Braves 6, Phillies 4

Philadelphia Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves – Box Score – September 19, 2009 – ESPN

This team… Even when they win, they’re frustrating. How could you have hope if your closer gives up four runs in the ninth?

The Braves led the whole way, led by another dominant start from Javier Vazquez, who shut out the Phillies for seven innings. He struck out six, and allowed three walks and three hits. The Phillies never seriously threatened, and got only two men as far as second base off of him.

The Braves took a lead on an LaRoche single in the second. In the third, they got two runs, but with the bases loaded and one out were unable to add any more. I’m tired of that. Prado scored McLouth on a sac fly in the fourth to make it 4-0. In the fifth, Diaz hit a two-run homer. Then it was Hibernation Mode time, but surely that would be enough.

It almost wasn’t. Moylan came in to pitch the eighth (Vazquez was at over 100 pitches) and handled it with no problem. But Soriano had nothing. He allowed a two-run homer to Guess Who and then allowed a double and a walk before getting two outs. He then allowed two more hits to put the tying run on base before getting a flyout to end it. Please, shut him down.

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  1. any win against philly is a good win. it doesnt look as though we are going to pick up any ground in the wild card.

  2. #1 – was coming here to say the same. We use our best guys in the worst situations and they’re unavailable in tight situations. Its beyond extreme and getting old

  3. Soriano’s been used more than a $2 hooker.

    The Braves obviously aren’t planning to bring him back.

  4. The whole SEC is looking terrible on defense right now. I think there are three quality defenses in the conference, Alabama, Florida, and Tennessee, with LSU a maybe.

  5. Interesting article Mac. The unfortunate thing for a lot of these guys is when they make 300k a year, they live like it, as opposed to a realization that this may be a significant portion of their lifetime earnings. For the guys at the next level, someone needs to tell these guys “You’re already rich. Don’t get into stupid schemes to try and get richer.” I worked for a company that won a $300M dollar contract for two years. They added tons of middle mgmt and infrastrucutre. General Dynamics came in and just undercut the contract. Poof, you’re not really a $300M company, just a company that had a couple of good years.

  6. I’m not going to say Bobby’s use of Soriano was a good thing in that situation (because I don’t think it was), but to say he had nothing is a bit off in my opinion. His velocity was higher than it has been is several appearances. He just wasn’t hitting his spots. You can blame Bobby for throwing him in there, but blame poor Sori for not being able to pitch. That had nothing to do with fatigue.

  7. The real question is, why did Cox leave Soriano in to finish the ninth even after he was getting lit up?

  8. @17 Yes Coach, that’s essentially Bobby’s approach right now. My guess is that Oflaherty is also not available tonight.

  9. Okey Doky then. Glad I watched the Georgia/Arkansas shootout (52-41 Bulldogs win). My Dawgs can score but they have no defense to speak of. Meanwhile, Kawakami hasn’t pitched since Wednesday and Boone Logan must be a damn cheer leader or something!

  10. My Top Ten:

    1. Alabama
    2. Texas
    3. Florida
    4. LSU
    5. Penn State
    6. Miami
    7. Ole Miss
    8. Cal
    9. Boise State
    10. Ohio State

    LSU’s win against Washington looks much more impressive now, as does Miami’s over FSU.

  11. The reason Bobby doesn’t use anyone in our bullpen outside of Moylan, Gonzo, Sori, and O’Flare is because he doesn’t trust them. He finally brings in Valdez last night, and he does his best Atrosta impression.

  12. So basically, Cox has ten pitchers in his bullpen and he won’t use half of them. Glad we got that straightened out.

    Can Greg Norton pitch? :)

  13. I give Valdez a pass on the game the other night, when was the last time he was in a game? Same for Logan. You can can’t sit these guys in the bullpen for 3 weeks at a time and then bring them in and expect them to be on top of things. I would have preferred Cox put Logan out there to start the 9th. If he’s not good enough to ever pitch then he should be cut.

  14. So basically, Cox has ten pitchers in his bullpen and he won’t use half of them. Glad we got that straightened out.

    Yup. It’s because they are terrible. He tries to avoid using the terrible pitchers. Stop me if I’m going to fast for you.

  15. @25 and 28, it was Nunez, not Valdez. Valdez got sent back to AAA as it was obvious Bobby was never going to trust him to pitch.

    @29. I agree with Marc. None of them have been put in a position to succeed. They aren’t as good as Moylan, Soriano and Gonzalez, but having an ERA of 5 means that they can still get their share of outs. We had a 6 run lead so it would have had to have been a terrible inning from anyone to lose. As it was we had Soriano grooving fastballs down the middle of the plate because he’s lost all control of them.

  16. Somebody needs to pull Bobby from a game because he’s mailing in just as much as Anderson or Escobar. I don’t care how bad guys like Nunez or Logan are. They should still be in there in the 9th with a 6 run lead instead of Soriano. What’s Bobby going to do if the next 3 games vs the Mets are close going into the 9th? Bring Vasquez in to close?

  17. 29, too terrible to pitch with a six run lead and in Bobby’s bullpen, go figure, who’s fault is that?


    p.s. Don’t get dizzy :)

  18. Not sure how LSU and Penn State can be better than Miami, when neither of those teams has faced a ranked opponent yet. At least LSU will eventually play FLA and ALA, but Penn State has a travesty of a schedule.

  19. Then can’t we bring up Bueno from Gwinnett, or somebody? We don’t need brilliance, just competence.

  20. We have competence, but they’ve been underused and almost certainly feel like their manager has no confidence in them.

    Boone Logan has given up runs in 5 out of his 18 games. He was called up late June and has pitched only 15.2 innings.

    Eric O’Flaherty has an ERA of 3.20 and did not pitch the previous night.

    Both are probably a better bet than Soriano in his current state at any point you’re facing Utley, Howard, Stairs and Ibanez, let alone a 6 run lead.

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