Rowland Office vs. Reggie Sanders. Also, SEC picks.

Rowland Office Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 1972-1979
Notable Stats: .346 SLG, 24 SB/27 CS
Notable Achievements: Played against Jerry Royster in high school. They must have been the biggest stars on their respective teams. Think about that.


Reggie Sanders Statistics and History –

Seasons with Braves: 2000
Notable Stats: .232 BA, .302 OBP
Notable Achievements: Has played well for every other team in the major leagues.

Home teams in crimson.

Alabama 46, Arkansas 24
Ole Miss 28, USC 15
LSU 56, MSU 13
Florida 41, Kentucky 6
Georgia39, ASU 29
Auburn 48, Ball State 10
Rice 16, Vandy 15
Ohio 17, Tennessee 16

148 thoughts on “Rowland Office vs. Reggie Sanders. Also, SEC picks.”

  1. Reggie Sanders was supposed to contribute & he was a flop. He had his worst season for us and, as bad as his final numbers were, he actually picked it up toward the end of the season.

    It was never thought that Office would be a star. He was a terrific CF & he once had a 22-game hitting streak, but a singles hitter on a lousy team.

    Saw Office play AA for Savannah in the Southern League—his manager was Tommie Aaron—so I voted for Sanders.

    BTW, consider me very intrigued by Ryan Mallet the rest of the season.

  2. I voted for Reggie Sanders, who was a major disappointment for the Braves, although he was good everywhere else.

  3. Sanders actually compares fairly well with early Adam LaRoche, although a bit more extreme. He was godawful when he first started, but his second half numbers were 309/392/568, and I seem to recall his resurgence leading to a three headed monster of Surhoff/Sanders/Jordan platooning around the corners, which was actually effective.

    Office was before my time, but still gets my vote, as while Sanders was a disappointment, his OPS was 40 points higher than Francoeur’s this year, and Bobby didn’t have a problem pulling the cord on him.

  4. I never get to add anything to the usual SEC football debates, but as an OU graduate…

    Go Bobcats. OU? Oh yeah.

    I’m done now.

  5. I used to buy a baseball pre season book every year when I was a teenager. Rowland Office was mentioned as the top prospect for the Braves for 3 consecutive years. I still voted for Sanders.

    Maybe you should post the average SAT scores for Rice and Vandy for your prediction instead of football points.

  6. I voted for Reggie. He had a bad year for the Braves in the middle of a 7 year stretch in which he played for a different team every year, and he was good for the other 6 teams.

    Plus his team knocked the Braves out of the playoffs the first two years after he left.

  7. I’d sure like to know the story why Reggie Sanders didn’t play well with the Braves.
    Here in Reds country, they all remember him fondly, except they usually refer to him as Barry Sanders.
    There’s something to that.

  8. How the Braves could tout Rowland Office as a top prospect after a 236/319/356 season at Triple A (500+ PAs) might be indicative of why they were so bad in the mid/late-’70s.

  9. Adam, there’s definitely a tendency for more recent players to overperform. All the higher seed losses but one were to more recent players who were, objectively, not as bad as the players they beat.

  10. I might be crazy, but I think my Gamecocks have a chance tonight. Maybe not that great of a chance, but probably better than the odds of the Braves seeing the postseason this year.

  11. So what, precisely, is Francoeur? Under optimal circumstances, he’s an 18-20 homer guy who might hit .280 with an OBP of .310. Not great, but he still has a chance to be what one scout called a “useable piece.” That’s more than he was in Atlanta.

    From Crasnick’s “Starting 9” piece on

  12. That’s true, braves14, but their secondary is supposed to be a lot better now than it was then. And I’m really not sure that Garcia is.

    Brian J – Ugh, you’re telling me. I’ve hated the guy for nearly my entire life, but you gotta dance with the one the old AD brung for ya.

  13. As the, I believe, only Ole Miss fan on here I’ll be the first to say the Gamecocks have a chance tonight if not way more than a chance.

    We’ve never been ranked like this in my life time and I can’t help but feel like Fate/Karma is just trying to set me up.

  14. That to. Ugh that was awful last year.

    I think you enjoy inflicting misery on me Stu. And to think I normally pull for Vandy since my mom’s side of the family went there.

  15. I don’t enjoy inflicting misery on anyone except for UK fans–hiya, hank!–and, of course, Mets fans.

    I do think Ole Miss and especially Snead are incredibly overrated this year, as I’ve been saying for a while.

