59 thoughts on “Extremely coherent game thread: Aug. 28, Braves at Phillies”

  1. Ha. Great thread.

    From the last one: We’d be leading the Wild Card race right now if Bobby had played Diaz over Francouer (or Schaefer – sp? – for that matter) from the beginning.

    So far, the 25 most important players on the Braves have amassed a 38.8 WAR. Assuming a replacement level team posts a .300 winning percentage, the Braves would be 77-50 right now if they had this team together from the get-go. I’ll keep saying it. This team’s good enough. I hope it wasn’t assembled too late.

  2. I agree with Ububba on the last thread. Wilpon’s incompetent ownership has been in our best possible interest. I hope it continues as long as ever it can.

    Posnanski at his finest:

    Mike MacDougal has 14 saves and a 1.98 ERA for the Washington Nationals. Ryan Franklin has 34 saves and a 1.07 ERA for the Cardinals. Trevor Hoffman at age 348 has 27 saves and a 1.85 ERA for Milwaukee. I don’t believe in reincarnation, but if I’m wrong I hope the Good Lord brings me back as a National League reliever.

  3. I’m going to the M-Braves tonight and their giving away Phillip Wellman bobble heads. I just hope they are as unintentionally comedic as the Brian Snitker and his uneven mustache bobble head. If so I’m getting one for posterity.

  4. @5 – I would want one if they had him throwing a rosin bag grenade while in a combat position on the ground.

  5. @hankonly from the previous thread…
    When you crossed paths with Ron were you at the same park where his son plays now? We might have sons who played together.
    I totally agree with your statement about Chip… that’s why I think he should be a national announcer instead of announcing for a particular franchise. He gets so excited over every play that after a while it begins to feel like he is rooting against the home team.

  6. To me Chip’s problem is that he thinks he needs to have an opinion on everything and his opinions are often stupid. He often feels the need to denigrate statistical analysis, for example, without really understanding it, especially when it shows that a particular player, ie, Francouer, actually sucks. He does that on the national games too. Less is more; just listen to Vin Scully and you realize that. I know that Skip often had opinions, but they were more frequently humorous. He didn’t seem to take himself as seriously as Chip does.

  7. Braves lineup:

    Diaz 9
    Prado 4
    Chipper 5
    McCann 2
    Anderson 7
    Escobar 6
    LaRoche 3
    Church 8
    Hanson 1

  8. #4 – being one of the best pitchers in baseball the last few years is whats getting him back in the rotation. Also the braves are wanting to see what he looks like returning before deciding on his option for next year

  9. @3

    I hope so, but Lowe vs. Lee on paper doesn’t really have me excited.

    Though I will say, for all his recent issues, it would not surprise me if Lowe stepped up tomorrow. If we win tonight and Lincecum takes care of COL, tomorrow is potentially a huge game.

    Lowe’s seen it all before and has a decent resume of rising to the moment.

  10. I almost forgot about this guy:

    “Outfielder Conor Jackson’s past four months have included more questions than answers, and recently a new one popped up: Is he going to be with the Diamondbacks next season? Jackson doesn’t know what’s going to happen, just as he isn’t sure how he’s going to feel tomorrow or when he might get back on a field. Jackson still is feeling the effects of valley fever, an illness that has altered his energy level from day to day.”

    That has to be a very tough situation for Conor.

  11. I hope it wasn’t assembled too late.

    So you are saying that playing half the season with no outfielders may have been a mistake. Hard to argue with that one.

    This roster is obviously stronger than on Day 1 but I’m still not so sure we are any better than the fifth best team in the NL right now.

  12. I haven’t seen this mentioned yet, but I seem to recall talk, back when we signed Kawakami, that he had never pitched as many innings as would be typical of a full major league season? If my memory is correct, I have to believe that concern over his usage makes him a good candidate for rest at this stage in the season. Overpaid or not, we don’t want to burn through such an investment in one season by throwing his arm out.

