Braves 4, Marlins 3

Atlanta Braves vs. Florida Marlins – Box Score – September 01, 2009 – ESPN

Tim Hudson’s first start back went as well as could possibly be expected. Well, there was the over three-hour rain delay before the game, but once he got startedd, signs were encouraging. He allowed two runs in the first, but they weren’t entirely his fault, as Infante couldn’t make the play on a fly ball that wound up a double. It was 2-1 after the first (Chipper hit into a run-scoring GIDP in the first). The Braves rallied to take the lead in the third, Hudson getting things started with a leadoff walk and scoring on a balk, with McCann driving in the go-ahead run with a long double after a long AB.

Hudson was sharp through five, getting five strikeouts and walking only one, and throwing nearly twice as many strikes as balls. He hit a wall in the sixth, though. After getting the first out, he gave up a double, then walked the next two to load the bases. Moylan came in and got a double play to get out of it.

Medlen had no trouble at all in the seventh, striking out two. The Braves got a run in the eighth when Chipper walked, went to second on a single by McCann, went to third on a wild pitch, and scored on an infield single by ACHE, who once again was left in to face a lefty even though he was going to leave the game for defense anyway. Gonzalez allowed a hit in the eighth, but struck out two. Then Soriano came in.

Remember how well it worked when Bobby was matching up Soriano and Gonzalez? Can’t he go back to that? Soriano, who is obviously still not right, allowed a leadoff homer, then walked the next man. He rallied with a strikeout and then a GIDP. It’s not comfortable relying on him now.

I’m going to let this stand as the game thread.

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  1. I am very happy to see Bobby putting Medlen in to pitch the seventh inning. It’s great to see how fast the kid is able to gain such level of confidence from Bobby.

  2. Really wish Medlen would’ve stayed in for the eighth actually. At least he should be available tonight but Sori shouldn’t be. Maybe we can have a 9-1 lead and see Valdez and Logan.

  3. 1 and 2

    I think you are exactly right about Medlen. He could have pitched 2 and then set up Gonzo for the save and give Soriano the night off.

  4. Bobby is the king of defined roles- Norton’s my PH whiz, Soriano is my closer, etc. It must be nice to play for Bobby, knowing there has to be an act of God to lose your spot, but damn it’s annoying

  5. biggest compliment i can give to mac: i watched the entire game. i saw the highlights on the main site. i read the game recap on the main site. yet, i still can’t wait for the recap daily on bravesjournal. mac, thanks for feeding my addiction.

  6. I have to say that Joe Simpson made one astute comment last night. After Pimpbot 16 mashed the double in the top of the third, Joe said that that was McCann’s best AB of the year. Now I certainly haven’t seen all of the Braves’ games, but as BMac fouled off pitch after pitch I was thinking that this was one of the best ABs I’d seen a Braves player have this year.

  7. from last thread…

    “Kelly Johnson has a .845 OPS since coming off the DL. Martin Prado has a .695 OPS since KJ came off the DL.

    UPDATE!: Kelly Johnson has drawn 8 walks in 53 PA’s during that span. Prado has drawn 6 walks in 127 PA’s. Prado has 7 XBH. KJ has 6.”

    well KJ is also in another one of his streaks and Im guessing the Braves are just tired of it. He’s 0 for his last 17 and 4 for his last 37. He had his opportunities and has struggled all year. I dont know if he’ll get another shot with Atl

  8. @8 KJ is actually a great pinch hitter but Bobby just doesn’t realize it. Instead he keeps putting in Norton to pinch hit and KJ to pinch run.

  9. #9 – I agree with you. Id put KJ in there before Norton any day, who wouldnt. I was just responding to PWH, comparing KJ and Prado

    Prado is hitting over .300 vs RH and LH currently. KJ is posting this line vs RH this season

    .175/.270/.305/.575 in 200 AB’s

    but yes, give me him over Norton vs any pitcher right now and Id like our chances better

  10. I love that the Braves won, though I missed the game, but it’s a little frustrating to have them keep balancing on the edge of having a decent shot.

    If they win tonight, and if Colorado loses, I will, once again, have Hope™.

    The current rotation makes me wonder: Who is the Braves best fifth starter of all time? I don’t know if the team has had a starting rotation go this deep before. When Avery was at his best, the team had the best four it ever had, but I don’t know about the best five-man.

