Braves 7, Cardinals 6

Atlanta Braves vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Box Score – September 12, 2009 – ESPN

Weird game. The Cards took a 2-0 lead in the first, but the Braves came right back with three runs, which scored in weird fashion. ACHE singled, and with one out LaRoche “tripled” — I don’t know what’s odder, the “triple” or any play that doesn’t leave the park that scores Anderson from first. Then with two out, Tim Hudson hit a two-run homer, the first in his career. In the fourth, McLouth hit a bases-loaded single that somehow — I would guess Snitker was intimately involved — only scored one run. LaRussa brought in a reliever, who got a double play to get out of the jam.

Hudson allowed a run in the bottom of the inning to make it 4-3. The Braves loaded the bases again in the next inning, and got one run on a sac fly, but that was it, and the Cards rallied in the sixth to make it 5-4. They had it second and third, none out, but Moylan came in and got out of it with a couple of strikeouts. He then pitched a perfect seventh, too, with a couple of strikeouts, showing that Bobby has apparently remembered that a pitcher can actually stay in the game for a second relief inning.

But Mike Gonzalez couldn’t hold the lead. It wasn’t entirely his fault. He probably was to blame for the one run, which reached on a walk, went to second on a wild pitch, and stole third. But the infield utterly collapsed, with an infield hit and two errors, plus a blown double play, allowing the Cards to make it 6-5. The Braves rallied, though. McLouth led off with a double, then Prado singled to make it first and third. Chipper walked to load the bases — I will never understand why they keep pitching around him to get to McCann. Brian had one of those plate appearances. He fell behind 1-2, fouled off a couple of pitches, then lined a double to make it 7-6. The Braves didn’t get another run out of the situation, but Soriano didn’t need it. Again, he struck out the first guy and cruised from there to nail down the save.

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  1. They just showed a shot of Aramis Ramirez pegging Corky Miller in the head on MLB network… wild. (it was on a throw to second while Corky was heading to third).

  2. I can’t believe this is coming from Josh Smith…

    “I wanted to work more on my decision-making than anything. I handle the ball so much on the fast break and in transition that I wanted to make sure I’m thinking the game the way I need to be. I also worked on my handles and knocking down that mid-range jumper. I’m really not worried about the 3-point ball right now. We have so many guys on this team that can make that shot.

    “I don’t have any business being out there this season with Joe Johnson, Mike Bibby, Jamal Crawford, Marvin, Mo and [Jeff] Teague all doing work out there. I have to focus on working in the cracks and making sure that people respect my mid-range game. And if they don’t, we have to make them pay for not respecting it.”

    I hope he really means it.

  3. wow, Tenn lost at home to UCLA. Good grief, I guess bad coaching can do that to a team.

    jonk, when did 33-14 make a team look bad

  4. I’m thinking we got a chance to pass the Phils and sneak back into the playoffs…… WHO’S WITH ME!?????

  5. and thats why you play 4 quarters, any team can play with someone for a half. Especially someone that has one of the best offensive players in college football

  6. Speaking of McCann…. (well, we sort of were) What do we know about his eye troubles going forward? It is obvious that the glasses bother him at times. Any insight out there about any plans for another lasik surgery, or will he use the glasses permanently?

  7. I don’t know about McCann’s eyes, but he is money with the bases loaded in his career. He just missed his sixth career grand slam.

  8. They should be losing. Carolina has more yards and Georgia has more turnovers. Special teams has been the difference.

  9. lol @ Ohio State beating the ESPN Trojans

    I dunno Mac this Georgia team is pretty awful, but I guess it’s a little early to call them the worst ever. Still, if this team goes 6-6 and beats some scrub Big Eleven team in some bowl I’ve never heard of, then I would call their season a success.

  10. North Carolina 12
    U Conn 10

    UNC wins on a safety with 1:30 left in the game when a UConn lineman commits a holding penalty in the Huskies end zone.

    This is what happens when you let two basketball schools play football.

    Seat Painter
    (UNC ’86, btw)

  11. I’m Happy. Lohse started, Hudson homered and we won an ugly game. LaRussa is an idiot, of course, Cox is too. We should have a five game winning streak. Brian Snitker is anal retentive, for sure.

    Georgia 41 South Carolina 37. Another ugly win and God do my dogs suck ass this year, but this is what happens when you lose QB and RB talent in the first round of the NFL draft and can’t replace it.

    Two ugly wins, I’ll take it.

  12. Wow an awful Michigan team beat an awful Notre Dame team.

    And lookey here OSU doing what they do best. Choke in big games.

  13. Buckeye fans actually relieved. A close game and they are out of the National Championship hunt. I flipped between USC v Georgia and USC v OSU. Dang not a Gamecocks fan but wanted the home state U to win. Since I am tired of the USC hype and man Brent Musberger is a Trojan sycophant, I was actually pulling for OSU to upset. Oh well ND lost so all is well with the world.

    On baseball. Good God what an UGLY game. The Cards have a problem. Their closer has caught Lidge disease.

  14. The more South Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia suck, the worse Florida looks. Watch Texas and USC run the table, and Florida can’t get in because everyone in the SEC East except for Vanderbilt not playing up to their potential. That probably won’t happen, but I’m actually legitimately worried about Florida’s strength of schedule hurting them. Weird.

    Matt Barkley is a really good player, by the way. That last drive was great leadership on his part.

  15. USC’s schedule this year pretty brutal. At Ohio State, at Cal, at Oregon, at Notre Dame, at Arizona State, a home game with Oregon State thrown in. They’ll never make it through without a loss.

    And if they somehow do, they should be in the NC game no matter what Texas and Florida have done.

  16. Not only does Florida have to beat teams that almost always play them tough like Tennessee and Georgia, but they’re gonna have to win by quite a bit. You’re right, Mac; Florida’s not getting a free pass.

    But hey, Troy almost beat LSU last year, and we handled them quite easily.

    Oh, and by the way, Lane Kiffin, weren’t you guys supposed to be good?

  17. Florida schedule currently has two ranked teams (thanks to somehow missing both Alabama and Ole Miss this season) on it and one is Georgia. Eight home games, four road games. They need the media’s love affair with the SEC to continue because the computers are not going to be kind.

  18. They’re also going to have to play the SEC Championship Game, probably against Alabama or Ole Miss. Texas, meanwhile — assuming they get through the OSU/OU/TT gauntlet — is going to face whatever loser the Big 12 North comes up with this time.

  19. Yeah it’s like a ninth conference game. Imagine that.

    The SEC is in real good shape, I image that just like last year the SEC Championship will serve a a defacto National Semi-Final game with the winner given a ticket to the NC game. The Big 12 can’t get that working because the divisions are so unbalanced.

  20. Jacksonville State had FSU beat!

    The Vols just don’t have a QB. Four turnovers and still almost won. The D is good, but quarterback play is going to have to step up. The Gators might eat our children

  21. Old senile Bobby Cox brought in the clearly done Alfonso Soriano for 2 straight games and the Braves won both. I’ll be damned.

    Rob, I agree Barkley was outstanding in the last drive. That USC didn’t blow the Bucks out is actually a step forward for the OSU faithful who in my 10 years here have gone from hating life under John Cooper to insufferably smug to a real fear of averageness. Its kind of funny to watch.

    Still shopping for a team. Michigan’s freshman QB was impressive too. Might have to jump on the Wolverine bandwagon with my kid.

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