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  1. So we need to win all Mets and Nats series and go 3-3 vs. Phils and 6-4 vs. Marlins. only problem in West is that LA may play 2nd string towards the end if they’re well ahead of SF and CO?

  2. But why do you keep saying it on here? Do you think if you keep saying he has a bad voice that you will change everyone’s opinion? It’s annoying.

  3. The Colorado Rockies have a 10 games at home against the D-Backs, Mets and Reds, with 4 games naturally against the sorry Reds, at the beginning of September.

  4. Lineup, per Carroll:

    1. Johnson 2B
    2. Diaz RF
    3. Jones 3B
    4. Anderson LF
    5. Escobar SS
    6. LaRoche 1B
    7. Church CF
    8. Ross C
    9. Hanson P

    Prado out, but his CT Scan was negative.

    McLouth to the DL, Gorecki (!) called up to take his place.

  5. Gorecki? Huh. Of the veterans, that’s the one I would have gone with, but it’s obviously a “we don’t want anyone to get Wally Pipped by Heyward” move.

  6. Well I’m curious to who will break first Mac. Seems like its easier for me to come on and say Dylan sucks than it is for u to find new videos to post. Who knows? only time will tell


    Was it annoying to you the 1544583 times Mac would say “francoeur sucks?” Personally I learned from the best. If you feel strongly about something (as Mac did about Francoeur) keep posting it over, and over and over… well you get the point.

  7. From previous thread:

    Mac Thomason Says:

    BTW, Norton now has twice as many walks as hits.

    My first reaction — Norton has to have more than 2 walks by now.

  8. 10—Those comments weren’t annoying because, unlike your drivel, they were true.

    Mac, I sent you my VU Preview. I know the masses are waiting with bated breath.

  9. Well since this a braves website, no the frenchy sucks things were relevant. Also, it’s Mac’s site and he can say whatever he wants.

  10. I feel Jon may not be long for Braves Journal. Remember the Mets troll? Jon is the Bob Dylan troll.

    The more Dyaln, the better I say.

  11. Gorecki is 28 and I agree that he deserves a shot. He is right handed (we need another righty) and he has a slightly better OPS than Brandon Jones with a significantly better slugging percentage. Apparently he also has a little speed (14 SBs), so this could work out okay.

  12. Not to get in on the Dylan thing, but is there any reasoning behind how the video for each game thread is chosen? I don’t think I’ve opened a single one since I’m usually reading this blog at work and don’t want to draw attention to that. I used to try to discern how the videos were pertinent to that particular game or the state of Braves baseball in general but never could and I’ve since given up trying.

  13. Dylan sucks… That statement will be typed until the end of the season. I’ll keep it to one post per game thread so you guys don’t get your panties all in a bunch

  14. I’m getting the feeling there are an abundance of “turn on, tune in and drop outters” on this board. It’s the only explaination I can think of if you truly are obsessed with Dylan and his music

  15. Never mind. I counted the number on mlb.com and there were only 39 on the roster. Though I guess a move will need to be made when Hudson comes off the 60-day DL.

  16. How old are you? Is it so hard to not listen to the songs if you dislike them so?

  17. I am anything but a “tune in, turn on, and drop out” kind of guy. And I happen to like Bob Dylan. And Metallica. Can’t we all just get along?

    Maybe there *is* some of that hippie stuff in me after all…

  18. Smoltz released (according to MLBTR). Don’t think you could risk him facing a left handed batter, but IF he’ll take a pen spot he’ll probably find a specialist role on some club.

  19. wow guys good message board been reading it for weeks now before getting involved at all (1st time)

    you know what sucks? being a braves fan stuck in NJ (outside NYC)…
    Its all yankee fans (some mets) that are the most stubborn elitist baseball fans in the world…

    Either way, good to see Braves in town again, got some tix for Shiti Field tomorrow. Time to sweep!

  20. Jon may be annoying but on the Dylan thing I’m with him. I know I’m swimming upstream and that Dylan is considered a great but I just never clicked with his music. Not that it makes much difference since I play the vids only a couple of times a week.

    Crummy time for the injury bug to bite.

  21. I’m no great fan of Dylan, but you have to give him his due. He re-wrote significant chapters of American pop music. He’s as important as Elvis or the Beatles. To just categorically run around claiming he “sucks” is to declare your ignorance of history and aesthetics to the world. And again, I’m no great fan of his body of work.

    And the guy that was all “Axl Rose was better” needs to be beaten with Ryan Howard’s bat while locked inside of Shane Victorino’s burning house.

  22. Heyward’s pretty clearly on the Hanson plan. There’s no real reason to take Gorecki over him unless you were massaging his arb clock.