  16. What are the chances that someone can convince Bobby to get thrown out during his last game as manager. Maybe make it a little ceremony? He could just rush out in the late innings, get tossed, and then get an Escalade towing a fishing boat?

  17. Even I’d agree that they are right now. But I do think they’ve got a pretty good team that deserves to be ranked. Just not top 5.

    I thought Vandy people hated UT the most. At least that’s the way my aunt and uncle made it out.

  18. Many do. I grew up a UT fan—my father is a UT alum—so, while that’s no longer the case (at all), I’m much more sympathetic to that program and its morons than the average Vanderbilt fan is.

    As for Ole Miss, maybe they’re worthy of being ranked, but it’s not a slam dunk. You guys lost, among others, your best lineman on both sides of the ball (Oher and Jerry), your best offensive playmaker (Wallace), and weren’t dripping with elite (read: USC-, Texas-, Florida- or LSU-level) talent to begin with. And Snead just isn’t that good.

    At least that’s how I see it. (Note that I also saw Vanderbilt as a pretty good team this year, and that ain’t looking too smart at this juncture.)

  19. Few things that I’d have to say are incorrect. First the consensus has been that our best defensive lineman is Greg Hardy when healthy. (Which was also Peria’s big flaw. Ask Falcon’s fans) He’s back. And Jerrell Powe might be better than both and he’s just a sophomore.

    And Mike Wallace wasn’t anywhere close to our best offensive playmaker. He was the deep threat. That’s it. Brandon Bolden, Dexter McCluster, and Shay Hodge are all more respected offensive play makers. Dexter alone was our top rusher and receiver last year.

    Oher was definitely our best offensive lineman. We do have another one that is pretty good who returned for his senior year and is actually Peria Jerry’s “little” brother. Snead I’m not sold on which is heresy around here. But he does have a big arm.

    I thought Vandy had a chance to be alright this year after watching them play LSU. But as some that’s seen every State game I’m kind of jaded by anyone that loses to State.

    Seeing Bama’s games though makes me feel like Ole Miss isn’t on their level yet either.

  20. Gonna be interesting to see what kind of pressure Bama puts on Mallet this weekend. Last week, after the first possession, he didn’t get any until the very end of the game.

    Re: Ole Miss/USC
    I love these kinds of games where both squads seem to have doubts or something to prove. It’s like they’re asking themselves, “Are we really any good?”

    Kinda like Vandy/Auburn last year.

  21. I can tell you that Vanderbilt’s coaches were more worried about accounting for Jerry than thare were/are, Hardy or Powe (who, BTW, has the BYU-like advantage of pounding on boys with a fully-developed man’s body).

    Same thing with Wallace and McCluster—McCluster doesn’t require the attention Wallace did. (I did forget about Hodge, though.)

    These approaches may be unique to Vanderbilt and I know they’re not in line with Ole Miss fans’ perceptions, but I know that from VU’s perspective, the Ole Miss team we’re facing this year isn’t as worrisome as the one we beat in Oxford last year.

    I still think, despite the offensive debacle that was the State game, we have a great shot at beating you guys again, assuming we can avoid any additional serious injuries.

  22. Yeah, he plays well in about 1.5 games per year.

    Smith has much more ability; he’s just young. The growing pains should be worth it down the line.

  23. I voted for Reggie Sanders because he is my alltime least favorite Brave. There was nothing more obnoxious than those doe eyes after a strike out.

    Plus I have a soft-spot in my heart for Rowland Office because my father-in-law claims he partied with him at the Limelight back in the day.

  24. Tennessee should beat Ohio, provided they don’t do anything stupid. Like let Crompton touch the ball. Unfortunately, their offense is designed to make him the first person with the ball when the play begins.

    Also: Hotty Toddy

  25. 33 — I giggle whenever I see the reasoning that a 2 year difference gives BYU’s “men” such an advantage. (However, I do agree that the only positions that it might be any advantage would be on the line.) Doesn’t seem like it makes much of a difference… much to my chagrin. Oh what could have been…

  26. Bonnie Raitt, speaking of Marvin Gaye (I think), said:

    “I miss him like I miss nineteen.”

    That’s how I feel about the Limelight, et al. Knee deep, I tell ya. Knee deep. I mean, knee deep like sansho.