  11. at 12, JoeyT,

    When Millwood first came up he was a 5th starter (1996?). Mercker was during about 92 – 93.

    But no, this rotation is 6 deep better than any I have ever seen, on the field. Boston’s looked like it might be that good or better on paper this year, but Daisuke, Penny, and Smoltz all disappointed.

  12. @12 1998

    Maddux – 18-9 2.22ERA
    Glavine – 20-6 2.47ERA (CY Winner!)
    Smoltz – 17-3 2.90ERA
    Neagle – 16-11 3.55ERA
    Millwood – 17-8 4.08ERA

    How on earth can you beat that? Boy I missed those days.

  13. Wow, tough poll. I’m not one much for counting stats, but it’s hard to argue that anyone was worse than Jeffy since he was run out there every single game for such a long time. Then again, he did have a promising start to his career. Danny K. holds a particularly loathesome place in my Braves-memory — while he had relatively few opportunities to screw things up he did so very dependably.

  14. I voted based on how much anger was resurrected solely based on reading a player’s name

    Dan BLEEPING Kolb

  15. Updated information from Pythagorus. (It has been more than a week, so I will end my self imposed censorship).

    Today, Braves Pythag record is exactly the same as Rockies actual and is 2.5 games back of Phillies (not 7.5). Golly, I wonder what could cause such.

    And as to Phillies potential problems, I realize they are good and are far ahead, but they have to play 3 more games than we do over the next 4 weeks. They must have no off days and some doubleheaders coming.

  16. @24,

    A lot of Diaz performance in BAPIP is not luck. He always tends to hit a lot of line drives, but in this surge, there have been even more.

    Have they named NL Player of the Month for August? Diaz should be there, but he is an unknown to many.

  17. @25,

    I thought the 1993 team (after getting McGriff) was the best team of the run, including 1995. They had four number 1-types and production throughout the lineup. They really didn’t need a number 5. A Braves-Blue Jays rematch would have been classic. It just shows the best team often doesn’t win in the playoffs.

  18. 1998

    Maddux – 18-9 2.22ERA
    Glavine – 20-6 2.47ERA (CY Winner!)
    Smoltz – 17-3 2.90ERA
    Neagle – 16-11 3.55ERA
    Millwood – 17-8 4.08ERA

    WOW thats 88 wins by starters alone… that would garuntee us playoffs straight up.

    however, i woudl LOVE to see the Quality Starts stats from that year

  19. 1998 Braves QS
    Smoltz = 17
    Millwood = 16
    Neagle = 20
    Glavine = 26
    Maddux = 27
    Dennis Martinez = 2
    Bruce Chen = 2

    That’s 110 Quality Starts?!?!?

  20. Just read Deadspin’s “The 2009 New York Mets: A Season Of Failure” gallery and exploded with laughter at my desk when I saw Francouer’s “duck and cover” video. Between the colossal implosion that has been the Mets’ season and the Braves vastly exceeding expectations, this has been the most enjoyable season I’ve witnessed in detail (I was 5 in ’91 – so i kind of missed out on things back then).

  21. @27 – Only if you mean .350/.400/.600 and 10 HRs in the final month. I’m not normally the pessimistic type, but I just don’t see the WC happening now.

    EDIT: Trying for the anti-jynx just in case.

  22. I agree with Ryan at #5.

    Being in a different time zone, most recaps are posted during the night, so I get to read them in the morning on the way to work/university, and they’re a perfect way to start the day. When the Braves win they’re delightful, and if they lose, Mac’s writing makes it easier to bear.

  23. Yeah, the cat playing the keyboard combined with the studio guy’s “WHAAAT is that?!?!” narration perfectly captured the bumbling nature of their whole season.

  24. Three great World Series match-ups that didn’t happen:

    1984: Detroit Tigers/Chicago Cubs
    That was the WS everyone wanted to see since July of that year. The Tigers came out blazing (35-5) and the Cubs (via WGN) won over America that summer. Of course, the NLCS was the kind of choke only the Cubs could author.

    1993: Toronto Blue Jays/Atlanta Braves
    A rematch, yes, but both teams were better that year. Toronto’s rotation was alright, but their lineup was full-on scary. After the Braves’ whirlwind season, clutch trade & hammer-down finish, it was hard to imagine them losing to the Phils, but they did.

