39 thoughts on “Seriously, the Padres game thread: Aug. 27, Padres at Braves”

  1. CF Angel Pagan
    SS Wilson Valdez
    1B Daniel Murphy
    RF Jeff Francoeur
    LF Cory Sullivan
    3B Fernando Tatis
    C Omir Santos
    2B Anderson Hernandez
    P Tim Redding P

    This lineup for the Mets today got 8 hits, 3 walks and 4 runs off of Anibal Sanchez, you know the guy who had like a no-hitter through 5 or something against us. Pathetic.

  2. Braves lineup:

    Diaz 9
    Prado 4
    Chipper 5
    McCann 2
    Escobar 6
    Anderson 7
    LaRoche 3
    Infante 8
    Vazquez 1

  3. Braves recalled Buddy Carlyle and optioned Manny Acosta to Gwinnett. Can we get Kenny Powers instead?

  4. #6 – good, Im tired of Acosta. BTW, Hudson is starting on Monday apparently and Kawakami is getting pushed to the pen. I guess the 6th inning yesterday made that decision for them

  5. Right-handed starter Rich Harden and right-handed reliever Aaron Heilman have been claimed on waivers, according to major-league sources.

    I’d have to have a go on Harden. He could be very good for somebody.

  6. I’m confused. Are they going to send someone down to the minors so Hudson can come up a day before rosters expand?

  7. 14,
    My guess is they’ll designate Reid Gorecki on the 31st for Hudson (clears a 25-man and a 40-man spot) then activate McLouth when the rosters expand a day later.

  8. #4 – I seem to recall being assured here that Francoeur couldn’t be traded either and yet Wren not only traded him but got Ryan Church for him. $16 million is a lot to the Braves but it would make Lowe only the 3rd highest paid starting pitcher on the Yankees rotation.

  9. He’s our 16 million dollar 5th starter. Might as well get used to it. At the time of the signing everyone acknowledged that we overpaid. And we’ll keep overpaying for the next 3 seasons.

    I think that everyone was saying that Francouer couldn’t be traded for anything of value. Well Wren had pictures of Minaya.

  10. That’s prob one of the worst videos I’ve ever seen in my life. I couldn’t make out one word of what Dylan was singing… it just sounded like a Cri du chat baby

  11. Just found/stumbled across this web site… what a great resource, especially for far-flung ATL fans like myself. (I now live in CA.) I’ll be back, for sure. Can’t believe the way the Braves dropped the first two games to Friars. That may have just killed them, sadly.

  12. those are some ugly uni’s there. are there any worse in baseball? I mean they’re not wearing shorts but seriously. who came up with pee colored togs?

  13. is anyone else seriously impressed with matt diaz in the leadof spot? i really like it, although he will be quickly removed when nate gets back.

  14. So, when only factoring in time spent as an Atlanta Brave, guess who has the lowest average in that lineup (besides the pitcher).

    Ans. Chipper Jones

  15. @34 and 27, Lennon pretty much said the same thing at one point in the rambling two-part interview from 1970 that Rolling Stone has up right now:


    Interesting read (or listen).

  16. Nick Green pitched two shutout innings for the Red Sox tonight. He’s been a been pitcher for Boston than Smoltz.

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