67 thoughts on “Game thread: Sept. 12, Braves at Cardinals”

  1. We had an ace on the mound last night and another again today in Tim Hudson. Let’s just hope this game doesn’t turn into the nail biter we saw last night.

    I’m still pissed at LaRussa. Kyle Lohse? Carpenter could have started today on regular rest and Smoltz would be pitching tomorrow. Tony’s an ass.

  2. As for those who continue to defend Bobby Cox, I ask you to rethink your thinking.

    If Cox leaves Hanson on the mound Wednesday night and repeats the same thing last night, we have a four game winning streak, two complete game shut outs, the worn out bullpen gets two days off and everybody is happy.

    Instead, we have Wednesday night’s meltdown, a very upset rookie pitcher, a two game winning streak, one save and tons of controversy.

    Remember, I’m not the one defending Cox. Ya’ll have at it and hopefully LaRussa looks like an idiot for putting Lohse on the mound today :)

  3. Considering that ex-Braves players usually dominate us, I’m just as happy not to have the Braves face Smoltz.

  4. haha love it. Mac, you and I have a love-hate relationship. I ask where the Dylan videos have been during our heated exchange and you post one the day after. Thanks for keeping me around. This place def would be less exciting without me to keep you on your toes

  5. Watching Fresno-Wisconsin (Big 10 24, WAC 24, probably going overtime) and for some reason the people at Wisconsin played the theme from “Rocky” as Fresno was headed for the tying score. Either they’re rooting for the other team, or they’re not too bright.

  6. Are the Braves and their good pitching staff really going to finish the season without a single 9-inning complete game all year?

    Everyone calls Cox “old fashioned”, but he seems to yank starters out early and obsess over the lefty-righty matchups with relief pitchers as good as any of the new “progressive” managers.

  7. Responding to KC in the last thread, re: trading Hanson for Longoria or Braun.

    I am aware that Hanson is no longer “potential”. I am also aware that Braun and Longoria are not potential either. Furthermore I’m aware of how more likely it is that Hanson gets hurt and flames out than it is one of the stud offensive players. I like Tommy Hanson as much as the next guy. I’m ecstatic to have him in the stable for the next six years. Nonetheless, he is a starting pitcher and if you could turn him into a guy who can replace Chipper in the three hole – a true offensive force like Braun or Longoria – you do it. Not because Hanson lacks talent and potential to dominate into the future, but because of Mark Prior and Kerry Wood.

  8. can someone tell me if prado has been a + or – 2b defensively this season? it seems to me that he has really improved to the point of being a top half NL defensive 2nd baseman.

  9. Plus/Minus has Prado as below-average at second, but outstanding at third. His range factors at both positions are excellent, though with the Braves’ heavily righthanded rotation you’d expect a lot of plays at second.

  10. Huddy earned that home run. LaRoche’s triple was, of course, the result of the well documented (by Mac) fallacies of the baseball scoring system.

    Therefore, the answer is B.

  11. Has anyone noticed Prado’s hitting has become sort of Frenchy-lite? I am having trouble watching him hit in big spots. As a matter of fact, this began when that turd left for NY. Did he move into the #7 locker or something?

    They need to give Kelly one final chance over the last three weeks. Let Prado sub for Chipper one game every four.

  12. 24,
    Prado has struggled mightily since Kelly came off the DL. Not counting his 0-for-3 today, he’s posted a .643 OPS in that span. KJ has posted a .903 OPS since coming off the DL. It was good while it lasted with Prado, but he’s been exposed to scouts and doesn’t have the luxury of a 45% platoon advantage, and everyone in the league except the Braves seems to have realized how to get him out and the fact that he’s just not that good of a hitter.

  13. holy effin’ defensive meltdowns batman!

    edit–I guess Gonzo figured out he’d never get out of the inning if he didn’t get a strikeout.

    I was away earlier–why’d LaRussa get tossed?

  14. You can hear femurs snapping left and right from people jumping off the OSU bandwagon.

  15. Looks like were going to blow this one without Bobby’s help. Prado and Chipper need to sit down through the next series. Give me a friggin break already.

    Moylan has earned a shot at co-closer for 2110 if his arm doesn’t fall off over the winter. Medlin will need to step up.

    Assuming Cox is gone, who’s next — E Perez, Acta, the Mississippi mgr?

  16. Well… i mean south carolina is no daunting task. I expect you to win… if you don’t it would pretty much mark an end to the season

  17. McCann shows once again he is the epitome of a “professional hitter,” because even when he slumps, he’s still drawing walks, still driving up pitch counts. Just wish he could play first base.

  18. Was anyone arguing, Mac?

    So we win, and the Phils lose 10-9. The universe may just be toying with us, but I’ll take this one anyway.

  19. Amazing! The Cards are a great looking ballclub though. I like them to face the Bronx mutts in the WS and kick their ass.

  20. 65,
    Point taken, Mac. I am novice poster, but an avid reader. You kids (generally) really know what you’re talking about.

    Again, assuming Bobby’s gone, who’s next y’all?

    Francoeur sucks, MAC RULES!

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