    1998: New York Yankees/Atlanta Braves
    Aside from The Big Red Machine, that Yankee team was the best I ever saw. They had everything—I mean, there were nights when both Tim Raines & Darryl Strawberry were available from the bench. Nonetheless, I would’ve loved to have seen the Braves try to tear that playhouse down.

    And what is it about the Padres always ruining a good party?

  25. The LD saga continues

    As for his business plan, Dykstra testified that Louis Vuitton has promised to commit $10 million to take a 49 percent stake in the relaunch of his Players Club Magazine, with plans to expand it in Europe. The Players Club is a publication meant to help professional athletes manage their finances.

    “We give them hope,” he testified, acknowledging the irony of his own situation.

    The judge declared as hearsay the evidence Dykstra produced to support the Vuitton offer — an e-mail signed “Bernard”, a Bernard Juhen, whom Dykstra referred to as “Mr. Vuitton.”

  26. Something called has ranked the 50 hottest fanbases.

    All of the SEC is represented.

    Except Vandy. Sorry, Stu.

    LSU was ranked first. UK actually finished ahead of UGA. I was surprised at first until I remembered the affect the HOPE Scholarship is having on ububba’s alma mater.

  27. You mean we’re enrolling people who can read & write?

    I just got back from Athens. It’s still pretty football-crazy down there. The Okie St. game was all anyone was talking about, even among the music people.

  28. @44: Was Clemson on the list? As a Clemson student, I can attest to the exquisite beauty that populates our campus.

  29. LSU was ranked first.

    That totally undermines the entire list. Unless you really like make-up.

    I remember that Playboy ranked us in the top 5 or 10 around 2000 or ’01—musta been on a per capita basis—but, yeah, the girls have gotten smarter since then.

  30. Peanut: “Chipper’s back was just a little sore last night. Consider this just a night off tonight.”

  31. @51 – I say we give him a rest until Monday. We need him back to the normal Chipper when he is ready.

  32. If I gave Chipper the night off, ACHE wouldn’t be the first player that came to my mind to bat 3rd in his place.

  33. Bobby is the king of defined roles- Norton’s my PH whiz, Soriano is my closer, etc. It must be nice to play for Bobby, knowing there has to be an act of God to lose your spot, but damn it’s annoying

    Every team does this. It’s the sign of a bad manager if he jerks everybody’s roles around whenever someone has a couple of bad games. It wasn’t that long ago that Gonzalez was the one struggling and Soriano was lights out. Sori is still striking people out, he’ll come around…if his arm doesn’t fall off.

    The Norton thing is pretty annoying. He’s the active career leader in pinch hits (that and three bucks will get you a cup of coffee) and was a fine pinch hitter last season but it’s really time to move on.

  34. The Uggla/Ramirez passive-aggressive duel sounds pretty entertaining from the way they are describing it.

  35. From Ball Four:

    After a while we used to joke in the outfield. I’d go over to Mick and say, “Mick, how does your leg feel?”

    “Well, it’s severed at the knee.”

    “Yes, but does it hurt?”

    “No, I scotch-taped it back into place.”

    “And how’s your back?”

    “My back is broken in seven places.”

    “Can you swing the bat?”

    “Yeah, I can swing. If I can find some more Scotch tape.”

    “Great. Well, get in there then. We need you.”

  36. I don’t know if I’m more surprised at the fact he took himself out or that Uggla called him out on it.

  37. anyone just hear Joe taking issue with the idea of valuing rate states over countables?


    Had to sign on just for that…

  38. There is NO reason on earth we should be losing this game. None. Vandenhurk looked like a Class A pitcher and Javy was dealing. Arghhhh

  39. After a great streak, Medlen got hit hard. Happens. Gotta make a comeback.

    Francoeur ties up the Mets game in Colorado with a HR off a hanging hook.

  40. Wait…Chipper? I guess that’s ok. I’d save him to hit for someone worse than Church.

  41. Sometimes I wonder if I could handle a Braves post season series managed by Bobby Cox these days. My stress levels are already too high.