    Wait a minute. Stu is trash talking after scoring three points against MSU?

    Does it defy the laws of physics that UK has lost to Florida 22 times in a row AND UT 24 times in a row? Or does it prove them?

  27. There’s a pretty substantial difference, physically, between your average senior and your average sophomore, between your average senior and your average second-year NFL player. Obviously, BYU isn’t recruiting with the USCs of the world, but against Mountain West competition, I assume—yes, it is just an assumption—an average of two years per player makes a difference. Yes, primarily at the line of scrimmage.

    Are there people besides BYU fans who disagree with that?

  28. I’m not disagreeing, because I granted that the line is where any advantage would show. I laugh because it doesn’t seem to make BYU much better (see the beatdown from FSU).

    Perhaps it could give a leg up against the UNLVs or the New Mexicos, but I’d argue there’s a talent gap there anyway.

  29. What I do disagree with are those (not Stu) who talk up BYU’s advantage across the board because of the 2 year difference. It seems to hamper skill players to not play any ball for that long.

  30. All good points, c. shorter. Never really thought about the skill position guys, but that makes sense to me.

  31. @47

    Yes. Tennessee has the best one-two combo in the back field in the SEC.

    Tennessee’s problem is the receivers are having trouble getting open and Crompton is forcing his throws. On the occasion they do get open, Crompton is missing them.

  32. That sounds like VU’s passing game, Smitty, if you add that on the rare occasions when the receivers DO get open and Smith DOESN’T miss them, they just drop the ball.

  33. Crompton is every bit as mobile as Smith. Larry is a pretty smart runner, but he’s a pocket quarterback. In theory, anyway.

  34. I just can’t believe how Fulmer didn’t recruit any receivers, outside of Gerald Jones. There are some so-so guys, but the cupboard is really bear. Also on the offensive line.

  35. According to ESPN, Martin Prado has 26 points from his Web Gems this season, tying him for 8th in the majors (with David Wright).

    Nick Hundley singles home Chase Headley, and the Padres lead 4-3 in the 8th!

    Edit: Gwynn singles home Hundley (after a stolen base). 5-3!

  36. Watching the Padres-Rockies makes me think of the games we played the Rockies at Coors Field right before the all-star break. Which made me look up This recap, which was written the day before Jeff Francoeur was traded:

    I really hate Coors Field. Arena Football is out of business, can’t something be done about Arena Baseball? Humidor, feh. You could drench the baseballs in hydrochloric acid and it wouldn’t do any good. The park is too big, and breaking balls are too hard to throw, and the balls go through the infield too fast. One of the two biggest hits in the game, one that tied the score in the fourth, was a “triple” to score two runs which was really a routine single over shortstop; it didn’t help that ACHE was the left fielder, but the real problem is that the park requires the outfielders to play too deep and thus far apart and routine hits go to the wall. It’s not like the Rockies were the only team getting cheap extra-base hits; Jeffy had three doubles! He still sucks, though.

    Though they lost, the Braves led most of the way, 2-0, 4-2, 5-4. Didn’t matter. The other biggest hit of the game was a double to score two runs off of Gonzalez with two out in the eighth. It’s not his fault; this place sucks. The biggest play of the game was a HBP where the batter made absolutely no effort to get out of the way of the baseball. He was the seventh run of the game for the Rockies in a game they won by one run. Do the umpires even read the rulebook? Do they know that there is a rulebook?

    Hanson gave up four runs, but left with the lead. I don’t care what any pitcher does in this place, of course, because it’s a joke. Did I mention that Francoeur, who sucks, had three doubles? Did I mention that the Braves blew three separate leads? I don’t blame them at all.

    Never gets old.

  37. Padres still lead Colorado 5-4 in the 9th.

    If they hold on, they’re 3.5 up with 10 to go. Not to give you hope, or anything.

  38. And it’s over. Padres 5, Rockies 4. Now to see if the Cubs will give us a little more of that hope stuff.

  39. Just win, baby.

    Cardinals for three?

    Dodgers for three?

    Oh, hell yes.

    Now if we can just beat the freaking Nationals …

  40. You know what?

    This is too good a pitching staff to not make the playoffs.

    Physics is physics. Just as Florida will maul my Wildcats, our pitching is going to carry us to the Wild Card (unless San Francisco’s does for them).

