Albie Lopez vs. Rick Matula. Also, game thread: Braves at Nats

Albie Lopez Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 2002
Notable Stats: 1-4, 4.37 ERA
Notable Achievements: Began a tradition when after the Braves dumped him he went to the Royals, where he put up a 12.71 ERA. A trailblazer.

Rick Matula Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 1979-1981
Notable Stats: 4.41 ERA, 129 K/126 BB
Notable Achievements: None

87 thoughts on “Albie Lopez vs. Rick Matula. Also, game thread: Braves at Nats”

  1. Awesome tidbit, Jon Heyman:

    “Holliday, the top free agent this winter (just ahead of Jason Bay and John Lackey) who’s hitting .356 since coming to St. Louis, is thought to be interested in a deal comparable to the $180 million, eight-year contract signed by Mark Teixeira last winter.”

    You know what, some would say I’m thought to be interested in an 8-year, $180 million deal too. That doesn’t make it any more likely that I’ll get it. And it doesn’t make it any more likely that Holliday will get it, either. Seriously, zero chance Holliday gets that kind of a contract.

  2. Peter Moylan: “He’s the only manager I’ve ever had, and from what I’ve heard, everybody around the league wants to play for him. … I wouldn’t have a career if it wasn’t for him, to be honest. He gave me the opportunity in ’06 to come up and prove that I could pitch at this level, after a mediocre year in Triple-A. And the faith that he showed in me in ’07 and then again this year, coming back from surgery — that’s something that you want to be able to pay back to him, but I don’t know how to do it except to go out there and try and pitch as best as I possibly can.”

  3. so…1 game playoff for the braves and you could have any of our starting pitchers to throw, who would it be? obviously, it would be the next in line because there wouldnt be an off day, but still a fun question.

  4. Since I don’t know what I have to do in order to delete this post, I have to post now that I don’t know what I have to do in order to delete this post.

  5. #8… the only answer I can come up with is “Not Lowe”… I initially thought Hanson because he seems very “young Smoltz” to me… but then I thought JJ seemed pretty impressive out there too and maybe sort of “young Glavine”… and then I realized Vasquez has been pretty danged good too… and then I thought about Hudson who has had many a good game of his own… so yeah… “Not Lowe”.

  6. Which would in turn mean that Hanson would be set to pitch game 1 of the playoff series.

    Actually there are two days off between end of our season and the beginning of the playoffs, so technically it would depend on when that extra day was. If we get a day off then it could be Vasquez or Hanson for either game… or maybe Lowe for game one in the playoffs (though I don’t THINK we’d be that foolish).

  7. May I remind some of you that a) it’s still a longshot to reach a tiebreaker, and b) the Braves generally lose decisive home games?

    A man can dream though. I would probably go with Jurrjens. Why is he “not close” to Vazquez, Stu?

  8. Matula was a strange case for me. He just kind of disappeared. Did he retire, get hurt, or just drop down to the minors never to return after 1980? Does anyone know? That said, he didn’t suck anywhere close to Senor Smokeless. The proud state of Nebraska gives its 3 electoral votes to Albie Lopez for total sucking.

  9. Matula was sent to the minors for suckage. He was in the bullpen for five games, May 30-June 11 1981, and put up a 6.43 ERA. He was used exclusively for mopup duty in blowout losses…

  10. Playoff, ya’ll are talking about the PLAYOFFS.

    There is still no hope here in Chattanooga.

    (The no hope thing has worked really well here. That and the braves are 10-2 since my wife brought home the new kitten.)

  11. Albie Lopez was 0-4, 7.11 ERA, 1.89 WHIP in his 4 starts. That’s how I’ll choose to remember him.

  12. Pitching Vasquez in the 1 game playoff seems like an easy call. What more could you want than an experienced pitcher who can blow hitters away?

  13. 24,
    Vazquez isn’t a “blow ’em away” type. His fastball is his 3rd best pitch. He’s a strikeout artist, not a true power pitcher. And though this probably has no predictive value of future performance, he has generally gotten roughed up in the most important games in his career.

