Len Barker vs. Jim Bouton. Also, Braves at What’s Left of Mets

Len Barker Statistics and History – Baseball-Reference.com

Seasons with Braves: 1983-1985
Notable Stats: 10-20, 4.64 ERA
Notable Achievements: Threw a perfect game once. Clearly worth Brett Butler and Brook Jacoby.


Jim Bouton Statistics and History – Baseball-Reference.com

Seasons with Braves: 1978
Notable Stats: 4.97 ERA, 21 BB/29 IP
Notable Achievements: Wrote a book. Once traded for Dooley Womack.

55 thoughts on “Len Barker vs. Jim Bouton. Also, Braves at What’s Left of Mets”

  1. For old guys like me the name Len Barker is synonomous with Osama Bin Ladin. It is the total representation of the futility of the Braves in the 80’s.

  2. 1983: Horner’s season-ending wrist injury & The Barker Trade signaled the impending downward spiral.

    Which Citi Field Derek Lowe do we get tonight? The one that outdueled Johan Santana or the guy who gave up 8 runs in one inning?

  3. Milton Bradley didn’t like Chicago, in part, apparently because the atmosphere was too intense. That would be one thing he wouldn’t have to worry about in Atlanta.

  4. Rick Behenna would have been better than Barker, let alone Jacoby and Butler. The worst trade in Braves’ history, enough of a reason to hate Barker.

  5. FYI guys, I bailed from work and had a fun fun drive up I-85 going 30mph the whole way with downpour… though : http://retwt.me/9NFw was the worst I had to drive through and it was only a mile from my house.

  6. I should have bumped work today, now I’m gonna be heading home in this crap at about 7 tonight. Apparently the downtown connector was closed earlier, and all lanes on I-575 are stopped. And supposedly the commute is just gonna get worse later on.

  7. I’d rather have Bobby because at least I can understand the case for bringing back Bobby (HOF manager, the Streak, etc.) although I believe it’s time to move on. If Wren traded for Bradley though, then I’d have to doubt his sanity and judgment unless he had a secret plan to turn around and deal him to the Mets or Phillies.

  8. Ahhhhh yes, the infamous Len Barker. Who had been for many years the reminder of what was the worst Braves trade until the Wainwright/Marquis debacle (combined 125-100 since their trade).

    Who brought up the Milton Bradley insanity? Stow it already.

    Cox is gone, write it down. Mark Bradley wouldn’t be writing about it unless he had inside info, and the Terry Pendleton era is about to begin.


  9. Prado back to .299. My last remaining interest in this team is getting Prado a .300 season. It’s going to be close, his recent hot streak has made it interesting again.

  10. I don’t think there’s any question in the poll. We gave up Butler who ended up having an excellent career for Barker.

  11. With this game (fingers crossed), Derek Lowe will be tied for third in the NL in wins, with 15. He’ll trail only Wainwright and Carpenter.

    Pretty much your classic unfair result, considering he’s pitched like a fifth starter all year.

  12. Pretty much your classic unfair result, considering he’s pitched like a fifth starter all year.

    He’s pitched like the Braves 5th starter. Well, he’s arguably been better than Lowe Kawakami, but still. Hardly a league-average, or even league-best 5th starter. He’s 42nd in ERA+ at 92. The next-highest is 100. That puts him right at middle-of-the-pack among 3rd starters. And he’s been the 20th most valuable pitcher in the league with 3.1 WAR, which places him among the top ranks of #2 pitchers. No, he’s not been a 5th starter. That’s the “Braves fans are spoiled” phenomenon talking.

  13. if someone is willing to swap contracts of Oliver Perez for Milton Bradley, there has to be some kind of deal where we could move Lowe, right?

  14. csg – nope. Lowe is a Brave for the next 3 years. count it.

    11 – 1 So we’ll see the carcass of Alfonso Soriano in the 9th?

    Hope Chipper can hit 3 more to keep his streak of 20 hr seasons alive.

  15. @39
    yes, he’s flying in from chicago. seems like a dumb move for the braves, but that’s bobby for ya.

  16. 37,
    In theory. You’d want the huge contract to fill a hole, presumably the outfield with Freeman upcoming and the fact that the Braves (wisely) don’t pay that kind of money for relievers. Some possibilities:

    Torri Hunter makes $18 million a season from 2010-2012, but he has a no-trade clause and it’s unlikely the Angels would trade their favorite toy. Plus ex-Angels haven’t exactly panned out in Atlanta.

    Carlos Lee, who also has a no-trade clause, makes $18.5 million per season over the same time period. The Astros probably wouldn’t look to move Lee for something that will help them win now. If they try to win now, it doesn’t make sense to do it without Lee.

    Kosuke Fukudome could be a contract-swap candidate. He’s owed $26.5 million over the next two seasons. It’s significantly less than Lowe’s $45 million over three seasons, but possibly a contract that the Cubs might not mind swapping for a durable SP.

    Aaron Rowand is owed $36 million over the next 3 years, but it doesn’t make sense for the Giants to be subtracting bats and adding SP.

    Carlos Beltran’s too good to be dealt in a contract-swap type deal.

    J. D. Drew could be a candidate for a contract-swap. He’s owed $28 million over the next two seasons, but his contract has a ton of club opt-outs that will likely trigger if his production or health goes south. The Red Sox would probably view Drew’s contract as much more valuable. Plus, let’s be honest, if they wanted Lowe last off-season they could’ve had him.

    Alex Rios is perhaps the most similar contract in therms of value to Lowe’s. He’s owed $58.7 million from 2010-2014 with a $13.5 million club option for 2015 ($1 million buyout).

    In terms of relievers, Francisco Cordero’s $24 million through 2011 with a $12 million option for 2012 ($1 million buyout) could make some sense.

  17. When you vote, do you look at the who is the worse player or who had the worst impact on the team?

  18. Good I can post again.

    When you vote, do you vote for the worst player statistically or the player that had the worst overall impact on the organization.

  19. 11-3 lead

    6th – Kawakami
    7th – Moylan
    8th – Gonzo
    9th – Soriano *apparantly, Alfonso*

    at this point in the season it doesnt matter I guess

  20. No Moylan. Wow, bullpen management that makes sense. I’ll miss it when it’s gone… probably next inning.

  21. am I reading into this too much or is Bradley and the Braves calling out Yunel?

    “The Braves also put Yunel Escobar back into the lineup for Monday night’s series opener. Escobar missed Sunday afternoon’s game because he said he was still feeling some discomfort from the 71-mph Pedro Martinez curveball that hit him near his left elbow on Saturday night”

    just wondering if its just me

  22. Keep Kawakami out there, Bobby. There aren’t enough four-inning saves these days.

    Edit: I guess he actually will!

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