  13. Greetings from Athens, Ga…

    Funny, I just had a conversation with someone where I said, “We’re probably the 5th best team in the NL & that’s not gonna be good enough.”

  14. in 82 bats with the braves, laroche is batting .390 with a .480 obp 8 hr 18 rbi, and yet still bats 7th. just more proof that bobby has a severe brain disease.

  15. I don’t know why ACHE keeps hitting 5th behind McCann. Bat Escobar there, he’s a better hitter plus the lineup would then go Left Right Left instead of 2 lefties in a row.

  16. Ububba, will you be back in Atlanta before you head back? If you get down around East Atlanta/Little five, I’ll be happy to join you for a drink.

  17. Just when Joe says you have to pitch Howard inside Hanson throws a big meatball on the outside.

  18. Can the Braves just walk Howard every time for the rest of the year? It would work better….

  19. hap – the last time we played Gant’s son’s team was two summers ago in the Hobgood Invitational. Came in second to a team from Savannah that pitched a kid that looked a whole lot like CC Sabathia. Just finished our 14u year.

    Ron was very patient and giving 0f his time to the kids and, now that I think about it, the Moms.

    Hey, wait a minute …

  20. Marc – you’re exactly right about Chip’s flaw. Less would certainly be more.

    His Dad was proof of the old canard, “Brevity is the soul of wit.”

  21. Are we going to get to see Buddy Carlyle for 2 or 3 innings? That should be exciting!

  22. I have to work tomorrow… so morning recap, assuming this game is played. In case you’re wondering, starting the game at all was the Phillies’ fault, not the umpires.

  23. I can’t vote in the poll. That’s like picking between Ebola and Cholera for the worst way to die, both are insanely efficient. Chip > Francoeur > Chip > Francoeur > Chip, etc.

  24. I guess I don’t really consider Chip stupid, per se. Just a horrible, horrible broadcaster.

  25. If I expect the Braves to be swept this weekend, would I feel better watching all these stranded runners on base?

  26. Chipper is done. I love what chipper has done for atlanta in the past but his production doesn’t warrant what they are paying him. I’d be shocked if atlanta lets him play out this current contract he signed earlier this year

  27. It really seems that Ryan Howard reads Bravesjournal and took particular umbrage to Mac’s comments about him being overrated. It may be true that he only does one thing well but he sure seems to do that one thing REALLY well against the Braves.

  28. And anyone who is watching, can you please explain how the hell Moyer is striking out so many guys? 5 of the first 7 outs he has recorded?

  29. RE New Poll:

    I think I know how Joshua the computer in “Wargames” feels when it tries to figure out the winner of Thermo-Nuclear War…

  30. @36 Chipper is done? Good god man, that’s incredibly premature. His numbers so far this year, even after the slump, are better than 2004, and just last year he had a career year. Chippers real problem continues to be the number of games he plays, not the production he gives when playing.

    But it’s just amazing to me how fickle some people are.

  31. Q: How does a team that should have a WAR 38.8, 77-50 record only score 2 runs vs. Jamie Moyer, Chan Ho Park, and Brad Lidge????

    A: No matter how many empty stats you throw in some vaccum and how good those stats come out, this team is mediocre. The only reason the braves are remotely in this thing is that the rest of the NL is awful.

    Congrats Frank Wren for improving from a 4th to a 3rd place team, of course, everyone on the Mets had to get hurt for you to even pull that off, but congrats anyway. YOU SUCK and I HOPE YOU GET FIRED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. #50,

    Every time I sign onto here, you’re making some outlandish statement and getting shot down by somebody. What gives?

  33. @50.

    Let me add to the chorus of what an asinine statement you made. As the saying goes, better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you are a fool than open it and remove all doubt.

  34. @50 If you are not seeing the improvement of this team from last year, I honestly don’t know what you have been watching. Are we watching the same team?

  35. Yes, we’re only a few wins behind what we got all of last year with more than a month left, and on pace for about a 15 game improvement. Gosh, Wren, that’s terrible.

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