Braves 1, Cardinals 0

Atlanta Braves vs. St. Louis Cardinals – Box Score – September 11, 2009 – ESPN

So, the starting pitcher went eight innings, striking out seven, and didn’t give up a run. Some people wanted to leave him out there, including both announcers. (I didn’t, I thought he was gassed.) Bobby brought in Soriano… And this time, it worked. Go figure.

Jair Jurrjens wasn’t quite as sharp as Tommy Hanson was two days ago, but he was awfully good. He struck out seven, as I said, but unlike Hanson he walked two, and he allowed six hits. He had two jams. In the second, he allowed a double to lead off the inning, followed by a single, but they held the runner. Jurrjens rallied to strike out the next two, then got a grounder to end it. In the sixth, Prado (playing third) committed an error on a shot by Pujols (it maybe should have been a hit) and the next man let the ball hit him. (Why in the world the fans boo in that situation, I don’t know. Obviously we aren’t trying to hit him, and it only helps their team.) Speaking of letting the ball hit you, Pujols ran into a grounder that would have been a sure double play. He’s automatically out, but everyone else is safe. (I have no idea why that is scored a hit.) The next man singled, but karma, or something, intervened, and the runner from second was thrown out at the plate by Church. (He may have been safe. [That’s five parenthetical statements in this paragraph, six if you count this one.]) Jurrjens got the next man to ground out.

The Braves’ only run came in the second, when McCann hit an infield single and Yunel followed with a ground-rule double. LaRoche struck out, but Infante hit a grounder to score McCann. He was safe at first on an error, but Church hit into a double play, one of three that the Braves hit into in the first four innings. They didn’t threaten much after that, except in the seventh when they loaded the bases with one out, but Chipper (pinch-hitting for Church) hit a hard grounder that Pujols threw out Yunel at home on.

In the eighth, Jurrjens almost gave up a two-run, one out homer, but the park just held it. He had rallied, after the first man reached, to strike out Pujols (for the second time tonight) but didn’t seem to have his best stuff for the most part. Bobby went with Soriano, and it worked really well; he struck out the first man, then got a grounder and a flyout to end it. Easy as pie.

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  1. Mac, when the ball hit Pujols he was automatically out and the ball is dead. The rule states, the runner is out, ball’s dead, the hitter is awarded first base and a hit.

    I had no problem with Soriano pitching the ninth. JJ went eight strong which is more than enough.

  2. I know the rule. But I don’t understand why it’s scored a hit. I also think that there’s a rule that states that they aren’t allowed to let the ball hit them on purpose.

  3. One would think Colorado could potentially have a great team. It’s a diamond program in the rough. It supposedly has pristine campus and facities. All it would take is a great coach and some top notch recruits. Look at those buff teams of the 90s with kordell stewart, Michael Westbrook, Rashaan Salaam etc.

  4. Rule 7.09(f): “If, in the judgment of the umpire, a base runner willfully and deliberately interferes with a batted ball or a fielder in the act of fielding a batted ball with the obvious intent to break up a double play, the ball is dead. The umpire shall call the runner out for interference and also call out the batter-runner because of the action of his teammate. In no event may bases be run or runs scored because of such action by a runner.”

  5. Stark on wrote an article about how weak the free agent crop is w/r/t starting pitching. That has to bode well for the Braves’ chances of trading some of their starting surplus this offseason. It might even make Lowe possible although I doubt it.

    My (admittedly absurd) question is this- would the Braves ever consider trading Hanson? I’m by no means advocating it, but could he bring in Braun or a similar player? Doubt Wren could/would be willing to face the opprobrium he’d probably receive if he even thought about it.

  6. Ruffino

    wtf would you want to trade Hanson for Braun?

    while we are at it…let’s trade B-Mac for Corky Miller.

  7. So I guess Soriano’s not done. Relief pitchers are fickle.

    I hope the front office doesn’t think simply adding Hayward to the mix will fix the offense for next year.

  8. @12-

    Not advocating it- just wondering if the Braves would ever consider the idea of trading Hanson. And I think it is a little off-base comparing Ryan Braun to Corky Miller- even if you are trying to make a point… Braun is VERY good and still quite young. Possibly Hanson could command much more- there are lots of folks here who comment that do a better job of evaluating trade value than I can- Braun was just a straw man thrown out there for sake of maybe starting a discussion.

  9. Would either team do that deal Mac? It seems like both teams could benefit- the Rays certainly need starting pitching and even if Chipper bounces back the Braves are going to need a 3b.

    Again, I’m not saying trade Hanson- I just wonder if these discussions even go on or if Hanson’s name is unmentionable.

  10. Like ububba said, always great to beat the Cards.

    And amen to #13. Let’s pick up a bat this offseason.

  11. @13 I believe in Wren. I believe in him the moment he traded away Frenchy. I am sure he will do something else besides counting on Heyward.

    @15 Even for Longoria, I still wouldn’t do it. I don’t see any reason why the Braves would even consider trading Hanson unless it is for Heyward…wait, we have Heyward too!!! Hooray!!!

  12. Been catching up on the comments and I was wondering if anyone on here was going to mention Heyward’s award.

    I think Andruw is the only Brave in the last 30 years to win the minor league POY.

  13. Wow, that looked like it was a really poorly called game.

    I kind of like the red caps with the gray uniforms. They might want to use the same shade of red, though.

  14. It’s amusing to hear of a starting pitcher surplus. Do those really exist?

    Remember all the ink that was spilled talking about the Braves’ amazing starting pitching depth going into 2008, and how it all broke down and rookie Jurrjens was the only pitcher to remain on the staff all year? And how he was the ace of the depleted staff for the final month or so of the season?

