131 thoughts on “Let’s kidnap Shane Victorino game thread: August 15, Phillies at Braves”

  1. Am I the only one fortunate enough to have his local Fox station decide to show preseason Falcons football instead of the Braves game today?

  2. A tough loss last night–but that will happen…. my hat off to Victorino…

    Anyway, I have just returned the UAE after 6 weeks on the road (which included my 12-13 month old son) and it is great to be able to access Braves Journal on a regular basis.

    It is also great (and a bit suprising) to come back to a division race; I think that the Braves are playing as well as they have since 2005….

    KK should be able to get the job done!

  3. Just got internet at home again a couple of days ago. The last two games I’ve listened to… Soriano has given up game winning homers. Ugh. Good thing I’m not that superstitious.

  4. This will annoy some Yankees fans, which is of course a good thing. Bill James:

    One could look at it this way: that the Atlanta Braves from 1992 to 2006 were probably comparable in quality to the New York Yankees from 1949 through 1964, but the Braves won only one World Championship whereas the Yankees won I think nine, with much of that difference explained by the playoff system. It is difficult to imagine that the Yankees could win nine World Championships in 16 years if they had to survive three short series every year.

    The other reason is that the American League sucked because it integrated so slowly.

  5. @10 – Wouldn’t that be the Braves from 1991? I seem to remember a pretty good team from that year that played in (perhaps) the greatest world series of all time.

  6. McLouth

    Id like to see Infante start against Hamels, for GA I think

  7. @16 – I know – just feels good to think about it. Something all on the board could appreciate.

  8. @14 – Sad to say, but Cox should have probably switched Roach and BMac in the order there. In fact, Ross should probably be playing today.

  9. #18 – I dont know check out Bmac day and night splits. Ross and McCann havent dont anything against lefties either

  10. Here’s a little trivia question that I came across:

    Rank these pitchers by the number of quality starts (min. 6 innings, max. 3 earned runs) in the postseason:

    Roger Clemens
    Pedro Martinez
    Greg Maddux
    Randy Johnson

    And now rank those pitchers by the percentage of quality starts in the postseason.

    I think you’ll be surprised.

  11. I hate Victorino too. I still resent that hit on McCann a few years ago. I know, I know… he’s a good ballplayer, even BMac said it was a clean hit, blah, blah, blah… but I don’t care. I don’t like him anyway. The fact that he’s a Phillie makes me hate him even more. No good sportsmanship awards for me I guess. :)

    I used to respect, even like that ballclub in the Dykstra, Daulton, Kruk era. When the Braves lost to them in the 93 playoffs, I had to tip my hat… well, other than the fact that the guys let Mitch “Wild Thing” Williams put them away.

    Heading out to my niece’s birthday party and the game will probably be decided before I get back. Here’s hoping I get back to you guys talking about a big win for the Bravos!

  12. Why the hell is Cox batting LaRoche 8th?

    I’d argue he should be hitting cleanup, but certainly not 8th!

  13. i’m kinda surprised hes playing at all against Hamels. so i guess the 8 hole sounds about right.

  14. I was wondering the same thing Mac. I know Norton has the pictures and all, but I would think Infante would be a little higher on the list than Norton last night.

  15. 14 pitches for Hamels–a nice AB for McCann even if it did not have an immediate impact….

  16. Good at-bat, but he might have swung at ball 4 a couple of times. Close enough that you can’t fault him, though.

  17. Okay, there are many interesting things on Japanese TV at 6 o’clock on Sunday morning. Atlanta Braves baseball isn’t one of them, though.

  18. Wow we were fortunate to get out of that with the tie.

    Hamels has 3 BBs and 1 K. Why just 2 runs?

  19. Victorino’s back to the wall.

    Unless I missed it, they didn’t show anything going wrong for McLouth. Can only guess his hamstring is sore.

  20. Meanwhile, Idiot Karros is harping on and on about Chipper’s flare single, not mentioning the many, many hard-hit balls that the Phillies have caught. Or, for that matter, the ball that just stopped in right field to turn a double into a triple.

  21. oh Jeremy its not the offense, its we just have to tip our caps to the opposing pitchers. They are just too good

  22. And every hard hit ball goes to someone, or Victorino beams himself to a place to catch it.

  23. Does anyone know who does that redition of Dylan’s “Forever Young” during that commercial break?

  24. I wonder what he wouldve done against Howard in the 9th last night, either way the score looks awfully familiar

  25. I wasn’t enthused to see KK start the 7th… and it went even worse than I expected.

  26. Why wasn’t this the strategy last night with lefty against lefty? Looks pretty effective to me!

  27. The Mets just tied it up against the Giants bottom 8. And with the game tied at 4, they had runners on 2B and 3B when the Giants intentionally walked Daniel Murphy to get to… our Jeffy, who – being him – made an out to go 0-4 with 4 LOB.

  28. Diaz has 2 homeruns in 3 at bats against Lidge and Bobby has him bunt and it works out, go figure!

  29. Three errors in 2 plays. Thanks, Phils!

    Edit: Oh, they changed ACHE’s ball into a single. Whatever. Let’s win this thing.

  30. According to gameday, a bunt + a fielding error got the runner on first home. Can someone tell me what happened?

  31. Lidge bobbled Diaz’s bunt (error 1) & throws ball down RF line (error 2). Runner comes all the way around, Diaz ends up at third.

  32. Go out to batten down the hatches (crazy storms here) and we tie this thing up. Time to close the deal.

    Edit: YES!

  33. What a great job by our pitching staff. Again.

    And what a SILLY bunt. Again. It turned into gold, but it was silly nonetheless. Diaz 2-3 with 2 HR against Lidge, and Bobby makes him bunt!

  34. @127 – That was the one time I thought it was a good bunt. Diaz has hit into a ton of double plays recently.

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