    Physics is physics.

  41. If I understand the tie-breaking rules correctly, the playoff with the Rox would be at Turner Field.

    Thank you, Jeff Baker! Cubs take a 3-2 lead on the Giants with 2 out in the top of the 9th.

  42. And that’s it as Fred Lewis strikes out- Cubs 3, Giants 2, Braves all alone in second in the wild card race.

  43. Not anymore. This year, they’re basing the location of a potential one game playoff on the head-to-head record during the regular season. If that’s a tie, then they determine it by who has the best record within their own division.

  44. Not that it’ll happen, but say it did: where would a potential comeback like this rate all time?

    Still probably less than Colorado in 2007, but right up there with some Braves comebacks in the early nineties.

  45. Not any more. They got rid of the coin flips after last year.

    But now that host will be decided by a series of on-field tiebreakers, beginning with head-to-head records. If that’s tied, the next is highest winning percentage within your own division, followed by the highest winning percentage for each team in intraleague play during the second half of the season.”

    We split the season series against Colorado 4 to 4. The Braves are 37-25 against the East, and the Rockies are 32-37 against the West. So the Braves should host the playoff, if any.

  46. The first tie-breaker makes sense, the second one not so much. It just gives an unfair advantage to the team in a weaker division – even though they already had a big advantage due to the unbalanced schedule. The third tiebreaker seems like they just wrote down the most random thing anyone could think of. Ahhhhh baseball.

  47. @76-

    I think UF has an argument for best set of backs in the SEC. And if you include Tebow, it’s not even a contest. :-)

  48. #104 – I have always wondered something similar: what happens if all teams finish 81-81… (yes, I know this is never going to happen, but it’s a question i have never found an answer to)

  49. [Judging the situation]

    Hmmm…3.5 back with 10 left to play…Is there….????

    Damn, we have to play the Nats in DC.

    There is no hope.


  50. @76

    We are both wrong. Florida is averaging 7.1 yards a touch. They have the best one-two punch (Tebow and who ever else)

  51. 109—Look at their schedule. 7.1 doesn’t mean much. I’d take Bama’s or UT’s pair ahead of Florida’s.

  52. I got no hope becuase we always lay over against the Nats, after the next 10 games Ill decide if Ive got any hope

  53. All it’ll take is just shitting the bed once vs the Nats…and it seems like over the past couple of years we’ve perfected that art.

    I’ll keep watching, but no real hope

  54. This team doesn’t take its inferior opponents seriously until the consequences of not doing so are clear in view. Unfortunately, that could keep us out of the playoffs.

    We went 3-6 vs. Cincinnati(!). 7-2 and we would have a 0.5 game lead in the WC right now.

  55. Every tough loss this year is gonna look like a trainwreck now.

    I just kinda look at it like, “1st half vs. 2nd half.” Two different lineups, really.

  56. A gnat’s ass size ray of hope. That’s it.

    How bout them Cocks last night. I’d like to adapt USC as my team but:
    a. Steve Spurrier
    b. They will always be an also ran in the SEC.
    c. I’m sure that I won’t be able to actually watch them from Ohio.

  57. Unfortunately, we’re 0-2 in choosing washed-up HOF coaches.

    Actually, that win last night clinched the aughts as Carolina’s winningest decade ever. Go figure.

  58. Imagine if the performance from the Cincinatti series hadn’t happened yet, but would take place in the last 3 games.

  59. @122 Yes. For those two days I was a proud Gamecock fan. Really, had the Buckeye faithful not been so damn smug I would have just remained a neutral College of Charleston Cougar. And of course the Buckeye Branch Dividians up here did point out that it was worth losing to lowly USC to be rid of Cooper.

    Stu – yeah I know. True fandom means being there for your team no matter what. But unlike you I didn’t attend USC. And unlike your alma mater USC guys can’t go to the smartest school in the conference fall back position. No offense to any current or past Gamecocks out there.

  60. What an awful night. Now I get to look forward to ten to seventeen days of Stu heckling before getting destroyed by Bama.

  61. Why would I heckle? It’s not like Snead’s inconsistency was some secret, and it’s not like I even wanted Ole Miss to lose. I liked our chances much better against an undefeated, overconfident Ole Miss.

  62. What is the Braves record this year against Wash, and where can you get a sortable w-l team versus team table?

  63. I think I’ll have to read a lot on here if we lose to Vandy again. And at this point I’d say its at least a 50% 50% shot we lose.