  14. You people are starting to get hope again. Quit it! The Braves play much better when we don’t have any. So. Stop. It. Please. [/speech]

    ps Do feel free to enjoy the winning–it’s quite a bit of fun (and I’m enjoying the fact that we have at least a .500 season). But seriously, quit with all of the hope.

  15. McLouth

    bobby cox on the art of filling out a lineup:
    “eenie meenie miney mo….works for me”.

  16. The Braves only have a 12% chance of making the playoffs.

    And you know they’ll lose the Marlins series.

    Surrender your hope!

  17. Can any Red Sox fan dislike Bud Selig? Seems they’d almost never make the playoffs in recent years without his wildcard.

  18. I will be happy to see ACHE gone at the end of the year. I have no idea why he bats 6th while LaRoche bats 8th.

  19. I will be happy to see ACHE gone at the end of the year. I have no idea why he bats 6th while LaRoche bats 8th.

    But he’s a professional hitter!

    (Whatever that means.)

  20. A comparison I haven’t seen before:

    Fred McGriff as a Brave, 1993: 310/ 392/ 612 (164 OPS+), 19 HR and 55 RBI in 68 games.

    Adam LaRoche as a Brave, 2009: 355/ 426/ 622 (174 OPS+), 12 HR and 36 RBI in 47 games.

  21. So McCann is getting pulled from the game for loafing on that “hit” that should have been an out right? /sarcasm

  22. That’s McCann’s second CI call in the last couple of weeks. He might want to watch out for that.

  23. This is Bobby’s true power – he’s terrible at in-game decisions, but the love former players retain for him creates this network of pro-Braves forces around the league, constantly doing their part to help the Braves, no matter what team they play for. Just look at my performance tonight, and Francouer’s timely homer.

  24. Pete helps us again, keeping that fly ball just inside the park and high enough for Diaz to get under it. You’re a real sport, Pete.

  25. I have the Roku box w/, and I refuse to pay the cable company’s huge HD prices. I’m flipping back and forth, and it’s weird getting an internet feed on my TV that’s of a much higher quality than the Braves game. I kind of wish I was out of market.

  26. Hey, we understand that you’ve got to make a good play every so often, Pete. Otherwise, people might get suspicious.

  27. Don Sutton is speaking blasphemy about how you could pick five names out of a hat for the braves’ playoff rotation and not be disappointed with anybody who might come up first. I’m already worried that there’s at least a 50% chance Lowe would run out there for game one as it is – if Bobby hears Don speaking foolishness, it could be a done deal. Not that I have any hope of the need for a playoff rotation…

  28. The Rockies have pulled Aaron Cook after 5 shutout innings and only 78 pitches for Eric Young, who walked and was promptly thrown out stealing.

    Sort of a mystery move; even with Carpenter having a tough time finding the zone they can’t think they’ll get much more off him.

    Haha, and they’ve pulled him to bring in, of all people, Jose Contreras. To face Pujols and Holliday. That’s a…um, bold?… decision.

  29. Hanson tomorrow and Lowe Sunday. Sounds good and bad at the same time. Oh, that’s right. Lowe is pitching against Leave-on, who has about an 8.00 ERA against us since Eric Gregg retired.

  30. @73 Ah, explains that half of it then. Great outing for him.

    Still, Jose Contreras?

    Holy crap, it worked too.

  31. Not that it matters a whole lot, but the Mets have the bases loaded in the top 9th with none out and are down by a run.

  32. Thank goodness, I was really worried there for a sec that the cosmos was becoming unmoored; I guess leaving Contreras in for a second inning finally made Fate get off its lazy butt and do something.

    In other cosmic puzzlers, the Mets have rallied back to take a ninth-inning lead over the Marlins.

  33. The Mets’ play tonight was very strange. Don’t they usually play like All-Stars against us and then lie down for everyone else? Someone lost his script this month.

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