175 thoughts on “This would be a good time for a complete game shutout by Vazquez game thread: Aug. 9, Braves at Dodgers”

  1. “Hate New York City/It’s cold and it’s damp/And all the people dress like monkeys.”

    Infallible logic by Randy Newman.

  2. Sorry – I guess I will repost:

    Am I the only other parent on here with a child with special needs?

    That said, I did not take offense to the comments made about the umpires. I took it as a shot at the umpire and not as someone calling my daughter a name.

    Bwarrend, I am not saying you are wrong to be offended, but it is probably not the place or context for a crusade.

    Grst, he’s not asking for $100. You offended the man. Why can’t you be gracious enough to apologize?

  3. Internet cat fights are so funny. Grst, seriously, just step up, say “sorry, didn’t mean to cut that deep brah” and let’s all move the hell on.

  4. How ’bout a big, early offensive breakout & we cruise on home with a 5-2 trip?

    (Who’s next? Those suddenly nasty Nats. Great pitching matchup Tuesday: Lannan vs. Hanson.)

    And no Eric Stults (Stoltz) jokes today, please?

    Favorite Randy Newman line: “‘Well, he may be a fool/but he’s our fool/If they think they’re better than him/ they’re wrong.”

    BTW, loved the little John Hughes video shoutout the other day, Mac.

    Here’s a terrific essay about him in the NY Times by A.O. Scott. I don’t pine for the ’80s, but this is some good perspective, IMO.


  5. @1 Even if it wasn’t a lefty, Mac has certainly logged a lot of innings. With a day off on Monday, two games in a row off would really work like an all-star break (one that he didn’t get). It might help get him going, and we need him for the final couple of months.

  6. It’s not my responsibility to apologize for a meaning almost everyone has admitted I did not have. It’s ridiculous what this society has come to when the most offended person now has the ability to completely own anyone elses words and distort their obvious meaning. Not only that, but when I did go out of my way to be gracious in correcting this person, they continued to come back with lies and distortions about my intent. I’d no sooner apologize for this than I would for using “niggardly.” Deal with it and stop asking.

    I’m saying nothing else on the matter.

  7. Soriano needs to be shelved for the next few days if you want anything decent out of him come September.

  8. Bobby should put Soriano in the lineup as the CF and leadoff hitter then pinch-hit for him when the game starts so he can’t have an urge to use him.

  9. Lineup per DOB:

    McLouth 8
    Prado 5
    Anderson 7
    Escobar 6
    McCann 2
    Diaz 9
    LaRoche 3
    Johnson 4
    Vazquez 1

  10. “Bobby should put Soriano in the lineup as the CF and leadoff hitter then pinch-hit for him when the game starts so he can’t have an urge to use him.”

    Really a brilliant idea.

    BTW-Kelly Johnson has been fabulous since coming back from Gwinnett.

  11. It’s only 26 PAs since KJ’s July 23 return, but he’s 348/423/913.

    He’s 8 for 23 with 3 BB, 1 SB, 2 2Bs, 1 3B, 3 HRs & 6 RBI.

  12. Thanks bfan. It’s actually a strategy that Torre employed to keep from using Garber when he was managing the Braves if I recall the story correctly.

  13. I have decided that Kelly is one of my favs. He did not sulk when sent down to Gwinnett, much less act like being a major leaguer was his right. He made his mind up to work on things that needed worked on. I wish he was more consistent, but I like his attitude.

  14. … unlike a certain right fielder who is no longer our disgusting problem. Hell, John Rocker took demotion better than Frenchy.

    Not that I hold a grudge. Oh no.

  15. This guy is going on two days rest and their bullpen is worn down. We have our best pitcher going.

    No way we win.

  16. #20
    In Torre’s later Yankee years, he’d all but announce when Mariano Rivera wasn’t available for a particular game.

    And often it seemed, the game would end up being 7-2 either way.

  17. I’ve got to say, I love having a lefty-masher on the club. Just some random guy that the other team’s fans have never heard of who will come in and hit like a stud against lefties. The shock factor is fantastic. They’re like, “Who the #$&! is that guy??”

