Wild game thread: August 20, Braves at Mets

NEW YORK (BRAVES JOURNAL WIRE SERVICES) — The New York Mets received yet more bad news as second baseman Luis Castillo will miss the remainder of the season after being savaged by a pack of hyenas.

“I don’t know where the hyenas came from,” said manager Jerry Manuel. “He was just walking in the park, and suddenly there were hyenas. They bit him a few times and ran off.” Calls to local zoos gathered no reports of escaped hyenas. Hyenas are not native to the New York area.

Though none of the injuries are considered crippling or potentially life-threatening, Castillo will remain in the hospital for the next several days for observation and also to receive a series of painful shots. The second baseman was hitting .306 with a .399 on-base percentage.

“I’m thinking I should raise hyenas when I get a house up here,” said right fielder Jeff Francoeur. “If they’re dangerous, why doesn’t the government put a warning on them?”

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  1. Love the drugstore Danelectro guitar. And Robert Plant shakes his hair like a g.d. (happy?) girl.

  2. The other day driving back from Atlantic City, I broke out Physical Graffiti for the first time in years. I had totally forgotten how completely stomping their version of “In My Time of Dying” was.

    Lucky, I didn’t get a ticket on the Parkway.

  3. Great read… The first time you did one of these headline injuries I searched online for the story… lol. I’m so sheltered… I miss watching my Bravos on TBS. :(

    hilarious… keep em’ up. Some days it’s one of the few laughs I have. Thanks!

  4. @6 I’m with you on missing TBS broadcasts. I hate the constant fear of not knowing whether I can watch the Braves or not. Its even worse now considering my only chances are FOX or PTV.

    I’m sure people out-of-state have much more to complain about though.

  5. MLB.tv has a special running. You can watch every regular season game for the rest of the year (except the 4 pm Saturday games & ESPN games) for something like $34.99.

    If things get interesting from here on out, I’m not sure watching Gameday will cut it.

  6. nice video mac.thers nothing like three “heavy” muscians and a pretty blonde howler bashing out a really tuneless tune………for me, LedZep is kinda like going over Niagra Falls in a rowboat………theres a few thrills along the way but the end result isn’t very satisfying

  7. 8 — I was so close to buying it the other day. After the series against the phills, I figured I’d just listen on mlb audio…

    Not that I’ve lost hope… just the steam that had been building to buy it.

  8. I’ve learned that my doing anything that suggests to baseball karma that I think the Braves have a shot will immediately doom them, so I won’t do it. :)

  9. #12, I don’t know about you but I find this extremely distasteful. I realize it was meant to be funny, but IMHO it is not.

  10. Reds just beat the Giants in the 10th on a HR by rookie callup Drew Stubbs.

    The Rockies are the real problem. Upon further review, I think they are kinda good.

  11. Would have been funnier if either the White Sox or the Cubs were used as the assailants. “They put one of yours in the hospital, you put one of theirs in the morgue! That’s the Chicago way!”

    ps – Braves Journal Challenge – write a non-distasteful post. Degree of difficulty: To anyone.

  12. ACHE has a career .700ops against Santana in 29pa, so of course he’s in the 2 hole.

    Diaz has a 1.321ops in 21pa, so he’s batting 6th, with no protection has LaRoche, behind him has a .619ops against Santana.

    But Bobby’s not to blame, of course.

  13. @25: He was. Lower back strain, day to day. And Gorecki somehow makes Anderson look competent on defense.

  14. Anyway, my cable was out for the first three innings. What did Jeffy do this time?

    Net is still a little fuzzy; if I don’t recap, that’s why, and I’ll do it in the morning. We had a deluge.

  15. Solid double by Francouer.

    Gotta admit – he’s been pretty good in a Mets uni. Happy for him. Happier for us.

  16. Reid Goreki is not a guy I want playing the OF for very much longer.

    Can we get to September and Heyward time already?

  17. I would like to start the campaign: DIAZ FOR LEADOFF (platoon’d)

    Currently has a 0.431 OBP versus LHP and has the most steals other than McLouth



  18. Double with one on that did not score Castillo, popup to short w/ 2 on, 1 out, on first pitch (outside, natch).

  19. Credit to Gorecki; he giveth a run but taketh a baserunner away with a catch ACHE doesn’t make.

  20. Jeff Francoeur is not allowed to argue about the strike zone. You’re talking about a guy who walks 20 times a season and strikes out 150+ times. He has no idea what the strike zone is.

    WRT Heyward, if they thought he was ready to contribute they would’ve brought him up for McLouth. Instead, they bring up Gorecki, who they have to add to the 40-man. That’s a pretty tell-tale sign they don’t think Heyward is ready I think. If ACHE goes on the DL, I imagine it will be Barton or B. Jones–who has been red hot as of late–that gets the call.

  21. Santana’s effort is a “quality start,” for those who believe in that metric, and he got some ground balls he needed, but for the Mets’ investment, he needs to be overwhelming, and he’s merely “pretty good.”

  22. Minor went 2 innings for Rome tonight. No runs, no hits, no walks–2 Ks. The game was suspended b/c of rain after 4 with Rome up 5-2.

    Another good start from KK. The Lowe loss stinks but 2 of 3 in a road series is ok–obviously a sweep would be better.

  23. Frank, game ain’t over yet…

    But yeah — the very idea of measuring Santana in terms of quality starts tells you all you need to know about his season. They brought him in, and paid him megadough, to be a perennial Cy candidate. Instead he’s merely one of the best lefties in his division — better than Hamels and Moyer and worse than Lee. He couldn’t keep being Superman forever. Unfortunately for the Amazins.

  24. so Chipper decided not to show up tonight. Terrible at the plate and in the field. Should we be getting worried about his little extension?

  25. seriously, everyone that we need to lose is winning of late. the phils will have won 8 of their last 9.

  26. chipper’s approximate projected stats: .400 obp, 22 hr’s 90 rbi and close to 100 runs. i would say no.

  27. ok…big game here, as they all are this time of year. you have a 2-run lead against a top 5 MLB starter, on the road, against an otherwise terrible team playing out the string. I simply cannot fathom the de facto team leader, veteren, HOF 3rd baseman tanking a throw like that in the 8th inning. It’s simply inexcusable.

    Throw it like a man Chipper. Come on!

  28. Where’s Tony? I need to know if that qualifies as a choke job from Chipper.

  29. better hope Soriano is good tonight, losing two of three to this team pretty much seals our fate I believe

  30. #64 – because that hurts Bobby’s goal of making sure all of our relievers are in the top 10 in appearances

  31. @53, I’d forget about the Phillies. No way we’re catching them unless they get hit by serious injuries. Besides, they’re just a better baseball team. Fine.

    It’s all about the Wild Card now. Colorado. San Francisco. Florida. Chicago. That’s it.

    You can still win a World Series through the Wild Card. We seem to match up well with the Dodgers too for the Division Series.

  32. so we now have 4 starters with a sub 4 era and then there is Derek Lowe. Cant really hate the Kawakami deal right now

  33. @73: Kawakami seems to rise to the occasion against aces. His ceiling is high, evidenced by his pitch-for-pitch duels with Halladay and Kershaw when they were tossing shutouts. He’s also stronger mentally than I expected he’d be; he seemed to panic and lose control earlier in the season but now has confidence in his pitches to work himself out of jams. If Kawakami becomes more consistent, he’s an asset in the back of the rotation.

  34. Anyone else think of the Chairman from Iron Chef America when you see Kawakami? Too bad he’s not Chinese, or The Chairman would be an excellent nickname on at least two levels. Iron Chef and Kawakami both provide good television, at the very least.

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