  15. Amazing off topic stat,
    Mark Reynolds of the D-Backs has struck out more in the last 2 seasons than Joe Dimaggio did in his entire career.

  16. We’ve basically given up on Kelly Johnson, haven’t we? OPSing 250 points better than Martin Prado since the All Star break in limited time, against a pitcher he’s killed in Pineiro, and even when Prado moves to 3rd he isn’t picked

  17. Jair Jurrjens has really not received the appreciation he deserves in my opinion. There was one (1!) game all season where he gave up more than four runs (five in a win vs DBacks in May). He is my favourite Braves starting pitcher. Almost unbelievable he’s only 23 and is the same age as Hanson.

  18. If we are stuck with 5th starter production for $15M per for the next 3 years, Jair and Hanson will make it bearable.

  19. I like Tommy Hanson as much as the next guy, but anyone who would not trade a starting pitcher with great potential for an everyday offensive force like Braun or Longoria is letting their stomach rule their brain.

  20. Sam, Hanson is not a potential anymore. I would trade Teheran for Braun or Longoria any day.

    At the same time, how do you like the Tex trade?

  21. 32 – We have 6 more years of Hanson, making a trade for Braun a little more questionable. Longoria is a no brainer though, because of his contract.

    Now, if we had endless resources, I would trade Hanson for Braun in a heartbeat. Of course, none of these commodities are really available.

    I don’t think Teheran would net us players like that. Not even close.

  22. It’s almost comical how much better Jair Jurrjens has been than Derek Lowe this year. What a wonderful trade the Renteria trade has been. Frank Wren and the Braves’ scouts deserve a ton of praise for reeling in Jurrjens for Renteria.

  23. I don’t believe the Braves have too much starting pitching. To me the answer to the logjam is obvious, send Lowe to the bullpen. He had 42 saves one year for Boston. Sure, that’s a lot of money for a bullpen guy, but unless you can move him, we have to eat it somewhere. Figuring Soriano is gone, he could take over the late right hand role.
    This is what I think our pitching staff should look like in ’10.
    Starters: 1, JJ, 2, Vasquez, 3, Hanson, 4, Hudson, 5, Medlen
    Middle/Long: KK, O’Flaherty (unless loogy upgrade is available), Valdez, Moylan
    Closer: Gonzalez, Lowe
    I like KK, but think that he adapts to bullpen better than Medlen.
    No way I would endorse a trade of either JJ or Hansen (sure I’d swap either one for one for Longoria, but this isn’t going to happen).

    2010 belongs to the Braves! Of course, I said that about 1980 also.

  24. I would not be too quick to trade a SP unless it was Lowe.
    Having 4 pitchers over 30 on the starting staff you know we are going to endure some injuries.

    Of course if we can move Lowe, Hudson or Vazquez for a legit OF or 1B then I would do it, but otherwise I would take my time on the situation.

  25. Right now, I don’t have a problem with the Braves and KJ parting ways. I still think he can and will be better than the average of what we have seen. But he only has 2 more arb years, and until he proves something more, then he isn’t the kind of player you sign in free agency. Keeping him next year will cost over 3 million, and if you don’t put Prado at 3rd, then Prado at 2nd at $400,000 does almost as much as Kj at $3,000,000 +. Then, you can take the difference and get a real reliever.

    BUT, somebody needs to point out to Bobby that now we are working on our offseason and next year plan. Who plays and who goes in what lineup slot should be driven by this (not just being unmindful if you win or lose, but if a combination that teaches you something or increases the value of an asset is possible that is close to producing the same, go with it).

    I had thought until a couple of weeks ago that it was this year that Infante signed the 2 year contract. Apparently, it was last year. He is a FA at end of season. We know what he can do (OPS 700 to 800, play several positions). Whether we would be wiling to offer arb or how much we would pay him in free agency is already known or knowable. Playing him at 2nd last night told us NOTHING.

    However, playing Kj (after he had a good night the night before, by the way) gives you a chance to increase his value. That is important EVEN IF you don’t intend to bring him back. They are about to “Marcus Giles” a player that has much more potential for value.

    If KJ can play 15 of the next 21 games and OPS 750 +, then some SABR minded team would take him on and give up something useful for him (Dodgers?, A’s?). If he sits on the bench, the only thing you can do is either bring him back or non tender him.

    Similar on Ryan Church. It is hard to see how he fits with Heyward in the wings. But he is a better player than what he showed this year with the Mets. He is a much better fielder than I realized. He is useless in any regular play against lefties, but can play passable centerfield (which will be important for us starting next year and until Schaffer re-establishes himself which could be never), good rightfield, and he can get on base. In fact, I would not have pinch hit Chipper for him last night. Chipper’s power from the left side has been compromised all year. What basically Cox was doing was gambling Chipper’s odds of walking or tinking a single or hitting a long fly ball versus Church’s odds on the same 3 (if Cox didn’t know that, then he hasn’t been paying attention). Yes, slumping Chipper probably was a little more likely, BUT NOT MUCH.

  26. Omg how can some of you waste your time on paragraph after paragraph on Kelly Johnson???? The guy sucks… he’s not going to be a brave next year. That’s it. End of story

  27. I’d hold onto both Hudson and Vazquez if there is still some money to spend on a real 1B. I’m ok with a Diaz/Church/McLouth/Heyward outfield so long as we get a legit bat at 1B, and maintain our starting pitching depth. The problem for the Braves is going to be how little they have to spend on a 1B and/or corner outfielder if they do exercise the option on Hudson.

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