  42. That was a surprise. I was sure that Norton was saving up all his veteran clutchiness for just such a situation.

  43. I just told my wife, “I hope Norton doesn’t hit into a double play.” So the K isn’t the worst outcome.

  44. I know he’s been bad this season, but Kelly Johnson really should be above Norton on the pinch hitter depth chart.

  45. It’s amazing. Take Francoeur away from Bobby Cox, and he forms a new infatuation with someone awful.

  46. Can you believe that hack Chipper didn’t just hit a grandslam? Clearly he doesn’t want to win.


  47. One positive thing about NOrton not reaching base is that Cox didn’t get the chance to waste Kelly Johnson as a pinch runner. We have to figure out some way to run Cox out of town.

  48. That swing from Chipper looked like Chipper of old and not the old Chipper we had been seeing. Good to see that.

    Boys are showing some fight tonight.

    I hate to tell Joe, but Matt Diaz was not saying ‘control that stuff’ he was saying F***YOU, F*** YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  49. Bobby Cox must go. Seriously. He treats Norton like a top pinch-hitter. WTF!!!

    And that’s after he fails to pull Vazquez before the roof falls in.

  50. Got to love the immediate counter rally. Norton’s spot has been cleared which is positive.

  51. i dislike bobby cox. i love him, but i really dont like him. bringing in a .149 hitter with the game on the line when there are at least 4 better alternatives. it’s just stupid baseball.

  52. Thing that I have wondered for some time: why does an HBP count towards OBP but an ROE does not?

  53. Pinch hit David Ross there, if not KJ, if not, hell, Conrad?

    Really anybody in the bullpen can probably top Norton’s .149 avg/.323 obp/.179 slg/.508 ops line.

  54. Bobby is done, how can you keep running Norton out there in big spots. Weve got Conrad, Ross, KJ, even Lowe has a higher BA than Norton. He kept VAsquez in too long, definitely left Medlen out there too long, and then used Norton in a big spot once again. BTW, this is why fox sports said we’d win the wildcard

    Reason they will: Bobby Cox’s steady, experienced hand down the stretch has to mean something. Atlanta starters have the third-best ERA in the National League and the rotation gives them a chance to win almost every night.

    apparently, they dont watch many games

  55. Chipper Jones plans to appear as a guest on the set of ESPN’s “College GameDay” show Saturday morning at Centennial Olympic Park, where the show will air in advance of Saturday night’s Chick-fil-A Kickoff game between Virginia Tech and Alabama. Jones will join Chris Fowler, Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit and Desmond Howard to talk college football. “Florida does have the No. 1 team in the country,” said Jones, who grew up a Gators fan in DeLand, Fla. “[ESPN] is in Atlanta the first week of the season, so it seems like a normal fit.” Jones said he’ll probably show up in Gators colors.
    “We’ll see,” he said. “I might get booed by a bunch of Georgia fans when I walk up. They’ve got me picking the Georgia game and the ’Bama game. Let’s just say one group of people is not going to be real happy and the other group is going to be pretty happy.” The show begins at 10 a.m., but expect to see Jones between 11:30 and noon.

  56. ESCOBAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Edit: I momentarily forgot how close to punching the wall I was after the Norton rally-homicide.

  57. You know Chino had to explain to Bobby that he’d already used Norton, so he’d have to pick someone else to pinch hit. I was 80% sure that KJ was just a corpse propped up on the bench at this point.

  58. Teheran pitched the first 7 of 9 no-hit innings for Rome today but they lost 4-0 in 13. The putrid offense–Milligan is now at MB–has gone 33 innings without scoring. McLouth on rehab tomorrow.

  59. This portion of tonight’s game brought to you by Doctors’ Hospital. Don’t make the mistake so many make. Don’t go to a hospital with no doctors. If you’re sick, go to Doctors’ Hospital.

  60. We were doomed when we didn’t take the lead in the ninth. Even if Gonzo got through that inning, Soriano would have been too gassed to pitch extra innings.

    Frank Wren needs to release Norton. It’s his call and it has to be done.

  61. COL has bases loaded 1 out in the 8th, still tied 2-2

    edit: nevermind, Giambi plates 2, 4-2 COL now, we’re 4 back

  62. 194,

    3 out of 4 wouldn’t be too shabby. It may not be enough in the Wild Card race, but not shabby for sure.

  63. and Medlen pretty much got the Devine treatment tonight. Nothing like bringing in the rookie with the bases loaded

    Braves live sure is bashing some of Bobbys decisions tonight.

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