  23. The Phillies series was a little disappointing but it’s not like the Braves got their butts kicked by them. I was surprised that their dubious rotation held up so well. That’s one banged up lineup tonight. Anyway… Go Braves!

  24. There’s also really nothing stopping Mac from reusing previously posted videos unendingly into the future.

    Being annoying for the sake of being annoying is just annoying. Not at all like being annoying for the sake of being funny, which requires some creativity an effort.

    “Bob Dylan Sucks” honestly sounds like a Penn State fan’s best effort to modify his only college football taunt and apply it to music.

    Be a little more creative, like…”Bob Dylan’s voice resembles Penn State football in years they rotate off Michigan’s schedule” or “Bob Dylan singing and Joe Paterno eating brains make the exact same sound”

  25. I feel like I remember reading about Gorecki a few years back as a top prospect for maybe the Cardinals or something? Anyone have a clue about him?

  26. I’ll try to write him up tomorrow. Gorecki’s played a good bit of center, but mostly right this year. He’ll back up both positions, but I expect the lineup will stay ACHE-Church-Diaz.

  27. looks like hes another 29 year old rookie. spent a few years injured and was called up to cardnals 40 man roster but never played….

  28. @34–Let me clarify. I’m with Jon in not caring to listen to Dylan. I do give him his due as a one of the greats and I’m joining in the “he sucks” chant. He’s just not my thing.

  29. I’m glad the Braves came to their senses and DL McClouth. No wonder Bobby was bunting Friday night. What a waste.

  30. Dix your never cease to amazing me… your penn state jeers only make me smile and shake my head dude haha

  31. well you know as a penn state fan you are never going to come up to a higher level so all you are left with is trying to bring everyone else down

  32. The only thing I know about Bob Dylan is he was one of the singers in the We Are the World song…that’s it.

  33. Ringer… coming in from the cheap seats with some bizare comment. no need to get yourself involved in issues over your head.

    Dix… leave old Joepa out of this haha. He has paid his dues. Let’s compare Paterno to Cox. JoePa is in better shape and is more sane at 82 than Bobby cox is at 68. Granted… I’m not saying Joe Paterno is an allstar athlete or 100% all there upstairs… but he’s significantly better in both categories than Cox. If anyone on here says that they wouldn’t want to be functioning like Joe Paterno at 82, then your out of your mind

  34. Scully is actually 81…he is though a mad scientist when it comes to pure broadcasting genius and baseball knowledge. Now talk about something you can sit in a dark room and listen to. Blonde on Blonde doesn’t hold a candle to the sweet sound of Scully broadcasting a game. However, last time I checked Vin Scully wasn’t running out onto the field as the coach of a major college football program.

  35. Sorry to change from Bob Dylan talk, but do the Braves have any draft picks of note that are not yet signed? ESPN talks about the top 3 picks overall, and I saw that Tampa is unlikely to sign its top 2 picks. Minor signed, not sure on the status of the others…

  36. 1st. mlb.tv works fine for me

    2nd (@53). yes tbs worked its charm. turns out my father wasnt a mlb fan so i could chose my own team, not just have one handed down. even at the ripe old age of like 8 i knew yanks and mets were all douches so… tbs wins

  37. “last time I checked Vin Scully wasn’t running out onto the field as the coach of a major college football program.”

    No Scully actually works. Paterno and Bowden are overpaid cheerleaders. I actually like Paterno though.

  38. Paterno only makes about a 1/4 of what Bowden does. Not to mention the millions he has given back to the school to build new facilities geared toward improving academic learning

  39. 63,
    The Braves have signed 22 of their first 23 picks. The one they haven’t signed has legal troubles and is pitching like crap in Alaska, so I imagine he’ll go unsigned.

  40. @55 – I can’t get the HD broadcasts through MLB.TV today, just the standard definition feeds.

  41. Here’s my favorite ” rel=”nofollow”>shot of JoePa, standing with actors Jonathan Silverman and Andrew McCarthy.

  42. Just ordered tickets to the 9/20 Phils game… If it weren’t for $6 Bobby Cox seat tickets I don’t think I’d have talked my wife into it.

  43. ACHE! Right as I was about to say Bobby should flip him and LaRoche in the batting order.

  44. I’ve seen that. He finally squeezes out the turd he was working on all month right at the exact moment he delivers the line…classic Joe Pa

  45. Sorry Sto, didn’t mean to say Garrett, gosh.

    Church must have already pissed Bobby off too.

  46. Would someone mind describing the play? Did Scherzer throw it into left field or right field?

  47. He tried to get Ross at third on the bunt and threw it into left field.

    Even if the throw was on the money, I think Ross slides in safe.

