. Who has done the better job, Bobby Cox or Jim Tracy?

    Hard to say. The data you’ve supplied has nothing to do with the question. I’ll say that Jim Tracy’s resume isn’t exactly filled with satisfied employers.

    The two biggest “underachievers” by pythag in the NL are the Dodgers and Braves whose managers have had – let’s say – a little bit of success at the major league level. The biggest “overachievers” are the Padres and Astros led by future Hall of Fame managers Bud Black and whoever replaced the fired Cecil Cooper.

  8. I’d love to get excited about the last week or two…but I’m afraid the Marlins are gonna rue the day for us regardless of what the Rockies do.

    It will be interestng to see what this team can put together next year…been saying that for how long now?

    Let’s keep making it interesting, boys.

  9. 9,

    I’m also a little nervous about the Marlins series. Some people seem to think they’re a pushover team like the Nats. Heck, even the Nats aren’t a pushover team like the Nats.

  10. No way the Braves win out.

    If they somehow make it through the season with only one more loss, I would say they have a good chance of at least forcing a playoff. Two losses or more and fahgeddaboutit.

    I think it is most likely we lose 2+ games from here on out and fall just short.

  11. What is there to even say about Lowe? He just shouldn’t be starting for a playoff contender. Don’t we have some mediocre prospect who could replace him?

  12. Not real good when your $16 million supposed ace is your 6th best starter. Lowe’s era the last 2 months is pretty ugly. I hope Wren can find some sucker of a GM (paging Minaya and Cashman!) to take him off our hands in the offseason. And why the heck is something call Jay’s Brawl Calls on Sports South HD instead of the Braves game?

  13. Jesus, Derek – do your damned job. I can’t believe this guys is getting paid more than anyone on this team.

  14. I’m “watching” on MLB Gameday. Lowe’s pitches appear to be consistently high in the strike zone.

    While Hernandez appears to throw the majority of his pitches outside.

    Is this the case?

  15. He’s not pitching well, but Lowe’s hustling. TBS just showed him beating out a swinging bunt to 3rd.

  16. Also, Livan is getting pitches called strikes that are about 3 or 4 inches off the plate – and consistently.

  17. Can someone explain to me why Lowe is starting and not Kawakami? Is it safe to say that this is another example of Bobby not playing the hot hand in a critical situation? Cue everyone’s favorite examples from past playoff series, my favorite being the decision to start a slumping Glavine twice (and the second time on three day’s rest, no less) in the ’02 NLDS against the Giants when Millwood was torrid at the end of the season.

  18. #42, yeah, I’m pretty sure he threw 4 pitches in a row to Prado in exactly the same location and ended up with a 2-2 count.

  19. I can’t believe they let Livan hit in that spot. Then again, I can’t believe it went to a full count.

  20. That atbat by Livan was Bad News Bears for Lowe for the first half. If Lowe hadn’t come back to get him, that would have been freaking terrible.

  21. Rob- Madness? This! Is! ATLANTA!

    There is nothing even vaguely resembling an excuse for Diaz dropping a sacrifice bunt-

    Or for the Emperor being within 500 miles of this game.

  22. take the bat out of diaz’s hands with a runner in scoring position in order to bring up norton. argh. hopefully he can at least hit a fly ball…

  23. Situation is ideally suited for KJ. He can do his long AB and then hit a slow roller to 1st and 2nd to score the run.

  24. Norton is hitting 89 points worse than Lowe. We could’ve just kept Lowe in the lineup and replaced him for the bottom of the 7th.

  25. I sometimes feel like the Braves deserve to lose for giving away outs like that (diaz bunting and norton getting at-bats).

  26. F**k Norton. F**k Bobby. What the hell was he thinking? It’s almost like he doesn’t WANT to win. The dumbest move I have ever seen from a manager. Ever.

  27. #70, can’t really blame the Diaz bunt since he was safe at first and it’s a reasonable call in a tie game.

  28. Norton’s skillset this year is uniquely ill-suited to getting a dude in from third with less than two out. He strikes out a quarter of the time, walks a fifth, has yet to record a sac fly this year.

  29. We are now halfway to the Bobby cycle in this game. We’ve already had the .320 hitter called on to bunt with no outs and a runner at 2nd plus the worst pinch hitter in history sent up to fail with a runner at 3rd and numerous better hitters available on the bench. Now all we need to complete the cycle is to have a righthanded reliever give up a homer to Adam Dunn and for Bobby to bring in Soriano with a huge lead/deficit. Bobby Cox: still not a good manager. I take back my praise from this morning.

  30. I’ve just got Gameday, but that slider on the inside corner for strike three to Willingham looked as though it was beautiful.

  31. You guys aren’t thinking about this correctly. It’s like when the #8 hitter gets a single with two outs. Bobby has now cleared Norton and we can proceed to try and win the game.

  32. Moylan has apparently decided he’s an honorary member of the rotation today, since Lowe let us down.

  33. Wooo. Free baseball.

    Yeah, Gonzo was wild, but it looked from Gameday like it was the sick kind of wild that comes of uncontrollable stuff; that last pitch was nearly in the dirt, it looked like, but Zimm was swinging away anyway.

  34. That wasn’t exactly what I wanted from Chipper, but I’ll take it. C’mon McCann and Escobar!

    Edit: Well, hey, you know, it scored a run so I’ll take it.

  35. Now that we got that Lowe start out of the way, I just don’t see how the Braves can lose another game!

  36. Braves baseball hasn’t been this fun in a long while now. If they take at least two of three from the Fish, I’ll be convinced that this is going to happen.


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