    And I’ve said before that Snead is horribly turnover prone (and now suckitude prone as well) and Vandy lives off turnovers. Not ideal.

  64. Showing how much I follow college football, I was surprised to see Ole Miss ranked #4. Jorgbacca you could be a Buckeye fan what with all the pessimism and expectation reducing you are doing.

  65. I realize that this isn’t the Dan Kolb post, but I remember this hilarious post someone actually made on the Braves board. If you guys find it humorous, I will post pat 2-4 of these.

    Really. I was going to lay off Kolb until we saw him again at least. But when told Bobby wanted him to work on his sinker and changup, here’s what he said:

    , “I pitch the way I pitch,” Kolb said of that suggestion. “I’m a fastball guy. I’m getting ground balls now. I’m just going to try to keep going [at] guys.”

    OK, Mr. Stubborn. Here’s part one of Dan Kolb’s diary.

    Note to mods. I’m not Dan Kolb. I wrote this as satire. Last week I had a post pulled for writing as Kolb. I’m not Kolb.

    Though I could probably pitch like him.
    Dear Diary,

    Today was a bad day. I rolled out of bed at little early about 10AM and what do I read in the paper?

    I’ve been replaced as closer, that’s what. I can’t believe this.

    Sure, I had this meeting with Leo and Bobby yesterday but Leo had that mean look on his face. When I see that I just start singing “Deck the Halls” in my head and then I can’t hear a word that old meanie says. So how was I supposed to know I’d been taken out of the closer job?

    So unfair to read it in the paper that way. Big fat mean people. Fa la la la la la la la la.

    Now I read that Bobby wants me to work on my changeup and sinker. Ha! Fat chance. The Kolbinator is a fast ball pitcher. Fast, fast, fast. Fast ball. Low. Double Play. That’s me. That’s what’s made me great. A walk or two is fine. Just gimme that old time double play.

    But my disloyal fielders don’t get the double plays, do they, Diary? Oh no, they’ll dive a few feet and every darn time they let it go thru. Bad fielders. How can a great fast ball pitcher live this way?

    Just went on the Braves message board. Mean people on there too. Mean mean meanies. Made a few posts under some of my identities supporting the Kolbinator. Tee Hee. Makes me feel better to see some great support. I deserve it.

    Oh, how they love their Smoltz on there. He can do no wrong. His stuff don’t stink. Smoltz comes out and gives up a few hits, a run or two and a couple walks. They love him. I do the exact same thing and they hate me. What’s wrong with those people on the board? Meanies, one and all.

    They are all yapping about walking a batter or two. Don’t those meanies know that I’m a sinking pitcher? Note to self: have a word with Estrada. Every darn time he sets the target right in the middle of the plate. What’s wrong with him? The Kolbinator is a corner pitcher. Put it in there right on the edge. Perfect strikeroo. Get a double play. So easy when my team does things right.

    Need to cheer up. I normally giggle like a happy schoolgirl. Payday is coming up. That $400K will help. Maybe I’ll get a new car – or a violin. Saw a neat belt buckle too. I know – I’ll get a stick-on goatee. That always makes the batters scared. I feel better already.

    Now Diary, I’m off to Boston. Good to get a fresh start. Hope that old sourpuss Leo doesn’t give me a mean look. If he does, it’s off to Fa la la la la la la la la.

    Thank you for listening, Diary. You are the only one who isn’t mean.

    The Kolbinator

  66. Man, I was pulling for Ole Miss last night.

    I usually like Houston Nutt, but after last night I can see why he drove Arkansas fans nuts (or, nutts, actually – insert rimshot) at times.

    Seriously, the Rebs looked like the Keystone Kops (or Bill Curry’s Kentucky teams) last night.

  67. 136—I thought before the season started we were likely to beat you guys, but after that Mississippi State game, I’d put our chances at no more than 40%. South Carolina showed that you guys can be beaten without much of an offense, but we’ll have to see. I know Jevan Snead is glad Ryan Hamilton won’t be playing this year.

    142—Seems like it’s the same story with Nutt every year. Low expectations? Overachieve. High expectations? Underachieve.

  68. when I think of kolb now.. I immediately think of that hbo show eastbound and down. If that is not the story of dan kolb.. I do not know what is.

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