  48. Even if the throw was on the money, I think Ross slides in safe.

    What’s with the banking metaphors?

  49. Did I see gameday properly that scherzer has hit 2 batters this inning? I hope Bobby has Hanson buzz the tower, but I bet it won’t happen.

  50. He drilled Diaz in the ribs with a 94 mph fastball, and Yunel was hit (I think) right above his front arm guard.

    Scherzer really wishes he took the out.

  51. I go with not pitching at their guys if

    A) it wasn’t obviously intentional (and nobody got significantly hurt)
    B) they give you 6 runs.

    I think giving up 6 runs is probably punishment enough.

  52. 103, don’t get me wrong. I hope scherzer doesn’t last long enough to get an AB, but imho, you have to drill someone the very next inning. punishment is having the guy who got drilled, get into his pitchers face and telling him to knock that stuff off.

  53. So starting tomorrow….

    The D-backs play the Phillies
    in Philly

    The Giants play the Reds in Cincy

    The Rockies play the Nationals here in DC

    And the Braves get to see another lefty in Perez. Oh and Santana…

  54. So I’m late…and looks like the game is over already. Awesome. That’s about seven games worth of run support for Vasquez.

    What is a Trent Oeltjen?

  55. The D-Backs announcers just referred to Chip as “the next great Carey broadcaster.”

    One of the D-Back’s announcers also said he has the bottle opener that plays Skip’s WS call.

  56. Does anyone else think Vazquez choked on those two Howard pitches? Yea, me too.

    The way Chipper looked during last night’s game, it wouldn’t shocked me if he retired at the end of the year or after next year. He looked like he had enough.

  57. i didnt see last nights game and i guess it was a good one to miss. we ventured out into tropical storm Claudette to see Robert Earl Keen in town and Jon C. will be pleased to know that he didnt do any Dylan covers………….. and Sam, its nice to see that someone has the same opinion of A**hole Rose as me.

  58. From the boxscore below, this looks like a pretty even game. Nice thing to get all those unearned runs.

    Pitcher IP PC H ER BB K
    Scherzer 5.0 93 6 3 1 7
    Hanson 5.0 91 6 2 0 6

  59. All those runs are unearned?

    So, the scorer is saying Ross would have been out on the FC, right?

  60. @119 – Mac, I was at the OSU game a few years back when Joe had a “Code Brown” in the middle of the game. I can’t remember if it was 2006 or 2007 though.

    @118 – I’m not the official scorer, but I think Ross would have been safe anyway.

    COME TO PENN STATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. Tony, you sure do use the word “choke” a lot. I think I am becoming offended by it.

  62. I was a big G’n’R fan in the 80s, but it would require aesthetic blinders the size of Montana to pretend that Axl Rose is 1) a particularly accomplished vocalist or 2) anything other than batshit insane. For all of the shit thrown at Dylan for his, um, unique vocal stylings, it’s really beyond the pale to use Rose as the counter example. Having multiple octaves of screech is not something you want to posit as the best of options.

  63. I’m pretty sure that anyone who suggests that giving up a HR or two to Ryan Howard is “choking” is either trolling or an idiot.

  64. like i said a couple days ago……if Dylan killed Rose for the abomination he preformed on his song, any court would rule it justifiable homicide.

  65. @127

    The error would lie in your attempt to reduce Dylan’s value down to his vocal range. Jeff Buckley’s version of “Hallelujah” is quite obviously prettier and more vocally pleasing than the original, but the song is a testament to Leanord Cohen’s musical genius moreso than Buckley’s. I might prefer to listen to a cover of “Tangled Up In Blue” to Dylan’s original, but the song itself is unique to Dylan’s genius. If all you’re looking for is a smooth vocal delivery with a solid set of pipes you might as well buy Christina Aguilera albums.

  66. Whatever happened to Will Ohman? Injuries? I thought he was supposed to be a big lefty offseason pickup for someone. I just looked and he’s only pitched 12 innings this year.

  67. I’ve seen more players I’ve never heard of in this game than in any in recent many. It really does seem as though the Rockies and Giants have some easy wins left on their schedule.

  68. Dylan should write a song about Blaine Boyer. Something along the lines of Tangled Up In Blue. Something like Early one morning I was lying in bed, dreaming of all the line drives screaming past my head.

  69. Too bad Dylan was born with sandpaper in his vocal chords. I mean at least some other musicians can at least make his liberal whiney b.s. sound good

  70. No that’s just his second problem… the one right behind his obnoxious voice. At least he could be singing about something like cool like Steel Panther’s song “Community Property” haha

  71. I think we finally have an heir to the Gadfly component that has been missing from this board.

  72. A lot of people said Springsteens voice is unpolished and gritty, while not vocally appealing. At least Springsteen has songs (which he actually performs)that spark some emotion and get the energy flowing when listening to it. Listening to Dylan is about as usefull as drinking a nice warm glass of milk before bed. Now how about I trouble you for a warm glass of shut the hell up!