  18. We’ve won that way before, Bethany. Remember “The Catch?” A Dave Justice HR was our only hit in that game.

  19. The more he plays, the more I like Diaz

    Not me–I want him playing against LH but not too much more than that. I don’t want him playing full time or anything approaching full time. His platoon split is about 175 pts of OPS.

  20. Not as sharp as the first inning. Guess Vazquez was worried that the fielders might be getting bored. :-)

  21. it’sad when, as a braves fan, you have the choice to listen to the dodgers broadcast or the braves broadcast, and you choose the dodgers.

  22. It also sounds like this might be Vin’s last go round. A great voice and great content.

  23. Since a lot of unusual suspects are getting some love here recently, how about a hand for our GM? Wren has made some fantastic moves (Jurrjens, Vasquez, Francoeur), dodged some bullets (Smoltz) and shown that he has the balls to make this team better no matter what (Glavine). And now he’s down at the farm to take a look at our prospects. I really like that, too.

  24. Agreed. The McLouth and Church (ie, anti-Frenchy) deals were godsends as well, as was finally getting a real backup C in Ross.

  25. Scully just said that Anderson has been hit SIX times in his CAREER. I do not believe this, but if it’s true, it tells you all you need to know about his attitude.

  26. I would like it if the Braves didn’t make this game so interesting.

    Of course, that would be by scoring bunches of runs.

  27. #52 – thats exactly what I was thinking

    even though Roach just hit in a DP, Ill take the run

  28. Typical Braves, one run out of a bases loaded, no out situation.

    It does make me feel a little bit better about the idea of brining up Heyward in September if Wren has been watching him closely. Not that Wren is the god of talent scouting, but something about knowing he’s there is comforting.

  29. I believe Wren has done a very good job with the available talent and payroll constraints. He may have been helped by ohter people being needlessly hardheaded (if the Pads really passed on the proposal for Peavy, not getting Griffey or Furcal).

    Otherwise, he got rid of Francoeur without it costing money and got back a useful player. Vazquez has been great. Lowe is iffy, but he may have been necessary to establish “culture of winning.”

  30. If you’re going to have a slow and lazy LF, it’s good to have a SS that can cover it for him.

  31. Gamecast says that Manny tried to score from third on a popout to short. I take it it was a REALLY deep popout to short?

  32. Rob, the ball was well into left field. But we have a left fielder that isn’t always interested in, well, fielding.

  33. Gameday also shows it was caught middle depth left field kind of near the foul line.

    Where was ACHE? Glad if Yunel got there he ws allowed to throw, but it is pretty bizarre.

  34. @76,

    ACHE was in position to catch the ball. He decided to yield to the stronger arm.

  35. As an outfielder, you don’t let an infielder make a play over his head if you can get to it. That’s basic fundamentals. If ACHE hadn’t been just trotting over there, he would have had more than enough time to get under it and catch it coming in with more than enough momentum to make a play. In fact, I doubt they would have ran at all if not for the over the head play, because they realize it’s much harder for the SS to both catch that, stop his momentum, and turn and make a good throw. That Yunel did it doesn’t vindicate ACHE’s laziness.

  36. @82 – No doubt. This team simply cannot manufacture runs. There seems to be a love affair with fly balls. These missed opportunities are casting shadows.

  37. @83,

    Anderson was two feet away and stopped so he didn’t run into Escobar. GA is slow, but could have gotten that.

  38. ACHE was there in plenty of time. He yielded to Escobar because Yunel always wants any popup that he’s anywhere near (except for that one that just dropped between him and Chipper). Escobar was calling for it, wasn’t yielding, and has a far better arm. I think Anderson made the right play.

  39. @86 He should have called off Yunel 30 feet before then. No other outfielder would let any infielder get anywhere near a ball so easily catchable, but he was jogging at a pace that made it so he could barely get there in time. I’m not impressed that he was in the general vicinity of a ball he should have been camped under. As an outfielder who took pride in covering his position, it just rubs me as terrible outfield play.

