Bob Walk vs. Derek Lilliquist. Also, game thread: Mets at Braves

Bob Walk Statistics and History –

Years with Braves: 1981-1983
Notable Stats: 4.85 ERA, 4.4 K/9
Notable Accomplishments: Threw a complete game to defeat the Braves in Game 5 of the 1992 NLCS. Didn’t help. Hates the Braves with a fire of a million suns.


Derek Lilliquist Statistics and History –

Years with Braves: 1989-1990
Notable Stats: 10-18, 4.55 ERA
Notable Accomplishments: Homer pick sixth in the first round of 1987 draft. Three picks later, John Schuerholz’s Royals took Kevin Appier.

I thoroughly disagree with the argument of the following song.

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  1. I was at that Bob Walk game in Pittburgh, and was I ever overconfident going into that one. I remember that, in the first inning, Bonds (off Avery?) had one of his very few big hits of the series.

    We got pounded again in Game 6, but in the end that series kinda worked out.

    BTW, Lilliquist was an awesome DH at UGA. He was the ace of their first College WS team. Hit a couple HRs in a Braves game, too, but on the mound he got hit a lot.

    Re: GBV! GBV! GBV!
    Maybe outside of The Ramones, they’re probably the greatest American band never to have a genuine hit.

    Which is kind of ridiculous because Robert Pollard could write more melodies in his sleep than most songwriters could muster in a lifetime.

  2. At least the Ramones were famous, even if hardly anybody bought their records and nobody played them on the radio. If anyone knows GBV, it’s for this song getting played on hospital shows.

  3. @1, Pixies, Pavement, Big Star, The Replacements? All arguably better or within the same ballpark, and no genuine hits. And VU…no contest.

    Can’t wait for Tommy to mow down some Mets.

  4. Yes, I’ve given up hope… but isn’t it time for a 1964 Phillies watch? After 142 games they were up 6. Indeed, after 150 games they were up 6 1/2. For all the talk of Mets collapses the last two years (and they were great) the ’64 Phillies still top the list in my book. Is that hope? Not quite… but it suffices for hope when hope is lost.

    So the watch: 142 Games 85-57 6 games up

  5. Both The Pixies & The Replacements had Top 40 hits or videos in regular MTV rotation. In fact, “I’ll Be You” was #1 at rock radio when it came out. (Just finished The Replacements’ oral history, “All Over But the Shouting,” which fans might enjoy.)

    Big Star & the Velvets had no chance at radio, true. However, when I think of those bands I kind of think of Alex Chilton, who was in The Box Tops (hits like “The Letter,” “Cry Like a Baby”), and Lou Reed, who had his own solo hits.

  6. Well, if I were certain he’s keep running Lidge out there I might disagree with you.

    On the other topic, didn’t Bill James once say that the only worse name a pitcher could have had is if Bob Walk had been named Homer?

  7. For American hitless wonders, I’ll put my fave band, Television, up against any and all pretenders. God knows they never came close to Top 40, and with Verlaine’s voice it’s not hard to see why. That band absolutely shredded, though.

    In a slightly different category, Anglophone bands who never really had a hit in the US, I’m willing to argue that Sloan is one of the best bands in the world.

  8. Will Greg Norton’s torrid September continue? He’s 1-for-3, raising his average nine points, to .145

  9. Oddity in the new master 2010 schedule that MLB released today:

    The Braves start out at home playing the Cubs on Monday, April 5. They get Tuesday off and play the Cubs again on Wednesday and Thursday. So far, so good; I realize that’s SOP these days.

    But then, the Braves fly all the way to San Francisco for an afternoon game with the Giants, stay in SF for Saturday and Sunday, move down to San Diego on Monday the 12th, and then skip Tuesday *again*. Then after playing Wednesday and Thursday, the Braves fly all the way back to Atlanta to face Colorado on Friday the 16th.

    I don’t remember any team skipping Tuesdays twice like this, and it seems a bit unfair to fly across the country with no off-day twice in a week.

    No real worries, though; I’m sure we’ll win the Series anyway. (I’d love to say we’ll repeat but, you know, we can’t have hope and all that.)