  73. i think we have a generational music thing going on here………..since the youngsters’ bunch hasnt produced anyone of any lasting value, they lash out at their betters………….. kinda like me having no use for Sinatra. but at least i never went around chanting “Sinatra sucks”. Jon K. you’ll never believe me, but there would never in hell be room in the world for people like Metallica if it wasn’t for people like Dylan. now go brush your teeth and get to bed.

  74. Actually barrycuda… I’d take Sinatra ANY day of the week before listening to Dylan. Sinatra blows Dylan out of the water as a performer. You just made yourself look like a fool for saying something so ignorant

  75. I’ll agree with Barry. Dylan’s impact on pop music is really incalculable. The thing I like about Dylan is that there seems to be something that fits every day or every mood. Whether it’s the folkie era, Blood/Desire of the 70s, or “Thunder on the Mountain” in the new millennium. I even enjoy “Oh, Mercy.” “Most of the Time” and “Shooting Star” are two of my favorites.

    I got to see Dylan in the Fall of 2007 with Elvis Costello. It wasn’t particularly enjoyable. Jon K., if you rip on his vocals in his previous records, you should really hear him now. However, being in the presence of a larger than life figure was pretty amazing. On a related note, I saw the Wallflowers last week. It was a bit of a 90s throwback, but I really enjoy their record “Breach.”

  76. “since the youngsters’ bunch hasnt produced anyone of any lasting value”

    Look us up, please.

  77. I’m surprised no one is bitching about Gonzo being used with a 5 run lead.

    I’ll start- why the hell was Gonzo pitching with a 5 run lead?

  78. Mel Torme, Tony Bennett (who I’ve seen in concert and was great), Sinatra, Harry Connick JR, Michael Bulble, etc… I’d rather listen to any of that genre over Dylan anyday. Dylan was a great song writer, but I think he deserves the credit for his song writing not as a performer

  79. @157

    You’re assuming too much. I’m certainly not a member of Dylan’s generation, but I’m certainly not going to join Jon K on the stupid bandwagon either. With that said, suggesting that no generation since the Boomers has “produced anyone of any lasting value” suggests a certain ignorance on your part as well. There are numerous artists who can claim to be of equal import to the music of their times, from Springsteen to REM to U2 to Cobain. That doesn’t even get into the less mainstream acts, from Patti Smith to Husker Du.

    Just because you stopped buying records doesn’t mean artists stopped making great music.

  80. I was rather more surprised to see sore armed Soriano warming up with a 5 run lead. Damn near needed him too.

  81. The braves are playing and we are talking about Dylan… just goes to show you that people either love him or hate him. There isn’t much middle ground with Dylan. I dislike him and his music, and that’s my prerogative. Just like it was Bobby Brown’s to do cocaine. If you can’t get enough of Dylan more power to you, I’m not saying you don’t have a right not to like his music. But I certainly have a right to say that I dislike him.

  82. I dislike him and his music, and that’s my prerogative.

    Sure. I don’t recall anyone suggesting otherwise. Have you recieved CDs in the mail with threats if you don’t listen and love them?

    If you can’t get enough of Dylan more power to you, I’m not saying you don’t have a right not to like his music.

    Actually, that is what you’re saying. If you simply state “I don’t like Dylan” that is one thing; you’re stating a personal opinion and leaving it at that. But you don’t stop at that. You up the ante and state positively that “Dylan sucks.” At that point you’re making a critical assessment of the world, and by default that means you’re judging and criticizing those that don’t agree with your assessment. If you don’t mean to do that you should modulate your statements back down to the level of personal opinion.

    But I certainly have a right to say that I dislike him.

    Has anyone suggested otherwise? Although technically you have the right to say exactly whatever Mac decides you have the right to say, at least in this particular forum. If Mac decides you don’t have the right to say “Dylan sucks” any more, you no longer have that right to say that here.

  83. sam……….Springsteen is about my age. i’m sure he grew up listening to Dylan. and as near as i can tell, the others you mention are in WAY over their heads. whowill be listening to them in 40 years?…… and mac, i wasn’t making a blanket statement about the generational thing, but being born in ’71, i’d wager something substancial thet you’re a bunch older than Jon K. and JON, you sure are quick to call someone ignorant who has forgotten more good tunes than you’re ever likely to know………………stick with Torme……….i hear chicks dig geeks.

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