  40. Hey! It’s Braves-assassin Jeff Weaver on the mound! I’d like to see the boys light him up.

  41. 3 back coming into the final round and now has a 3 shot lead for his 70th career title. Tiger is just unreal

  42. Why are the seats in Dodger Stadium not Dodger Blue? Anything would be better than that nasty yellow.

  43. I don’t know that there’s any evidence that John Russell is a good manager. However, there is evidence that he went to the same college as Joe Simpson.

    ADDED: No good position players have ever come out of the University of Oklahoma. Greg Norton is actually, by a wide margin, the MLB home run leader among Sooners.

  44. Mac,

    Here is one for your umpire page.

    “Phillies center fielder Shane Victorino was ejected by plate umpire Ed Rapuano in the top of the seventh after Rodrigo Lopez’s 0-2 pitch to Wes Helms was called a ball. It wasn’t clear what Victorino did to prompt the ejection. He charged in from the outfield after getting tossed, but was stopped by catcher Paul Bako and first baseman Ryan Howard.”


    How can the home plate umpire eject the center fielder? That is wild.

  45. Who cares about the Cardinals in the top of the 8th??

    Hopefully this offense is just tired.

  46. Already got it, Smitty, but thanks. I’ve never heard of that happening; it makes Hohn’s ejection of Chipper look mild in comparison.

    92 pitches for Vazquez. Does he start the eighth? Do you have O’Flaherty and Moylan warming up?

  47. Start the 8th…Hopefully Javy can go 123, then bring in O’Fla against Eithier in the 9th and then see what happens from there.

  48. I agree Mac. Maybe he will mis the games against us next weekend. I am sure Rapuano will be working this week and won’t miss any time.

  49. @112 Of course, the only person who actually ought to be suspended is that blowhard behind the plate.

  50. And now, Emperor Norton. Because in every perfect day, a little rain must fall, even in Southern California.

  51. RYAN! The exorcism of right field is on schedule.

    Edit: We gotta save some of these hits for the Nationals.

  52. @142

    Diaz was running on a 3-2 pitch. It was called ball four and the catcher threw to second. Boog said, “and Eric Cooper doesn’t make a call.”

  53. @140. I’m thinking the Rockies will probably overtake the Dodgers.

    Lannan and the Nationals scorching offense will be tough on Tuesday, but we have them at home, so I think we will be okay.

  54. On Church’s double, I like how Snitker blew the decision in the opposite way, telling KJ to stop when he likely would have easily scored. Didn’t matter anyway thanks to Prado.

  55. as much as I hate Victorino, I agree that the umpire is a jackass for what he did.

    Don’t these idiot umpires realize that they stop the entire game and it becomes “look at me! look at me! I’m the all important umpire you’ve all paid to come see!”

    What a !@#$ing joke. I don’t know what’s worse, the strike-three-uh-i-mean-ball-four or this BS in Philly

  56. Nice catch by Kemp. :-/ I guess a 5-run 9th is enough, though.

    Hey, no extra innings this time!

  57. Because Bobby has to screw with the bullpen in some way. I think it’s in his contract.

  58. Seriously? Going to bring in Moylan here? That’s insane.

    @159 More like, “Get 1 out with a 5-run lead”. Heh.

  59. Do you guys think Acosta will ever become a dependable pitcher? He throws hard… but gets hit hard far more often than not.

  60. I can hear Scully now, “And the big Aussie comes set and delivers…Oh my word, his arm has come detached and has gone flying in the air.”

  61. I think i read Buddy wants to put a few more pounds back on but he has looked real good.

  62. Yeah, Carlyle was actually very good last year. Getting him back healthy might be very important – especially with our every-thinning bullpen.

  63. Other than getting Acosted, I think we showed a hell of a lot in this series. We won three games and lost the fourth in our final at-bat against the best team in the league, mostly without Chipper. That’s pretty damn good.

    In other news, Javier Vazquez, with 8 incredibly strong innings after a simply punishing series, proves once again that he’s one of the best stoppers in the league. My goodness, he’s been amazing for us. IMHO, the best pitching performance in the last 20 years by any Brave not named Smoltz, Maddux or Glavine — yes, I’d say he’s been better than Avery, Neagle, Millwood, or anyone else.

  64. I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Thank you Frank Wren.

    Braves without Jeffy: 17-10
    Mets with Jeffy: 12-14

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