  10. BIG STAR—-True, they didn’t have a hit single. When My Baby’s Beside Me got a lot of airplay around here. But their lack of success was because of Ardent their record label, more than anything else. At least Thirteen and September Gurls have gone on to become well-known and certain classics. LOVE ‘EM!

    BOB WALK and DEREK LILLIQUIST—-Well Walk lived up to his name. I vividly remember the game where he picked off his first baseman with the bases loaded giving up 3 runs. I believe his nickname was Whirlybird—am I right on this? That said, and he did suck, and he hates the Braves, I still voted for Lilliquist. He was supposed to be good. He never was. Just kind of a short starting version of Terry Forster without the humor.

  11. I’m just a bit too young to remember Terry Forster well, but I seem to remember that he was better at his best than Lilliquist ever was.

  12. Another sweep would be nice but I’m not gonna hold my breath as our Braves tend to play awful against lesser competition.

  13. @ Brian #11
    At least we’re getting rid of one of the east-west night-day trips early in the season. I’d rather have it when the players are fresh than late in the season.

  14. Chief, next you’ll be telling us even bigger shockers, like that the sun will set in the west and that bears defecate in the woods.

  15. What’s gotten into ACHE? He’s showing a little hustle tonight.

    …and then he loafs into home and almost gets caught.

  16. 25,
    An Angels fan once described ACHE to me as a “situational hustler”. That is–he hustles when he thinks he can get an extra base or limit a baserunner from advancing, etc. I think it’s a pretty accurate description. He shows flashes of hustle when it matters and usually gives minimal effort otherwise. Which is annoying to fans.

  17. 27 — yup, it annoys me. What annoys me more is that our LF isn’t even a league average hitter (or has his OPS gone up a few points in the last couple of weeks? I haven’t been playing as close attention).

  18. From previous thread:

    Thanks guys. I started out as a Jaguar fan when I was younger, and watched them go 14-3 (losing to the Titans all three times) in 1998. But ever since then, they’ve done nothing and have looked stupid doing it.

    The Music City Miracle and Kevin Dyson coming up a yard short are two plays that I’ll never forget, so Stu and Tennessee Brave pushing the Titans speaks to me. It would be tough rooting for another AFC South team, though. My Jaguar fan friends would hate me.

    The Vikings look like a fun team to follow, but they’re one more frayed throwing shoulder and one more stupid end zone celebration from their running back from being irrelevant once again.

    Anybody else have suggestions for who I should root for. Please, no more Raiders plugs… :)

  19. 32,
    No. There’s zero chance that LaRoche qualifies for Type A status. He’s currently not qualified for Type B status, but he was 2 weeks ago (been on the border for Type B/nothing the entire time the Braves have had him) and I imagine tonight’s 2-HR performance will boost him over the Type B threshold. It’s that close.

  20. Chip Caray has an awful laugh, and it’s not even an amusing one, just annoying.

    Also, Tommy Hanson kicks ass.

  21. Rob, let me throw in another endorsement of the Packers. There’s an awesome history there and it’s a well-run franchise with a lot of interesting storylines going on right now. An all new defense, Rodgers/Favre, etc. And besides, Greg Jennings is one of the coolest all pros in the NFL. He’s just a great guy.

    So there’s that. But the best reason is that rooting for an out-of-town team gives you an excuse to head to a sports bar nearly every Sunday afternoon.

  22. bobby is utterly stupid. well, i guess 6 runs is good enough for bobby. he had soriano up until we scored our 6th.

  23. I don’t believe in hope, I don’t believe in hope, I don’t believe in hope, I don’t, I don’t, I don’t…

  24. guys, no chance

    two things

    1. I feel sorry for whoever signs Soriano and Gonzo next year, they’re ruined

    2. Dont feel so great about Prado at 2nd next year. Hopefully this is from the headaches, but Im thinking that its not

    edit: also whats our record with Chipper out now? Seems like we’re winning almost every game that he sits

  25. csg, as long as it’s not KJ or Diory, I don’t have a strong opinion on who is our second baseman next season.

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